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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is it time now to use Premium VPN when playing in the casino? on: Today at 09:12:27 AM

So Iím thinking if using premium VPN with dedicated IP should become a standard now to avoid this kind of multiple account incident? What do you think? Currently Iím using Cyberghost Premium VPN after reading this cases since I have friends too that using same casino since I refer them to play on it.

Yes, we should be definitely using VPN premium services with a dedicated IP address for us. Relying on free or cheap VPN services that have a changing IP adress every day seems like big risk. It's pretty easy for the casino to realize that the gambler is logging in every day with different IP adresses. This might be fine for a few days, but eventually an alarm will go off for the casino and they might check the account manually. For me the risk would be way too high to have my account locked and all my money frozen for using a VPN that creates some issues. Depending on our monthly gambling bankroll, paying for a VPN service might only make up a small part of our expenses or profits. What is a small monthly fee if in the worst case without it we are losing everything? At the moment I am not using a VPN because I feel like it's not really necessary.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Try to stick to your instincts as a gambler on: Today at 08:55:03 AM

Today i decided to try one of my sweet predictions in the EPL games. So, i predicted in 4 matches and placed my net. However, during this time i watched my games played so well but two games were holding it and i felt i would lose this game. It was already 83 minutes and i needed these games to play at 87 minutes i gave up and decided to cashout the amount i used to stake since it was the amount that was showing there. I thought it was clear and instead of losing i should rather just get my money back. Just in 15 minutes after i checked the live score and found out that the game played. I felt so angry and unhappy because i have not trusted my instincts if not i wouldn't have cashed out at that time.

I know this feeling very well too and made similar mistakes in the past myself. Sport matches can seem quite long if they are very close and we bet money on them. When watching games live I used to question my own decisions too and wanted to cash out mid game to not lose money. Feeling bad once our team wins and we gave in to these thoughts about cashing out early is normal. But I stopped myself from doing it completely. The best way was to not place any intra game bets anymore. If I place a bet for one team to win the match then I am going to stick with it even if it seems unrealistic at the moment. This also helped me up enjoy games much more again, because it's not an option anymore to place anymore bets.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Which player are you? on: Today at 08:10:59 AM
Do you prefer games where you know right away whether you've won (or lost) casino style, or do you prefer other games like sports betting? Do you have any other favorite games?

That's a bit of a surprise that we don't have any casino only gamblers here so far. I expected that most people enjoy casinos and sports betting together like me, but it seems that more people are only betting on sports games. When it comes to gamble with money I like all type of games and will take advantage of any opportunity as long as it's fun. The majority of my time I am spending at the casino because I love games like poker, roulette and blackjack. Only during big tournaments I will spend much more time betting on matches. The advantage of casinos are that you know your winning chances before you play and can adjust your strategy accordingly. The profit might be higher with sports betting if you run high payout combi bets.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Which of these betting Statements Do you Agree or Disagree With? on: March 03, 2024, 03:45:51 PM
I want to believe that we all agree that our betting budget should be within 5% -10% of our monthly income as responsible gamblers. However, our perspective on sports betting differs. Look at the gambling sentences and indicate which of the statements you agree or disagree with. You could also write a brief explanation for your standpoint

1. Don't bet all your money on one bet.
2. Bet the same amount on every bet.
3. Don't bet more than once a day.
4. Don't bet every day.

I definitely belong in the first category, don't bet all your money at once. The rest of you statements are not so suited for me and I have done all those things in the past. Betting the same amount every bet was a good idea when I only focused on very low risk bets. But now I bet on a wider range of matches and I rather focus on risk adjusted betting amounts than dollar betting amounts. So, I will bet larger on low risk games and smaller on high risk games. As for betting all money on one single bet, it's way to risky for me. Even the safest bet is no guarantee to make a profit. There can always go something wrong in a game and losing my whole bankroll in a single match is not a good idea. Once we go broke there is no chance to recover losses.
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: From today; 28.02.2024 - How low do you think the coming BTC dip will be..?? on: March 03, 2024, 02:42:14 PM

It just can not go one way to the moon - How deep will the next dip be, do you think..?

