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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is it worthwhile to trade the cryptocurrency on IQ Option? on: September 29, 2020, 11:55:53 PM
I haven't tried doing trading with such platform but if you do want to know more about IQ Option, better just do your own researching for it seems like no one in here can answer your question because we haven't make use of that on doing trading. Better do trade on the proven and tested by many and not just newly introduced for it is safe for the ones already proven rather than putting your funds into a gamble and risk it for a platform that seems like no one in here is using. But if you do really insist on trying that, do your own move of doing research about such and decide for yourself if you will get in there or not.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: bull market and market news its a end of the crypto or whats wrong? on: September 29, 2020, 11:00:08 PM
is cryptocurrency other crash is coming?
or what is the problem that market cant act normally `?

like it was year  2017  when it will work again like 2017`? 

Upon first entering this industry you must have already know that the market is volatile and vulnerable to have crash and upside turns for the market is not always stable because there are still lots of factors that is affecting the market making it crash or get into a bull run. Also, why do always look back on year 2017 when we are already 3 years ahead from that year and many things have already happened. Do not barely expect of something like year 2017 at times like this that we are on a world crisis concerning health for it is far beyond possible to expect too much to happen like what 2017 have given to us. The crash is just normal in this market for we are already get used to it for many years that we are into this industry. The important thing is that after every crash recovery happens and that is what matters the most and nothing else. Better be contented on what is on the present rather than keep on turning back and remembering what is done. We can still experience such but we do not certainly or exactly know when.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Buyin Crypto with Credit card on: September 29, 2020, 10:25:10 PM
Does anybody know a place where i can buy bitcoin with credit card. I have tried so many websites but it always declines. Who knows a good place where i can buy. NB: I have tried Binance also
Mostly this depend on country of residence many countries not eligible to go through credit/debitcard but still you have this option can check hopefully someone will accept your card.

Exactly. The country where you do reside truly matters before conducting or finding an exchange where you can buy a crypto using your credit/debit card because there are countries that do not allow crypto purchasing or transaction and usage of credit cards and insisting to do such might just lead to freezing of account once bank have known your transaction that is against on your country's policy with regards to crypto issue. Also, beware or take precautions on transacting a purchase using your credit card because you might get into a scam exchange that might get your account details and your balance will be loss.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What actually makes a token pump? on: September 29, 2020, 09:52:07 PM
That would depends from a lots factor :
1. Demand > Supply
2. Influencer
3. Good crypto news
4. Trend/Hype
5. Bitcoin price pump, etc.

Certainly those are the factors that really affects why a certain experiences not just pumps but also dumps for all those factors can also be affected by other external factors which can affect the overall pricing of that token of course. Considering those factors stated above can also help a trader know and be familiarize on certain price behavior a certain token possesses to be able to help him decide the entry and exit points to gain profit. Being listed on an excellent and reputable exchange is also a one factor people are looking up into before getting engage into a certain token which makes it hype up the token where the other factors stated above aside from Bitcoin price pump (because it has its own price behavior that can affect others if that coin relies on its price) follows that will cause the pump of the token.
5  Economy / Economics / Re: economic loan new money and covid 19 i want fast on: September 29, 2020, 09:13:58 PM
Economic loans or stability with regards to financial aspect cannot totally resolve the problem with regards to the pandemic because financial is not the only problem present in here and the main problem is not about money but the sake of health concerns. We cannot just lower down or pull out the health restrictions being set by health professionals as well as the World Health Organization for loans will not matter once many people will get affected again because up until right now the vaccine to cure the virus is still not yet done on its clinical trials among the countries that have already made the vaccines. Not all can be resolved by money or loans for the bigger picture in here is that we are into a health and economic threat. Economy will soon to recover once this pandemic is done but health is just once and it cannot be compromised for we are talking about life and death already.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin a sure legacy on: September 29, 2020, 08:38:40 PM
I think you should not rely a 100% on Bitcoin.

It is true though that a lot of people earned a lot of profit from investing on it but in the future, we can't say that it will be Bitcoin all the way. You should not put all your money into it and just put something you can afford to lose. I will hold my Bitcoin as long as I can think it will be profitable to me, I am still looking forward on using it daily but for now let's take advantage of what we have right now.

I agree. Instead of focusing on what will happen in the future, bettet think of what we can still have today. We cannot say what can be possible to happen on Bitcoin the upcoming years but we are hoping and expecting that it will be good all along the way up until each and every people barely accepts and uses Bitcoin and it is legal on every country. Bitcoin is profitable and a good asset to stand with bu reliance and dependency must not play a role for we cannot say what can happen. Still up hold and control your investment into the extent you can afford to lose so no regret to be taken over.

legacy ? I haven't thought that far. for me bitcoin is currently more inclined towards an investment asset, and it looks like bitcoin is not suitable for inheritance. although the price continues to increase, we must be aware that price fluctuations also often occur here, the price of bitcoin can go down at any time.

