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1  Economy / Economics / Re: Recession? How to face It? on: October 01, 2023, 08:20:51 PM

Since you are already anxious about this looming recession, you might as well be ready if it comes. There is so much bankcruptcy going on these days, people are losing jobs so it's best to be prepared. A plan B should be in place for you and for your family. There will be chaos actually, so it's best to be prepared when it comes to food security. Spend less as well.

Some are saying the recession is already here. If you haven't felt the prices going up yet, then maybe you are not buying your groceries yourself.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Answer this Question on Credits Left on a Slot Machine by Someone Else on: October 01, 2023, 08:06:14 PM

You come to the casino to play, so just play. Guards in the casino are suspicious already of all the people there. You don't want them to draw the conclusion.

If it's not yours, just leave it for someone who may come back for it or the staff will just keep it til someone comes for it. When he comes for it, he will request footage and find out. That will be a bigger problem for you. It may just be the cause for you getting banned from that establishment.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Ban from a Casino for Nothing Other Than Winning Too Much Money on: October 01, 2023, 07:54:51 PM

I heard of such stories where the Casino goons escorted someone playing at the card table to their office to request him to stop playing and never return for winning too much. They do have some reasons but they suspect the guy is counting cards. Dana is not the first.

I doubt Dana has that serious skills. I guess he is just as lucky and not afraid to bluff and call because he has serious capital.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading can ruin you on: September 30, 2023, 07:48:20 PM

If you just buy and hold til the bull run, you will have nothing to worry about since your plan is just to sell at the right price.

But if you are doing futures trading, that's when you get into trouble for there is no amount of experience that can guarantee you from losing. Remember that BTC market these days is very unpredictable. In a day you may see the price increase by 3%, the next day you'll see -5%.  Ruins your plan to get rich indeed.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC Fight Night & Main Event: Predictions & discussion on: September 30, 2023, 07:13:29 PM
And Dana makes sure the odds are on his side. He'd be very disappointed if Ferguson and Thompson put up a fight. They are very capable, they just need a good shot at the right time or create his own opportunity just like Derrick Lewis did and won.

I am glad many are excited about those fights even though the set date is still way too far.
For now, I am trying to get excited with UFC 294 though which I think has cards that are also interesting.

And Charles Oliveira has something to say about his fight against Islam Makhachev in Abu Dhabi.
ďI donít necessarily think itís fair, but itís the game,Ē Oliveira told My MMA News through an interpreter. ďThatís where the champion is. He calls the shots. But Iím coming back for my belt, wherever that is.Ē

Well, he cannot do anything about it since he is the challenger. All he needs to think about is winning this match in a way that no questions will come out. Knock him out if possible, submit him if he can, and then he can pick his own venue once he does that.
Also, this is not just about the hometown or whatever he is thinking about, it is also about boosting the UFC in different countries so Dana White's pocket will not stop being filled with money.  Grin

The Arabs are paying more than the audience from somewhere else. This is the part of the world where the economy is still thriving. The other parts of the world are just downloading videos from torrent sites. Charles just has to focus more on his fight plan, no risky attempts this time so he can request the 3rd fight in Sao Paulo.
6  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Canada censoring the internet? on: September 29, 2023, 05:07:57 PM
I have some Canadian friends that are telling me they are having news websites blocked when trying to browse the internet. They even sent me screenshots as I was in disbelief. Itís starting to make sense why Elon wanted Twitter so badly. I think memes are likely to be how news starts being shared in order to avoid government censorship. Anyone else experiencing the effects of Canada going full China on internet censorship?

Firstly we have to consider the content or ideology of the website that is been blocked.  I know every citizen has the right to freedom of information, but some websites need to be blocked to avoid some societal issues. I will support the government in censoring website that promotes drug use, human trafficking, child pornography, and other immoral activities. But if such such website is not harmful to society, then it is not acceptable. I checked the internet to get information about this censorship and found none.

