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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: phishing scam. on: April 03, 2014, 09:45:41 AM
I see your point. The scammer may not know if I actually have a wallet (except that now I just confirmed to the world that I do). Your suggesting he might have sent the email to everyone in the forums.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: phishing scam. on: April 03, 2014, 09:33:21 AM
That is the exact message I received on the 29th.  Obviously phishing. But this begs the question, how was my email compromised and what else is going on a that we are not being told?
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Coinlab Bringing Bitcoin to Wall Street with MtGox Deal on: February 27, 2013, 08:55:04 PM
 Angry Backroom crony capitalism is what this looks like. The title of this article is a flat out lie, only wishful thinking. Coinlab has no deal with any “Wall Street” firms or major financial institutions.
Mark Karpeles the owner of Mt.Gox DID NOT do this willingling. This is the result of staggering behind the scenes legal and political pressure. Why didn't Coinlab just open their own exchange and compete fairly for the customers IF THEY HAVE SUCH A HOT VALUE PROPOSITION?
Ironically, this demonstrates that Coinlab and their backers don’t fully grasp bitcoins implications. Because thanks to bitcoin, my family, my businesses and customers don't have to sit idly by and be victimized by 'old school' tactics. We will not tolerate being kidnaped and secretly spirited back to economic tyranny. This might give bitcoin a short term boost but it is very bad for liberty in the US. WAKE UP AMERICA, we are being hemmed in, the borders a closing.
“Bitcoin is a global leaderless movement for currency independence and personal liberty" BitcoinATM

Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
4  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: FOR SALE: Bitcoin ATM (a California 'C' corp 10,000,000 shares) on: December 03, 2012, 09:31:30 PM
What is your exposure to the scammer Jonathan Ryan Owens ? 

Zero exposure, considering that his behavior has been well documented and video recorded.
Bitcoin ATM has no financial or legal obligations to anyone or claims against it. The equity dispute with the chairman of PlayNTrade was formally settled with documentation. Further disclosure can be done in negociations.
5  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: FOR SALE: Bitcoin ATM (a California 'C' corp 10,000,000 shares) on: December 03, 2012, 09:10:31 PM
Bitcoin ATM price reduced from  BTC2000  BTC1500 (negotiable terms)

I've had a few people kicking the tires but I would like to close this deal before Jan 1st.
Next week it will go up on Ebay.
Then, I will consider splitting out the machine, the domain and the brand.


6  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: FOR SALE: Bitcoin ATM (a California 'C' corp 10,000,000 shares) on: November 28, 2012, 07:13:25 AM
Hello Xenland,
You have asked thoughtful questions so I’ll do my best to answer them, my response is in blue.
Sorry it took so long to reply… it’s the holidays.

May I publish your questions and my response on the thread/


Bitcoin ATM (as a company, software and hardware) had the potential to be many things. This was part of the problem when writing the business plan. So many ideas were proposed by everyone involved that I was called “a control freak” for trying to lock down the scope for the Alpha and Beta versions.
Alpha: Sale bitcoins for fiat.
Beta: Sale and buy bitcoins (dispense fiat)

What Bitcoin ATM starts out as and what it could become are very different.
It was never the plan to own hundreds or thousands of machines.

The first 10 machines were to be located in the flagship stores of PlayNTrade across the US. The first machine was just three weeks away from deployment at a San Diego PlayNTrade when an equity dispute with the Chairman of PlayNTrade brought progress to a halt and scared away investors.

The next 10 machines deployed around the world were to become regional sales centers that could be wholly owned, licensed or franchised. The latter options provide for faster growth and profitability because other people are bringing their own money (or investors), their connections and passion. This was the expertise that PlayNTrade and Franchise Beacon were supposed to bring to the table. I had no problem finding bitcoin enthusiasts who owned storefronts or had access to high traffic locations and were willing to act as beta testers for free. Most of whom I met at the Bitcoin World Conference in New York last year.
One idea to mitigate deployment cost was to have the machine double as an information kiosk at no cost to any business that had decent foot traffic. It also crossed my mind that every machine could also do mining with Butterfly Labs new ASIC’s

Short term goals:
#1  Be first with a machine (kiosk) that accepts cash (fiat) and sells bitcoins. This has no regulatory requirements (similar to the businesses that only buy gold). Then leverage this to attract media and investor attention.
#2  Take advantage of the demand for relatively small purchases of bitcoins to charge a higher than average transaction fee.
#3  Within 6 months begin two way transactions which require more record keeping.
#4  Within one year purchase or preferably trade licensing with at leas one interbank network allowing our machines to provide full ATM services.