It is a certain. I am just also into holding Bitcoin but haven't think of it yet to serve as inheritance or legacy for I am still that young and can work and access my Bitcoin so I just focus on what is right in front of me instead of bothering about what will happen in the future.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What the future holds for bitcoin on: September 29, 2020, 07:11:57 PM
From my own opinion its a better way of accumulating wealth and secure a perfect future of cashless policy
Too early to say this. Not only because people arround the world still need more time to accept the tech and adopt it, but we can't deny the fact that bitcoin can't replace all the circulating FIAT arround the globe. In a recent analysis, 1 bitcoin should be worth $1 million if we aim to replace just the dollar currency.
Without to forget that bitcoin is still in early stages as a global currency and its network still need to be maintained by devs in order to make it stronger and solid.

It will really take time before the people not just on certain countries but talking about people across the world would certainly accept and adapt into using Bitcoin for the fact that there are still common issues and different stands that different government from different countries are still up to against Bitcoin making it a big hindrance on the acceptance and adaptation of it. Added by the factor that most people are still into patronizing use of cash more likely compared to using digital money.

Needless to say, the credibility and acceptability of Bitcoin is growing day by day; At the same time, its value has also increased. Bitcoin is now widely used as a medium of transaction as well as investment. Bitcoin transactions can be done very easily, securely and at low cost. But the big problem is that its market value is very volatile. So I think you should think long term about investing in Bitcoin.

There is really no doubt about the credibility and the rate of it getting accepted and be recognized is rising as time passes by because people are now seeing its worth mostly on other people because of the price it have and other that focuses into the way it is being used that have risen up this pandemic for people recognizes how Bitcoin works and can be a safe haven despite of the pandemic where crypto market is lightly affected by the negative effect for the stock market is the one who have been directly affected. This makes Bitcoin to be seen as a good investment specially at times of crisis. Investing into Bitcoin is worthy but still you should think of it so hard for you to decide if you will go along.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: Waiters/Waitresses/bellboys etc just lost their jobs on: September 29, 2020, 06:35:16 PM
Is this the video about the launch of the Spot Robot from Boston Dynamics? The humanoid robots are far from gaining the kind of dexterity and maneuverability to function in a room crowded with people bumping into them. Even if some day they did, i don't think that patrons would prefer continue going to a restaurant to be served by charm-less robots.
A real waitress/ waiter has so much more to offer to the ambiance as well as the customer. Some "services" would always remain better with humans.

I would barely agree on this mater because after watching the video attachment on how the Spot Robot works, still it would be preferable for sure that waiters and bell boys to stay on their jobs for despite all the functions and factors to get up a spot dog to keep the job done by those type of jobs I have mentioned, small businesses as well as many customers will surely still prefer manual work than automation with regards to serving foods and their services right up into their tables when doing an order in any fast food or restaurants. It is really surprising how technologies are being improved and advanced on which human features are getting targetted to be inputted on how robots work like AI feature but still humans are the superior and it is still far beyond to get into perfection before robots can perfectly do all the jobs (as in all)  that only humans can do and that is when the major threat to human services will arise and unemployment would come.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Kucoin hacker moved the stolen BTC. on: September 28, 2020, 11:45:18 PM
The attack was to transfer bitcoin, but the ERC20 token was intercepted by the project owner in various ways such as freezing or converting the project token to another token. Kucoin's attack was a big hit, but with a timely interception from all sides, the damage was significantly reduced.
These hackers are stupid enough to take away a handful of Bitcoin and mostly ERC20 tokens.

I think they are not stupid but I think they choose to do that since they know they can make some choices upon distributing the ERC20 tokens to different wallets but suddenly it was intercepted faster as they expect that's why we can see that it didn't affect to much to the price of bitcoin as well to those tokens affected by the hackings. But I want to know the further more updates since this is so interesting issue happen this days.