But I see Canada as a democratic nation that will not copy the draconian policies that are adopted and enforced in mainland China. Canada is already facing too many challenges recently such as the killing of Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the silence from her allies, and the parliament honor of Yaroslav Hunka, a Nazi military unit member. An accusation of cyber censorship will mount more pressure on the government of Justin Trudeau.

This is the funniest ever. How did it happen that in the ww2, they thought they were fighting against Russia when in fact Russia was on their side during that war?  Are they aware or do they just forget history as long as they can send a message that a veteran fights against Russia? lol The funniest is that Hunka is a Nazi Holocaust veteran.

So why is Nazi veteran honored when in fact the entire world is hunting them? So it's not surprising when the Canadians want him to resign, Trudeau will really block the net.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Never gamble in front of your kids. on: September 29, 2023, 04:47:44 PM
And those children that played gamble is not because their father play gamble but they were influenced from out.

It's not just external influences, when children often see you gambling it also makes them curious. and that's what's dangerous when curious children don't get good solutions.
That doesn't mean forbidding them, but introducing them when children can be responsible. we will not really be able to control our children with today's technological advances.

if we are gamblers, we know the good and bad of gambling. so we ourselves can judge whether it is good for our child's future or not.

That's always the case. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say. It's been on studies actually when parents smoke, eventually, when their kids turn the right age, they also smoke cigarettes.

You are an example for your kid and just like their model. You being a good loving father and good fellow in the society, your son will also be a good fella. But it doesn't mean that if you gamble, you are a bad person.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC Fight Night & Main Event: Predictions & discussion on: September 29, 2023, 04:32:59 PM
You couldn't call it like Dana is making him pay for standing up against him and Pereira because he seems to be paid double for this fight against Rakmonov. But I can only laugh if Rakmonov is defeated though. I gotta give Thompson the best good luck for he did the right thing and it pays off.

Dagestanis are going to make it easy to bet on in 294.  Khamzat is back. It will be fun to watch him and Costa fight, the two have been eager to punch each other's face for a long time.
Khamzat by the way is not representing Sweden anymore but UAE.

Well, on Stephen Thompson's part for sure he said in the Ariel Helwani interview that he will get all fights that are above him this time, so for sure even if the UFC will pay him double to fight Shavkat Rhakmanov (if this is true) he will still fight Rhakmanov because Shavkat Rhakmanov is higher than him so for sure there are no excuses on who he should fight, for sure Stephen Thompson would like that double payment but he is prideful to accept that,

He wasn't determined to accept the fight with Rakmonov months ago. That's why many are surprised about the decision because it doesn't sound like him. He must have expected a pay from the canceled fight yet seeing Dana fucked him with the pay, Dana give him a deal to shut his mouth to the media and fight Rakmonov so he'll get bigger pay. Risky but bigger pay. That's as far as I got.

This is his last fight probably and it will be a lot funnier if he finishes Rakmonov. Pretty sure Dana will not like it.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Youth Gambling on: September 28, 2023, 07:14:13 PM
They are young and have no responsibilities yet. I do think they need to get those experiences including neighborhood gambling and schoolyard gambling, they may feel addicted at some point but there is nothing else after that when they are just teens. Next school year, there will be other things they get busy with and they will forget about gambling. They get over it after weeks.

It's best they experience it now while they are young rather than getting addicted while they already are in their 30s and with mouths to feed.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: Casino vs. Broker: Who's Really Playing You in the Money Game on: September 28, 2023, 06:39:43 PM

I have to believe exchanges are also playing us by manipulating the market that newbies have to sell at low prices. Those futures markets must be a money maker for these exchanges because they may not be just an spectator in the game, they play the game itself. With the transparency in blockchain, in which they know how much is coming in and out of the exchanges, they should know what to do to profit from a situation.

