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1  Other / Meta / Re: Fair or not fair about decreasing rank in bitcointalk on: Today at 06:43:19 AM
The introduction for one merit to rank up is not designed to prevent the average real member from ranking up. It is purely aimed at shit-posters from signature campaigns and "bots".

Shit-posters are people who purely post to meet bounty quotas, have no real interest in exchanging ideas or post incomprehensible garbled nonsense.

Often - just engaging with other members is not necessarily considered worthy of merit.  But they are valued as a conversation.

If you are chatting to others - that is not considered shitposting. But it may make getting merit more difficult.
TMAN'S guide to getting merit.

Giving merit to shit-posters is one of the reasons senior members are careful with giving merits to Newbies:;stats=topsendban

As you can see - merit is sometimes wasted on those that really don't deserve it.

However - there has been a real drive to give merit to newbies who deserve it.
[TOP-200] Members who support newbies

Senior members are not anti newbies (even though it may appear that way sometimes - senior members (especially on Meta) are often involved in reporting lots of spams and fighting scams - so they are anti spambies and anti scambies).

Users that participate are very welcome in the forum. Some things are un-moderated to it does pay to not be offended too easily.
The reason senior members often get a lot of merit is because:

1) To rank from Newbie 4 ranks to Full Member = 100 merit
2) To rank up from Full member 3 ranks to legendary = 900 merit

The changes are really working:

All posts:
| Days ago | posts |
|        0 | 26510 |
|        1 | 42433 |
|        2 | 46736 |
|        3 | 54921 |
|        4 | 45271 |
|        5 | 48072 |
|        6 | 48926 |
|        7 | 46559 |
|        8 | 45886 |
|        9 | 49366 |
|       10 | 55894 |
|       11 | 47335 |
|       12 | 50829 |
|       13 | 53678 |
|       14 | 48648 |
|       15 | 49082 |
|       16 | 50333 |
|       17 | 57172 |
|       18 | 48595 |
|       19 | 52579 |
|       20 | 57679 |
|       21 | 40384 |
|       22 | 54342 |
|       23 | 56030 |
|       24 | 61043 |
|       25 | 48891 |
|       26 | 48744 |
|       27 | 50118 |
|       28 | 47206 |
|       29 | 51689 |

Deleted posts (not necessarily by a moderator):
| Days ago | posts |
|        0 |   749 |
|        1 |  3004 |
|        2 |  2430 |
|        3 |  1950 |
|        4 |  2275 |
|        5 |  2395 |
|        6 |  2836 |
|        7 |  3439 |
|        8 |  2743 |
|        9 |  3244 |
|       10 |  3793 |
|       11 |  5510 |
|       12 |  5153 |
|       13 |  5681 |
|       14 |  4870 |
|       15 |  5974 |
|       16 |  4685 |
|       17 |  5909 |
|       18 |  7518 |
|       19 |  7709 |
|       20 |  6472 |
|       21 |  5671 |
|       22 |  8891 |
|       23 |  7594 |
|       24 |  6634 |
|       25 |  6694 |
|       26 |  6433 |
|       27 |  5401 |
|       28 |  6260 |
|       29 |  5504 |

That's "24-hour periods from now", not calendar days.

There was a bug for the last ~7 hours which prevented all newbie posts, so that's going to make a big dent in the stats.
2  Other / Meta / Re: Forum ranks/positions/badges (What do those shiny coins under my name mean?) on: Today at 05:29:26 AM

Hahahaha, that is how rank work brother. Who have "Newbie" badge seen like ant although your recent post is good.. i do same like you, i always try to made a good post from beginning.. i dont wanna be HERO or LEGENDARY who made a ribbing, mocking and shity post and rewarded merit by other silly member.

The point is, how hard you try, may only 5 of million member in here will giving merit for "newbie". And the other left member (silly member) will giving his sMerit for HERO / LEGENDARY / MERIT SOURCE with purpose will get feed back or pay back with merit.

Just 16 posts and already trying to tell members that have been on the forum for years what to do:

and mocking senior members and accusing merit corruption with no evidence.

