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21  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Please Review My Bitcoin Book on: November 02, 2020, 02:31:43 PM

OP, can you share here just the TOC?

As you see, registering requirement on has been seeing "suspicious".. maybe checking the TOC is a fair way to decide what to do

I have posted the Table Of Contents (TOC) in the opening post. Thank you.
22  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Please Review My Bitcoin Book on: November 02, 2020, 12:59:00 PM
Can it be done without giving any billing details. The delivery format is digital and with the coupon the visitors are not actually paying anything so giving a billing details does not make much point.

I wanted to download it but stuck on there. Hopefully this will be a good one, good luck with your book.
No because in order to leave a review the database must have an entry that the person "bought" the book.
23  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Please Review My Bitcoin Book on: November 01, 2020, 08:23:52 PM
I am making a book I wrote on bitcoin in 2013 available to the community free of charge with the coupon 'bitcointalk': The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money.

I have made a limited number of these coupons and once there are none left I will not increase the amount available. I am doing this so the community can have another resources to add to their collection and for the increase in knowledge. Feedback is appreciated.

Those who register an account on the website and use the coupon will have lifetime access to the book (and any future version) available to them in their account dashboard.

Length: 130 Pages

Author: Mr. Travis Patron
Foreword: Mr. Wallace Wood

The innovation of bitcoin is perhaps the most intriguing development of the early 21st century. In a span of several years, the digital currency has jumped from being traded at 4 tenths of a penny, to highs of over $20000. In that time, we’ve seen individuals, government organisations, and large corporations warm up to the idea that bitcoin may be a form of cyber money pundits have been predicting for years.

Outside the control of any centralized institution and owned by no one party in particular, bitcoin sets the stage for something bold and new. Operating by freely accessible technology, experts describe it as a breakthrough in computing science formulated upon decades of research.

The market of monetary innovation is entering the private domain. What lies ahead for political regimes who attempt with futility to regulate this ghost outside the machine?

Join us as we explore … The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money

I will post the Table Of Contents (TOC) here so that people can decide for themselves if it is worth a read. I also reiterate: in order to leave a review, the user must have made an entry into the website database that they have actually "purchased" the book - even if a coupon for access free of cost is used.

Please note that the book was originally published in 2013. I am in the process of updating it to reflect the current bitcoin market conditions, and therefore seek feedback in order to improve the product quality. Detailed feedback in the form of a review left on the landing page would be very helpful as of right now.

The title of the book is "The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money".

Table of Contents

  • Foreword   6
  • Introduction: Monetary Evolution, Ready or Not   7
  • Rise Above Primal   7
  • The Bitcoin Payment System   8
  • Differentiating Factor   9
  • Chapter 1:   Bitcoin Basics   11
  • What is Money?   11
  • The Fiat Emperor Has No Clothes   12
  • What is Bitcoin?   14
  • Mining Bitcoin   15
  • Coinbase Transaction   17
  • Transacting With Bitcoin   17
  • Storing Bitcoin   19
  • Wallets   19
  • Public Key Cryptography   20
  • Operating Systems   20
  • Passwords   21
  • Backing Up Your Wallet   21
  • Additional Security Measures   22
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin   23
  • Advantages   23
  • Disadvantages   25
  • Potential Vulnerabilities   25
  • Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?   28
  • Easter Eggs   29
  • Technical Analysis   29
  • Linguistic Analysis   29
  • Blockchain Analysis   30
  • NewsWeek Claims   30
  • Chapter 2:   Blockchain Networks   31
  • Bitcoin Solves the Byzantine Generals Problem   31
  • Autonomous Organizations   32
  • Internet of Things   32
  • Chapter 3:   Adoption   34
  • The Future of Bitcoin   34
  • Bitcoin Based Society   35
  • Crossing the Chasm   36
  • Network Effects   39
  • Retail Incentives   41
  • Is Bitcoin a Cult?   42
  • Chapter 4:   Cybereconomics   45
  • Classifying Cryptocurrency As A Financial Asset   45
  • Cryptocurrency is a New Asset Class   46
  • Money Is Now An Image   46
  • 20th century business models need not apply   46
  • Advantage Africa: Why Developing Nations Stand to Gain Most   48
  • Disinflationary Characteristics   51
  • Money Velocity   53
  • Did John Nash Help Invent Bitcoin   54
  • Bitcoin Is Backed By Time Itself   55
  • Bitcoin vs. Gold   56
  • Antifragile Properties of Bitcoin   58
  • Bitcoin As A Hedge Against Economic Uncertainty   59
  • Denationalization of Money   60
  • Bitcoin as a Store of Wealth   60
  • Price Stability   61
  • Price Trending   63
  • Greater Fools   64
  • The 21st Million   64
  • Technological Unemployment   66
  • Evolution of the Corporation   67
  • Machines Are the New Employees   67
  • Smart Contracts Have No Need for You   68
  • Rise of Computing Dominance   68
  • Chapter 5:   Political Implications   70
  • Bitcoin Inherent Regulation   70
  • A Fight for Liberty   70
  • Untaxed Bitcoin is a Human Right   72
  • Economic Munitions   72
  • Taxation   73
  • Parallels Between Bitcoin and the Printing Press   74
  • The Rise of Supranational Governance   75
  • Rise of Knowledge   76
  • Breaking of Orwell’s Dictum   76
  • Bitcoin May Become A Global Reserve Instrument   78
  • Bitcoin Will End the Nation State   79
  • Bitcoin as an Economy Independent of the Nation State   79
  • Bitcoin is a [Nationally] Untaxable Money Supply   79
  • Bitcoin Transitions the Nature of Violence   80
  • The Incoming Surveillance of Bitcoin   81
  • Bitcoin Neutrality   81
  • Censorship 2.0   82
  • Scalability of the Bitcoin Network   82
  • Conclusion   83
  • About the Author   85
  • Bibliography   86
  • Figures   89