For casinos, yup we are all gamblers, we know what they do. Therefore both are making money.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Credit card gambling fuels gambling addiction on: September 27, 2023, 06:09:19 PM
Other countries have probably already banned it, with the latest being Australia.

Australia publishes legislation to enact credit card gambling ban

For me, it's not the credit card system that should be blamed; it's always on the gambler. Actually, not all gamblers who use credit cards are addicted to gambling. I think only a few are addicted, so with the ban, it will sacrifice those who are responsible. It's not fair in my opinion.
Maybe you can't blame the system for someone getting addicted to gambling, but that system is actually providing them with the opportunity to gamble more even if they don't have the funds at hand at that moment. When you don't have a credit card, and only have a limited amount available, once you gamble that amount, you will have no more money to keep gambling maybe with the hope of recovering something back, and that might make you stop right there.

But when you have a credit card with available credits, you can simply keep gambling without stopping, maybe your intention is to only get back some of the money you've lost but you will eventually keep losing and those losses are all debts piling up on your name in the bank which will leave you with nothing in a very short period of time.

Can't blame them after all it is a play now pay later system. And paying may never even happen because more delinquents are doing it anyway. I would probably do the same if I do have a credit card and I won't even have to play but just invest using the credit card to buy assets.

Those who play however surely don't have any idea what is going on in the economy but they are using the credit card hoping to make money. But these are probably newcomers in crypto casinos.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Are there real sports bet groups on: September 27, 2023, 04:55:05 PM
I am in a couple "sports betting groups" but we don't pool our money together and make bets with all of our money combined. We simply use the group to bounce ideas off of one another, and discuss why we think certain games are better to bet on than others.

I know some people (close friends of mine) who bet in groups and all pool their money together.  I don't like this strategy at all.  I want to be in control of my own funds.

Every sport today already has a forum of its own just like Bitcointalk. There are more discussions on major forums of the sports you like and they are more updated because fans are already checking athletes all the time. Each sport today must have at least 10 active forums that exist in which the users are also discussing their bets.

As much as I want to chat with sports bettors, I would want to see their profiles, and it's easier to track them on forums than on chat apps like Telegram.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC Fight Night & Main Event: Predictions & discussion on: September 27, 2023, 02:12:46 PM
You couldn't call it like Dana is making him pay for standing up against him and Pereira because he seems to be paid double for this fight against Rakmonov. But I can only laugh if Rakmonov is defeated though. I gotta give Thompson the best good luck for he did the right thing and it pays off.

Dagestanis are going to make it easy to bet on in 294.  Khamzat is back. It will be fun to watch him and Costa fight, the two have been eager to punch each other's face for a long time.
Khamzat by the way is not representing Sweden anymore but UAE.
14  Economy / Economics / Re: Surge in Bankruptcy Filings And Economic Crisis Vs Recession Vs BTC Price on: September 26, 2023, 06:39:37 PM
When I registered on the forum the general belief was that a crisis would favour bitcoin but if we see that in March 2020 it went down like all financial assets and that the inflation crisis and rate hikes by central banks have not been good for it either, I doubt that if we enter a crisis like the one in 2008 the price will react well.

What I am pretty sure of, however, is that if that happens the central banks will change their policy, print again as if there is no tomorrow and that will be good for the price of bitcoin, the post-crisis, where much of that printed money will flow into bitcoin.

I held the similar views about Bitcoin that its price will surge during the economic crisis, when I first ventured into the world of Bitcoin investment back in 2017. However, during the course of my journey, I learned that Bitcoin has very strong correlation with stock market and both markets are indeed influenced by CPI data or interest rate announcements. This correlation suggests that general public tends to sell various assets in their possession, including Bitcoins, during the period of economic crisis to fulfill their basic needs.

Regrading surge in bankruptcy filing, it is very disturbing development. I believe this issue will may find some solution when FED starts reducing the interest rates in an effort to stimulate economic growth.

