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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: Today at 04:09:03 PM
Sunrise Hyderabad team performed very well they managed to score 266 runs for seven wickets. Their performance was so good from the start that the batting performed patiently. The pace of life was so fast that Delhi Capitals bowlers could not control it, and Sunrise Hyderabad could not put any pressure on the bowling side. But it will be very difficult for Delhi Capitals team to win today, because the bowling line of Sunrise Hyderabad team is very strong.
What is great innings from Sunrise Hyderabad team, again Travis Head is on fire with his bat and as well as we also see amazing performance from the Abhishek Sharma, Shahbaz Ahmed from their great batting Sunrise Hyderabad team they took 266 which is 4th highest score in this Indian premier League 2024 and the interesting thing is the 1st and 2nd score are also from Sunrise Hyderabad team.
Anyway, Delhi Capitals team bowler gave their one of the worst performance today and I think for their this performance there will be no doubt that today they will goona lose this match.
In today's game, we have one of the best start by Travis Head and Abhishak Sharma which score 132 runs in only 6 overs which is really amazing stuff but Yadav done good comeback and take both batsmen in seventh over of their inning but still we have good positive approach by SRH batting lineup which bring their team at another big score 266.

Now we have start of the second inning while Delhi Capitals are chasing huge target we are having first over wicket for the Washington Sundar after conceding first 4 boundaries he takes wicket of the Prithvi Shaw this is not started from them now we are having David Warner and Jake Fraser-McGurk so can these both do something good for their team or things are going one-sided for the SRH interesting contest is going on.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: Today at 02:52:42 PM
There are EPL elite teams that have been promising and keeping in touch with Jamal Musiala but I don't think the German will accept bids fo exits Allianz Arena. He's a promising player and have a long way to play football. Jamal Musiala have accomplished success in his football career and have become a professional player for the team. I admired his good footings on the ball and have always been beneficial for the team's progress. He played a major role for Bayern Munich and also a key player for every coach that's been appointed as headcoach.
This all comes down to what he will be offered by the various clubs. Loyalty doesn't really count a lot in professional sports and he wouldn't be the first player to leave Bayern Munich and become very successful elsewhere. See Toni Kroos and how it was the best decision ever to leave Bayern Munich when they were not willing to raise his salary by a lot. He left the club and since won the Champions League I think 5 times and can soon win title number 6.

Regarding Musiala, I think it is definitely possible that he would love to accept an offer from Manchester City or Real Madrid. Both clubs would probably offer more money and his chances to one day win the best player in the world awards rise significantly if he plays for these clubs. Bayern Munich is a huge club, but especially Real Madrid has a much higher level of recognition.
Jamal Musiala is just 21 years old with having here at Bayern Munich since 2019 he has done good job and still achieve many more things which can bring good for him with most chances currently Bayern Munich will be not let him go with he is important part of their squad, and they can achieve good success with his contribution and coming season is going to be important as currently they are second in Bundesliga and now going to face Real Madrid in Champions League.

Here I agree with this loyalty is nothing as current generation players are preferring higher salaries and more times to play which give them better way of having success but if we have something serious offer then most chances no one can stop this and this could be also good for this wonder kid who is having good future in soccer with his skills.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: Today at 06:00:42 AM
It's always like that since klopp was underestimating their opponents. Liverpool deserves it since they did it very wrong by using the secondary squad to battle against atalanta which is really unacceptable thing for sure. I was expecting klopp to always used the full squads in any of european league match but it was wrong about it.
So, they deserved leave from europa league even early.
I don't think Klopp underestimated Liverpool opponent but he has to rotate their players when the season comes to the end and he saw his players were tired a little bit.

A bigger problem and weakness of Klopp is his ambition and failure to control it. He has to choose what is a biggest target of Liverpool in this season, Premier League or Europa League. By don't know what is most important competition, he wanted to win both and rotate his players for both competitions. By don't use best players for matches in Premier League and Europa League, Liverpool got defeats in latest matches and now they are out of Europa League while in Premier League, their chance to win the title is very small.
This is the main point with due to heavy schedule Jürgen Klopp try to rotate his players and try with other due which not works, and they have to face consequence which was against them but still things are well organized for them, and they are having chance to do good into their remaining domestic league where they are currently at the third spot and having chance for doing better in remaining matches even now chances are not high as we have other teams are doing good as well.

