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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What do YOU think of JSE Coin??? on: November 13, 2018, 09:51:06 AM
Well so far I think it's an excellent addition to the Crypto space.
It's got a very proactive team running it, and very transparent. There are a number of very interesting developments in the pipeline and rather than rushing them all out the door in one day - and messing it up, they are taking each step one at a time. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, although a lot of people try to treat it as such, and it definitely is a scheme that is designed for the "average" player. No server farms, and anyone who tries to cheat or "game" the system eventually falls over. Suspended or barred.
The average miner with an old laptop running the desktop app will earn about 50 JSE a day, give or take. If a user has a web site that people visit, then opt-in embedded code will also earn them a little more on the side. Some people with really bad (kiddie) porn sites have fallen foul of the system and been thrown off. Others for various reasons.
In other words, the JSECoin system is not a system where the scammers and cheaters can get much traction. It's easy really, if the average user is making 50 JSE a day from mining, and maybe 50 JSE a day from a well attended web site, the user who is making 1000 JSE a day becomes very visible to the admins. So it's system that is designed to exclude those who want to Farm the Coin.
With its slow growth, and the focus on Merchant interface using JSE for transactions that are based on fiat values and translated to JSE, and the forthcoming Ad network makes it very attractive. So far it's listed on LATOKEN and IDEX, a couple of smaller exchanges, but just right to give the coin some traction now that the ICO has ended.

I got on this coin early, and am happy to wait for it to develop over the years. If I wanted quick-money I'd go to the horse races...
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: JSEcoin | Browser mining | ASIC resistant! *40JSE/day on RPi* on: November 11, 2018, 05:18:58 PM
What’s the website url? That’s a lot of traffic!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: JSEcoin | Browser mining | ASIC resistant! *40JSE/day on RPi* on: November 11, 2018, 04:57:18 PM
How did you manage to mine 100k coins in three months?
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: JSEcoin | Browser mining | ASIC resistant! *40JSE/day on RPi* on: October 30, 2018, 08:13:50 PM
This is looking good. 4 months in now, and with mining and referrals I’m adding on at around 50 a day on an old L630 Toshiba laptop that runs 24/7. Balance now about 16,800 something as I’ve added to the mining return with referrals, bounty payments and web page opt-in mining returns.
JSE is listed on IDEX and LATOKEN.
I looked at my potential BTC return on two grid seed 5 miners, and it’ll take 87 years to make 1 BTC. My bitcoin experiment is ended.
So JSE is my choice of coin. The fiat value is low at present, but that’s to be expected.
I’m selling my books on my website for JSE and actually doing ok with them! As well the code is available on github and is really interesting to build.

People keep trying to farm the system, then moan loudly when they get sprung for cheating. It’s fun to watch actually. This coin has lots of good things in store. I’m sticking with it.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: JSEcoin | Browser mining | ASIC resistant! *90JSE/day on RPi* on: July 26, 2018, 08:46:12 PM
@felix the whole point of this project is to prevent server-side mining. This is the primary reason why we don't want a linux command line client. Also you built the thing to submit fake hashes and it just seems like you are determined to work against the project. Not only this but you are encouraging others to use it as well. We will keep introducing fixes and suspending accounts of anyone that that runs any kind of command line client. The only clients available are the platform at and the desktop app at