Sounds like a butt-hurt alt of a signature spammer to me. Chances of getting merit = close to none.

You might set a new record:  Grin

3  Other / Meta / Re: Dear : Merit Source. Please Hear my Will on: Today at 05:20:03 AM
If you want a merit, post like this.

This is really useful

Yes- it was useful. If you read JetCash's reply why he merited it you will realize that it provided insight.

You will notice that the person who received the merit communicated to Jetcash.

He didn't post some drivel that he though might get merit. Or claim that merit means nothing to them but post primarily in topics about merit.

Because of the new  merit requirement introduction the merit sources and senior members that have merit have been looking for reasons to give merit to genuine forum users. People who want to talk to others and not talk at others.

If you are the type of user that is likely to be a signature spammer or bounty hunter then getting merit will probably be hard.
4  Other / Meta / Re: fokken Xalolex removed my precious posts on: Today at 04:42:57 AM
all I know, is her name was Lassie, and she was bulldog.

I knew that it would be some sort of bull...
5  Other / Meta / Re: Hunt for the no merit highest post count record. 0 Merit 3139 posts on: Today at 04:27:45 AM
Flora and fauna of Bitcoin:

word-spinning shitposting...

And WTF - 3000+ posts and still a newbie. How could this grave injustice possibly happen?  Grin

Suchmoon just exposed the winner as a cheater !
6  Other / Meta / Re: Wall of fame / shame. Shit posts so bad that they are actually funny on: Today at 04:26:19 AM
Flora and fauna of Bitcoin:

word-spinning shitposting...

And WTF - 3000+ posts and still a newbie. How could this grave injustice possibly happen?  Grin

Awwww exposed our winner as a cheater !

Hunt for the no merit highest post count record. 0 Merit 3139 posts

Fiddle following the flora and fauna of bitcoin....
7  Other / Meta / Re: The bitcointalk academy awards - best shit-poster fables to obtain merit on: Today at 03:47:58 AM

How to make QULITY posts
8  Other / Meta / Re: Qulity post for getting merit on: Today at 03:43:41 AM
After the new rules many jr. Member like me are demotion to newbie due to lack of merit. What is the causes of it.
1. Lack of good quality post
2. Most post are 2-3 line that are not useful , make just for increase activity.
3. Thinking of " rising activity' means after some period " ACTIVITY " brings  jr.member..full member ...and so on rank.
4. Not posting any helpful post
5. Not realize the important of merit that why most are busy for bounty.
6. Copy , past post or comments .
7. Not following the forum rules like make spam. Bot..etc.

There are many reason that why a newbie can not post or comments in any post. As my thinking
1. They don't no ' what is a quality post or comment'
2. Delating comments or post by moderator for off topic or other reason that why they are post or comments very shortly means easy way
3. Even i think many one don't know where , what type post can make.
4. Many one don't know what type post or comment can bring merit.

According to new rules must need 1 merit to become a jr. Member..

So. Please help , how can one get merit or easy way to gain merit

Thanks for another entry to the shitposters awards for stupid posts that are obviously merit begging. Vod has started giving negative trust to some shitposters already.

You are giving advise on making quality posts - regurgitating the same old crap that has been said better many times over - in a less than subtle attempt at merit begging.

If you are going to tell people how to make a qulity post - start by spelling quality correctly.

Officially nominated:

TMAN'S guide to getting merit
9  Other / Meta / Re: fokken Xalolex removed my precious posts on: Today at 03:37:02 AM
at least, the Americans have a sense of humor (that's nice)
Our russ moderator was laughing last time, when he ran over a dog on the road.

Some Russians have a fantastic sense of humor too but they don't get their posts deleted.
10  Other / Meta / Re: fokken Xalolex removed my precious posts on: Today at 02:40:42 AM
he deleted it illegally
Well, in that case, I suppose we ought to take the matter seriously. Pray tell, exactly what law has been violated?