Isn't it a common practice to sell assets during an economic crisis? It is true that the stock market and bitcoin have a strong correlation, and they both react to certain economic factors. There are people who think if they invest in the stock market, they won't get their money back, and there are people with the same mindset towards bitcoin as well.

Missmanagement and corruption are the reasons behind this bankruptcy, and there are some internal bad actors as well.

It will likely just be a quick decline for BTC and then pump up again going to the bull market. I would like to believe FED will start distributing stimulus packages again but this time they are turning the cash into digital currencies and this is where we can see more users are going to buy BTC as well. BTC will rise above all this turmoil and the government may declare it a legal tender.

While BTC goes up in value, the USD also will drop its purchasing power. Meaning BTC may have $100K in price but the purchasing power may also be suppressed because of USD value.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: The impact of war on global economy. on: September 26, 2023, 06:01:22 PM
War has a great impact on the economy because desire for resources increases but due to war one cannot get it easily. Trading mechanism in both countries will be cease due to war therefore neither they can export their materials to other countries nor they can demand from other countries for their needed materials.

Oil and gas which is also known as energy become more higher in worth therefore if it become elevated in price then related materials also boost in value. Sometimes people migrate from those countries where situations of war arises because everyone wants to live a better life and where they can find numerous job opportunities as country having war will not avail job opportunities for individual and everything will be effected a lot.

So far the war as of now has yet not arrived in a military showdown. But because we are still in an economic war, it is a slow suffering and sanctions are affecting those countries with no resources while oil countries are dumping USD.

Once the war in Russia-Ukraine spills out, those allies are going to launch their weapons, it will be destruction and I hope someone with a clear mind will prevent it from happening because seriously, even the POPE who of all people will think of peace was calling for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine. For Christ sake, this POPE needs to be sent to Ukraine to see for himself.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC Fight Night & Main Event: Predictions & discussion on: September 26, 2023, 05:43:44 PM
Maybe it is good that we don't have a UFC Main Event for the rest of the month since we can all have time to let these new fights set in for a while until the next one. For 295 is alright card but the main event is the one everybody is wanting to see so will put a few bets just on this main card.

There was a graphic put up for the announced fights last week for the UFC fight cards coming up for UFC 296:

Since these are all we are going to be talking about now!

For sure we had a great time resting for a bit just this week, but for sure we will be ready for the next event but not next week's event because sure I really don't like the next UFC Fight Night but I still will surely give my thought on that because there are still notable fighters on that event for sure but regarding those events that you are saying for sure that will be a great event and I am sure am excited about it,

Leon Edwards VS Colby Covington for sure is an exciting match for Covington fans but because this is a fight that I am slightly interested in what I am interested in was the Shavkat Rakhmonov VS Stephen Thompson fight sure that will be a great fight to watch for me other fights is really just there but it was interesting to make bets on, and for the Rakmonov VS Thompson fight it is pretty much a question mark if why Stephen Thompson accepted this fight for sure he can deny this fight for sure but because Shavkat Rakmonov doesn't have any fight this is just the available one there is,

Thompson turned down his opponent because of the extra 4lbs yet willing to fight the undefeated Rakmonov who can slam him to the ground. But it's gonna be a good fight if Rakmonov will still put on a show as he did with his last fight. Neal landed big shots on Rakmonov so I guess Thompson can do the same. If Thompson beats Rakmonov, which is actually possible, it will really be hilarious.

Covington could have fought several fighters down him to be active but waited for someone to bring Usman down so he could once again take a title shot. He wouldn't get this main event if he fought either Burns or Khamzat. Covington is no match against Leon.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: who Want To Bet On 2024 USA elections? on: September 25, 2023, 05:47:45 PM

Trump is already leading the polls. I'm not surprised. He is making lots of talks and it doesn't just entertain the people but also makes them see what is happening around the US while the world is in chaos. People are living paycheck to paycheck and are on strike demanding salary increases.

I think it's a better way to do it, because being a citizen comes with responsibilities, like voting.