There is no doubt players were also feeling tired because they are having too many games and due to injuries we have not timely rotation which helps them for having keeping things on better level but still at the end we have good performance from them in throughout season.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Saudi Professional League 2023/2024 on: Today at 04:35:10 AM
Seems Cristiano Ronaldo will absent against Al Faiha few hours later after receiving red card on last match against Al Hilal, its not good situation for Al Nassr because Cristiano Ronaldo is top scorer teams. Al Faiha had inconsistency performance in last several matches although last week won over Al Akhdoud but I don't think Al Nassr want to make many points left from Al Hilal and try to stop awhile the rival teams celebrate their domestic league winner.
At his old age, it's better if Cristiano Ronaldo plays less matches for Al Nassr when this season is no longer important for them. He needs to reserve his foot and fitness for Euro 2024 with Portugal and prepare for a next season with Al Nassr.

It's smarter to avoid playing many matches in rest of season that are no longer important because Al Nassr will not be able to win Saudi Professional League when Al Hilal already create very big point difference. The red card and suspended matches look to be good opportunities for Ronaldo to have some precious rest days. If playing unimportant matches causes severe injuries, it should be avoided as much as possible.
Cristiano Ronaldo was not rested for this game against Al Feiha as he was suspended for the game while having red card in his last game and also having fine as well due to his behaviour now we are in 28th round of this season with just 6 games remaining and mostly players are trying to give their best contribution for his club as things will be good for them during off season and having good practice as well because after the end of this season we will be having Euro 2024 in Germany which also need good performance for having better results.

In Saudi League, now we have Al Hilal as champions and Al Nassr as second spotted team, but they have chance for winning Kings Cup while we have some problems for the Al Hilal due to injuries as they also lost their winning streak while they lost against Al Ain in the UAE.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: April 19, 2024, 05:01:21 PM
Liverpool's chances had decreased significantly after the 3 goals they conceded in the first match. In fact, they were very lucky to score a goal right at the beginning of the match, but they did not play well in the rest of the match. They needed to play much more offensively, but they could not find enough scoring opportunities.
If they had played a more dominant game, maybe they could have finished the match by scoring more goals. I don't think Atalanta can be very successful in the next matches Smiley
That is quite heavy for Liverpool in the first leg to be left far enough behind so it will be difficult to catch up even Atalanta will not let it go.
In the second leg we know Liverpool are quite dominant in the game but their attack can still be said to be bad, nothing deadly, only the one goal from the white dot the rest with a long time Liverpool could not score again.

I thought Liverpool would have more goals but what we thought was wrong, the substitutions did not change the situation.
Atalanta just need to get past Marseille into the final, it's even I guess.
First leg defeat was enough for them to eliminate from this event because things were completely out of the control while they concede 3 goals, and then we have no good display of game from them in second leg game while Atlanta done good defensive tactics which helps them for having lost by just 1 goal and qualify for the semifinal of the Europa League but as we have first quick goal there were few hopes they can do much better but Atlanta done good job with even all control were done by Liverpool but still fail to score any goal.

Liverpool players body language were also looking not positive which clearly showing they are not going to have enough chance for going through into next round now we will have another tricky game which Marseille will face Atlanta in semifinal and other game is going to be more entertaining while Roma will face Leverkusen.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Investing in a casino's bankroll...Still worth it in 2024? on: April 19, 2024, 03:41:41 PM
Depends on the casino and the money you are putting in. I personally believe that considering the small amount of capital that I have, just invested into bitcoin and that's it would be enough for me, because I already have not so much and even if I put the whole thing in, I am risking way too much for not that much of a return.

However, if there is a great casino that you trust a lot and assume that you have enough money that you could invest in other things as well as into this, then yeah this could be a diversification that you could use. It has to be a great casino and you have to make sure that you could stay for too long because there could be moments when gamblers could win, so you need to be able to wait a long time for it to recover.
7  Economy / Economics / Re: Do you feel that the global economy is declining? on: April 19, 2024, 02:38:11 PM
If we're looking at 5 years, then I agree that in many countries, including mine, things are getting worse.
I think it's better to not feel that way or be negative because I'm sure you won't like its effects. Instead, what mindset we should have is to be positive at all times and believe that things will only get better.