Few people know this, but the “ATM” in Bitcoin ATM actually means Automated Transaction Mechanism. Therefore it is not over reaching to market our services to other verticals such as vending machines, gaming industry (slot machines), stored value cards… etc..

Our target market was not really the individual bitcoiners, rather companies like ACFM and/or their franchisees, MoneyPass, STAR, Interlink, PLUS… etc. This is what gets the attention of VC’s and private equity and is a likely exit for founders. What kind of MBA would I be if there wasn’t also a long term exit plan for an IPO on Hong Kong or London’s AIM.
The ultimate goal was to become the first “Interbank Network” specializing in speedy clearing, or exchange of bitcoin related transactions between automated systems. As well as providing insurance or bonds for those transactions.

Its a good idear if done right, but lets say it was done right as far as security

(Security takes many forms, most of which are not technological. The part that took much more time was finding an insurance company that specialized in evaluating and covering the risks associated with this type of business. The first programmer for Bitcoin ATM who’s name is Jim Whyn (aka The Bitcoin Blogger) said “Security is the most important thing”. I said “No, being first is the most important thing”.
This coming from a guy who lost 1000btc in the “” theft.
Don’t get me wrong, security is important, but it does not make money, it is a cost of doing business. Security is one component of risk mitigation both of which must be quantifiable. 
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it”  Edwards Deming
What was very measurable was the bleed rate of cash and the patience of investors because all this was happening not long after MtGox got hacked and bitcoin was crashing to $2.

 i guess i would only use this if i was travelling and dont have any BTC on my person i could withdrawl from a banking service but i dont have a bank account for the reason of thats why i use bitcoins for my own security and neglegance.

The demand for automated bitcoin exchangeability should have or follow the same incentives for cash.

 So i would write my own script that would send me bitcoins to my persons

you’re the exception, an early adaptor, a techi…

or use the bank service to transfer bitcoins to my persons.

What bank service handles bitcoins?

So i guess the only selling points for this product is for those who dont have a bitcoin enabled device to transfer butcoins on their person

In the last two years I have probably lost more than 50btc by testing mobile clients, damaging or loosing devices so bitcoin is not dummy proof. Bitcoin can and should disintermediate many financial “services” that are a drag on productivity. But just as with any innovation, the adaption curve leaves many opportunities for the nimble. Let me give you a simple example: If you have bitcoins but need to charge your smart card for laundry, who is going to handle that transaction? Even when Near Field Communications is ubiquitous, there will still be a demand for backend applications and frontend hardware services that expedite the transaction and lower the risk.

which means that there is no selling points unless you transfer bitcoins to the atm

the ATM’s do not have a ‘hot’ wallet

and out comes fiat then you have one selling point but dosent sound like a high demand product even in a Bitcoin only world.

Im not trying to attack this product or company i would just like to probe for some practical uses before i can accuratly judge to the project to be serious for my purposes in thenear future.
Did you need any assistance with the Bitcoin ATM project? Perhaps we could work together in making a Bitcoin atm machine not only practical but secure. from a security stand point i see alot of red flags go off,

My finances and my company FAST Scanning are wiped out. That’s why I need to sell. But I would absolutely like to keep working with or for the buyer. Terms are flexible.

* first one is your machine is running windows xp, regardless of what kind of locks you think you are secure with there are over 60,000 unclosed windows xp security exploits and Microsoft has for the past few years now stop supporting windows xp updates so those security exploits will be there for ever.

Yes, I know, it was done to expedite the development of the beta models. With Php the machine is a client via a browser. My goal is to see it slimmed down to just an ultra thin client, a dumb terminal. You might be surprised at the number of clever and independent security features the industry has come up with. A transaction cannot begin or finish unless a real person is standing on the sensor pad. The camera on the machine is live, externally monitored and recorded. There is even a version of LoJack for ATM machines.

* second is activeX, now as far as i know activeX it self dosen't have any security risks just using it; how ever the word activeX makes any developer cringe with the thought of active Exploits in there system... so anyone in the right mind wanting to invest in this product will see that keyword and say "hackable" thats not the first impression you want to give to your investors(especially if such investors know pro developers that can take a look a project for them and tell them if it looks good to invest in or not so even if developers are not your investor target, you have to appeal to them because those are the people that will be the judge of your product "for" the investors)

I believe that most hardware (bill acceptors, printers, coin dispensers, card readers…) used by the ATM industry, gaming, vending etc. are now USB. I’m not sure but I believe what language they use internally or to communicate over USB varies and also depends on the operating system.