I agree. Those hackers are not that stupid to be said for they have intercepted the security of Kucoin but badly taken away mostly ERC20 tokens and just a handy amount of Bitcoin. Badly, they have unexpected and even underestimated that the action to prevent the hacker on disseminating the ERC20 gone wrong for project owners easily make their action against the hacking being done to tokens involved on the said scenario. This was really an interesting news that many are surely keeping on update since many have been using Kucoin and they are waiting to see what will happen to the hacked tokens and if the hacker will be successful on executing his plan now that project owners are freezing their tokens and the addresses are being blacklisted to prevent the successful transferring of the hacked cryptos.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Your strategy in taking profit on: September 28, 2020, 08:15:40 PM
Strategy on taking profit differs and matters depending on the individual himself on how he would deal with certain risks and circumstances for the sake of obtaining profit rather than loss. Also, the type of coins must be taken into consideration because different type of coins have different price movement and behavior which means different type of strategy or approach must be done to be able to gain profit. Mostly we are depending our strategy or approach by seeking information on the price charts as well as news about such coin so there is no definit strategy to be executed for all coins have their own price movement so you as the trader would adjust into what action must be taken to take profit from that certain coin you were trading with.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: This will help day traders and newbie traders. on: September 28, 2020, 07:31:58 PM
So basically, in doing day trading, you must not just be financially ready but as well as mentally and emotionally ready for day trading a really tough one and you must not let your emotions do interfere on doing decision making for you might regret if worst case scenario will sprout that will give you mental challenge on how you will deal with your trading. Those key notes that the OP have provided are commonly the basic ones which anyone can discover themselves or do have different strategy or approach upon doing day trading but what I can say is that to be able to survive and get along on having day trades, better know the market of the coin you wish to trade with to better get familiar on the entry and exit points to conduct successful trades. It would be difficult at first of course because learning is not the end of it but the application as well which is the trading proper where you can learn another thing from your own experience which you can use to be able to progress and increase the probability of dealing a successful day trade journey.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: Trump's Economy or Biden’s Economy - which version is better. on: September 28, 2020, 06:54:50 PM
We cannot further say on which version is the way better than the other between Trump and Biden for we are talking about the election campaign on which for sure they would like to impress the people and gain them as constituents to support them on the upcoming election day. Well, that is pretty normal in politics to gain people's hearts to get their votes right straight into their names. Practically speaking upon reading the agendas, it is a lot more obvious that Biden have a big perception and plans when he become the new president which is impressive compared to Trump that will still insist to continue what his administration have started with. Looking upon those agendas, it will look like Biden have a great plan to implement it on his administration but will it be more likely to be achievable or just a statement to get people's support for the election. Either way, the betterment between the two will just be witnessed right after the election and once one of them is already situated in the position as the reigning president or the newly elected one to implement their agendas for the sake of their own country.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Government figures or politicians supporting Bitcoin? on: September 28, 2020, 06:15:42 PM
Governments from different countries up until now is still against Bitcoin for there is still lack of knowledge and understanding on their part on how things are going after using Bitcoin. We cannot say how long and when will be the time that those government politicians can fully understand everything about Bitcoin and why people are pushing it through to make it legal because of the perks associated on using this kind of currency. Maybe now they are still against it for some reason but maybe tomorrow or the next upcoming days, weeks, months or even years, we cannot say but there is a possibility that government will understand the nature of Bitcoin and realize its importance and usage.


Actually i think a lot of politicians are at place where they are not able to publicly express their support  and endorse cryptocurrencies because  of a fear of alienating people within their own party many of whom are staunchly opposed to cryptocurrencies or perhaps because the general public as whole still is not educated enough about bitcoin and thinks of it as that thing for criminals.

I think this is also one of the reasons or factor affecting why we only know few of those politicians who support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of such feel that they might feel unwanted that is indeed because not all people are still understanding and having prior knowledge about Bitcoin as a whole.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Not your keys, not your Crypto – Kucoin Hacked! $150m Stolen. on: September 27, 2020, 11:46:39 PM
This issue and case must serve as a lesson and also a safety reminder to everyone specially with regards to those newbies out there not to treat exchanges as storage wallets for there are potentials or possibilities like this that have happened with Kucoin. Even reliable and reputable exchanges are still prone to hacks for those hackers are getting wiser and finding lots of ways to improve their hacking techniques to make impossible thing possible. As much as possible or it is advisable that you only put your coin that is intended to be traded or in notice or observance for you to get into trading and just keep your other coins into your crypto wallet not in any exchanges for those have different purpose and must be separated in purpose in a sense that you must not treat exchanges as your main wallet to store up all your cryptos because if you do, then it is your faulty although exchanges still do have responsibility of what happened. But as a responsible crypto user, you must also be responsible on storing and keeping your cryptos safe.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Pandemic pushed the US into recession- now official , analysis on: September 27, 2020, 11:03:29 PM

What do you guys think will happen to the US ? Will the recession continue to worsen ?