It's hard to predict when and in which intensity the next dip is going to occur. For that I would look at past dips and try to extrapolate it to the future. The last lowest bitcoin price was around the 16-17,000 USD, which is so far away from the current prices. Now with the next halving coming up and bitcoin ETFs being approved, I don't see any chance for Bitcoin to drop below the 20,000 USD level again. Once we get close to those levels again I would expect new asset managers to enter the market and buy heavily to create their own ETFs. As for how long the dip could last, I would link that to the general economy. If the world falls into the next crisis it all depends on how fast we can resolve that crisis, but in general a dip shouldn't last longer than a few month. We survived so many crisis in the last 5 years and bitcoin is looking stronger than ever, I think we are doing fine.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin was created to reform money and provide financial freedom on: March 03, 2024, 10:19:31 AM
Bitcoin was created as a response to the financial crises of 2008.  The idea was to create a decentralized electronic cash system that had a limited supply.  The current fiat currencies used worldwide are both centrally controlled and have no limit on how much the issuer can create.  The US dollar, as an example, has lost 98% of it's purchasing power since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was granted the power to print US dollars.

The Bitcoin solution was to create a currency that had a limited supply and transactions that were peer-to-peer so that no financial institutions would have financial power over the individual.

Fast forward 16 years and almost all Bitcoin transactions are run through third parties.  To buy Bitcoin most people use exchanges which you must KYC on. To store Bitcoin most people use wallets that require the use of 3rd party nodes for transactions. This includes Hardware wallets.  Most people use Bitcoin like an investment not an electronic cash system. Banks are buying up large quantities of Bitcoin to hold for customers buying their ETFs. Arguably developers are adding things like ordinals to the code which have slowed transactions and increased fees above what would be reasonable for small financial transactions.

I see the potential for Bitcoin and am working on projects to help with the original mission - financial freedom for individuals world wide.

I am not going to give up on the dream!  Are you?

There are definitely some people who managed to achieve financial freedom through bitcoins, but I would expect that the majority of bitcoin investors are still using the FIAT monetary system heavily and didn't achieve their financial freedom yet. It's nice to see another rise in bitcoin prices and hopefully we are going to see a new ATH this year. Unfortunately, the higher the bitcoin price will be the harder it will be for new investors to acquire bitcoins. The lucky ones are the investors that bought bitcoins 16 years ago, but the majority only learned about it much later. We can't turn back time so we are stuck with the current bitcoin price. It's a good currency for people that live far from each other and in different countries, because they can send money quickly online and don't have to worry about the high feesí banks would charge for cross border transactions. In case bitcoin is only meant to reach financial freedom, then I am not sure how anybody could achieve this today. Buying bitcoins around 60,000 USD means that there is only a very limited upside potential for now. To make a 100% return on your investment the price would have to reach 120,000 USD and I am not sure how quickly that could happen. Bitcoins are definitely a great investment that should be part of any portfolio, I am just not sure if the majority of the world can achieve financial freedom through it.
7  Economy / Economics / Re: I went London i have questions now the wealthy life there on: March 03, 2024, 09:24:45 AM
I went London 2 days Ago i was in central London and Kensington area.
I went out Also shopping and harrods.
I have how it's possible wealth are everywhere you can literally smell the smell of money and Wealth i been traveling many places....and i haven't seen this kind of happy life people was in coffe shops Everthing happy and wealthy.
To be honest i fallling love with central London the vibe there was so good and people so happy and wealthy.

What's the business they are in ? I mean i did not seen any Crisis i been told that UK are in Crisis i did not seen crisis all i saw was just abudamce and i spoted in 30min at least 10 Rolce Royces...and not just average but custom made versions.
I was surprised in stores i could not even move it was full of people crowded all over... What Crisis in UK ?
People who live Actually in UK can you explain to me ?
Are the wages are good in UK ? Becouse this kind of wealth not Even in new york i been in NYC there is a lot visible poverty and homeless people the streets not looking like it's some wealth paradize compared with London UK Also i been in Canada cities they are Nice but the huge wealth doesn't flash out like London i mean in London it's grazy how much wealth you gona see it got me thinking Are UK London living standard are higher than other countries?

My question is are people actually that rich or they just to like to show off ?

London is awesome, every time I go there it's a lot of fun and I have a great time. Spending a long weekend over there and enjoying the atmosphere is great, they have so many different bars, restaurants and clubs. If I were young again, I would have liked to live and work for a while in London. First of all, London is very different from the rest of UK, just go to a random city up North or the West and you will see the difference very quickly. Living expenses are so much higher in London, which is why many people live outside of the city centre. With all the big train stations, there are so many commuters coming in every day just to work in the city. Most jobs I think are in the service industry, but there you won't make enough money to buy a property in the city and go to all the fancy stores. Many of the luxury stores are for the super-rich people and are not meant to be for the average consumer. A lot of billionaires have apartments in London and you will see their cars on the streets or when they go out at night. There will be a few people that like to show off in London, but there are definitely a large number of high-net-worth individuals that live and work there. London is very open and has good laws for foreign citizens.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Does having children have an influence on gambling habits? on: March 03, 2024, 08:51:27 AM
When you have one or more children, you have heavy responsibilities. Sometimes you're on a tight budget. Can being a parent change our playing habits? Are losses even harder to bear when you're in charge of a family? What are your experiences in this area?

