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1  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [IN-STOCK] Dipo Electronic 19 port USB hubs [As low as $130 usd each] on: June 02, 2014, 09:58:07 PM
Hello guys,

so I have test a little bit he HUB, and I think it’s a good quality Wink

Only the voltage is on the lower end of the USB standard.

My Devices: 10 x Antminer U2+ (~ 1,8 GH/s / anu-freq:225), 8 x Bfx2 (~ 3,5 GH/s / bxm-bits:53)

Here my table:
USB portDeviceVoltageamperage
19Empty for Pi later
So when the voltage is OK, I can say a good result about the measurement. I hope for the permanent load about 16 A is for the HUB no problem?

At time my results from the Cgminer, one Bfx2 is a little bit slower...

  0: ANU  0:                         | 1.770G/1.749Gh/s | A: 624 R: 0 HW:56 WU: 19.4/m
  1: ANU  1:                         | 1.745G/1.758Gh/s | A: 336 R: 0 HW:39 WU: 18.1/m
  2: ANU  2:                         | 1.756G/1.749Gh/s | A: 368 R: 0 HW:56 WU: 17.5/m
  3: ANU  3:                         | 1.785G/1.752Gh/s | A: 416 R: 0 HW:42 WU: 18.6/m
  4: ANU  4:                         | 1.787G/1.756Gh/s | A: 528 R: 0 HW:49 WU: 19.0/m
  5: ANU  5:                         | 1.785G/1.760Gh/s | A: 336 R: 0 HW:35 WU: 17.8/m
  6: ANU  6:                         | 1.756G/1.749Gh/s | A: 464 R: 0 HW:51 WU: 19.0/m
  7: ANU  7:                         | 1.671G/1.744Gh/s | A: 592 R: 0 HW:58 WU: 18.5/m
  8: BXM  0:                         | 3.640G/3.451Gh/s | A:1024 R:16 HW: 0 WU: 50.8/m
  9: BXM  1:                         | 2.759G/2.733Gh/s | A: 880 R:32 HW: 0 WU: 39.1/m
 10: BXM  2:                         | 3.672G/3.689Gh/s | A:1152 R:32 HW: 0 WU: 52.1/m
 11: BXM  3:                         | 3.514G/3.389Gh/s | A: 912 R:32 HW: 0 WU: 49.6/m
 12: BXM  4:                         | 3.464G/3.326Gh/s | A:1232 R: 0 HW: 0 WU: 48.9/m
 13: BXM  5:                         | 3.838G/3.825Gh/s | A:1456 R: 0 HW: 0 WU: 54.2/m
 14: BXM  6:                         | 3.696G/3.786Gh/s | A:1424 R: 0 HW: 0 WU: 52.9/m
 15: BXM  7:                         | 3.298G/3.604Gh/s | A:1088 R:64 HW: 0 WU: 50.6/m
 16: ANU  8:                         | 1.770G/1.755Gh/s | A: 352 R: 0 HW:54 WU: 17.9/m
 17: ANU  9:                         | 1.535G/1.751Gh/s | A: 400 R: 0 HW:46 WU: 17.4/m


Those readings are  Incorrect…. there is no way they should be down at 4.5v

2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin needs its own Super Heroes to defend against crimes and corruption. on: May 28, 2014, 12:19:07 AM
Bitcoin is all about individual responsibility. The only super hero you need is yourself.

Well that did not work out well for the Human race, so why should it work out for bitcoin.

In fact with its past record,   'The bitcoin foundation'   could become known as the league of super villains…..
I mean….. in some cases we are not talking about nickel and dime fraud …
3  Economy / Services / Re: Want to Upload your Picture and files to the blockchain? on: May 28, 2014, 12:00:09 AM
Right now, the steps to upload messages, pictures, and files directly to the blockchain is too complex for the non-tech types. How would you feel about a simple service that did all the hard work for you and uploaded anything you wanted to the blockchain for you? Would you use it it?

So you are out to destroy the block chain?
Absolutely the last thing that bitcoin needs is 7 billion ass clowns loading up the blockchain with pictures of their dog.