Well said. Server side mining, mining farms, multi GPU rigs are so last century. JSECoin is the 21st century green solution to excessive power usage. It’s the perfect solution for even the smallest player with the cheapest computer. A person could even run from a Rasberry PI with a minimal browser. Put an interesting blog on a rRasberry Apache server and enable opt-in mining.
Too easy for everyone.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / JSECoin can de-stress you and your website. on: July 19, 2018, 07:31:18 AM
JSECoin is the newest thing in cryptocurrency. Have you heard about Cryptocurrency? Of course, it's now like saying have you heard about gold? Actually about the same price, and equally inaccessible to you and me. I'm assuming that you are reading this online, so let me tell you if I owned ten thousand bitcoin I would be on an island somewhere soaking up the sun. Having sold my shares yesterday. Because make no mistake, cryptocurrency is not money as you and I know it!
It's a 21st Century exchange token. Just the same as gold. Exactly. You got an ounce of gold? Great. Why is it worth what it says on the market? Because it's rare, and damned hard to find.
But have you ever tried to find some way of gaining access to the cryptocurrency revolution? Without selling your sole. Well, it is possible. And it costs you nothing. OK, I know the pitch, nothing is free. Well it will cost you the time of a little research. And the cost of leaving your computer running.
If you consider yourself part of the new society you will understand how fast things move. Are you a 21st century person? I believe you are otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article.
In the days of the Old West men chased their El Dorado into the deserts, fighting and dying to find gold.
Then along came the Big Mining companies. Millions of dollars invested, returns of nickels in the dollar. That's what has happened to cryptocurrency. You just can't afford to be involved.
But here's the word for tech savvy millennials. You need to understand only one thing. JSECoin is cryptocurrency, but it's designed so that you can always accrue some shares - wait, I’ll come back to that word shares, because while you have your computer turned on you can be accruing shares.
Forget ‘coins’ - forget ‘currency’, cryptocurrency is, are?, shares in an idea.
You can handle gold, you can handle coins, but here's the brilliant thing that you as a millennial will understand. Crypto for short, ok, are shares. Shares in an idea. An idea that is tradable. That's what gives it value.
I want that book, and I'm prepared to pay you… mmm, 840 JSE for it.  Now how familiar is that. With most crypto values rising at a rate of over 1200% pa, that book is suddenly looking very very cheap. However if you have already invested in the Coin Issue of a new share like JSE, your investment suddenly makes you Very Rich. I remember Bitcoin coming onto the scene. Like a lot of people my reaction then was “Say what?” To my regret I ignored it. For years, until a few months back I noticed that a - 1 - yes 1, bitcoin (share) was worth $10,000?
You know what, I'm a new millennial. Yes I am. I won't bore you with charts and discussions about market movements, but I will say. If you have the patience of a year, then you should look at JSECoin. It's just been released, and it's really shares-for-the-masses. Just log on to their website and start “mining”. I really wish that terminology could be changed, but hey. It simply means that while you have that app or page open, you are slowly adding value to your crypto share portfolio. Daily. Unlike bitcoin, where in order to earn one bitcoin on my little old laptop it will take me eighty seven years…ouch! With JSEcoin I'm accruing around 50 to 60 JSE a day.
Hah! I hear you say. What if the big Chinese crypto companies get involved in mining? Well they can't. Sorry guys, but ‘mining farms’ just aren't possible with this paradigm. It's technical ok. You don't need to know.
The only way you can acquire JSEcoin is to buy it. Or set your computers spare processing power to ‘mining’ it. Even if you only acquire 1 JSE a day it's ok. That JSE could soon be worth the same as a Bitcoin. All up front, in the open. Nice.
Here's your test! Try mining (acquiring) a bitcoin. Try acquiring a JSEcoin. I know which will return you a share the quickest.
Try setting up your own referral links, it's another way you can use the JSE program to generate further shares.
Here’s the thing. With JSE a web site owner can Monitise their web site without having to plaster annoying adverts all over it. You can be seen as a direction taker, not a follower. With a clean web interface that loads faster and gets your message across, not the endless messages of your advertisers. Be a part of the JSE Generation. An Early Adopter.


7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What do YOU think of JSE Coin??? on: July 11, 2018, 03:26:40 PM
Who else has looked into JSE Coin or is already collecting it?  If you haven't heard about them yet it's probably because they are so new

Well, JSE went live with their ICO today. I use the coins on my author website to sell my books as downloads, as well as Amazon etc so I find it very useful. I've sold more books using JSE as a payment method than any other method and they have only been on site this weeks! It's amazing.
However, another of the things I personally find attractive is the ability to mine JSE from your web page. Just register an account and let it run. Start the miner and go to work. There is even a downloadable app that runs on the desktop, so you can minimize it and so on.  I'm averaging about 50 to 60 coins a day. So that's pretty cool. They can't be taken over by the big mining farms, and will always stay available to the "small miner" which is a real bonus. I mean, who can afford to mine Bitcoin now?
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Which new coins can be mined with FPGA/ASIC miner. on: July 04, 2018, 01:55:36 PM
Looking for a new coin that can be mined with an ASIC miner, like the Antminer for example . sha256 I guess, that isn't already swamped with mining farms driving up the difficulty?
9  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: Slow miner status 'not connected' but is it actually still doing something? on: June 08, 2018, 02:56:02 PM
You know, posting your query in the Official Slushpool thread might be a good idea considering that is where all of its users hang out...