Once we have children life changes completely, we start to realize that we are not the most important ones in the world anymore and that our children are now the center of our life. Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts in the world and we would do anything for them. Everybody changes ones he has children and so will his spending habits. I would rather buy new clothes for my children, then buy new clothes for myself. The same goes for having a good food on the table. It's more important that my children eat well than for myself, because their body is still growing and they all the important nutrition. After having children there will be less money available for gambling and we will think twice about how much money we are willing to risk in the casinos. I think that children makes us more cautious, responsible and more thinking about the future. Losses might be harder to bear, but we should also be less likely to get into the situations where we accumulate large losses. Everybody with kids and a family needs some alone time where he can relax, gambling is a good way to for that because we can do it at home once the children and wife are sleeping. Just make sure you have yourself under control and only use money for gambling that you can afford to lose.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Has this ever happened to you as a gambler? on: March 03, 2024, 07:56:31 AM
What could cause a gambler to place a bet to the extent that he no longer has money to pay for the games he played?

This story happened in my presence on Friday, when I visited a physical betting shop to book some games after that my battery ran down in the process of trying to place some bets with my smartphone to bet on a game that will kick-start in some minutes. There I was, there was this gentleman who was there before me playing the visual game and to cut the whole story short at the end, the gambler started having issues with the person who placed the games for him, reason being that after playing the visual game the gambler no longer has the money to pay the person, and he optioned to dropping his smartphone until when he brings the money and the money amounts to about $15+ and this lead to the owner of the shop inviting the police to settle the matter.

So the question now is: What could really put a gambler in such a situation, addiction, or greediness?

It's a big no-go to place bets with money that you don't have or can't afford to lose. There is no excuse if your bet went against you and you can't afford to pay the bookmaker. The money should be taken out of the salary immediately and it should be a good lesson to not repeat the same mistake. When it comes to big physical casinos or online casinos we always need to deposit money first before placing bets. The bookies want to make sure that we actually have the money in case we lose it. Getting a loan from the bookie to place bets seems like a terrible idea. It's hard to tell if it's really a gambling addiction, for that we would need to know if it has happened before and how the rest of his gambling activities look like. I would probably say it's more greed, he might be thinking that low risk bets have no chance of losing and he got proven wrong. Or he has lost several bets before and thinks now that he can't lose anymore.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Vs Military Industrial Complex on: March 03, 2024, 07:19:57 AM

Lets say for example the $US dollar goes into hyperinflation or the $dollar loses world reserve currency status or just collapses people lost faith in it. We all know the US is the largest spender for its military & army in the world as well as its defence spending. They spend using '$Dollars'. Funding the military and wars are the most expensive things to finance on this planet. I don't even think 21 million bitcoins is enough to fund WW3. I looked at prices and 1 of the cruise missiles for a fighter jet is like $80,000 Shocked, not cheap lets say. So if anything happens to the $US dollar then how will the military industrial complex/army continue running?

Lets say your a soldier getting paid $40000 a year salary and hyperinflation happens and your wage does not go up that much, would you still turn up to work the next day in your army uniform to earn toilet paper?

So if the military industrial complex collapses due to currency issues then the host nation of that currency will be like sitting ducks to other nations looking to invade it without facing defence resistance. So from here can we say that the US Government will do whatever it takes to save its $US dollar currency and the $US dollar will continue doing fine for many decades to come and if that's the case then how Bitcoin can shine in times like this when it is facing the US Government & the Feds Manipulation?

