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1  Economy / Marketplace / Re: What would happen if you invested a $1 in Bitcoin every day for 5 years on: Today at 12:28:33 PM
I give text bold because people could not always do $1 buying every day, but people can often buy a low price, especially if the bitcoin price is up and down every day. He could only wait for the next downtrend to buy bitcoin, and he can do that every day. But he needs to determine when he needs to stop buying bitcoin, so then he can just hold his bitcoin without making a buying order like before.
While you could get more bitcoins from a lower price the amount you'll spend still won't change since it's fiat. $30 a month isn't that big for a lot of people if $1 a day is too much there's always an option of reducing it to half a dollar or even less depending on the minimum trade orders but logging in every day just to set a buy order might be annoying though. Waiting for the price to go down would only give you more reasons to wait even longer (for example if bitcoin goes down to $9k you might think it could go down to $8k) which could take months so buying a small piece of bitcoin every day isn't a bad idea.
But if that person is buying $1 every day, he can feel tired and bored because he repeats the same thing every day. Preparing $30 every month to invest in bitcoin will not too big if he still buys for $1 every day. He will have some bitcoin in the future, but it needs an effort to do buys every day. If he only waits for the price to go down, he will not take action to buy bitcoin, and he will wait for more without knowing when he needs to buy. But people will have their own decision to invest in bitcoin, whether they will buy bitcoin every day or buy bitcoin when the price is down.

Yes, it will depend upon each person because I know in a month certain amount I keep aside and buy it whenever the price to me I am looking at it looks reasonable or in between if it has fallen then buy it. Also, at times if rises quickly and need some money so book profit a bit and encash it and rest of them is kept as a long-term investment since 1$ a day is not for many people I believe.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Do you prefer to buy bitcoin or do bitcoin mining? on: Today at 09:38:55 AM
I prefer to buy itself as for mining it depends upon many factors where ROI is concerned and not feasible considering the electricity expense, equipment cost etc is all concerned. Instead buying bitcoin is much simpler and with some rise if I want to see it, I can do on immediate basis or require money urgently still can sell and get it but that is not the case with mining.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: Anybody knows Wbet7 admin? I'll give you 0.02 BTC on: Today at 05:42:27 AM
I've followed this thread a few weeks back and thought it was resolved already, the op is inactive for almost a month now I'm wondering if they wbet7 already resolved their problems with him since i checked their website and I think they are still up and still accepting bets.

Not sure if its resolved or not because either ways it should have being communicated in this thread since the OP opened for it and now is not active. Also, dint heard anything from the Wbet7 team as well because itís an accusation against them and if they have resolved it in order to get trust back, they should have reverted back on this thread about the situation which is also missing.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin for salary on: September 21, 2020, 10:43:57 AM
I don't understand how what is standard and is already running well, the system wants to be changed just because it accommodates bitcoin. I don't think it makes sense that it makes it even harder for them to exchange them when they want to shop because we know that not all of them can accept bitcoins.

It should be choice available to their employees by the employer if they want to get paid in bitcoin or in fiat. Not many countries have the merchant accepting btc for their good or services but some of them do accept it and helpful as well while transferring money from one place to another which is quick and cheap as well. But not sure how many companies have this option given to their employees. In near future this will be given more importance for sure.
5  Economy / Gambling / Re: ➫ ➬ ➫ ➬ LUCKYB.IT ★★★ The legend is back! ★★★ Bigger and better than ever! ★★★ on: September 21, 2020, 08:38:24 AM
$20 bonus for the new joiner is really good amount and good thing is that you have made that also withdrawal if you follow the process as mentioned and if fulfill those requirement you end up making money without any deposit as well. This creates some enthusiasm among users and to try out the site and play different games and if they like it you have a new user to your site for long term.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What is good strategy or technique for Toss Coin? on: September 21, 2020, 06:55:28 AM
You already said it that the winning percentage of coin toss is 50% unless some made a scheme to rig the game. As for the strategy, the suitable strategy is the martingale and other strategies that work similar to martingale since it's 50/50 of winning or losing. You can only base om your luck in winning the toss coin game.

