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261  Economy / Gambling / Re: FORTUNEJACK.COM |Deposit 777 play with 1777 mBTC |Live Casino, Slots, Betting on: December 27, 2018, 02:45:21 PM
Here are the images.

The first is the data which is sourced straight from my transaction history.
you can see i had .139 and deposited .541 and the total amount after this was only .58

I was worried that FJ may possibly try to alter the numbers or make up some lie so I contacted the live support and asked her several times whether the information i provided was accurate and she agreed that it was indeed accurate. She then went on to say that the only concern was whether the missing amount was real balance or bonus balance. I dont ever use bonuses so this can be ruled out immediately.

Later on FJ changes their story and tries to justify this by some explanation that they conjured up together however they used the wrong figures or maybe they are just confused bc their explanation makes no sense, it does not add up correctly as they state, and besides that the transaction that they reference has absolutely no relevance and no affect on my issue.

They are still declining my request to credit the 99.5 mbtc that they have shorted me despite them acknowledging that all of the figures are exactly correct.

Someone help me please!

262  Economy / Gambling / Re: FORTUNEJACK.COM |Deposit 777 play with 1777 mBTC |Live Casino, Slots, Betting on: December 27, 2018, 01:56:55 PM
Hello I need some help dealing with FortuneJack. Here’s the story.

I had .139 btc in my account (pre-deposit).
I deposited an additional .541 btc
Simple addition will show that the deposit amount (.541) + the prior account  balance (.139) should  = .68 account balance.

Yet my account registered a total account balance of only .58
The transaction history even reflects this miscalculation just as I have stated.

To further my case,
Fortunejack Support has since confirmed that the deposit was for .541 just like I have stated.
Fortunejack support has since confirmed that the pre-deposit balance was .139 just like I have stated.
Fortunejack Support has since confirmed that the total account balance was then stated as .58

They have admitted that all of the figures I have provided are truthful and exact.
Then why am I still missing the .0995 from the total balance.
The figure should have been .68 according to mathematical theory of
Correct A + B = C
Incorrect A + B = C - .0995
I believe they are even making up unrelated figures to try to justify this

How do I upload images onto this. Lol.
Maybe I cannot do it from iOS.
263  Economy / Economics / Re: Is the economy situation in your country that bad? on: December 31, 2017, 03:11:25 AM
Imagine There's NO Countries........

It isn't hard to do.........

Nothing to kill or die for.......

and No Religion too.........

264  Economy / Services / hi on: December 28, 2017, 04:50:35 PM
265  Economy / Digital goods / W on: December 24, 2017, 06:36:14 PM
266  Economy / Gambling / Re: FORTUNEJACK.COM |Deposit 777 play with 1777 mBTC |Live Casino, Slots, Betting on: August 10, 2017, 12:58:47 AM

Our Dev team along with Booming Games are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
No one is getting ripped off, we are noting down all the FJ usernames who have reported the crash.
Currently, we are discussing disabling Booming Games until the issue has been resolved. If it can not be resolved today, Booming Games will be unavailable until we have the fix.
Kindly, accept our apologies, this was something none of the sides noticed until players started to report.
We will update you by the end of the day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, everyone.

Edit: Will get back to your affiliates/poker room questions after the mentioned issue with Booming Games has been resolved Smiley

Im assuming the Booming Games 75% deposit bonus wont be removed/expire until after these issues are resolved?

No, it won't, we are working on it.
Until then Booming Games are unavailable.

Wow. So instead of honoring the following games I got free spins on with different bet amount:

Gene Wishes .3MBTC Free spins
Cherry Bomb Deluxe .3MBTC Free spins cherry wild
Santas Kiss .3MBTC
Legend of Qu Yuan .6MBTC bet free spins
Booming Gold .2MBTC free spins
Cold cash .4mbtc Free spins

You guys are doing:

"Greetings dear Willodeanspence,

Sorry to keep you waiting, but it's the result that matters and FortuneJack is ready to provide you with nothing but the best one:

 We are fully restoring your Bonus with additional 7 days time limit starting from THIS moment.
Note that this time bonus wagering is not restricted to a single game-provider and you can easily wager said bonus in your preferred favorite games.

 But that's not all,
 For this inconvenience caused, our support team is happy to provide you with 25 Free Spins in Pragmatic's game of your selection:
Crazy Jungle

Religion of Champions Brasil

Wild Sevens

Tales of Egypt

Hockey League

Glorious Rome

Dice and Fire

New Tales of Egypt.

 In case If you cannot play pragmatic games due to IP restriction - We got you covered and additional 20% will be added on top of your bonus.

Please reply, and let us know of your chosen option :
Bonus + 25 Free Spins;

OR, If you cannot play pragmatic games due to IP restriction :

Bonus + 20%

Awaiting for your reply."

