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101  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 27, 2019, 05:01:38 PM

There is a Ďpermitted useí clause.

This is an art contest.
We are not selling the designs for profit.
It explicitly lists permissible uses.
This usage falls within the permissible uses.
Some of you are far more concerned than Canva is.
They have their own legal team to pursue these matters as they see fit.
They have not chosen to do so, most likely because this is permissible use and hence ridiculous.
If you are that concerned about Canvaís rights, I would suggest you file an intellectual property complaint directly with them. Then, they can decide whether itís permissible use.
I am 100% confident that they will find this to be permissible use.

Again we are taking about an art contest. 😐
102  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 27, 2019, 03:34:28 PM
Exactly my point.  The images are available for public use. They are not copyrighted works. They are collective commons. They are available with the intended use of allowing individual users to utilize their own creativity and ideas which can deployed and built on top of what they have offered.  

The non-profit organization Collective Commons states their purpose as: ďdevoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to shareĒ

So to the Professional Graphic Artist whom spoke on the legalities of the matter. I would like to remind him that this is a bitcointalk art contest not a matter of pending civil litigation.

I know I am guilty of taking things too seriously and being volatile are times. Iím working to improve that.  As such, I would encourage everyone to lighten up a bit. Not all of us are professional graphic artists. Nonetheless this is a crypto community contest. I would think that we would be embracing each others creativity and encouraging one another to participate in any way that brings more people to the table.

But thatís just my approach and my perspective.
You are more than welcome to agree or disagree. ☺️
103  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: Heat.GG | $100 Bitcoin Giveaway on: October 27, 2019, 03:51:54 AM

Probable fairness means that we can be certain that the results are free from manipulation and that international regulatory bodies are not necessary to ensure fairness. The system can be truly decentralized if desired.

3rd Post - This one is #37

4th post #46

5th post - #55

6th post - #72
104  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: October 26, 2019, 11:21:11 PM

I already had this one nearly finished and I spent a bunch of time on it so Iím submitting it.
This is my final submission.

Thanks for the forum! Cheers to 10 more years!

Btc address:
105  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 10:47:58 PM
Wait, I'm confused. Did Mamaecrypto actually create the template for Canva or just use it as Blockchayne did? Because this whole discussion is completely ridiculous if it's the latter.

Yes itís the latter. Like I have been trying to explain.  The templates are pre made available for any user to adopt into their piece. We both adopted the same template.  Think Wordpress website theme. We both created a site using the same theme, they would look very similar and have many of the same features. It doesnít indicate that one site copied the other.  They both used the same template.  This is exactly what happened with this lady and myself.  It is rather strange and coincidental. But my timestamps on my phone and in the messenger conversation all predate her tweet. You can disregard singular time stamp but when in combination with everything else I have presented it should be more than clear that I am being truthful. I could never have fabricated all of these videos in a matter of minutes. Nor could I have hacked into my iPhone and changed the time the images were saved. Nor could I have hacked into messenger and changed the timestamps of all of the messages in my history.

Does that ☝️ Truly seem more likely than the idea that we had a similar design because we used the same base template provided to us by Canva.  No it does not. Not even a little bit. And Iíve endured all these ridiculous accusations based off of this impossible occurance.  Thatís why I became irritated after awhile.  and furthermore I never said I was abandoning crypto. I just said the hell with this forum.  Iíve been in crypto since the beginning of 2015. My bitcointalk account is from 2016. Iím not going anywhere as far as crypto goes and Iíll reconsider my perspective about this forum but when im being accused of something totally ridiculous and group of people get into this lynchmob mentality without even knowing the actual circumstances. Not to mention that she knew exactly what happened and sheís making it sound like she created the whole design. She used a template. And she hardly even changed it. She put the bitcoin over the suns face. Compare hers and the original. Mine is 70% changed from the template. But thatís besides the point. She also made it sound like she works for Canva or ďdoes marketing for CanvaĒ she said.  She does NOT. She uses the software to create graphics which she then can use for marketing in whatever the hell she is working on. She does not work for Canva in any capacity. Her statements have been incredibly misleading and even dishonest and most of you guys ate it right up. Probably Bc she has a higher forum rank than I do.