If anything is rigged than its difficult to say else being fair as rightly said its a 50/50 chance of winning/losing and you know martingale said to work but for that if you have a good amount to play then it is fine as each time on loss you need to double the amount and at certain time you may run out of money allocated for gambling if you do not win till then so it might not work for you.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Updated List of BTT Giveaway & Contest. on: September 20, 2020, 01:46:27 PM
Its being long so good to see that update has being made and for all those who visit this thread and can see if they have missed any so can participate in those competitions or giveaway.

Also, why this giveaway of 777 coin from so long not being covered as they give away small fraction of btc to those who posts their id in that thread daily.
8  Economy / Marketplace / Re: What would happen if you invested a $1 in Bitcoin every day for 5 years on: September 20, 2020, 10:46:17 AM
If you invested $1 in bitcoin every day, you would have some bitcoin in your wallet, and I think you will have the opportunity to make a big profit in the next 5 years. That can happen if the bitcoin price can increase so high than the price now, so your profit will be bigger. But the question is can you invest in bitcoin constantly for 5 years because that will easy to say, but it's hard to do. Imagine that you will invest every day with $1 without stopping. If you can do it, you will get your reward in the next 5 years.

Since the transaction fee is not calculated and it is not practically possible for everyone to do 1$ buying every day. Instead even during the dips people buy it and hold it 5 years they would make a good profit unless the luck is bad, or market is just on fall. But have seen in long term or after drastic fall the prices of bitcoin does recover so good returns can be made.
9  Economy / Speculation / Re: Your plans for the coming bull on: September 20, 2020, 08:13:03 AM
I participate in then were just what payed me well, few of them dropped their token which I never touched till today because they have so much lost value, now as the bull run commences,let's say it runs for a year, how many project campaign do you plan to cover within the period?

If the majority of the projects are legit and with potential, I will be active on as many projects as possible I will even join social media campaign as I have a limitation, as a signature bounty hunter but that is if there are good projects I read a lot of bounty hunters now receiving pennies for months of works and this is not right.

For bounty itís not going to work where in all coins will give you good returns. Itís only some of them out of them may be if they have potential, they may rise else they may become worthless very quick. For me this is a time where the bull run seems to be on the way as market have rebounded to 11k back after falling till 10k and seems soon it will try again back to cross to 12k levels and may continue to rise.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: trusted & coolest looking provably fair blackjack in Market on: September 20, 2020, 04:54:55 AM
I don't know why every time I open a Blackjack chat, no one is very active there, is there really that much? no discussion now just some chat before. Is this something wrong with me not being able to see active chats?

Usual to a site that can be considered as still on the first phase of their development so don't expect that all the time you will see a discussion there while you were active.

Glad to see that admins are providing a chat giveaway. Nice way to boost the use of the trollbox.

An active and large chat will surely be reached soon. That's why admins are busy working on future good features.

On regular intervals there is a giveaway that happens in a way it is good as well. Though not much people chat as such but as said it is still in first phase so slowly people will join and in coming month we will start seeing some more people become more active and chat would also be more active than before.

True potential of affiliate marketing is still not being recognized so much, but it has a very big scope.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: Sales of wedding rings are increasing on: September 19, 2020, 04:20:13 PM
Luxury goods like jewelry, watches, paintings and other artpieces, are usually the first to be sold when people fall into financial problems. Then they sell all their "toys" like drones, spare computers, gaming consoles, then it's time to change the car for a cheaper model and so on, so forth.
Fortunately I haven't been forced to do any cuts this year. Maybe the pandemic isn't as bad as they're painting it, or maybe I'm immune? Roll Eyes

Truly, also have seen a known person who ended up selling his car because of no job at current time sand another reason was that it was used on only on weekends or when it was needed. But certainly the situation is bad and anything that is not required on immediate basis and can be avoided people are selling it to manage their daily life than be it expensive watches, art piece etc.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ethereum fees are crazy... on: September 19, 2020, 08:24:55 AM
many users of the ethereum platform have complained about this unreasonable cost of GAS, I think long when transacting using the etehreum platform
didn't know this problem would end for example this problem persists, I am afraid that many will leave the ethereum platform, including me

If this way the fees continues to be high only then quite a lot of people will refrain from using ETH and may switch to another altcoin and this would not mean anything good to ETH. For a certain time, it was fine but just continuing this for long worries me more as the demand may fall and this will lead to drop in price as well.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🔥🎲 🎲🔥 New Platform arrived 🎲Crash 🎲 HiLo 🎲 Wheel 🎲Contests 🎲 on: September 19, 2020, 05:13:24 AM
Couple of interesting games which I have played like cards HI -LO cards game, Wheel and soon slot game is also going to come which is good for all the slot lovers. The website looks good and easy to use as well and simple registration is required. Another good thing is that they are giving away 0.0001btc just on registration and inform in their thread on Games and round so can try various games and quite possible that you may win some good amount from this initial amount given by them.