This is just plain and simply defrauding your users.

I had several free games as listed above and here:
Gene Wishes .3MBTC Free spins
Cherry Bomb Deluxe .3MBTC Free spins cherry wild
Santas Kiss .3MBTC
Legend of Qu Yuan .6MBTC bet free spins
Booming Gold .2MBTC free spins
Cold cash .4mbtc Free spins

Which obviously is at least 60 free games at different bet amounts that would obviously have a decent chance to pay something out + I still have 0.02984750 bonus balance 12% wagered

And you find it fair to just simply RESET the bonus balance to the original amount being 0.0388575 BTC + either :

20% extra balance totaling .046629


25 free spins on a short list of the worse games for Pragmatic play which are most likely at the lowest bet amount

And you find that to be fair?

Wow. There you go guys. They claimed we would be getting the free games/bonus we won on Booming Games + would be getting compensation for their bait.

Instead they offer something worse, such a great honest company  Angry

Basically this is how it works based off of their resolution.

If you play and LOSE - they simply keep your bitcoin.
However, if you play and hit the bonus which potentially puts you in the WIN column
They can simply disconnect the game's servers, reset the casino management console, and claim software error and refund your handful of bets from that specific session.

If you LOSE you LOSE.
If you WIN oops software error so REFUNDED
This is an excellent business model!!
If you were ensuring that the house wins... every time! 
Then it's really not even gambling because it's not risking your bitcoin.
It's simply giving it away. FortuneJack Bitcoin Charity Fund.
Have too much bitcoin? Great bc FJ has current promo.
This week fantastic promo! Send bitcoin to us. And we will take 100% of it off your hands.. free of charge!!! 
But don't worry. After we take all your coins.
We happily respond "try luck again tomorrow".
So it's all better now. See how that works. We did you a favor here!! You should be grateful!!

267  Economy / Gambling / Re: FORTUNEJACK.COM |Deposit 777 play with 1777 mBTC |Live Casino, Slots, Betting on: August 10, 2017, 12:19:15 AM
Yesterday FortuneJack stated they would provide "an update by the end of the day". No such update was ever provided. Last night I spoke to Robert from LiveChat and he said "the problems have been resolved and they are in the process of figuring out the refunds. Now the next day comes and there is no update, no new information, no indication of when they will be compensating us. I have been waiting for 5 days now and have spoke with Robert, Alexander, Ivy, and Carrie about this issue.

I have had enough waiting. I've lost over 60 bitcoins on their site since I joined in September of 2015. That's the equivalent of $200,000 yet despite being on this "privileged" VIP list for close two years - they still cannot expedite the resolution nor even provide me with any basic level of information. In the past when problems have come up, I would've been among the first to come to FortuneJack's defense and stress that they absolutely would make things right.

Anymore, it's like I don't even recognize them nor their actions. There is no excuse for having to wait 5 painstakingly long days and still be left in the dark with no concrete resolution and no concrete schedule of when this resolution will be handled.

Even more troubling is an affiliate email I received a few days before this booming games debacle in which it asked for feedback, new feature requests, ideas, because they were going "to be launching a new site" that they've been working on and would like some feedback from their senior players before breaking the news to the general public. Well I don't know what they've made public or what they made private but I have a substantial amount of information about FortuneJack and their activities so I would think that they would be a little more prompt in fixing this issue. My patience has run out.....  Angry
268  Economy / Gambling / Re: mBit Casino - Signup for The Premier Bitcoin Gaming Experience on: July 28, 2016, 04:07:12 PM

mBit Casino has over 2 years of experience in online bitcoin gambling, making it the best option for both experienced and new gambling enthusiasts.

Some of the best features you will find at mBit Casino:
  • A constantly growing collection of games from top developers
  • Weekly promotions including but not limited to: free chips, free spins, cashbacks, cool prizes
  • Live chat girls that are there for you 24/7
  • Live games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Craps
  • A VIP program with amazing rewards
  • Over 400 BTC won in jackpots
  • Biggest payout in online casino history: 260 BTC
  • A sportsbook with live and pre-live betting options, plus tips from sports experts

Our goal is to offer you the best online gambling experience you’ve ever had, and that starts with a quick registration process, 25 Free Spins so you can try out some of our games and Welcome Bonuses for your first 3 deposits:
First deposit: 110% up to 1 BTC + 100 Free Spins
Second deposit: 50% up to 1 BTC
Third deposit: 25% up to 1 BTC

Signup for an account now and let us know what you think! We are always happy to receive your feedback.

Great place to play. First time I went I hit for 3.2BTC on A 10mbtc spin. The vip area gives you free Bitcoin and they have all of the top Gameart games, which are my personal favorites but also betsoft endorphina and ezugi live dealer. Check them out you can definitely win a bunch of coins. I have on several occasions.
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