I take some accountability to getting as upset as I did and then I communicated poorly and my posts were confusing and I butchered the formats.  Had I calmed down a little bit and composed myself I would have been far more effective in my communications and maybe people would have gotten a better feel for what actually occurred here. I take responsibility for that. I was very upset and I still am. I also feel that she knew you all were getting the wrong idea about what happened and rather than correct you she instead played into the fact that you all were mislead. Regardless. This is ridiculous. We used the same template. Using a template that she did not create. I did not  create the template. Canva created the template. And Iíve been unfairly accused and attacked by nearly everyone in this threat. Nearly everyone.
106  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 08:07:14 PM

These are the publicly available templates. You can see the sun template.  They are free to use. They are not user submissions.  They are not user created.

The proportions are the exact same as hers.

She didnít create shit. She used the template as a base just like me.

For fucks sake.
107  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 08:02:44 PM
The proportions were already completed by Canva

Are you serious? Anyone can download the app and pull up the template and see for themselves.

You did not create the template. You utilized it via the Canva software. Just like me.

You are full of shit and it blows my mind that that these other users have fallen for your BS.

You know you didnít create the template. They are just confused Bc they arenít Canva users. 

There are company issued templates.  Created by their staff. We both used the same one. You didnít even change shit but superimposing the bitcoin symbol over the sun. The rest of your design is exact from the public template. 

Iím not going to continue arguing. I know what happened. Iím over arguing about this shit.  Fuck it think what the fuck you want.
108  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:56:13 PM
We both used the template provided by Canva.

She did not create the design. Canva staff did.

Wtf. Are you all really this dense?!? Holy shit.

This shit has ruined my view if this forum. I am done with it.

Iím not going to be accused of something I didnít do which i would think would be obvious.  But apparently this is very difficult to stuff to wrap their minds around.

Iím irritated as fuck as this point.  Iíve been dealing with this shit for hours Bc of some ridiculous ego driven accusation.  Iím over it.

Good day.

109  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:51:35 PM
She did not create it.  Wtf. Download the Canva app and you can pull up the design for your own use.

110  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:43:24 PM
I have posted an extensive amount of information. 

To think that l fabricated all of that and editing timestamps and photoshopping in a matter of minutes is fucking total maniacal.

It’s quite obvious we both used the same design and had a similar idea. It happens. We are not that unique. Only because of our own overblown Egos would we think that impossible for someone to have come up with a similar idea. 

I’m done with this conversation.  I have proven my case. I didn’t copy a damn thing. I used the same Canva template.

If I did copy it how would I have known that she used Canva? I wouldn’t have.

Obviously we were using the same program which I indicated in my very first response to her false accusation. 

Think about it.  It’s totally irrational.

I’m done. Have a good day.

We used the same base theme and had a similar idea.  That’s what happened.
Can you post the "base theme"? If the clouds, blue sky and sun are all part of the base theme, then it would have been nice to give credit in your original post.

I already posted it. It’s the image below with the sun with a smiling face.

Blockchayne, you posted four times in a row in this thread in a short period of time. Irrelevant of what the posts contain there is no excuse for that, it's just spam. Rather than posting consecutively edit your posts into one or a Moderator will probably delete them,

More on-topic, timestamps that aren't verified by an external service (e.g. twitter) are pretty useless. Phone times and the like can be changed easily.

I think it is dishonest that both of you have used online templates and not given credit as to where they originated from. My personal opinion is that if you are using external templates or assets, you should always give credit to those who originally made them.

I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I’ll be more mindful of this formatting etiquette in the future.  I apologize. Didn’t realize It was a problem to make new replies rather than editing.
111  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:34:43 PM
I did not post design on imgur. I created this meme a while back for tweeter only. It was not a submission just a fun design I created on Canva. It is no big deal to use as I created for everyone but I to use part of my design I personally thought it was not nice. That is What I think but truly no big deal because I created it to be used anyways. Did not insult anyone. Just mentioned and sent my proof of work

It is a big deal because you accused me of copying your work and mine was completed and saved before you ever posted it anywhere. Not to mention that I have never heard of you nor seen your Twitter ever before you mentioned it.  It’s based on a egotistical assumption that I copied you.  First of all the design isn’t nearly good enough for either of us to be copying the other. All you did was use a vector bitcoin symbol and cover the suns face.  It’s not quantum physics here.  So let’s be reasonable for minute and understand that we both had the same mediocre idea.