He needs a good lawyer. Know anyone that is not too busy to take on the case ?  Wink
11  Other / Meta / Re: Writing a welcome message on: September 23, 2018, 11:12:15 PM
I agree with ddmrddmr. A lot of users don't have English as their first language. I'd have to add to that : A lot of users have poor reading skills. They are likely to only skim the text or read the first two paragraphs. Not that they cannot read. Just that they often don't even read the previous posts above their own comments when they post a reply.

For this reason I would recommend fine tuning  and condensing the opening statement so it contains everything about the most important message that you want to communicate to the new members..

Also avoid using phrases like "swimming upstream" as they may not be understood by some users.

Being dyslexic I'm not the ideal person to give advise on this. The organised thought in my head doesn''t always end up expressed well in writing.  It also often causes me to miss things reading or misread things.

Keeping that in mind - it is good to keep the language as brief and simple as possible. Which will take effort for an eloquent writer like yourself. But the people that need the message the most are not necessarily able to comprehend a high level of English.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Wallet hacking is it possible? on: September 23, 2018, 12:53:23 PM

Yes a brute force hack is technically possible but the chance is small.

...and it has been done !

Actual private key found of wallet with funds :

Wallet - wallet address - private key - public key - explained in detail.

Usually peoples wallets and exchange accounts are accessed by phishing - which is not really hacking.
13  Other / Meta / Re: [TOP-200] Members who support newbies - Thanks! on: September 23, 2018, 11:51:51 AM
Some of the ranks are not quite correct for some of the members. For instance  - I ain't no Hero.  Grin

14  Other / Meta / Re: Confessions of a bounty hunter/shit poster on: September 23, 2018, 11:31:33 AM
The sad part is that both the forum and the bounty hunters are getting a bad deal from the poorly run Signature campaigns.

This comment from a bounty hunter that I have been chatting to made me think:

I have many coins in my wallet, most of them are from scam projects.

A lot of the bounties promoted by shit-posters are scams:

They lure others into scams.
They risk getting red tagged.  (Negative trust)
The obliterate the forum with crap posts.
They risk being banned for poor posting practices.
They get paid in worthless scam tokens.

They will never rank up and be able to participate in well paying respectable bounties where they can earn real Crypto by promoting something that will make others better off too.

What can you do if you have poor English skills ?

You can enhance your local language board by writing articles there. Learn about crypto and learn English if you want to post on the main board.

JetCash has a great project for learning English.

Translate great articles into your local language - ensuring that you cite the source of the article (so you don't get banned for plagiarism) and if it is a post on bitcointalk it pays to ask for permission from the original poster.

Some of my posts get translated into a variety of languages by some very skilled translators. Sometimes they earn more merit than I get for the origional post. (Good translations are quite hard work so it is well deserved)

People with good post histories are attractive to reputable bounties and signature campaigns. If you write good content then you are likely to get into a good well paying campaign that is not a scam.  Then everyone wins.
15  Economy / Reputation / Re: A red trust for absolutely nothing on: September 23, 2018, 11:14:33 AM

I would question whether it isn't plagiarism. It is clearly some copy and pasting from sources that you haven't referenced.
Please can you help us with facts of copy and paste..
  So it's no longer for merit begging but plagiarism..
  Wow,so innovative

 It is clearly some copy and pasting from sources that you haven't referenced.

If you copy information from somewhere you have to reference it.

The way it is presented it looks like it is a hurried mish-mash of copy and paste from different un-referenced sources.

Also your previous posts and knowledge of the forum indicate that this is an alt account of a seasoned bounty hunter. Your previous posts in merit related topics show that merit certainly has been on your mind immediately prior to posting that topic.

Lack of bounty reports indicate an alt or alts. Tell me I am wrong.  Grin
16  Other / Meta / Re: My only gripe with the merit system... Edits aren't addressed. on: September 23, 2018, 11:00:23 AM
I quite often edit my posts but because I see some gramatical or misspelling errors after posted. I don't see the point because I'm sure when a post is edited 99% of the times it doesn't change the original meaning. I also edit my posts to express better the idea.