Sizable bitcoin donations may be made to the following address: 1Q1zjbEQLYzrdJsBpfQDKk93aQpxt2J4XR
24  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Aptitude Test on: November 01, 2020, 07:33:44 PM
Please submit recommended questions to be added to the Bitcoin Aptitude Test.

We are currently in the process of updating the course and are looking for community feedback including questions to include for students.

Here is what we are aiming for the course:

  • This is a 30 minute, multiple-choice examination on the technical and economic fundamentals of the bitcoin payment system.
  • There are a total of 100 questions. In order to earn a passing grade, you must answer at least 80 questions correctly (80%).
  • Correct answers are not shown and students have only one chance to earn a passing grade.
  • In order to access the test, users must be registered and logged in.

Take the test free of charge: Bitcoin Aptitude Test

Please note we are still in the process of adding questions and need feedback.
25  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? on: March 17, 2020, 04:46:26 AM
Bitcoin needs fiat and fiat determines its value. Fiat acts as a fuel to Bitcoins value. Without fiat being pumped into Bitcoin it has no practical use or value. Considering other cryptocurrencies in the market Bitcoin does not perform well as payment processor. Without its Fiat value Bitcoin won't be accepted by any vendors online or offline.

Your analysis is bookish and does hold any practical stand.

You need to step out of the fiat bubble and enter the brave new world of digital cryptocurrencies.
26  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? on: March 17, 2020, 04:09:26 AM
It is a simple yet not easy question to answer: why does bitcoin have value?

The answer, we believe is summarized in this video:

Bitcoin has value because it has both scarcity and utility. It is a limited and useful resource. It is limited to the software-imposed hard limit of 21,000,000 bitcoin units ever in circulation. It is useful because it allows payment information to be securely by a decentralized computing network backed by magnitudes of raw hashing power. Each transaction must compete (fee market) to be included in the next block of transactions which has a limited [block space] due to the block size limit (2MB) imposed on each ~10 minute block.

We can expect both the value to increase and the number of users to increase exponentially so long as the current technology maintains itself and remains both useful and in a limited abundance.

Learn more about bitcoin at

I think it has a value because people understand it, we can see how the engine was made and since it is a fair deal for all then people decide it has a value. The value is variable because is based on a market, but what we know is the value will never be zero.
The value will remain above zero as long as the network is still being secured by hash power (miners).
27  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Why Does Bitcoin Have Value? on: March 17, 2020, 03:41:04 AM
It is a simple yet not easy question to answer: why does bitcoin have value?

Bitcoin has value because it has both scarcity and utility. It is a limited and useful resource. It is important to note that something must be BOTH in order to command a market value, NOT either.

Bitcoin is limited to the software-imposed hard limit of 21,000,000 bitcoin units ever in circulation. It is useful because it allows payment information to be secured by a decentralized computing network backed by magnitudes of raw hashing power. That raw hashing power is energy (electricity) converted into digital utility. Each transaction must compete (fee market) to be included in the next block of transactions which has a limited [block space] due to the block size limit (2MB) imposed on each ~10 minute block.

We can expect both the value to increase and the number of users to increase exponentially so long as the current technology maintains itself and remains both useful and in a limited abundance.

Bitcoin will always retain market value so long as miner nodes are actively contributing their hashing power to secure the network (proof of work).