Oh… but wait…… What if some sick fuck uploads  kiddie porn onto the blockchain and then the  sickos start using it as a distribution network for kiddie porn as a guaranteed way to ensure distribution with  ZERO TRACEABILITY ,…. now……. every copy of the block chain held independently would be:

1. An excuse for WHY kiddie porn was on your computer. ( sorry officer , I was only using bitcoin)
2. An excuse for law enforcement to totally destroy the Crypto currency due to its association with the most vile of human beings.

Yep well you did not think of that did you?

Then the  Bitcoin Programming team would be forced to counteract the stupidity, but wait… how to remove the filth already in the confirmed blockchain…..

So no I think it is a very stupid Idea, but certainly an excellent way to destroy some of the other 'crypto-crap' out there.


4  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [IN-STOCK] Dipo Electronic 19 port USB hubs [As low as $130 usd each] on: May 27, 2014, 02:27:42 AM
Hello, at time all run good on port 14 (But two BFx2 miner run slower and I'dont know), so i have order a xtar USB detector a will test each port and will report you Wink


Luckily it's only  $5us
There is an 'inherent flaw' in such devices, some require to feed the target device via a low value resistor and then compute the voltage drop across the resistor.
( in doing so they drop the voltage but also have to pass ALL the current from the measured device thru the measuring resistor…)

So don't take the results it gives too seriously , it unlikely to  report the details correctly & it may stand a good chance of slowing the miner down a little (due to current limitation)( But it may reduce the number of HW errors you get!!!!)

Also do not leave it plugged into the port permanently as it is likely to  overheat  & distort the plastic case.

There are better units available that do not use such limited ways to measure the current.

5  Economy / Exchanges / Re: [OFFICIAL] first Bitcoin P2P lending platform for leverage trading on: May 24, 2014, 01:18:23 AM

 I have tried privately.

You claim to be 'operating legally out of Hong Kong' under a BVI registered company.

Please supply the name of the registered company in Hong Kong.

Can you also supply your BR( business registration number) and MSO (Money Service operators) license numbers issued by the Hong kong government for such businesses.



6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Did ebay and paypal screw you over for using BTC {Class Action} on: May 21, 2014, 02:58:39 AM
It only took 1 David to beat Goliath

Yes in day's gone by disputes were settled 1:1 with rocks and swords so it was feasible, now we have lawyers.

7  Economy / Lending / Re: Want to lend 0.5 btc. on: May 21, 2014, 02:35:56 AM
Hi Everyone..

I am here to looking for a loan of 0.5 bitcoin..

I post on some threads for this loan but no one is giving me loan do not know why..

If anyone can help me i will be very thankful to you..

I want this loan for 1.5 months..

I will give interest if you want.. I mean i can give you in return 0.55..

Thanks in advance..

if anyone want any collateral contact me pm.

AT LAST : IF this thread disturbed or hurts someone forgive me .. Smiley

go visit
they will give you the option for a loan.

8  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [IN-STOCK] Dipo Electronic 19 port USB hubs [As low as $130 usd each] on: May 21, 2014, 01:48:42 AM
OK thanks,

at time I have no problem, but when also hang my Raspberry on the HUB then i have a problem with port 14!?

Good day,

I have a problem with one BFx2 Miner, one miner always lose the "red light" at one USB Port "14" and run very slow, is this a problem fro the USB port or to less power from the port?

The miner runs but without the "Vcore" light!???