Case closed.  I could not have edited the time stamps of saved files on my iPhone. I can barely figure out how to post proper formatting in my BitcoinTalk responses.  To think I copied your idea.  Went into my phones technical storage and modified saved file timestamps and/or photoshopped several videos in a matter of seconds and uploaded them onto YouTube to post here in an open display of deceit is just total madness and complete illogical and ridiculous.

Just recommend going to my tweet and confirm because timestamp is 2:05. regardless I placed my proof of when my work was created.

It’s 5:05 PM EST <—- I’m in New York State. This the time on my devices is going to be EST

Here is another video recorded off of my iPhone.
Again the time is 2:43 pm EST.

You can see my phone is in the correct time zone.

Here is a private conversation between my friend and I using the Facebook messenger app.
You can see I sent him both the blue and yellow designs and have asked him which one he prefers.

You will have to pardon the explicit language I used to refer to him. It was just a pejorative term and I am not homophobic.  Pardon me for that part. I did not want to edit the convo in any way however so there it is.

Again you can see our conversation was time stamped which every single message is prior to @miximports ever tweeting out her design which occurred at 5:05 PM EST

So while it is oddly coincidental there is just no way possible I could have copied her design.

Furthermore I posted my image on the GIPHY public database at around 4:40 PM EST due to the fact that I had to convert a 3 second video into a GIF file. These submissions are not time stamped unfortunately.

Nonetheless. It is impossible for me to have copied her design as mine was completed and saved before hers was ever posted publicly.  It IS POSSIBLE that she copied my design as my conversion of video to gif was completed and posted publicly prior to her tweet. However that seems highly unlikely that she could have scrambled that quickly and then tweeted out minutes later.  So I won’t make an unwarranted rush to judgement in such a manner nor will I publicly slander her name nor make damaging accusations without credible evidence or without even researching the matter further. In truth I don’t Believe she copied my design. 

And I know for a fact that it would be impossible for me have copied hers. 

I rest my case.
112  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:28:05 PM
We both used this sunshine theme. We edited the theme in the same manner. Mine much more detailed and intricate. Hers just took the bitcoin symbol and covered over the sun.

This theme is available on Canva for public use. We both used it. And we had a similar idea.  The lesson here is that you arenít as unique and special as you may think. With 7 billion people thereís bound to be others out there with a similar vision.
113  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:23:55 PM
114  Economy / Reputation / Re: Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 07:20:09 PM

Here is a video of the editing process where you can see I assembled the elements one by one.

I donít think anyone copied eachother.

We used the same base theme and had a similar idea.  Thatís what happened. 

115  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: October 26, 2019, 07:06:34 PM

I have all of the evidence on this topic in reputation section as requested. This includes several screenshots and two videos which I have posted on YouTube. 

The timestamps show my design was finished and saved at 4:32pm EST

She did not tweet out her design until 5:05 PM EST

Therefore itís impossible that I could have copied anything from her.

Will other users please review this evidence so my name can be cleared.

I also believe an apology would be in order given the harsh wording and nature of your misguided accusation. Thank you.
116  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: October 26, 2019, 05:54:52 PM
I apologize for the format errors resulting in multiple image displays of the same thing. I have already opened a reputation topic as suggested by @loyceV

I can remove these past messages if that will help but I would like to clear my name and have it be acknowledged that I could not have possibly copied this user.
117  Economy / Reputation / Art Contest Design Accusation Determination on: October 26, 2019, 05:51:49 PM
As requested by @LoyceV

I will post proof that I did not copy this userís design.

118  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: October 26, 2019, 05:33:04 PM

Copied my work. I created this using a layout program many months ago. Tweeted yesterday! Thx for copying me it means I am doing something right! @miximports (check time stamp!) thanx for following. I do have another entry in this thread as well. Look for it. It may look finish but it is not finished yet. The surprises are still to come. Cannot wait Hope this does not continue to happen. Do not like when people just copy concepts. It just isnít nice. On another note I am flattered. .

Excuse me? I just checked your twitter account and the time stamp shows mine was posted before yours. So please stop lying. We were both using Canva and obviously had similar ideas.  Not to mention mine is far better looking than yours. Stole your design? Get a grip! I posted mine on several platforms all of which were before yours. Thank you for slandering my name.
119  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: October 26, 2019, 09:31:25 AM

Thank You!!
Btc addy:
120  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: $250 giveaway #3! on: October 26, 2019, 08:21:52 AM
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