The case if the recession in US will continue to get worse will be dependent on the action they will engage on finding solutions to resolve their present problems whether economical, health and with regards to the employment rate of the country. No one can still assure what will most likely to happen for there could be possible response that the government is formulating to resolve the issue with concern of the recession happening in their country. If they will take immediate response and action on the issues contributing to the recession and resolve those in as soon as possible, then recession will not continue to get worse and we can see a recovery phase to arise in the middle of this pandemic.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: Can Blockchain Gaming Drive Cryptocurrency Adoption? on: September 27, 2020, 09:22:13 PM
This was seriously a really very long thread to read on and others mind find it as well to be like that. May you at least shorten or make it simple into which ideas or informations you were trying to share with is for the simpler the better for it does not vary how short or long as long as the thought is in there.  Going back to the topic, I guess there could really a big impact blockchain gaming can do to achieve cryptocurrency adaption since a lot of gamers are sprouting into this generation which means as long as there are many gamers to play blockchain games like the usual and typical games, it can certainly lead to adaption for one of the influencers category are not just content/video creator but also gaming creator which is totally a good way to pack knowledge about crypto and at the same time provide gaming experience all together within blockchain games.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Cryptocurrency Scams and Government on: September 27, 2020, 06:01:12 PM

More than forty people who got scammed have complained about the exchange to the Delhi police. I've never come across the exchange named Pluto. This exchange has got almost seven executives who are the team. It is a new kind of trap, because with the people who doesn't have much knowledge about cryptocurrency they've mentioned about creating their own cryptocurrency and assured of 30% - 40% return monthly. This has made more users to invest and finally ended as a trap, and the office have got relocated to Dubai closing the office in India.

The problem in here is that most people are not that quite knowledgeable enough to resist the intimidating offers of those scammers. Better think of it having such numerical percentage of return on a monthly basis is already impossible. People nowadays gets easily lured or fooled by such good looking offers that makes them invest into such scam schemes. Scam victims would be lessen in different platform not just in crypto if people are knowledgeable enough about that certain thing before they get to engagement. There is really an impact on the crypto's reliability because of such scam making it hot on the eyes of government on banning crypto when at the first place the platform is not the problem but the people. There is no tolerance happening in crypto being used for scam and other related criminalities, it just so happen that the nature of man being abusive makes it the reason why scams and frauds do happen not just in crypto but as well as into other platforms. People must be educated and be knowledgeable enough not get easily fooled by any good offerings for those at first glance is already suspicious.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Russia is proposing a new law to declare cryptowallets or be fined, go to jail on: September 27, 2020, 05:26:28 PM
The point is in there that the government of Russia wanted to ensure safety and secure that crypto is not being used as a tool for money laundering and other related illegal activities but surely once that law will be passed, people using crypto in Russia will most likely feel unsecured in a sense that they still do want no declaration of their crypto wallets for the sake of their own privacy as well as the assets they do hold into their crypto wallets.

But as for now it is still just a proposal so either way, there are still possibilities that this might not be passed as a new law due to some circumstances. Let's just get back in here once the news become true that the proposal become already a law. Although we are not all in Russia, we must be aware of such news for there might be certain instances that governments of other countries would adapt such law once it become successfully being implemented in Russia.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin for Christmas on: September 27, 2020, 04:56:00 PM
You should of course know first if certain individuals you wish to gift with anything related to Bitcoin is worthy to receive it in a sense that they will effectively make use of it and have enough greater knowledge to receive such kind of gift. It will be more likely to give Angpao with Bitcoin amount on it into those people you know that are into using Bitcoin for it will be much appreciated since people are doing everything to the extent of obtaining Bitcoin. For those people that are still not into Bitcoin, I guess it will be just enough giving them out merchandises with Bitcoin logo such as shirts, wallets and other stuffs to serve as souvenirs in such way they might at least be able to recognize Bitcoin and possible to get curious learning about it after all.
20  Economy / Economics / Re: Cares Act- How will this effect the economy down the road? on: September 27, 2020, 04:16:35 PM
For those of you not familiar with the Cares Act, here is a good guideline of everything that's involved-

I work in the finance industry and in particular with retirement plans.  The cares act allows for individuals still employed and under 59.5 years of age to take withdraws from their retirement plans, up to $100,000, as well without the normal 10% penalty.  I am constantly getting calls from clients who are utilizing this feature.  In theory it's a good thing for those whom have encountered hardships due to Covid-19, however many are taking advantage of this and simply taking out money just because they can.  

I foresee serious problems down the road with so many dipping in to their retirement, many of which are depleting their entire accounts.  The question I ask myself and everyone else..what are all the negatives consequences likely to come from this?  I think there will be all sorts of issues in terms of social security, homelessness, reliance on government assistance etc.

I see this Cares Act as a good savior of the people undergoing hardship most specially at this time of pandemic for they can withdraw funds from their retirement plan for the sake of surviving the effect of this pandemic that most are out of job and do not have any other sources of income duly because they were temporarily out of their jobs maybe because remote working won't work on the type of job they have. I think there is nothing wrong with that for they have worked out for it ever since they started working it is just they will be accessing their retirement plan too early than supposed day of usage. There will be no issue in that as long as this Care Act won't be abused that I guess won't happen for we do have certain decent reasons why we need to access our retirement plans if we do have such one because it is our money after all.
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