Salaries are higher in local fiat, of course, but the purchasing power is lower than it used to be, so to improve your life, you need to be in active career growth to outrun these changes. That being said, I'm not sure if it's a global trend, because in my country it has regional causes that aren't relevant elsewhere. I tend to agree with Charles-Tim that objectively, the global economy isn't on decline.
At least, the government or the employer made an effort to increase our salaries even though inflation might still rise because it is still fighting its effects but if we want to ensure that our monies are still valuable, we can do investing. To have an active and growing career is also great, as this ensures financial stability. For now the decline may not be global but there will be times that all will now experienced what the others have experienced. So don't be confident and always prepare your selves.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Simple practices to improve trading (2). on: April 19, 2024, 08:11:53 AM
Many newbies often skip this important step of trying with demo account first. They directly try to trade with real account with real money. They don’t evaluate the risk involved and hence make very wrong decisions. For the wrong decisions they lose all their hard earned money also. Hence it is very important to at first learn about trading. When you are familiar with the concepts, try to trade with demo account. Once you are confident then only trade with real money with minimum risks.
They can even skip the learning part, much more this but some says that demo trading is ineffective. I doubt it was their hard-earned money that they lose because if it's theirs, they will be very careful with their actions.

I think it's easy to be confident trading using a demo account but this must be the reason on why we mostly get a good result during this phase. Confidence really can do wonders. If we want to earn as much as possible, we need to carry the same confidence or much better if stronger than that when we are now stepping on the actual trading arena. Loses are still inevitable but regrets are now minimized or not felt anymore.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Motosport General discussion tread --- Formula1, MotoGP, WTCC, ETCC, DTM..... on: April 19, 2024, 07:06:53 AM
I do not think that Red Bull and Ferrari are as close as people think they are. I think the only reason why Ferrari even won any race this season was because Max got a reliability issue, and he had to retire the car, if he kept it going I am sure that he would have won that race too. That is the way Red Bull is this season, as they were last season as well.

They are so much better, and the thing is last season Perez wasn't that great, he finished many races in not second place, and whereas he is finishing most of the season this year at second place as well showing that it is not just Max being Max, it's the car this season completely because Perez is doing amazing as well and that can only happen with car being great.
10  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin pump|before halving on: April 18, 2024, 05:46:52 PM
We might deal with the price lower than $60k before the actual halving, and this can be a good opportunity to buy again.
This could be the trend for the next few month before we see another series of recovery, for now let's wait for the halving to happen and decide on what to do next. Right now, I'm just waiting for the right timing to buy again and seriously, if the war begins we might see a big panic again in the market and that could lead to another drop.
So what would be the right time to buy bitcoin if not now? What guarantees that bitcoin will continue to fall more than its current price? There are a lot of people gradually becoming pessimistic and predictions of bitcoin falling to 50k USD are appearing more and more, that's when I think bitcoin can't fall any further. Instead, I believe a recovery will happen soon, so buy as soon as you can and don't hesitate as there is no guarantee the price will continue to fall.

What I am pleased with is that not only on this forum but also on most other social networks became pessimistic and predicted bitcoin would drop to 50k USD, and that is a sign that bitcoin will recover because the market always go against the crowd.
Well, the market doesn't always go against the crowd if the crowd is reacting to what they think is going to happen which means that if the crowd thinks that the market will drop and they don't buy, the market will have a hard time going up because there won't be much demand and that many buyers. Similarly, if the crowd thinks that the market will go and they start buying, the market will go up because there will be more buyers than sellers in the market.

Leaving that aside, I would also say that I'm optimistic that the market will start recovering from this point onward and there won't be a further dip, but then again, we can only make predictions and the market can react differently based on any event or news that might circulate in the industry next.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: World need urgently decentralized kind of Fiat currency not USD on: April 18, 2024, 04:38:32 PM
What you are proposing isn't possible. You can't think of having a decentralized fiat because fiat currencies are controlled by those in authority and power, and it's them who make the decisions about what currency will be used in the country and they would never create a decentralized currency so that people can use that and remove them from the middle which isn't something they can digest, they want control over the economy and the finances of the country and its people.