Yes, voting is the responsibility of the whole nation but here we are talking about the betting on the USA Elections. Voting is totally different from betting. Usually, only the citizens of that country are allowed to vote, where the elections are held but people all around the world can bet on the result of the elections on online betting sites (that offer these bets on votes).

Being not a citizen of USA, i would prefer the candidate for the USA presidency to be crypto friendly and I will bet on that party that I think will make policies for crypto adoption.

Like JFK. He isn't winning though. And regulations to crypto will still not change even if he is the president, it's Gensler who the people didn't vote for.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC Fight Night & Main Event: Predictions & discussion on: September 25, 2023, 05:15:58 PM
Anyway, August 19 was when he was caught with that offense so it's not about losing against Strickland. Just to be clear.

Sounds like it is. Everybody in the division is no match to Izzy at least that is what he thought and anyone like Strickland is somewhat like an easy pick to tune up himself. Pretty sure he didn't take it lightly when he lost against Strickland but he could take it seriously if he loses against Pereira since Pereira is capable of doing much worse.

When a man's pride is stepped on. Something inside him will be stirred up.  Once a glorified champion and one day got defeated badly all your bending was forgotten, it hurts him like how Ronda Rousey was hurt after losing against Holm.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: MMA talk - PFL, Bellator, KSW, ONE... on: September 25, 2023, 04:55:06 PM
Transgender man knocks out biological woman in MMA fight Cheesy What do you think about this? I know there are transgenders in swimming and weight lifting (few even were participating on Olympic Games).
In Olympics they will not allow biological man to face a biological female. This should not happen in any sports let alone in fighting as it is unfair.

But they do allow biological man to compete against biological woman in swimming and weightlifting. The success in these two sports relies a lot on strength and dexterity, than on skill and luck. There examples of transgenders participating in 100 and 200m dash. To me this is unfair. Of course we wont see transgenders fight in UFC or in other big promotions, but there are a lot of freak promotions. And it isnt fair when a man hits a women and hide behind "today I feel like women".

A man hitting a woman will seem to have a way to make a win in court if that woke nonsense applies. It's a crazy world right now that even when we can clearly see the difference between men and women, they just have to create a few more because we are all on a spectrum about whether a man can feel more like a woman today than yesterday.

Well, I wanna see a transgender fight in UFC against a man so we'll see if they learn and know their place.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Warning] Don't share your casino account! on: September 24, 2023, 06:05:09 PM
Most likely, the offer was from those who cash out stolen credit cards or something like that - itís very easy to offer generous commissions if the money is originally someone elseís. I donít really believe in syndicates that can do anything in the field of match-fixing, but in any case, such murky proposals should be ignored - there is not a single option that this is completely legal and then you will not have problems after collaborating with such figures.

such proposals coming from strangers for me are not to be trusted. you are only subjecting yourself to possible trouble. so even if the offer is tempting, better to let it go. there are so many fraudsters in cyberspace. they are hiding in different faces so to speak.
don't divulge to public about your credentials whether it is on your gambling account or any personal account, as these scammers are always on the hunt for their next victim.

Yes. Simple life experience (in all areas) indicates that if we receive a lucrative offer from shady individuals, then there is definitely some kind of catch here and the matter will end in a loss. I try to keep my data private and will never get involved in any scheme where I will not clearly see and understand the entire process from beginning to end. Taking on responsibility (even criminal liability if the other party is involved in stolen credit cards) for the sake of any profit is super stupid.

I missed some part of the thread but was OP asked to buy BTC using a credit card?
It makes sense to decline when it's something like this which is the reason for them to reach out and ask someone to bet for them after they mistakenly assume OP is a high roller.

However, if they are real,  they are also risking a lot of money that they would send to someone anonymous like OP. I wonder how those guys would recover the funds let's say OP withdraws the funds to his wallet. It would be funny to learn he scammed the credit card thief.
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