cgminer version 4.3.3 - Started: [2014-05-20 18:55:35]
 (5s):45.00G (1m):40.35G (5m):17.29G (15m):6.745G (avg):42.54Gh/s
 A:1408  R:0  HW:37  WU:554.7/m
 Connected to diff 32 with stratum as user
 Block: 938f03c7...  Diff:8.85G  Started: [18:55:35]  Best share: 5.95K
 [USB management [Pool management [Settings [Display options [Q]uit
  0: ANU 0       :                         | 1.895G / 1.950Gh/s WU:21.7/m
  1: ANU 1       :                         | 1.984G / 1.951Gh/s WU:22.1/m
  2: ANU 2       :                         | 1.982G / 1.954Gh/s WU:17.9/m
  3: ANU 3       :                         | 1.978G / 1.972Gh/s WU:21.7/m
  4: BXM 0       :                         | 3.227G / 3.129Gh/s WU:46.9/m
  5: BXM 1       :                         | 3.984G / 3.158Gh/s WU:54.6/m
  6: BXM 2       :                         | 3.528G / 3.393Gh/s WU:48.4/m
  7: BXM 3       :                         | 2.676G / 2.506Gh/s WU:36.2/m
  8: BXM 4       :                         | 2.559G / 2.323Gh/s WU:34.3/m
  9: BXM 5       :                         | 4.560G / 4.221Gh/s WU:62.6/m
 10: BXM 6       :                         | 2.817G / 3.362Gh/s WU:47.3/m
 [b]11: BXM 7       :                         | 1.736G / 1.635Gh/s WU:23.7/m[/b]
 12: ANU 4       :                         | 1.988G / 1.970Gh/s WU:21.7/m
 13: ANU 5       :                         | 1.956G / 1.920Gh/s WU:17.7/m
 14: ANU 6       :                         | 1.983G / 1.946Gh/s WU:17.7/m
 15: ANU 7       :                         | 1.892G / 1.937Gh/s WU:21.7/m
 16: ANU 8       :                         | 1.986G / 1.955Gh/s WU:24.2/m
 17: ANU 9       :                         | 1.988G / 1.977Gh/s WU:22.2/m


So i don't know...

Try this:

Swap your PI cable from port 19 with the miner on port 14, that will take your USB chain to the miner down 1 level, it will also highlight if it is a socket problem on 14

9  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: HongKong bitcoin trading place HKCEX has raised 25million dollars on: May 19, 2014, 08:20:55 AM
I will repeat this again….. even though it may not specifically relate to this company.

ANY company who CLAIM they operate out of HK, MUST be able to supply you with a copy of their business registration number.
If they refuse, it is illegal and you can report them to the HK fraud squad as well as the inland revenue DPT.( it is illegal in HK to operate as a business and not be registered)

With the BR number you can get a COMPLETE list of the directors, addresses and other details about the company from the government websites which are in ENGLISH.

It is ILLEGAL in hong Kong to operate any sort of money changing service/exchange (bitcoin) UNLESS it is correctly registered with the local government and the business has a money changers license.
Also  there is a legal requirement to obtain the details of customers to prevent money laundering. ( so an exchange taking your BTC and not asking your details, is a fairly clear indication)

No one can claim to run a business in HK or even operate from an address in HK unless they are correctly registered.( there is even a LEGAL requirement for them to display a copy of their BR at EVERY location the do business from and it must be visible to the public/customers)

So… Ask for their:
1.  Business registration number.
2.  MSO license

If they refuse then most likely they are SCAM artists, if they say the above  does not apply to them.. then they ARE scam artists.

Actually the 25 million in 'funding' was NOT funding but supposedly  related to  an unknown group who were going to purchase  25mill in BTC via the exchange at some indeterminate time, which is actually something completely different…..

10  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: [FAKE] The database of all of the bitcoin private keys on: May 17, 2014, 12:59:55 AM
Not that it is really going to make that much difference
A database is not 'magic' even with compression there can be a significant overhead in just storing the data, (record structure,pointers,indexes,disk headers etc)

Even if you don't need to store 16k of data per page……. just the secret key…..
we all know (hopefully) that the public address can be re-generated from the secret key via an algorithm otherwise what is the point…..

A better way is going to be  extract all addresses from block chain,  sort them( plus date first used), then use a stat algo to see if there is any grouping, finally generate private keys see if it is in the 'range' of the grouping .. if so..  store for later. ( you require the blockchain rather than generate on your own kit as this would not highlight platform/implementation weaknesses in the systems)


11  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Holy crap I found a block! on: May 15, 2014, 11:36:55 PM
Shame it wasnt solo, 25 whole Bitcoins  Grin

"No Inputs (Newly Generated Coins)"
Correct me if i am wrong but that is solo.. that wasn't done by a pool mining


Even a mining pool can generate such input ,depending on how/where the coins are from, I have loads of these from ''

An example:

Ideally this is how all mining income should show up, pool or solo, however if you consider that pools have to deal with offline wallets and cold storage…


12  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Android Mk802 + ubuntu 12.04 + bitmain Antminer u2 on: May 15, 2014, 11:06:04 PM

I've had mining controllers  running on Quad core for a few months now(RK3188). The main issue is that  with 'cheap' kit, you will require hardware modifications as well.