* third there is a line i saw that said this "Administrator’s password (control) for the code which was placed on Github as open source." I don't know what that means exactly I'm guessing your intent was to convey that its an open-source project but all i can extract out of from what i know is that you gave the admin password to the world... that sounds absolutely absurd if your trying to sell a secure ATM box but its all i know so thats all i can go by.

That would be absurd. Fortunately ‘Control’ is not the password.    It should say the new owner gets control over the GitHub repository and can decide for themselves if they want the code to remain open source.

* fourth there was another thing you mentioned this "Version 1 is an executable but I am not sure what tools were used to create it because the source code has been lost, so it will need to be decompiled." I dont understand why you would even disclose this information, if you lost the source code I'm sorry start over, I will not trust source code that was "de-compiled" the output of a decompiler is known to output flaws that don't accurately reflect exactly the original source code so you look like an you have absolutely no idea what your doing as far as security goes from just that line alone!.

The source code is not really lost. I believe Jim Whyn will work with the new owners if they incentivize him. But the Php client/server is a better approach.

*fifth problem is that i couldn't find anything that described what the ATM actually does? For example I have no idea about the following questions based on your post(referring to:

Can I deposit my Bitcoins with your ATM machine?
For now, I had no interest in being a Bitcoin Bank mostly because of all the exchange thefts but also because of the regulatory compliance.
If so what services will I able to choose from to tell the machine to send my bitcoins too?
If you had an account on MtGox or TradeHill (now gone) or MyBitcoin (now gone) then your transaction at the machine would be instant. The machine could scan a QR code address but then both parties would have to wait for the transaction to clear. And unfortunately confirmation of bitcoin transactions is getting slower and slower even with a staggering 26 Thash/sec. There is opportunity here also.
If your answer to what services I will be able to choose is "The owner of the machine can hire someone or do it them selves to add any service they want to deposit to"
Then im going to assume based off your post you don't provide any API communication instead you provide the solution of "it's open source add it your self". Which is a huge security risk if any owner can open up a Bitcoin ATM machine whos to say that owner is trust worthy enough to know that it won't take my Bitcoins and how would you verify that? But lets say the owner is trust worthy wut if he hired a horrible developer and there is a bug and peoples Bitcoins get lost or stolen? You need to have some kind of constancy or your product just wont work.

I agree, the scenario you describe would be a terrible business plan. Wouldn’t it be better to do exactly the opposite? What we are selling here is access to a trusted brand, trusted people and their tool set (the back end).

I'm here to help you can contact me on Skype at CheaperInBitcoins or email

7  Bitcoin / Project Development / FOR SALE: Bitcoin ATM (a California 'C' corp 10,000,000 shares) on: November 22, 2012, 08:55:44 PM
         BitcoinATM      (For sale in its entirety)
California 'C' corp
Authorized Capital:  10 million shares, with 8 million shares of Series A Common Stock (voting) and 2 million shares of Series B Common Stock (non-voting)
Price: BTC2000  BTC1500 (negotiable terms)
Also included:
1.   One beta machine: Genmega GK1000 Kiosk (in good condition) running windows xp pro with ActiveX drivers for the bill acceptor, printer, card reader etc.
2.   Domain:
3.   The brand: logo, miscellaneous artwork and decals designed in Adobe Illustrator, 2 commercials and extra unused video footage done by Digivid Media… pictures taken at the Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in MtGox booth.
4.   Business Plan: (Rough draft)
5.   Code: Client/Server both running on the machine for development purposes. Administrator’s password (control) for the code which was placed on Github as open source.
Version 1 is an executable but I am not sure what tools were used to create it because the source code has been lost, so it will need to be decompiled.
Version 2 is php, a bit more functional and easier on the eyes but needs some patching.
6.   Contact information for:
  • Original programmers C++ and PHP.
  • India based programmers who assisted.
  • Alternate programming options who are well established in the ATM business but were not used due to lack of funds.
  • Everyone who expressed interest as investor, collaborator or customer.

•   Buyer bears all shipping and legal transfer cost.
•   Buyer may request seller to file papers to dissolve, surrender, or cancel this corporation. This may be preferable in some situations.
•   Buyer should be aware of the minimum annual tax in California for corporations with no revenue is $800.
•   Third party escrow may be used if mutually agreed upon.

Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
Work: (949) 340-5438
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Real Time Charting, Order Book, and Time & Sales on: June 24, 2012, 09:30:39 PM is no longer updating with real time Buying and Selling or Time & Sales with (green / red).
Maybe related to MtGox API problem yesterday?
9  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: May 09, 2012, 04:01:08 AM
I am prepared to purchase and install these machines as soon as someone can iron out the code.  I lack the ability to do that part myself, but will make every effort to bring these to the masses once they are fully functional.  

Eric, can you provide some details on how you will deploy these machines?  I wrote the binaries that Todd posted on Github.

Odd, it appeared from this post and the one above it, that you were interested.
What are you really upset about? I have given you and Eric an opportunity to sell your services and recover the investment of your time with no strings attached.
In our entire relationship you articulated only two requests.
The first was about a week after coding began. That I stop asking questions about your code (which of course I did not see or get). You said "the way I see our relationship is you take care of the business side of things and I will take care of the technical (or programming)".
I failed to convey to you what another critic incorrectly said of me "he turns it on like a video game". And another business principle called 'ownership' vrs 'the agency problem'. Money was involved here, Jim. Lots of my money, future investor money and if things should go wrong jail for the CEO (ME!). How ironic that you sent me the following letter the day after Tom Williams of stole from me 1000btc (NO, I DID NOT GET MY 40% BACK).
Jim, I tried to pay you from the beginning but you repeatedly refused. I tried desperately to purchase your source code right up to the day of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Here is your letter:

From: Jim Nguyen []
Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2011 11:22 PM
To: Todd Bethell
Subject: Proposal
Categories: bitcoin

As you may already know I've always said that equity is not as important to me as the
success of bitcoin. Yes, I admit that I would like to have equity in Bitcoin ATM, but
what I would like to have more is for bitcoin to succeed. If bitcoin succeeds then the
value of bitcoin goes up, all bitcoin owners win, and liberty wins.
So I have a proposal that you may or may not like. I am willing to have 0% equity in
the company in exchange for your blessing to make the bitcoin software open source at
the time of company inception. Why? If the software is open source and the plans are
released online then anyone will be able to build their own ATM. The software will also
be more secure and there will be plenty of programmers working on it. More
importantly, bitcoin has a greater probability of expanding faster.
Bitcoin ATM will have competitors eventually anyway, and for me to see Bitcoin succeed
quickly is worth more than any Bitcoin ATM company. And don't forget that the value
of bitcoin may go up and up and that liberty will prevail. Please give my idea some
serious thought.



As Jonathan said up above "let the old stuff go"

The ball is in your court but I am not your opponent.

10  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: May 07, 2012, 06:11:35 AM
Todd, it is unlikely you can trademark BitcoinATM.  BitcoinATM is a descriptive term and probably cannot be trademarked.  The only thing you own is the domain name.  Google "Trademark Act Section 2(e)(1), 15 U.S.C. §1052(e)(1); see TMEP §§1209.01(b), 1209.03 et" for more info.

There is no trademark on the words "BitcoinATM" nor is there likely to be one filed by me (but that is not necessarily a good thing). During investor negotiations Dustin Trammell requested that one be filed. It was never done partly because of timing and because you are correct, it is a generic descriptive term. Also I believe in giving 'value for value'.

I named the repository BitcoinATM knowing full well that I was encouraging it's use, thus making it only a little more difficult for any future trademark or patent squatters to 'extract rent'. Such as the likes of Michael Pascazi filing then retracting a tradmark on 'Bitcoin'.

Additionally, to avoid this possibility, I propose that this Github repository(s), BitcoinATM defined as 'Bitcoin Automated Transaction Mechanisms'. This would encourage the code to go in all sorts of interesting directions for physical and virtual devices large and small.

One more thought on forking; this open source effort is essentially, seriously forked already. There are two repositories supporting the same hardware with very different approaches both having valid technical and security arguments.

Jim Nguyen created the C++ version.  Senior Software Engineer at,
Cell: 1-619-602-7588

Eric Lombrozo created the PHP version (
Cell: 1-858-735-0270

Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
Life stream at: sometimes at
Web sites:
FAST Scanning 1-949-340-5438 Cell and sms 1-949-394-5932 Google voice 1-347-286-8170
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: April 29, 2012, 04:42:44 AM
BitcoinATM open source effort has no technical, moral or business limitations placed on it except the brand itself. The only goal established is the deceptively modest "Automated asymmetrical exchange of bitcoin and physical items of value". Since their is as yet no conflict of interests, 'forking' BitcoinATM right at it's beginning is an irrational waist of time and resources.
12  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: April 29, 2012, 12:29:04 AM
I understand fully that "'they' can do anything 'they' want".
The Wiki-page on forking was meant to answer that question before you asked it.
Jonathan has all the php code already and or can pull from the BitcoinATM repository to create his own repository or fork.
Matthew, motives, values and history DO matter.
Please call me on my cell to discuss. 1-949-394-5932
13  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: April 28, 2012, 11:40:26 PM
Good to see that this is now an Open Source effort.

