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News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0.15.1  [Torrent].
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1  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum Wallet Seed Recovery on: Today at 11:24:42 PM
This post has seriously grabbed my attention. I very foolishly have managed to lose my password and seed (I know, I know) for my Electrum wallet.

After reading this:
"I see you've figured out how to decrypt the new seed from scene 2 using the console"

And seeing this:
>> import aes
>> from electrum import wallet
>>wallet.pw_decode('bBbGXH3ivbmwapRODeAn7wp7VviwDkpNOcaRdW9EDiA5xeYXj8CtrUidHvRbCubIJhMaPjlEOfO0kQM 13RB6Zw==','125')

Am I right in thinking it is somehow possible to decrypt the password? I do have the original wallet file in full.
No... what that function is doing, is decoding he encrypted seed from the wallet file... using the password!

I think you missed the bit where he said his password was '125'...
Now I need to figure out how to push this info in this function-
Wallet pass = 125
Seed = 431a62f1c86555d3c45e5c4d9e10c8c7

You have to give the function the password as the second argument... hence:
wallet.pw_decode('bBbGXH3ivbmwapRODeAn7wp7VviwDkpNOcaRdW9EDiA5xeYXj8CtrUidHvRbCubIJhMaPjlEOfO0kQM 13RB6Zw==','125')

Interesting. Question: Do you use the phrase "hex" here to imply the base 58 encoded string? Hex traditionally meant base 16 eg 0-9 and a,b,c,d,e,f.

No... he meant "hex"... the "seed" which is essentially just a big number... was previously stored in the wallet file in hex... as per the OP:
Scenario 1:
I have an unencrypted wallet i.e. no password was set for the wallet.
I have the wallet file; when we I open the file as text I could see
        "seed": "431a62f1c86555d3c45e5c4d9e10c8c7",
2  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: problema de novato on: Today at 11:00:54 PM
Seems like a normal transaction. I assume you purchased around US$13 worth of Bitcoin... the site you bough from, transferred your 0.0018879 BTC to what I am assuming is your address: 1M1ZRPDhaSsPDfTr8JPvUBPFdBzWRw2Lu8

The other value that was sent to the "3" address, is what is known as "change". You can read about it here:
You can read why change gets created here:

Bitcoin does not work like typical money in a bank... you don't have a balance that you can spend exact amounts from. You have a collection of "coins" all of varying sizes... if they amount you want to send is not exactly the same as a coin you have you'll end up with change.

The transaction output being labelled as "unspent" just means that that particular coin has not been used in a transaction yet. You can see that the output is now "spent" because the output has been used in a subsequent transaction.
3  Bitcoin / MultiBit / Re: Need help with transactions. Classic → HD on: Today at 08:52:46 PM
The 1.21974373 BTC is what is known as "Change". You can read about it here:
"Change" is created because of the way Bitcoin works... it doesn't send just the amount you request, it has to spend whole outputs generated from previous transaction. So if you received 0.5, and you want to send 0.1... it spends 0.5, sends 0.1 to the other person and you get 0.4 back as "change". I suggest you read this to help understand:

Again... "change"

"seen by peers" just means your transaction has been broadcast... it still needs to be mined into a block to be confirmed. Which isn't likely to happen for a long time... given your fee is "Fee per byte 1.499 sat/B"!!?! Shocked

Current recommended fees are like 150-300 sats/Byte... check: and

Again... a low fee... not as bad as the other one, but still... Fee per byte 29.412 sat/B. Also, this transaction is spending an output from the previous unconfirmed transaction. It will never be able to confirm until that transaction with it's 1.499 sat/byte fee confirms... Which is likely to take a LONG time.

— What can i do to get my BTC from this «transaction's space» to wallet?
Basically... you wait. The network isn't quite as busy as it was a few days ago... but still ~50,000 unconfirmed transactions waiting... a lot of which pay more in fees than yours Tongue

Also, you should really stop using both MultiBit Classic and MultiBit HD. BOTH of these are no longer being developed or supported ( BOTH of these have issues which will make sending your bitcoins difficult (MBC sets fees way to low and no way to change, MBHD uses slightly higher fees but still way to low... it also has the dreaded "Password did not unlock the wallet" bug)

I would suggest you follow the instructions on their blog post ( to enable you to migrate to Electrum. They even have videos walking you through the process.

Multibit HD:
Multibit Classic:

That's the reason why I'm here. My Multibit Classic version is the newest and there is no way to adjust this fee.. so all my transactions never get confirmed..