One of the biggest reasons why countries and governments are against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is that these promote decentralization and they know they wouldn't be able to control the finances of their people if they start using cryptocurrencies which is why they either ban them or don't let them prosper.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: After losing the money in gambling,what is your strategy on: April 18, 2024, 12:44:04 PM
The gambling is the game with both the possibility,but most of us fail to understand the possibility of losing in the gambling.So if the gambler get into the gambling,in the behalf he had agreed to lose the capital on their bad luck.Some new gamblers most feel this way of thinking after the loss in the gambling,but the experienced gamblers will ready to move on,because they know with their knowledge he can make the big money in some day.One if my friends had loss nearly 2000$ in the gambling,because of his loss even his family suffered a lot in financially.Even his family not able to afford to pay their rent for their house for the few months.

I had suggested my friend to quit gambling and I had feel that he totally get addicted to the gambling.Which was the cause for the many high risk to get into the complete loss.But he clarify me,he had loss the money because he had follow the same betting strategy with the changing algorithm of the gambling site.From his experience,I had learned we should not follow the same betting style for the changing algorithm.

Now he had decided to start the gambling again with the loan money to balance the previous loss of 2000$.What is your opinion on this,I had suggested him to go to the regular job to reduce the loan in step by step to reduce the loan burden.But he had word of “We can earn,Where we had loss everything “.Share your opinion on this.
He is mistaken, there is no change of pattern or anything like that that can make someone win after losing other than the RTP that slot games have where you get a percentage of what you have lost back but it doesn't mean you won't lose, and keep winning. A lot of gamblers feel like they have understood some pattern or something and now they can conquer the casino by winning a lot of money but the result stays the same at the end of the day, and they come out with a frown face after losing everything again.

I know people who used to have the same thoughts about certain games in gambling, they used to see the previous results of the game displayed while you were playing, and they used to make their bets based on them, and coincidentally, some of their bets worked out, and they thought they have got a pattern for winning until they lost everything again to realize that none of these things are true and can make someone win.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Has this ever happened to you as a gambler? on: April 18, 2024, 11:18:03 AM
The truth is not to be too ambitious in terms of dealing with winning and there is no need to put too high expectations on winning because it will only make you experience significant disappointment when it turns out that the session ends in defeat, after all, if for example you are lucky enough then you will also be able to get a win like other gamblers get, so it is better to focus on being able to accept the fact of losing rather than putting excessive expectations on winning which in the end will only make you even more disappointed.
That's what most gamblers find difficult to do, they can't help but have expectations from gambling which is why it hurts them more when they lose the money they have deposited for their gambling activities. If someone makes up their mind that there are higher chances of them losing the money than winning something with it, they wouldn't feel the losses so bad, and if they accept their losses, they can move on more easily without having a thought about recovering their losses.

High expectations is the reason why gamblers chase their losses because they can't let their money go easily, and when they try to recover the money, they lose more money in the process, and when that happens, they become restless because how can you stay normal without overthinking when you have lost so much money in gambling in a single day?
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Online Gambling: Modern entertainment or highly addictive game? on: April 18, 2024, 09:30:23 AM
While some gamblers show unreasonable demeanour, for most gamblers, gambling is only a plain entertainment.

Most players have a stern of losses thresholds, that they will never cross when engaging in gambling.
You said that in the wrong order because some gambling consider gambling a plain entertainment source, and most gamblers take it as an unreasonable demeanour like a source of income or something which it can't be because whether you win or lose in gambling is dependent on your luck and there is nothing else that can influence the results, so considering something like this being a constant income source is nothing but being foolish.