Current Bounties (paid by me)

10 BTC - Set up a live demonstration site [PHP]
15 BTC - Fork PHP and do spring cleaning (waiting for public post w/information, pmt. address)
15 BTC - Back Office / Administrative Development [PHP]
15 BTC - Add Exchange Support (bitfloor / bitstamp / btce) [PHP]

Why are you calling for a fork?
14  Economy / Currency exchange / Re: Did a withdrawal from Mt. Gox to Dwolla, still hasn't arrived - Is this normal? on: April 27, 2012, 08:33:23 PM
This is not normal. Feb, March, April USD would show up in Dwolla in 15 to 30 minutes then in my US bank account within 24hrs.
My withdrawal is 'confirmed on MtGox but 18hrs later still not showing up on Dwolla. Makes me wonder if they will also delay sending it to my bank. Angry
15  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: April 25, 2012, 02:07:25 AM
Todd, what ever happened to the Bitcoin ATM? I remember watching a Youtube video on it and thinking "wow! That'd be cool to use!" but then I never heard anything about it. Why did it fail?

Well, it was at the CES show in the MtGox booth. I think the part of the problem has been the failure to take advantage of marketing opportunities. As stated before, the primary difficulty was the drop in bitcoin prices below what investors agreed to liquidate their coins at. When the negotiations were taking place bitcoin was still more than $14 so setting the minimum sale price at $11 seemed safe. Then the price went to $2. I had already invested $35,000+ of my own money and was tapped out.
But none of that is relavant now that the effort is open source. There are still many viable models and opportunities for individuals who want to own their own ATM or Kiosk or use the code for any of the other good ideas such as what Zer0 says.

Todd, what ever happened to the Bitcoin ATM? I remember watching a Youtube video on it and thinking "wow! That'd be cool to use!" but then I never heard anything about it. Why did it fail?

Would be easier to approach existing currency exchange "cambios" and give them a simple system where they can buy/sell bitcoins for cash to walk ins. No multinational chains just small exchange storefronts. They already exist and have insurance, licenses and cash ready.

All you would need is some F/T traders who can idle in jabber all day and transfer coins to whatever address the customer brings in. Then no problems with wallets being hacked, these traders know what they're doing and have offline wallets. Everything is cash only, no training for the merchant they just ask for coins in chat and provide address. Merchant settles to your bank account end of day. Just need to float them coins for 24hrs. For cash out you'd have to come to some daily settle agreement with them or provide $5k cash float up front. Your site would take the coins and generate some sort of crypto signed receipt they can walk in with and cash that can't be forged, that they can somehow verify. Again, chat comes into play they can just hop on it and ask the trader 'is this legit?' and get a yes/no.

Bitinstant could probably set this up for existing businesses, though better if more decentralization like individual small bitcoin traders in each city doing this on their own instead of one giant monopoly that could be a target for authorities, fraud and whatever other problems. Then everybody in the world just goes to a local office in person and does instant cash trade the way bitcoin was meant to be no banks or holds or ach/dwolla fraud, no ID scans sitting in an insecure databse or western union nonsense. y/n?

And Rjk
16  Economy / Economics / Re: BITCOIN ATM MACHINES on: April 24, 2012, 08:19:02 AM
BitcoinATM code is now officially an open source effort.

See the main post:
17  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin ATM code is now officially an open source effort. on: April 24, 2012, 06:42:27 AM
Press release 23 April 2012
BitcoinATM code is now officially an open source effort.

This is a quick and dirty release. Documentation, development history, hardware specs, business plan etc... will be ‘dumped’ to a file sharing platform in the coming weeks.
There are two versions of the application.
    Version 1 is an executable but I am not sure what tools were used to create it because the source code has been lost, so it will need to be decompiled.

    Version 2 is php, a bit more functional and easier on the eyes but needs some patching.

    The hardware platform is a Genmega GK1000 Kiosk running windows xp pro with ActiveX drivers for the bill acceptor, printer, card reader etc.