Good idea, but it's not only Slushpool showing the Not Connected status. So I thought I'd just go general.
10  Bitcoin / Mining support / Slow miner status 'not connected' but is it actually still doing something? on: June 08, 2018, 02:35:28 PM
I've looked at two pool stats for the same miner. One shows Disconnected, and the other, Slushpool, shows the red ! mark.

However, the miner is trundling along doing stuff, with the occasionally accepted element. So although it's showing disconnected on the Pool dashboard, it it in fact still doing a tiny bit?
11  Bitcoin / Mining support / What are the numbers in the log file, and what do they mean? on: February 16, 2017, 11:10:03 AM
I'm trying to discover what these numbers mean on each line in the log file?

Can anyone help thanks?

 [2017-02-16 11:03:54] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block
20s: 1.74 avg: 1.85 u: 1.79 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:6/7.4%
 [2017-02-16 11:04:11] New best share: 116
20s: 1.81 avg: 1.86 u: 1.80 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:6/6.7%
20s: 1.76 avg: 1.84 u: 1.74 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:8/8.2%
20s: 1.78 avg: 1.84 u: 1.63 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:8/8.1%
20s: 1.73 avg: 1.83 u: 1.62 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:8/7.5%
20s: 1.73 avg: 1.82 u: 1.59 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:8/7.1%
20s: 1.76 avg: 1.82 u: 1.54 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:8/6.9%
20s: 1.78 avg: 1.82 u: 1.51 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:9/7.4%
20s: 1.74 avg: 1.81 u: 1.55 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:9/6.8%
20s: 1.76 avg: 1.81 u: 1.53 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:11/7.9%
20s: 1.71 avg: 1.80 u: 1.52 Gh/s | A:0 R:0+0(none) HW:11/7.5%
12  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Truly, is it all now just speculation and "what if"? Bitcoin? Ethereum? on: May 27, 2016, 01:21:29 PM
That's my point exactly. It's looking to me like the whole thing - all of it - is dead in the water, except for the speculators, scammers, and other waste of time schemes.
13  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Truly, is it all now just speculation and "what if"? Bitcoin? Ethereum? on: May 27, 2016, 01:06:27 PM
I still see lots of posts about bitcoin, bitcoin mining, and so on. I've even got a little lotto mining thing going myself. Although I've probably got more chance of winning EuroMillions Lotto.
Obviously Bitcoin isn't going away - but mining for it has long gone for anyone but government sized corporations. So why is anyone bothering with it. Like actual Gold - it's just not worth being out in the hot sun to try and find... Just like Gold - if I want it, I'll just have to buy it. And why would I bother.
So give me one good reason why I'd want to buy Bitcoin?

The main players I see out there now are and
Of course there are dozens of other players, but it looks mighty like those two are the top players in the Bitcoin field. I know I'll be corrected on this, but that's what it looks like to me.

The Other Player that seems to be gaining ever more traction is the Ethereum parties. The ethereum-wallet people, and so on.
Is it too late to bother with Ethereum as well? Is it even worth mining the Ethereum? .... Interesting site. But again, I don't see much recent activity around it. Not since mid 2015. Like Bitcoin, it works, the site that is, and the wallet app etc, but to what end.

Has Ethereum gone the way of Bitcoin? Taken over by ... the banks? and Big Business.

It's all looking like a big fat waste of time - as people keep telling me. If all I can now do is Buy Bitcoin, or Buy Ethereum and store it in my wallet, then use it for coffee or gambling, or in a few pubs, then whats the point?

What am I missing here?
14  Economy / Speculation / What do you think will happen to bitcoin's price after the halving in mid-2016? on: May 26, 2016, 02:50:02 PM
Simple question.

What do you think will happen to bitcoin's price after the halving in mid-2016?

15  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Going Solo Lotto with an old rig on: May 18, 2016, 07:47:13 AM
I think you will fare better if you joined a mining pool like instead of solo mining...

Ah, I see. Slight misconception here. I'm not actually SOLO mining, but almost - using the lotto pool sites, like ...

and ckpool, which appears to be also ??