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: 100x, 1000x Pump of New, Fresh Altcoins on: September 18, 2020, 11:59:45 AM
Firstly, there is no guarantee that any coin can jump like 100x or 100x. Quite possible now it is jumping but also there could be sudden fall and it can fall more badly then the rise. So if someone is okay with taking the risk and also can afford some loss then can think to try out investing in such coin else for those who have little spare money might be too risky for them because if it was so simple to make then all should be rich.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is Addictive...Pay Attention to your Gambling Habit!!! on: September 18, 2020, 05:28:41 AM
This is the serious problem of addition and have seen so many falling in this trap and finding it difficult to come out untill they have lost their money etc. It is important for their partners, family, friends and the person itself to have strong will power and change the mind form gambling to do something new. Take a break, go on a vacation or do what you love the most after gambling. Th break from gambling is very necessary and, in this phase, all should be supporting that person because it is not easy to come out. Also, for newcomers it is a lesson that for fun if you are gambling its fine but moment you lose control then problem arises.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Binance Twitter account have been hacked! on: September 17, 2020, 11:18:46 AM
In fact, science and technology are constantly evolving. As such, all social media service providers should pay attention to the security system of customers. Moreover, this is already used online business today.

It is quite shocking to read those names when you hear that some twitter account got hacked, the security features obviously in this technological world has to be more strong else what the use of having the account when the security can be trespassed so easily. And now more and more business going online this needs to be relooked again and must make changes in order to reassure people about it.

17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What do think about skill games? on: September 17, 2020, 07:00:37 AM
Have voted for the skill based game and it is more fun to play as you are more vigilant since you need to very active and be on toes in order to play such games and continuously keep thinking and play the game. At times when you play luck-based games it is more like you just keep pressing the button as there is nothing any skills required just it is purely based on luck and at times luck may not be with you.
18  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Bitcoin and altcoin gambling news on: September 17, 2020, 05:29:51 AM
I see a lot of cryptocurrency news than crypto gambling news on your website. Is your website basically a crypto news aggregator?

Our main focus is to cover the crypto gambling niche, which is why you'll find reviews, analysis and more. Still, other crypto developments eventually have an impact on its gambling side as well, so we cover those stories too.

Good to see covering those as well so just going through this thread at least get a basic idea about what is happening related to other developments around the globe else it would have being missed out since not possible for everyone to know each thing every day and also for those who are busy and not much time going through this thread give them some  major news atleast.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Will Tron (TRX) Ever Reach $5? on: September 16, 2020, 04:57:19 PM
Tron cant even manage to step 0.4$ so its impossible to reach $5. It will take so many years before tron could step to $1.  So im saying that tron cant achieve that price.

This is true that this coin has not being in the best of the times and with current levels of around 0.26 and crossing 0.4 itself will be a big boost for this year. Around 1$ also if it can reach in coming years will be big thing and not much optimistic about this coin now and do not see anytime close to 5$ level mark in 2021 or so.
20  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2020-06-04] Bloomberg: ďBitcoin Toward $20,000 in 2020" on: September 16, 2020, 01:26:59 PM
Now it's September (almost towards the end of September) and I don't see how from $ 10,000 it will jump to $ 20,000, I get angry with these price prediction guys

Maybe in the same way that it went from 3000 in September 2017 to 19000 in December?  Grin

Usually people assume that if something happened once it can happen again and I don't blame them for it. 20 thousand is a really modest prediction especially when you compare it to what McAfee used to say Wink

We are almost at 11k range now and bitcoin has closely recovered 1k $ in last few days. This is a good sign and if it can cross 11k and keep moving upward then the next and major huddle seems to be 12k level again which last time it could not sustain above that price. Letís see if can rise and move above it and then may be above 15k could be the year end closing if the demands continue to rise and prices keep moving up gradually.
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