The biggest issue is that many of the Rockchip products from China are not capable of hitting the frequencies they advertise, more specifically when they state '1.xx Ghz' they mean yes the  Rockchip CPU is speced at that frequency… but they then shove in cheap/copy DDR memory chips (because those are expensive, so they use job lots from the market) in some cases even the same product from the same supplier are different spec DDR memory chips….

In many cases the CPU quad cores are only running at a few hundred  MHZ even though the damned chip is speced at >1ghz

Another issue is that you may have to split open the products and get a much larger heatsink onto the rockchip CPU , because many of these products don't even have a heatsink or the copper area to pull the heat correctly!! ( had one desolder itself from the pcb when the frequency was ramped up, one reason why I had not posted the details )

Then to top it off you have the idiot companies that have put hardware 'bugs' into the products, so that changing/replacing the kernel deliberately cuts functionality or causes the  HDMI display to collapse in an endless flashing cycle( also looks like it has been done to stop their kernels being used on other products)

However once you get the quad core things setup and the 'right' product then they make fine mining controllers…..

The other product I threw together was a 'bridge board' that allows the quad cores/ Raspberry pi's to pull the current they need from the metal hubs I sell, basically a single hub/integral psu to power the miner & controller all from a single supply.

13  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] HEX•FURY 11+Gh/s USB Stick Miner [ IN STOCK UK, EU ] Shipping Worldwide on: May 14, 2014, 04:09:51 AM
intron or c-scape, how did you guys make your modified usb hub? I really would like to know. If it is possible, could you point me to some design? I would like to make my own and not buy pre-made.

It is fairly easy, you would require an off the shelf hub that can withstand the current, then you would need to replace the 'Shitty' wall wart/phone charger with a better power supply, and you will require some sort of soldering experience/mains voltage experience/safety etc

When you say 'make your own',  at what level are you thinking:

A. Off the shelf assemblies (ebay hub/power supply)
B. Design your own PCB/ power feed systems, using discrete components and  soldering irons?

14  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTS ]Professional quality 19 port USB hubs for bitcoin/altcoin miners on: May 01, 2014, 11:42:38 PM
is this your site?

I have 3 of your 19 port hubs.

I want a few of these

do I send a pm?

Hi Philip,
yep that is my store,   a PM is fine if you want to use BTC

15  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] HEX•FURY 11+Gh/s USB Stick Miner [ IN STOCK UK, EU ] Shipping Worldwide on: May 01, 2014, 04:49:31 AM
we have special design usb hub for hex fury
check our store:
Trying to purchase, but no payment methods show up during checkout?

The payment was disabled  whilst I ensured that no one was exposed due to the "HeartBLEED" bug.  
Website should be fine to use now.

But if you contact me directly I'm offering  'free gifts'  (That does not mean a 'shitty key chain')

You can contact me here for hubs.

Also for people not 'comfortable' about modding the hubs I can supply an adaptor.

and of course great work/hats off to 'LordTheron'

16  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: The database of all of the bitcoin private keys on: April 28, 2014, 08:32:52 AM
WTF is this? Who owns these addresses and who is posting them on open internet?

This database owner's purpose is to prove that bitcoin is secure, public, strong and transparency. That's it. If you know bitcoin deeply, you will get the answer.

This is the bitcoin philosophy - transparency but secure even the nowadays bank system can't make it.

That is why we are Bitcoiners.

Well...  if they're indeed private keys, then its not secure. Am I missing something here?

If you go down to the beach and pick up a hand full of sand, does that 'handful' represent every grain of sand in the world or the universe?