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Bitcoin 101:
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bitcoin
How To Store Bitcoin Securely
Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?
Don’t Let Anyone Tell You The Identity Of Satoshi Nakamoto Doesn’t Matter
Bitcoin Is Backed By Time Itself

Cashless Society:
Is Total Cashlessness Inevitable?
The Growing E-Dollar Culture
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Social Media:
28  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Aptitude Test on: March 17, 2020, 03:34:27 AM
It worked perfectly for me. I gave the test just to have an idea of how much I know about BTC and Blockchain, I got 11/23. for passing you need 85%. I will have a retake after preparation Kiss

Glad to hear you enjoyed the course. We are currently working to add new questions to the quiz to make it more educational and informative for the students.

If you have questions you would like to be included, please either send them to us via a personal message or post them in this thread itself.
29  Bitcoin / Project Development / Timestamping documents with the blockchain on: February 28, 2020, 07:18:05 AM
I am looking for a service or tutorial that instructs on how to use the timestamping feature of the blockchain to record the existence and immutability of important documents.

We want to timestamp a document into the blockchain for a "proof of existence". It is also useful that the block will demonstrate the time it was created.

Does anyone on this board have a recommendation about which service to use or how to do this? It is preferable not to use a 3rd party.

I have downloaded the blockchain but am not particularly inclined to start running a full-node.

Thank you for any and all help.
30  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The Bitcoin Chip on: November 19, 2019, 02:33:37 AM
Second sentence and already full of crap  Undecided
Saying, cybernetic structure of a network is like saying meaty meatnes of the meat.
Cybernetics is the system and interworking of it, based on variables injected by users.
Not to mention this babble about the mark... O c'mon, mark of the beast is bitcoin, tremble in fear! NO! I say don't bother with your facebook infested phone! It is the bitcoin, alright?! Book of FUD, nothing more.
Facebook is known to be collecting data on all users who are active on its platform. The geolocation services and well as microphone and camera recording are capable of being remote activated.

When we look at something like bitcoin, and compare it to the early days of the internet http:// www, it is clear these types of networks can be turned against their users in the form of surveillance. Has the internet of today and its many applications (such as Facebook) been turned into a sort of panopticon and could the same fate await bitcoin users?
31  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Bitcoin Chip on: November 18, 2019, 08:12:01 PM
Diginomics Corporation has just released a new book entitled 'The Bitcoin Chip'!

The use of artificial intelligence on the blockchain to harvest huge amounts of data and create predictive algorithms with, will be one of the defining characteristics of the new technocratic era of the 21st century.

Bitcoin has established it’s own set of rules through the source code which it is built upon. Forcing legal frameworks on this type of 21st century innovation will only cause unnecessary friction during its adoption phase. Cryptocurrencies have an inherent regulation, the peer-to-peer architecture they are built upon. Truly, bitcoin is code as law. This new era of digital law will be entered into only by choice. That choice will come in the form of a mark.

The mark itself will be a computational image made in the flesh which references the bitcoin network. By using this network of information, artificial intelligence will appear omnipotent and omnipresent. With the awesome power of artificial intelligence, technology will know those who worship it better than anyone else, including themselves and their closest friends and family, and will personalize their approach toward every person who has the mark. Technology will know even the most intimate details about those who receive the mark ...

Buy the book:
32  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Aptitude Test on: November 17, 2019, 08:27:55 PM
I tried registering
Were you able to register successfully? Were you able to complete the test?
33  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Aptitude Test on: November 04, 2019, 11:54:18 PM
I gave it a try.

I found inaccuracies, ambiguity, poor phrasing, and misleading statements.

Given a 1 to 10 scale where:

1 = Completely misleads and confuses the student offering nothing of value at all

10 = Does a perfect job of educating and measuring actual aptitude

I'd score this test:

4 = below average
There is some ambiguity in the questions which we are looking to phase out. It must be as black & white so to speak as possible so that students can learn the fundamentals without getting caught up in points of debate within bitcoin.

If you have specific points of improvement, please let us know.
34  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Aptitude Test on: November 04, 2019, 09:02:19 PM
In case we passed the test, how could we earn the prize allotted for us? I am just registering now, but one thing I can see about the op's post is that, it should be much more appropriate if the goal of your website is to advertise, then, try to move the topic to the service section of our forum, in this case, more and more participants may join and we can test their knowledge on bitcoin payment as well.
The goal of the test is to provide a tool to improve the student's understanding of bitcoin using an automated system. Yes, we do need people to register an account using their email because otherwise, we would not be able to record their performance and we would not be able to have an account with that user's progress.

We are currently considering have additional tests to take after attaining a passing grade on the first test.
35  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Living Off-Grid With Bitcoin? on: October 30, 2019, 10:05:58 PM
It'll be very complicated, and you'll need a fair amount of crypto-currencies to make it work.