If anybody has a workaround I'll be glad to hear Smiley
Likewise... drop MBC... don't use MBHD either... switch to a different wallet... MultiBit is DEAD.
4  Bitcoin / Alternative clients / Re: Exodus and Komodo on: Today at 08:26:30 PM
Anyway I now have to exchange Komodos through exchange but was hoping to exchange it directly in Exodus. Thank you for your response.
You realise that all Exodus does is push your coin exchange through right? The only benefits of using Exodus are that all your coins are in one place... and I think they may get slightly better exchange rates due to the large volume they're likely generating, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

However, in effect it is really no different than going to the website, setting up the exchange transaction and then sending the coins from your wallet yourself.
5  Bitcoin / Alternative clients / Re: Is Exodus a safe desktop wallet alternative? on: Today at 08:19:23 PM
Exodus don't hold your private keys... you do. You have your 12 word backup seed. This is BIP39/44 compatible and easily portable to any other compatible wallet. As far as I'm aware, your seed/private keys are only stored on your local device. Exodus have NO access to this, so there is no way for Exodus to "exit" scam.

Unless they've filled their software with backdoors that allow them access to your keys... but you can just check the source code to see if tha... oh... wait. Roll Eyes
6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: SPV wallets and forks on: Today at 08:12:12 PM
Yeah... I mean, who wants a wallet that takes up less than 50 megs of HDD space, loads up and syncs in a matter of seconds... when you can commit 180+GB of disk storage and a week of your life to syncing Bitcoin Core? Roll Eyes

Lightweight SPV wallets have their place and their use cases... just like full nodes, brain wallets, web wallets, paper wallets, hardware wallets and mobile wallets. Just because they don't suit your particular needs, does not make them inherently bad.
7  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: i want to cancel unconfirmed bitcoin transaction on: Today at 08:11:22 PM
Well... the "good" news is that your new transaction (516a91108a1fc50403582388dceec26c948623d23fad2acb7fe569777db16883) has been accepted by "some" nodes...

I've also tried to push via my node, and it seemed to go with returning the "mempool conflict" error... So, if you continue to attempt to push the new transaction it will hopefully confirm before the other one Wink I'd suggest you try using the services listed here:

For pretty much all of them, you just copy/paste the "hex" and click the button Wink
8  Bitcoin / Technical Support / Re: Can't exchange bitcoin cash for btc on web wallet on: Today at 07:36:16 PM
I've had issues on other websites due to adblockers and "ghostery". Do you have any browser addons loaded that block cookies/javascript etc that might be interfering with the exchange functionality?

Aside from that, all I can suggest is that you contact support and see if they can explain why their system is broken Tongue

9  Bitcoin / MultiBit / Re: Multibit Classic 0.5.19 lost password (or bug) on: Today at 07:30:11 PM
Basically, at this point you are down to "brute force"... btcrecover ( is probably your best option...

If the password was correct, but the file was corrupt, you'd probably get weird output from my multibit_recovery scripts... But you're getting password is incorrect, which tends to indicate exactly what it says... the password is incorrect. Undecided
10  Bitcoin / Technical Support / Re: We need a user-friendly "Safe guide to sweep paper wallets" on: Today at 06:46:18 PM
okay, but seatbelts exist for a reason.
Yes, they do... And how many people die each year from not wearing seat belts?

Which, sadly, proves my point... Roll Eyes Undecided
11  Bitcoin / Technical Support / Re: pywallet install help on: Today at 06:35:17 PM
Installing that PWI as described should install pywallet and all the dependencies...

Did you try it to see if it works? Are you getting errors?

The web browser is just the fancy front end to make using pywallet easier. It isn't strictly necessary.

After you use the PWI, you will find a file in the location you extracted the files to... You can execute that script using the command line if you don't want to use the web browser
12  Bitcoin / MultiBit / Re: Reviving Multibit? on: Today at 08:27:43 AM
MultiBit Classic code is here:
MultiBit HD code is here:

It's freely available to anyone who wants to give it a go... the fact that no-one has, probably speaks volumes.
13  Bitcoin / Technical Support / Re: We need a user-friendly "Safe guide to sweep paper wallets" on: Today at 07:55:11 AM
There is a "Truism" that states:
'Make something fool-proof... and they'll just invent better fools' Roll Eyes

It doesn't matter how many warnings people put up, or how simple you make something... someone will always find a way to screw it up... that's just human nature. Undecided

And you won't be able to stop the tide of scammers, hackers and thieves... wherever there is a dollar to be made... someone will always find a way to make it... that's just human nature. Undecided