Anyway, I think it is very unlikely theymos will implement that feature.
Me either. Editing post shouldn't be a big deal and as from what I quoted.
On the other hand, what Ognasty pointed it out is there's some people really loves to troll and by making some good post to earn merit is not possible and will just edit it out ans change the whole sense of the post. And by this and surely it firstly needed a strong evidence that someone are really doing that. Thus, lack of evidence will still just an assumption.

I'm terribly dyslexic and often have to edit my posts numerous times for undetected typos, jumbled up words and missing sentences that were in my head but never ended up in the article. I know it frustrated some people.

When I edit I try to not deviate form the message and only improve the content. Some threads are ongoing projects and I keep editing to make the content better.

OgNasty has a very valid point because it can make it appear that the person sending the merit agreed with the post. I've personally had it where I merited a post that I misunderstood.

Perhaps merit arbitration can become something in the future with some trusted level headed people becoming de-meriters..

I think I know which post OgNasty is referring to but I'm not going to draw attention to it.
17  Other / Meta / Re: when is merit going to be resetted? on: September 23, 2018, 10:33:17 AM

why did i got 4 times distrust for one time asking for merit exchange to support each others point of view?


Why are you asking ? This is the explanation that you gave yourself earlier.

jes it is shit it permanently punishes users for mistakes they didnt knew about the absurd 500 sites long forums rules and bitcoin sects inquisition.

also critical point of view is being punished

just look at my mistrust.

1. i got mistrust because i wanted to trade merit with someone else to support each other, otherwise this forums consits only of gay bitcoin sectists that constantly merit each other

2. i got mistrust because someone from the bitcoin sect didn't like me personally and just wanted to punish me somehow, because he had mod powers he punished me

without that i would have been a legendary member of this forum already, with my high merit my over 4k posts, my project development and my high activity.

but i am optimistic that this forum will die together with bitcoin its cult, its sect, bitcoin gold and bitcoin cash, and we will get a more diversified and best of all "decentralised" cryptoindustry in the future and we all can continue on redit the post bitcoin cryptocurrency economy

@CoolWave jes positive trust people are also huge scammers, because

1. postive trust is tendenciously powered on the bitcoin sectists, that merit each other, and put positive trust to each other, distrusting everyone that is not a obeying bitcoin fanatic.

2. bitcoin cultists with positive trusts are no humanist people that care for others, remember everyone who was able to create an anonymous pow cryptcurrency knowing the huge pow waste and damages to also working banking systems in the world hesitated to create one, the bitcoin cult, still created one because the people here are also special, regarding their economic point of view.

i give you merit for this topic


Trust is un-moderated on Bitcointalk. Only the people who place it can remove it.  Insulting them will only re-enforce their action.
18  Economy / Reputation / Re: A red trust for absolutely nothing on: September 23, 2018, 09:28:28 AM

So for a second forget about defending a fellow High ranked member and tell me what the red trust is for on that thread..
  Absolutely no plagiarism,no abusive words,he gave the red trust simply because I said if he doesnt like a thread he should ignore it
  I think rules in here need to be changed.
So I cannot make a post without been tagged a merit beggar huh

Before the 1 merit requirements for newbies we had the occasional newbie wander into Meta.

Now the first two or three pages are filled with newbies making posts with the sole intent of getting merit.

Surely regurgitating statistics that are better displayed on the statistics pages is not of any value to anyone.

I would question whether it isn't plagiarism. It is clearly some copy and pasting from sources that you haven't referenced.
19  Other / Meta / Re: Bitcointalk need AI to control comments? on: September 23, 2018, 08:57:30 AM
Nah - the forum needs "H.I." - Human intelligence. Just people that post because they want to communicate intelligently with other human beings. Without meeting signature quotas and without regurgitating things that have been said hundreds of times before. To get rid of the shit-posters .... and they are working on it.

20  Economy / Reputation / Re: A red trust for absolutely nothing on: September 23, 2018, 08:52:34 AM
1) This should be in reputation - not meta

2) Trust is un-moderated.  The only one that can remove it is the person who placed it.

3) If he is annoyed with your posting habits then posting these complaint threads are going to be useless.
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