The thing that makes private keys so 'secure' is the shear number of them(in a given set), but by the same measure, if you are very very lucky then  somewhere in your handful of sand is potentially a valuable  'private key'  belonging to an active address holding coin. (you just need to find which one)
Which is why it is good practice to continually 'rotate' your addresses, since it adds to the entropy of  'publicity known' addresses an attacker would need to check his 'sand' against.( if it was a brute force attack)

(yep ok very simplistic but it gives a target for thought)


17  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Can the chinese ban of bitcoin be bypassed? on: April 16, 2014, 03:10:39 AM

That is great, that they are unaffected.

Best Idea is to get an account setup with 'Ken" over at
He runs  a clean government registered exchange in Hong Kong and complies with all the applicable business registration rules.
I would expect that when they cannot change the BTC back to US/RMB in China (yep I know you can do deals on the 'street' the problem is validating the RMB bills are not fake) they will go to the first applicable exchange available where they can physically draw the cash out within a day or so. (it's an Ideal day trip)

It may be worth looking at some purchases when the lows start to come out.

18  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Now I see how ANY Government can EASILY KILL BTC on: April 15, 2014, 09:18:47 AM
Too many people not thinking it thorough clearly….

1. DDOS one of the major mining pool, forcing the clients to switch to other pools.

2. Take down the work servers for two other major pools and replace with your own tainted code work servers.
3. Use THIER clients to propagate your 51% attack…. (after all there is NO encrypted connection between a pool work server and its engine clients)

No need to 'pay' anyone or even get the compliance of the pool owners………….
all are feasible attacks…. DDos & DNS attack.

I just don't see why people think you have to spend millions on 'out hashing' the network when the current setup has key points that can be exploited.

Really these pools should implement some sort of public key exchange to prevent  being replaced by compromised kit via a DNS attack.

19  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Can the chinese ban of bitcoin be bypassed? on: April 15, 2014, 08:53:31 AM
The government introduced some rules that prevents banks or financial institutions providing bank accounts/currency exchange for Bitcoin Exchanges or businesses, and has instructed such organs to remove all such facilities that were acquired in the past.
This is an extension to them blocking some of the big name  sales websites from taking BTC ( ali.. etc), which was off the backs of some of these big names deciding they were going to start their OWN crypto-currencies/ token systems. ( I pointed this out in Jan, that changes were coming)

There are two main reasons:

1. Some  big players saw BTC/Crypto as a way to leverage cash from users to fund their business model, thereby bypassing market rules and money laundering laws.
2. China is aiming to float the RMB sometime in the next year, the last thing they need is some massive banking fraud related to RMB & BTC or indeed anything liable to cast  any sort of negative image on their state run banks prior to the flotation.
They would rather 3 Billion people speculate with cross rate exchange with RMB Vrs US$ than  BTC, at least with RMB it gets the cash directly into the banks.

I would expect at sometime in the future, the China government continues to squeeze the life out of BTC in China, mainly because their current action is following the path of how they normally deal with such matters… press leaks….gentle talking… gentle taps… exit strategy… Iron fist.

That said…. a number of businesses have been sneaking over the border into HK , where the rules are WAY more flexible, and where BTC is freely exchangeable as long as you follow the rules related to due diligence and anti-money laundering.


20  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTS ]Professional quality 19 port USB hubs for bitcoin/altcoin miners on: April 12, 2014, 11:14:27 PM
How much for one hub to USA? Not expedited?

Can or will you provide bladed US plug for power? or is it a standard power cord?

Any other payment options as my BTC balance is not that high yet that is why I want the hub to connect and power
at least 5 and hopefully up to 10 or 12 USB Nano Fury miners to increase my hashrate and hopefully boost my wallet a bit.

I would like to be able to run them at least 4 GH/s each so I would need close to an amp on each port.
Can this hub handle that demand? If so Please let me know how much and how I can manage to pay you for one.


Yes it is a standard replaceable power cord, you can see from the picture it takes a  standard 3 pin IEC.

The hub WILL supply 1 Amp clear on each port and yes it WILL handle your 10-12 fury.

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