The Bitcoin ATM brand, website, company name or artwork is NOT open source. However, proposals for free or very low cost licensing are being accepted. You may use the code freely with no obligations, however contributors/collaborators will be rewarded.


Todd Bethell, CFM, MBA
Work: 1-949-340-5438 Cell:1-949-394-5932 (& sms), Skype toddbethell, Google 1-949-464-8061

Life stream:
sometimes at




Web sites:

18  Economy / Speculation / Re: The Great Bitcoin New Year's Eve Rally on: January 01, 2012, 01:23:10 PM
Looks like a 'Bitbull' in Wellington New Zealand $25,000 and the West cost of the US $32,000 worth of bitcoins.
If near San Diego CA, please join the Bitcoin - San Diego and Orange County
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin ATMs -- who are the players? on: December 11, 2011, 10:57:16 PM
It is because the internet never forgets that I reluctantly revive this dead thread.

Bitcoin ATM is a California registered C corperation AND IS AGAIN actively seeking partners, developers, licensees and accredited investors. Announcments will be made soon on more appropriate threads and

The company has ‘gone dark’ in recent months for none of the reasons talked about in this thread. To date there has been approximately $35,000 invested solely by the founder. The loss of 1000btc by the ‘MyBitcoin’ theft was an untimely psychological blow. Bitcoin ATM’s largest ‘bitcoin investor’ had terms that none of his bitcoins could be sold for less than $11. Therefore it is primarily the drop in bitcoin prices from $14 to $2 that has made the runway, in almost any palatable scenario, to short. Another important component of delays was an equity dispute with Jared Turner, the chairman of Play N Trade. A settlement document (with modest financial consideration) includes wording that we never say anything bad about the situation or each other’s companies or characters.

The reason I did not go public sooner is because Jonathan Ryan Owens and Eric Lombrozo were tangled up in that dispute. I am not obligated to lay down and allow a destroyer like Jonathan Ryan Owens to harm my family. Fortunately, since Play N Trade, along with many others is also one of his victims, I don’t have to live with that mistake. I have decided to implement what I have coined ‘The Readen Offense’.

Jonathan Ryan Owens is a scam artists far worse than a petty thief because of his gift for sweet tasting rhetorical poison that vandalizes the soul. He should not have supposed that my absence from the forums meant that I did not have the goods on him! Jonathan just couldn’t stand the deafening silence of those who refuse to help him ‘simulate the illusion of rationality by entering into debates where adhononyms are not just his last argument but his first’. Video recordings, emails, text messages, the Bitcoinduit code, the names and phone numbers of his accomplices and victims will be published wherever they may be found (at least those who don’t request anonimity).
When Jonathan first came to me he said “Eric and I will help you because you have a nice family”. I should have thrown him out right then. Having recently read “Atlas Shrugged” I can’t believe I did not recognize ‘the leper’s bell of an approaching looter’! Oh, and by the way, I did not call the Bitcoin Police on him, they called me. And it was not a “DDoS attack” on Aug 25th that took down, his gambling/ponzi scheme site. It was just me trying to gain access to set up on the same server  the day he started work on Bitcoin ATM for the express purpose of defrauding me. Why, oh why, did I not throw him out when I witnessed him cheating his players by manipulating the game.

Oh yes, many more ‘whac-a-mole’ examples of Jonathan Ryan Owens bad behavior to come. Wherever he or his accomplices, real or fake supporters, may pop up.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Chase Bank to offer deposits for MTGox on: December 08, 2011, 09:40:32 PM
Bitcoin related chase accounts closing?

My Name is Todd Bethell aka Bitcoin ATM.

3 Nov. 2011 a letter was generated by Chase stating that the business account of ‘Fast Bitcoins’ will be closed.

See the letter:

This DBA and account were opened in April 2011 for the sole purpose of bitcoin purchases with MtGox. There was no explanation and no other notification, no phone call’s, email notifications or messages in ‘on-line banking’. A ‘bitcoin friendly’ branch manager made some phone calls for me and couldn't tell me much except that the department involved is internal to 'Chase Operating Loss Prevention' and looks to him like it was flagged for money laundering, international sanctions and such.  My funds were not frozen though and I was even given to the end of the year to tidy things up. So it seems they were not given a 'hard stop' order from outside the bank.

Oct 16th 2011, ExchB closed  with a less than satisfying explanation and now quite suspicious.
6 Dec. 2011, MtGox announced the suspension of chase transfers without explanation.

There seems to be a systemic issue here.


Todd D Bethell, CFM, MBA
Skype: toddbethell,,
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