I know as a fact it's fairly easy to live in a city and pay/use things that accept crypto-currencies, you'll just need to limit yourself to some items.

If your talking about a little hut away from civilization, it's possible, but Bitcoin and crypto-currencies aren't really the issue here - getting essentials like food and water are the problem here, especially when you can't just use Bitcoin to order food (kinda ruins the point, right?)
Maybe you are correct about the clash between bitcoin nodes/electrical grid and living away from this type of influence. Time to drop everything and head for the hills!
36  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Living Off-Grid With Bitcoin? on: October 30, 2019, 09:44:05 PM
Is it possible/an advantage to live off-grid with bitcoin?

What I mean by this is living on a rural property, perhaps running a full-node, completely independent from the existing fiat financial system. We want to remove our dependency of the banks and corrupt political establishment entirely.

Obviously, you would need electricity and a computer to run a node and connect to the network. Perhaps bitcoin is not well suited for rural lifestyle or off-grid?
37  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Leading To Total Surveillance Of Payments? on: October 30, 2019, 09:39:39 PM
It is very possible that bitcoin will lead to an increase in surveillance of payments and transactions. Where cash is being systematically phased out by governments, what will take its place, naturally, is an electronic form of cash which is more readily traceable. The powers that be desire the ability to aggregate large amounts of data and form predictions of behavior based on spending patterns.

Money, as a language, is a very telling indicator of where people are placing their intention and their purchasing power. The political establishment will do whatever it can to ensure that users of electronic currency (and bitcoin) are tracked, controlled, and if need be, chipped.

Make no mistake about it, if the current political trajectory does not change, the political establishment will have their way and the surveillance of payments will be here very shortly. For those who do not comply or submit to authority, their representation on this electronic network will be switched off like a light switch.

Although the nuances remain undetermined, what is clear is that bitcoin empowers cashlessness. It also risks being co-opted by large mining operations. Central banks are looking at issuing their own crypto-style currency, but who will choose these over the original implementation of 2009?

There are many known unknowns in the bitcoin industry. However, what remains clear is that we have an era of total surveillance ahead of us, and bitcoin is one of many technologies which empower it.
38  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Aptitude Test on: October 30, 2019, 08:13:38 PM
This test is awesome we will be able to gauge how we understand bitcoin through the test. Aside from that I also encounter things that I only read when taking that tests. I found out that I even not mastered the basics about bitcoin and I need to study more.
The test is great not just for newbies but also to us pioneers and experienced bitcoin users. The test is fun and cool. I do recommend this test to those who have not tried yet.

Thank you. We are trying to make the test as straight forward and easy to access as possible while making it challenging enough for newcomers to bitcoin as well as advanced users.

Please submit feedback and let us know what else we can offer that would be of interest to you.
39  Economy / Services / Re: Bitcoin 'How To' Tutorials on: October 30, 2019, 02:29:29 AM
interesting project.

One doubt about the Ethereum course you linked. You say you are paying in BTC, but the course price is in USD?
Can users pay with bitcoin?

Does the author receive a percentage of the students payment, or a fixed rate?
On checkout, the option to pay with bitcoin presents itself. For the sake of keeping a consistent price, we denominate our offerings in USD.

The author/instructor has the option to receive a royalty on their submissions (intellectual property) or a one-time, fixed payout. This is negotiable.

Do you have an idea for a proposal?
40  Economy / Services / Bitcoin 'How To' Tutorials on: October 30, 2019, 12:40:45 AM

Here at, we sell KNOWLEDGE.

We empower you to do things with technology and mathematics that you did not even imagine were possible!

  • Submit bitcoin tutorials, receive payment in bitcoin per project.
  • Offerings focus on 'how to' tutorials, technology courses, and research articles.
  • Although not exclusive, majority of content aimed at bitcoin users.

People in the bitcoin industry are excited to learn about how to use this new technology to sever their dependence on a parasitic financial system and start building wealth in cyberspace with cryptocurrency. Therefore, we make available online tutorials and courses for those interested in learning more about topics such as:

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • cryptocurrency
  • information security
  • programming

The platform itself serve to host course/tutorial content. We pay per piece of content such as per article or per course. All content submitted to Diginomics Corporation is the exclusive property of the author and our organization. It must not be published elsewhere.

Currently we are looking at paid submissions for the following tutorials/courses:

  • How To Fork Bitcoin
  • How To Encrypt With PGP

These are only the submissions that our organization is currently looking for. If you yourself have a proposal for a tutorial or course, we would love to hear it.

For an example of a successful submission that paid very well for the author, see our Ethereum Programming Course.

Please get in touch with us immediately if you are interested. We are actively hiring content producers.

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