This is a very unrealistic example, at the moment the risk of USA losing its status as leading world reserve currency or going into hyperinflation is very small. In case this would happen, I don't see a big problem for the USA and their military, because most of the leading armament producers are actually USA companies. The hyperinflation would just run through the whole system, the cost for everything would go up and so would also the wages go up. As long as all the big companies are from the same countries you will still be able to buy things for your money. The only problem would be to acquire foreign currencies or even crypto currencies if your own FIAT money is in hyperinflation. Who would be willing to sell his BTC to the USA if their money is worthless the next day? So, bitcoin is not going to be the money to fight WW3 in. Another thing is that once there is a major war where it goes for the survival of your own country, money is not an important concept anymore. Loving your country and protecting your family will be the main motivation for man to join the army again.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: If being a graduate is the key to being wealthy, why are there poor graduates? on: March 02, 2024, 04:04:42 PM
First off, I must say that Education is very good and i don't dispute the fact that it's very vital and necessary for human development, it can put you in a position to be successful no doubt but being a graduate is not a 100% guarantee for one to be very wealthy, one can be very sound academically but lack some basic skills of acquiring wealth. Also one can still have some good knowledge of certain skills but if there's no zeal or self confidence in earning a living through it then your education on those skills can be said to be a waste since you ain't making effort to earn from it.

 Also I've heard several people complain about having good grades, being 1st class graduates but find it difficult to secure good paying jobs, imagine someone struggling to achieve good grades in the university but find it difficult to earn a living and at the end settle for minor jobs while there are many dropouts with good skillsets as well as being creative and think outside the box, and are bosses of big organisations and companies.

 Well it's not basically about being educated or graduating with the best grades that makes you wealthy, it's about determination, being consistent and also persistent cause success and wealth are not achieved in one day or immediately after graduating. In as much as you have good grades, you must still improve your skills, not only job skills, marketing or management skills but your critical thinking and problem solving skills.

I don't think that being a graduate is the key to becoming wealth. It's true that many rich people are graduates from universities, or at least visited the university for a few semesters. But we need to put that into perspective. The number of graduates increased a lot over the last 40 years. Having a graduate degree today is like having a high school diploma 60 years ago. Times are changing and it's much more common to compare ourselves today to other university degrees. Which will mean that most rich people we look at have a university diploma, but it feels wrong to say that this is the source of their wealth. Unfortunately, many jobs these days require us to have a graduate degree to even apply for them. Education is definitely important in life and we should invest a lot of time and money to learn as much as possible, but it needs to be right things we learn. Just getting a random university degree in art or some other field that is not giving any benefits to the business world is not going to be that helpful in our job search.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is it possible to inherit a gambling debt? on: March 02, 2024, 03:09:42 PM
The high rate of gamblers who take loan for gambling purposes is quite alarming, and most of them are fathers to kids. Most of them don't end up taking care of their debt before passing. What happens to the funds, when the lender comes for his money? It's quite a tough one for a person who isn't a gambler to inherit a trouble from a gambling dad. Such things also increase the anger of the society on gamblers, because the addicts are, also, good at extending their problem gambling to other close relatives. Could it be talked through in the law court?

Yes, I think that gambling debt can be inherited after the death of a relative. This might be different in other countries depending on specific laws, but in my country you don't only inherit assets, you also have to take care of the liabilities. When it comes to debt I don't think that gambling debt is any special, it will just be summarized across all type of debts. For example, your dad owns his own house worth 500,000 USD, with a 100,000 USD mortgage on it. On top if it he has a gambling loan worth 100,000 USD. Then if you are the only heir you will have to pay back the loans So, if you want to get the assets of your father, you will have to pay back his loans. In the end you only would inherit 300,000 as the debt is not written off. The good thing is that the loans are not being called back in full at the time of death. You will just have to pay the monthly rates for the two loans and are not being forced into selling the house. In case your father has no assets at all, you would still have to pay back the 200,000 USD. However, in that case you can not accept the inheritance and it's not your problem anymore.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Sports that you donít watch but you keep placing bets on: March 02, 2024, 09:06:12 AM
Do you have a sports that you keep betting on even though you donít watch this sports live or you donít know the full specifications of this game?

In my case, I keep betting on tennis whenever I have spare money on my casino balance from my VIP rewards(Rakeback) after my long game session on live games. Iím not really a fan of sports betting in general but I do place bet randomly on tennis especially the Asian Handicap on live match. Iím always betting on the underdog that already has 1 set advantage to the favorite players. I do this bet just for fun no string attached.