Those who take gambling as a source of entertainment will barely spend much money or time on it because they know there is no point in doing that, but those who are always looking to earn an income from gambling will spend most of their time and money on gambling only to get nothing at the end.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: April 17, 2024, 06:23:25 PM
This is the flattest pitch in Ahmedabad and here they lost their all wicket in this little score. What is the advantage for Satyajit Parab (The owner of Gujrat Titans) to make this wonderful and best team when their performance is like this in Ahmedabad  Huh

Shubman Gill is just a good player of name otherwise his performance is zero but two or three innings made him a hero but now everybody slowly understands that he is not here because a hero cannot be zero. The Shubman Gill bad time started from here or he is like this. However, let’s see what will happen in future matches of Gujarat Titans, whether they can recover from this bad performance or not.
In this situation, owners can't do anything because they have done their job, and now it's all one coach and players to give their best here we have RCB which is currently the worst ever team in IPL history even their owner spend huge funds every season with it is also all about luck and strategy which is also important like we have in soccer PSG is spending Billions of USD every season for the Champions League, but sadly they never touch this just imagine how owners feeling all about this.

Sports needs many things while if you are looking for the better results like we have Bayer Leverkusen no top player but all team done, and they are winning here it needs right players for the right job Shubman is under pressure which is bad for him and his future but still they are having Millions of Rupees which are enough for them money doing changes and quality is going down which is the problem hopefully we will have some changes and things will take good stance for these teams which are falling down.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: April 17, 2024, 05:21:03 PM
Currently, Manchester United's situation is very dire, as they have not been able to make it to the top of the points table so far. So Erik ten Hag is not responsible at all as a coach this season, and it is very bad for the team in the situation he is currently running. So there is no question of keeping him as Manchester United coach for next season, there will definitely be a change. If Manchester United still have enough time in the Premier League title race, if they can get good players in their team and win matches, then they can still reach the top. However, Manchester United currently have an experienced goalkeeper and a good man to sign in their squad so that the team is experienced enough to move forward. Only then will they be able to occupy a good position in the season, and they must plan this if they want to avoid this humiliation.
We have mix reaction about Manchester United performance in this season with things are going to be worst in last few weeks which is clearly indicating we can blame both coach and players because they fail to keep things at the better level even they were doing good, but suddenly we have few bad results which bring them down and now chances are almost ended for having spot into top 5 even now their all hopes are on the FA Cup which can give some good response for the security of ETH job because if they are able to win then surely we will have ETH as coach for the next season otherwise we will have new coach and many changes which will surely bring improvement.

Currently, they are having few quality players, but sadly they fail to give their best which is wired because as they are ending, it's surely not ideal for the players which are having good experience and quality because they deserve better result and spot with their class.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: April 17, 2024, 06:19:03 AM
I think Inter deliberately didn't play with full power because they felt they could beat Cagliari easily because if you look at their strength Cagliari has a very weak defense system and Inter can take advantage of that to win, but who would have thought Cagliari would be able to make things difficult for Inter and be able to break down Inter's defense which was very strong with 2 goals and in the end the match was a draw even though this draw was not a bad result for Inter, it was also a fair result for Cagliari to get 3 points from Inter which was very difficult to achieve.
I don't think so. If you check again the lineup, Inter Milan used their main players. In the lineup, I saw only Lautaro Martínez who was no in the starting lineup. Inzaghi won't try to waste any point, he must order the players to play optimally and expect to get full points. If Inter Milan failed to get 3 points, I think it was just unlucky result. Inter Milan has dominated the match and made many shot attempts. Sadly, they only could score 2 goals.

By the way, we must appreciate Cagliari, they have played with a good performance. Forcing Inter Milan to get a draw is a positive result, not many teams in Serie A could get point when they played against Inter Milan.  Wink
There is no doubt now things are completely under control of the Inter Milan, and they can use their reserve players as well for the rest of the games but still they are doing their best for having better results and more points which is good sign even we have few things which are not into their side as they lost few points against Cagliari which create mess-up, but this is normal because players feel relax, and they are also not doing as they were doing few weeks back while competition was tough.

