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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What people do to make their altcoins popular? on: April 23, 2019, 09:12:50 AM
Many methods were carried out by the Team to introduce their projects so that they could be known by many people. This goal is, of course, to get many investors and can develop projects. And I think they can also promote projects through social media.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Why is Binance Coin a good choice to HOLD? on: April 23, 2019, 09:08:58 AM
Binance Coin is very good for investing and I think this coin will keep me going. I currently have a few coins and maybe I will hold them for a long time. Binance Coin can grow well when many coins have difficulty developing.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 on: April 23, 2019, 09:04:30 AM
Yes, Ethereum is still very promising and I think now this coin is experiencing very good growth. Ethereum is the number two coin and the best platform to date. So this coin still has a very large community. And in 2019 Ethereum will continue to grow.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are Bulls strong enough to end the bear market?? on: April 23, 2019, 08:58:55 AM
Now the market has experienced a very good price increase. And I think it will be the beginning that the market will experience Bull Run. We must be ready to sell our coins and make a profit. I hope this very positive condition can continue.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: I will never sell my Alts for loss: Prefer to take them to the cemetery! on: April 23, 2019, 08:56:18 AM
Selling coins at cheap prices, I think that's a very difficult decision. But that is a problem for you because you have a loss. The market is very easy to experience changes in prices and prices also decline. But I'm sure that didn't happen long ago. And as now the market has started to rise.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Sorry We are Closed on: April 22, 2019, 06:57:27 AM
The more exchanges I think the better. So that new coins can have a great opportunity to enter on every exchange. With the Stock Exchange closed, of course, open opportunities for other exchanges to increase trading volume.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: KYC defeats the purpose of Crypto. Thoughts anyone? on: April 22, 2019, 06:53:53 AM
In the beginning, I was also very opposed to the existence of KYC for Bounty participants. However, I see that this has a good purpose, namely to reduce fraud. So this is not a problem for me now. But I also tried to find projects that did not use KYC.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Suddenly disappearing token on: April 22, 2019, 06:49:42 AM
Maybe the coin has violated the rules set by each Exchange. So that the coin was expelled from the Exchange and seemed to have been lost. You must be able to ensure that the coin is still active. By checking through their website.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: When Bullrun will start? on: April 22, 2019, 06:42:20 AM
Trading is now more attractive because all coins have increased trading volume. Especially for Bitcoin currently continues to show a very positive trend. Even though the price is easy to change, but it does not require a long time the price can rise again.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: should I start buying ICOs again on: April 22, 2019, 06:39:17 AM
I am not currently investing in an ICO project because it is still very risky. I prefer to invest in coins that are already in the Crypto market. Lots of coins that have the potential to rise so we must immediately invest. But if you believe investing in ICO, I suggest you be more careful.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: why each and every ico is failing.??? on: April 20, 2019, 07:39:51 AM
I am observing since last six months...each and every ico is failing drastically...even the most succesful ones which got funded within the time limit...when enters the exchange their price is dropping by more than times....investing in ico these days meaning throwing away your money

Most people who hold ICO coins experience panic. They think that the ICO coins that have been listed on the Exchange will decline, so they immediately sell coins. So that many ICO companies suffer losses and can even experience destruction.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Would you recommend selling my Bitcoins now on: April 20, 2019, 07:35:45 AM
Bitcoin activity throughout 2018 has declined. And many people are trapped in misery. Currently, Bitcoin is in a very positive condition. I think you should be patient because I'm sure if Bitcoin can still rise in price.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are you ready to invest now? on: April 20, 2019, 07:31:45 AM
My plan with the current price increase, I am ready to sell coins. From the end of 2018, I have bought several Altcoins. And now the price has experienced growth. We do not know this price increase will last until when. So I'm ready to sell coins and make a profit.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: GET OUT WHEN YOU CAN!!OR STAY AND CRY! on: April 20, 2019, 07:28:42 AM
This is the technology that will continue to be developed. Cryptocurrency has great potential and the peak occurs in 2017. Bull Run occurs and lasts quite a long time. But in 2018 the price slowly declined sharply. But that didn't make me leave Crypto. And now we will be excited to trade again.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What we should do for bitcoin on: April 20, 2019, 07:24:24 AM
In my country, Bitcoin is illegal and the government also advises us to learn Bitcoin. So we will not miss other countries. Crypto is now very popular because it offers huge benefits. And what we are doing now for Bitcoin is to continue promoting it to others.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Cryptocurrencies are going down on: April 16, 2019, 07:58:39 AM
All cryptos are going down rapidly. What is the reason. Where is the bottom?
Looks like we will have new opportunity to invest with low prices.

You should be able to read the sales chart so that you will know the lowest price. Now if trading volume increases I think before prices fall far, the price of coins has increased again. This happens because big investors play to make a profit. But that also becomes our opportunity to profit.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Sell bounty token at a loss? on: April 16, 2019, 07:46:40 AM
Already many people get gift coins and sell at cheap prices. When they receive a gift token and token entered in the Exchange, they will definitely compete to sell tokens. They fear that if prices fall in price, many tokens after selling prices will increase again. It can even increase higher. It's better to be patient and wait for prices to return to the top.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Will the Bitcoin Cash rise quickly? on: April 15, 2019, 04:11:00 AM
With the growth of Bitcoin Cash I managed to get a profit. I trade every day and I see a good opportunity to buy coins. And I tried to buy a Bitcoin Cash because at that time the price was very low. And when the price of Bitcoin rises, the price of Bitcoin Cash also increases.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: DUMP after PUMP! on: April 15, 2019, 04:05:10 AM
The price reduction in my opinion is very reasonable. The price of Ethereum is pumped high and then the price falls. Of course you also have to be vigilant and you also have to be able to play fast. When the price of Ethereum falls, this is the right time to buy coins. So if the price goes up again we can immediately sell it.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Airdrops on: April 11, 2019, 04:40:11 AM
Tron and Pundi have very good developments. So they are now releasing the Airdrop program and this is very good. With this Airdrop program they want to improve the quality so that these coins can also continue to grow.
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