I believe this is the literal definition of ďgamble what you can afford to loseĒ.  Grin

When it comes to sports betting I like to watch all games live where I place a bet on, but due to long hours of some games or sometimes multiple matches are being played at the same time it won't always be possible. What is a big no-go for me is to place bets on sports where I don't know the rules or where I am not following the leagues actively. Just because someone else tells me that team xyz is going to win their next match is not enough for me to place my own money on it. I prefer to do my own research before a match instead of trusting someone blindly. In the case I don't have time to watch the match live, I will at least watch the summary of the match afterwards. It's always good to check if I made the right call and bet on the stronger team, or if they only managed to win due to luck.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Have you won a bet with your last cash? on: March 02, 2024, 08:13:20 AM
Luck is not something that comes all the time and that's what makes it special when it comes to you while you are gambling, some people cheat when they gamble and they said is luck which are all lies but inside them they already know that it want luck but cheating.
However I was lucky to win a bet with my last stake some days ago and I am happy for that, that's why I have to bring it here let's discuss about it, whether you have also win some amount of money with your last stake. I went to a betting shop around my locality then I bet with $10 and lose all of them so I was holding  up to $1 separately for transporting my self back to my residence, but funny how I staked with my transport money and won.
Although, I had more money on  my account that I can use for transporting my self back to my house if incase I lost the physical cash, that was why I wasn't afraid to stake with it.

Making a difference between digital and physical cash is a good idea and I like to do the same when visiting our local home casino. It's either I don't bring any credit cards with me, or I leave it in the car so I have some money for gas and emergencies in case something happens. Only using cash money when gambling in a physical casino saved me a lot of money over the years and it also helped me to stay more within my limits and not give into pressure to try and recover any losses by going over budget. As for cheating I am not sure we mean the same thing, do you mean cheating yourself or cheating the casino? I am a regular customer at my home town casino and I would never risk a life long ban for cheating. For me cheating is when you try to change your bet after the game is played, so you try to trick the dealer into getting more money from him, or trying to lower your loss.  It doesn't seem like a good idea to risk to never gamble at the casino for a small profit.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 🕹️ Esports 🎮 Prediction & Discussion Thread on: March 02, 2024, 07:59:01 AM
This weekend the qualifiying matches in America for the PGL CS2 Major 2024 in Copenhagen are being played. The games are best of one and best of three matches which is going to make it quite interesting and we are seeing a lot of teams playing today. The first of match of the is Complexity vs BOSS, which is going to be a clear win for Complexity. They are one of the stronger teams of America and BOSS I have never seen playing in a big tournament. The second match will be paiN vs RED Canids, two Brazilian teams where I am not too familiar with. It feels like a coin flip and I better skip that match for the day. The third match will be the most interesting one of the day with FURIA vs Team Liquid. The two teams are very experienced and equal in strength, I am going to bet my money on FURIA, because I am a huge fan of FalleN and think he will lead his team to victory. The next match will be M80 vs Imperial, I only know Imperial and they are a decent mid tier team which should be winning that match. MIBR vs NRG is going to be another very one sided game and should in the hands of the Brazilians, they have a lot of experience as well and managed to get far in the last few tournaments they were in. Nouns vs Legacy is going to be another Brazilian team playing for a place in the Major. The team around former superstar coldzera did well in the qualifiying matches and definitely has a chance to win against Nouns even though they lost against the team in January this year.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Mom won 50,000$ in Lottery on: March 02, 2024, 07:39:34 AM
This is a story where a mom thought she won 5000$ in a lottery (which was already a big amount) but later discovered that she won 50,000$. That is indeed one of the best things in her life and it just changed her life.

Most of us spend our whole lives participating and thinking that one day, we will win the big lottery but it seems an impossible thing. However, when we see other people's winning and changing their lifestyle, the hope of winning among us keeps alive.

I would be happy for any of the two wins. The most I ever won in a lottery was like 100 Euros, but I had to share with 3 friends which made it a quite small win again. With scratch tickets I once won 50 Euros from a 2 Euro Ticket. Good for the mother to have 50,000 USD and I am sure she will do something nice for her kids with that money. Personally, I wouldn't call 50,000 USD a life changing amount because it will make our life better, but it's not going to change everything over night. We will still have to continue working and can't retire early. Don't get me wrong, 50,000 USD is a lot of money and if we use that money to pay of a loan or invest that money it can lead to much more down the road. The problem with 50,000 USD is that it can also be spend really quickly. Buying a new car, some new clothes and taking your family out for a nice vacation will let the money disappear very quickly. Hopefully the family will help the mother to make these decision and take a more long term approach to the money instead of spending it quickly. Investing the money in the college fund for the childrend would probably be the best she could do with the money.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Isn't trading almost like gambling? on: March 02, 2024, 07:23:19 AM
Today I visited a friend who is a forex trader, according to him he trades on the USD, gold and BTC and I normally don't fancy the idea of trading because it appears a bit complex for my understanding and from my little knowledge, it seems as though trading is almost same as gambling because at the end of your analysis you're not sure of the outcome of the trade since it's basically a short term adventure and the volatile nature of most traded items depict it to be uncertain with time.