Here no doubt about Cagliari also deserve better review because now they are from bottom heading for the middle of the league table which is good for them because in recent games they beat Atlanta and then now having good result even now still they are going to have challenges, but things are well-balanced, and they can go with their full force for the better results as well in coming matches.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: April 17, 2024, 05:01:03 AM
The rules for it are very simple. The more risk you take, the more reward you get. If you take the bigger risk you can't get anything and that's something we are sure about it no matter if you are betting in the French league or the other leagues. In fact, even if you are talking about the French League you should understand that PSG is the team they usually win and that's why there is much lower rates when you bet on PSG which can make you to get a small reward it is worth nothing while even PSG can lose and the risk you take for PSG won't give you the big reward to want to get while betting on this team.
In my opinion, small odds in betting do not make sense at all. There were also surprise points losses for Paris SG in the French league. However, if you are going to bet on the team against Paris SG, you will be lucky, but it is also very difficult to predict. That's why I think it's unreasonable to add low odds matches to bets. By the way, they are playing very well away from Barcelona right now and they will advance to the next round. It's a dream come true evening for Paris SG.
In this league which is having one of the worst season due to many factors things are not easy to predict as we have in last few rounds with Nice lost their spot from second to fifth and Lyon are now touching new highs as they were at the bottom and now having chance of UEFA events in next season as they are currently one of the best team with their performance and going to face PSG in next round which is also having not good time in Ligue 1 with having five draws in last ten games which is huge decline into their performance but mostly are saying it is happening due to coach strategy as he is trying few things which will helps them after exit of the Kylian Mbappé in next season.

No doubt PSG win against Barcelona is huge and things are now favouring them for the final but still they need to be had some better things for their improvement and winning big titles because with their current level of performance it's not easy for them to have to win trophies.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: FIFA World Cup 2026 :Canada/Mexico/United States: Discussion Thread on: April 17, 2024, 04:02:23 AM
Modern football places great importance on the tactical aspect and because of this we often see games that are very structured and no longer showcase individual skills like in the past. Currently players with one special ability are more needed than star players. I mean of course star players are great players but in the modern era of football what is needed in the national team are players who can match the coach's style of play. This is my personal opinion so tell me if I'm wrong. But I see that star players are needed in the squad but if they do not suit the tactics of the national team coach then they have to be replaced by other players.
That's a good point. Actually, that's the reason for some teams like Brazil have poor performance and they can't good their good performance anymore because the teams like Brazil will try to rely on the superstar players they had like Ronaldo and Pele or many other players while the other teams like Germany tried to have better teamwork and they used better tactics in the game and these tactics could make the team perform much better against the old and traditional teams.
If I am not wrong we have both Brazil and Germany as most successful teams into FIFA history as both never rely on just one or two stars they have well-balanced squads which give them good advantages even sometime we have them on few players, but this never happen for the long time as they were full of quality and amazing skilled players but sadly in recent time we have problems for the both sides which are giving them problems, and they are trying to overcome, but this is not happening quickly.

With in European style we have mostly teams well-balanced as they bring good quality players from their academies and in South America mostly we have natural player those came from the streets and then give their best after having experience and improved quality which is big difference, but now things are completely changing because money is too much involved, and we are having star players those are doing by their own but still it's not giving them good to all.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: April 16, 2024, 05:06:24 PM
Winning a match is important advantage but Barcelona got double advantage by beating PSG at PSG home stadium. Now they will return to their home stadium and host PSG and with support from fans and a home stadium, Barcelona have many things to win in final result.

PSG will not give up but I really don't believe they will be strong enough mentally at Camp Nou and risk to lose there is big for PSG. Barcelona will use their main resources to control Mbppe and Dembele who are biggest risk for Barcelona defense system with their high speed. Other players in PSG are not too dangerous in attacking and can not play well to cover bad performances from Mbappe and Dembele.
Barcelona performance in first leg was impressive with this win things are taking good changes, and they are having fair chance for the win in this second leg game and also having spot into semifinal which will give them good booster as they were having too many problems in early rounds of this season, but now they are well settled and Xavi is also changing his mind which is helpful for them if they are looking for better results in future as well.

PSG is surely not easy team while they will be give their best for having better result in second leg and things could be interesting for the soccer fans but with most chances I have feeling today we will be able to have draw which will also favourable for the Barcelona, and we will be having another disappointing end for the PSG which is looking for the win in this event for the years.
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