I have a mining pool set up in fallback. In the config, the third one, the Second one is another lotto pool .. Ever hopeful I am :-)
[2016-05-17 15:42:00] Testing pool stratum+tcp://
[2016-05-17 15:42:00] Testing pool stratum+tcp://
 [2016-05-17 15:42:00] Testing pool stratum+tcp://

And I don't mind letting it run. Its costing me nothing in time and electricity, because it's on the web and mail server, which is on all the time anyway. So it's basically set and forget.

I have a Toshiba Laptop on the network as well, running Bitcoin Miner, and racking up Sartoshis. Making that sucker work... but it's making me about a cent a day. Wealth and riches here I come. I'll swap that out for a basic PC one day soon, before it kills the Laptop. The poor old Laptop is really struggling, but its as old as the hills and still cracking on. Bonus.
16  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Going Solo Lotto with an old rig on: May 17, 2016, 02:13:14 PM
The thing is, you should only hope for the block reward of 12.5 since the halving is just in the corner and block rewards cuts into half as well. I've seen someone got lucky with an Antminer S3 in 2014 (IIRC), but with as little as 1.5 GH/s is surely mission impossible for you. On a side note, it's nice seeing someone positive Wink

I like to be positive. :-) Everyone, but everyone is saying.. "Don't mine, waste of time, Oh No, you aren't still mining are you..., give it up, you'll go blind..." but I don't care. I still see thousands of people on just this forum - so someone's still doing it other than me. If I wanted to run a business and make a profit, I'd run a street snack stall outside a Shanghai Metro station.
If I want' to enjoy myself fiddling with IT stuff, and seeing how it works, bitcoin mining is a whole field of interest in itself.
For example - I have a spare, very old, Toshiba L630 Laptop running Windows 10. I put the Windows App "Bitcoin Miner" on it the other day, created a Blockchain wallet and let it rip. They pay each time it clocks up 2,790 Satoshis. In two days I made GBP 0.02, about 3 cents US. Somebody else sent me $0.42 (in btc) I've no idea who or why. And someone else sent me a few cents worth of Sartoshis for signing up to their newsletter.

I purchased an Antminer U1 from ebay, new, for about £37 I think it was, just to try it out with MacMiner. Setup is a bit iffy, but it's running. Anyway, I looked at slushpool's payout program, where I had a pool link going, and they apparently don't pay out until you have practically mined a whole bitcoin. Which in my case will take about 7 years... I mean who cares. I can't wait that long for anyone's payout. So I thought I'd just let it run on the ckpool's lotto web site until I think of something better to do with it.

and mean time, I'm learning a lot about bitcoin, and bitcoin technology. I'm having a lot of fun, and it's helping me avoid doing all sorts of other things, like earn a living, have a social life, ... I could care less about profit, power costs, and ROI.

So at the moment, 2750 Sartoshis is worth about £0.02 - if Bitcoins get scarcer and harder to get, the value will only go up, so that 2 bits worth may well become, well, maybe even 4 bits !!!

One has to stay positive in this life :-)

17  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: My Solo Mining Experiment, two years. 1S3, 1 Antrouter on: May 17, 2016, 06:25:29 AM
Hows it going ... still mining. Or did you give it away. :-)
How do you know if you strike it lucky?

18  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: If I have 2 pools in the config, how do I tell bfgminer to only use the 2nd. on: May 17, 2016, 06:02:52 AM
Why not just swap them around? Seems easier, as failover mode of BFGMiner is designed to start with pool 0 and work up.


Thanks. That's just what I needed to know.

Now, how do I tell bfgminer which ASIC miner to use?
19  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Going Solo Lotto with an old rig on: May 16, 2016, 05:12:15 PM
Well, it's looking like profitable mining is dead in the water for the ordinary person. The only thing that might pick it up again is the rise in bitcoin value, making Sartoshis worth more, so even little bits are worth collecting.
So I've set up an Antminer U1, 1.5Ghz to solo mine to the site.
I can't win Lotto, so maybe I can win this one.
I'll let it run for the next couple of years and see how it pans out.
If it works... I might just pick up 25 BTC...
Fingers crossed.
20  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Thinking of going OFF Grid with Solar power for mining? Anyone tried this. on: May 16, 2016, 02:37:17 PM

the s-7 draws 1350 watts at the wall 24/7/365

  it is hot and loud

Thanks for that. Now that's information that is useful. ... sounds like my girlfriend. Hot and Loud :-)

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