He has lost almost $5000 dollar in course of his trade and he is still positive that he is going to recover all is lost money back in his next trade. I don't really know how trading works that much cause what I have learnt and I have been used to is to Buy a certain asset like the BTC or any valuable asset that will appreciate with time and HODL it. I know that this strategy isn't for someone of his kind that's basically looking for any immediate means of doubling his income and so long term investment won't necessarily seem a good idea for him.

My question is, isn't trading almost like gambling considering it uncertainty and also looking from the fact that he has lost a fortune out of trading within a short space of time?

Is it possible for him to easily recover his money back or is losses like that very much a part of the trading experience?

Forex trading is a very volatile business, because there are so many different pairs of currencies that can be traded and prices are changing all the time. Losing 5000 USD doesn't seem a lot in the Forex markets, usually futures contracts are quite large and you won't be able to buy anything if you don't have enough capital to meet the margin calls. I am assuming now that your friend has some experience in the past and probably made some profits before this loss. If he loses 5,000 USD in this trade, he probably made a bigger return in the last trade. I wouldn't worry so much about one trade alone and rather put everything into perspective over his whole trading year. If you are up 20,000 USD in the first two months and now lose 5,000 USD you are still in the green. I don't think that trading is like gambling, depending on the type of assets he is buying he still will be able to recover his money. In gambling you either lose or win money, there is no in between. As soon as you place a bet you will know if you won or lost, after that there is no chance to make any money from your initial bet. When it comes to trading, we are buying an asset, and just because the value of the asset drops doesn't mean it's worthless. Prices are fluctuating and we still own that asset. Also in gambling we know our winning chances beforehand, whereas with trading the chances are changing all the time.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: Recession soon? on: March 02, 2024, 07:00:16 AM
People might be aware that some of the esteemed and largest organisations are laying off their employees left right and centre, are we heading into recession? Because I have seen my colleagues getting laid off and it's been months they are unable to find a job. Either we are heading towards recession or globally companies overhired the employees post COVID hence clearing the additional manpower. I am bit convinced that it's like recession sort of thing and not sure to over hiring. Share your thoughts on this crisis which has left a good amount of people without any work.

I am not so afraid of another recession looming around the corner. We just got out of the covid recession and even the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas war is not sending the world into another crisis. The global inflation seems to cool down and interest rates could even be lowered later this year. Once we get to lower interest rates again the economy should be picking up. It's true that businesses are looking to reduce staff, which is not only due to a worse economic outlook but also the efficiency gain from Ai. So many companies are relying on Ai already and will do so more heavily in the future. We are seeing now a transformation of workplace like in the industrial era with the invention of the steam engine. More and more jobs will become automated and it's just not important anymore to have a large workforce. I wouldn't worry so much about the global economy, but rather focus on our own future. As long as our job is secure and we have enough free money to invest in cryptos every month we are doing well and are prepared for the future.
19  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [FREE RAFFLE] - Custom eXch Cryptosteel Capsule (#1)! on: February 29, 2024, 08:11:37 PM
56 - Mauser

Thanks a lot for the Raffle and Good Luck to everybody!
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How do I succeed as a trader in 2024 on: February 27, 2024, 03:01:26 PM
As we enter the 2024, many people are making plans on how to achieve financial success and personally I have decided that trading will be one of my area of focus. I'm gathering information on how to go about it. Your opinion will be highly appreciated.

How is the year 2024 going for you? I hope you started early with trading and could already take advantage of the early bull run. One of the most important things for me as a trader is to stay at least partially invested in the market. It's fine to take some profits, but I would never ever sell all my positions at once. Without any skin in the game we are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. Which is also some problem newer traders face, they trade too much and accumulate a lot of transaction cost. Some more medium to long term approach can help with that and will lead to big profits during bull markets. The Bitcoin halving is still to come and I think there a lot of upside pressure for Bitcoin to rise long term. Good luck on your trading adventures and don't become discouraged if prices are moving against you. We won't be able to make a profit every week, there will always be times of falling prices and we just need to get used to it. Long term it's really hard to be the profit investors made with crypto currencies.
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