There is another saying that says "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"... some people just don't want to take the time to read and learn, they just want their #freeMoney as quick as possible so they can move on to the next "ShitCoin"™ fork... Roll Eyes
14  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum 3.0.1 - Signing offline on: Today at 07:36:50 AM
Offline signing is only for deterministic electrum wallets.
It works fine with a single pub/priv key pair... at least, it does on v2.9.3 Testnet... I can create a wallet with a single private key... and a watching wallet with the public address... and an unsigned transaction made with the watching wallet is able to be signed by the "offline" wallet.
15  Bitcoin / Armory / Re: I haven't received my bitcoins on: Today at 06:43:40 AM
Exporting the keys is described here - you just need the key for the bitcoin address you actually used:  (near the bottom of the page).
Just one thing to add regarding this... as your Armory is not synced (and never will be without the Bitcoin Core block data to work with)... you will need to make sure that you tick the box that says "include unused (Address Pool)"... Otherwise, NONE of your private keys will show up.

I'd also recommend ticking the "Address String" box as well... that way you can find the private key for the address you actually used... rather than importing ALL of them Wink
16  Bitcoin / Alternative clients / Re: I hate this Trezor Wallet on: Today at 04:47:24 AM
Yes the good news is that I have my seed password everything I have saved well.It is just that when I study how to restore the thing I can not find good information.I found a article about restoring from Multibit wallet but visiting that site they say they are out of business.I see that they have the wallet for download but I dont now want to restore with something that is discontinued or maybe now is not secure.
I am going to try to change the cable that it uses to connect by the usb connection on the computer maybe that is the problem because someone online was complaining about that.
You still haven't adequately explained what the issue with the Trezor actually is... is it not being detected when you connect it to the computer? does it not power on? did you lose your PIN?

In any case... have you tried looking at the very extensive Trezor documentation?

17  Bitcoin / Alternative clients / Re: Question regarding Blockchain-wallet on: Today at 04:40:29 AM Most likely a web wallet... The wallet apps for Android and iOS are effectively just a front end for their web wallet service anyway.

If she/you have access to his email accounts, you might be able to find the walletID and other info relating to the account that might let you regain access to them via the website.
18  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Why I can't install bitcoin-0.15.1 in my PC on: Today at 04:23:30 AM
Redownload the installer... it seems that the copy you have downloaded is incomplete or corrupted.

For reference, the "bitcoin-0.15.1-win64-setup.exe" I downloaded from ( is 14,325,736 bytes

Right-click the .exe and select "Properties" and see what the size is... if it is less than that, your download was incomplete/corrupted.
19  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: The network doesn't see a transaction sent by bitcoind on: Today at 04:19:10 AM is not "The Network"™ Roll Eyes

Have you tried looking for your transactionID on any other block explorers?

If it isn't showing on ANY of those... then chances are your transaction is not being relayed... try "pushing" the raw hex using some of the "broadcast" tools listed here:

If there is something wrong with the transaction, hopefully those broadcast tools will give you some more insight or an error code or something.

20  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Question on Private Keys and Wallet.dat on: Today at 04:08:22 AM
No... you didn't understand incorrectly... Spendulus did Wink

So my plan would be to rename my current wallet.dat to something like wallet.old, restart the client and let it generate a new wallet.dat with new private keys and addresses. I could then write down one of the new bitcoin addresses, and then do the same thing but in reverse; rename the new wallet.dat to, rename wallet.old back to wallet.dat, fire up the core client and then transfer the btc in the old wallet to my new address in the new wallet.dat file.
This process is EXACTLY "transferring the bitcoin to a temporary safe address"... although it doesn't need to be temporary... your "new" wallet.dat should be fine to continue using for the future.

By renaming your "old" wallet.dat to wallet.old and then starting Bitcoin Core, you will create a completely new BTC wallet.dat... So, your idea to take an address from the "NEW" wallet.dat, shutdown Core... then rename "new" wallet.dat to rename wallet.old back to wallet.dat... then start Core, and then send ALL your BTC from "old" wallet.dat to the address you just wrote down from "new" wallet.dat then your BTC will be "safe"... it is now on a completely new address, in a new wallet with all new seed/addresses/private keys.

You can then safely import copies of the "old" wallet.dat into BCH Core (and probably BTG Core) to get those coins as all the BTC will be gone... or you can dump the private keys from your "old" wallet.dat and import the old keys into compatible ilghtweight SPV wallets if you don't want to download 3 copies of the blockchain Tongue Roll Eyes

NOTE: If you're super paranoid (although BCH is fast becoming "worthless" again)... You could then repeat the exercise with BCH so that you create new BCH wallet.dat so when you import into BTG your BCH is "safe" #cryptoInception Wink

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