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1  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: August 15, 2017, 04:07:54 PM

Remember that one time at band camp when you bought a bitcoin for $800 in 2013, then bitched about it for a few years and sold at a loss?

I am out of Bitcoin because both Kraken and then Bitfinex robbed me with impunity, within the the space of 1 month. That was the final straw for me, and it still is.

I then sold a bunch of shitcoins, at a loss, not because it was a good time to sell, but I quickly needed as much crypto as possible to buy a big pile of mescaline with after gammagoblin, the only vendor of quality mescaline on the whole darknet, stated that he was stopping selling it (which he did), was on his last batch, and only had a small amount left. Had I not cashed out of those shitcoins, then $1000 worth of worthless code could have been traded out at it's collective maxim for around $35K....had ones which went up *100 from what I paid for them.

I still watch the Bitcoin market and share my observations with a friend, who does take swing trades, and is continually taking money out of the market. I impress myself with my readings of Bitcoin and other markets which move a lot slower than Bitcoin, but where essentially the same rules apply, yet somehow, fate has decided that trading financial markets just isn't for me, as demonstrated by the various ways in which I somehow always manage to get my nose rubbed in the dirt, one way or the other........still, learned a lot from Bitcoin, for a time long after Bitcoin has went up in a puff of smoke n vapour, and the current global financial system is on the brink of finally realising what true wealth is, I shall know not to anything silly with my gold, but patiently sit back and wait until that time where swapping it out for other forms of more 'useful' wealth, is too hard to resist.

Arse has fallen out of the offshore oil exploration industry, I am now working a more conventional Mon-Fri onshore job, now have a child, and no longer have piles of surplus cash to spunk away on crypto currencies and in all honesty, I am much happier this way. Everyone has their own karmic resonance that will reward them when they are doing things that they should be doing, but taunt and mock them when they are doing things that they shouldnt be doing.......guess I don't have enough Jew blood in me to thrive being a professional parasite.........

.......enjoy your new found wealth, just be sure to take more than enough out, so you dont find yourself dangling from a rope when the Bitcoin smoke machine gets turned off, for good, which it almost certainly will.

2  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: June 11, 2017, 08:21:51 AM
Maybe Gann-arcs are not very relevant to bitcoin and/or the stage of bitcoin is in. This fact alone van can be deduced from the line representing "reasonable growth"; it tells us that we should be at 2600 ... in 2026.

Don't under estimate the power of Gann. That is a weekly chart, and what looked as though was going to be an exhaustion candle, actually closed as just another continuation candle. Target is now $3600:

If Bitcoin does break out above $2930, then in terms of Gann, it will be a repeat of 2013, but one scale up.

I find the Gann is a very powerful tool as a kind of market roadmap. Not very good for taking trade setups though. Other tools got to be used for that.

3  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: May 28, 2017, 07:54:05 AM
Ohhhh MATT!!!!

Where's that massive correction from $1600 you were on about !?!?!?!

Hello??? Matt??


Yeah. Had I taken that trade, I would have gotten stopped out and would be left chasing the market (although to be fair, I touted the setup as a profit taking signal, not a shorting signal). But unlike my previous trade setup which nobody seemed to mind about since it was a bullish setup, I was wrong.

So erm, well done to all those who rode the bull up to the top.....providing you can even get any of your Bitcoins turned into actual worthless fiat (ya know, the stuff you need to pay your bills, mortgage and stuff), or your Bitcoins haven't been sitting in the blockchain all week waiting on their first confirmation, or the exchange hasn't just emptied your account claiming that your computer been hacked.

After Bitcoin re-popped through its previous ATH of 2013, I had to draw a new BTC Gann Square. I intended on posting a chart in here, showing $2300 as a likely upside top out targe, but couldnt be arsed due to work demands and limited free time. Turns out that this target was overshot by some $460, but for those that understand Gann, the principle remains intact. Now I aint saying nothing and have no skin in the game either, but according to Gann, Bitcoin needs to retest untested Gann Arc down at around $1300.

4  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: May 07, 2017, 09:02:12 PM
So you still active in crypto?

You are now in alts or you are out, fully?

Fully out.

Sold a big bunch of Alts in order to buy a big load of Mescaline b4 my fav darknet vendor (gammagoblin) stopped peddling Mescaline for was a bad time to sell but I felt compelled to do it for this reason.

Got that used to watching Bitcoin though, it has become a habit that I have gotten into and will likely always do.....not a bad thing.....good to keep abreast of what is happening in various markets.
5  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: May 07, 2017, 07:35:07 PM

Just use a coldwallet and you will be fine.
I never used an exchange and I have a ROI of more than 50% in 4 months because of BTC.

Using exchanges is outdated IMO.
Innovate or get rekt mate, thats the game.

No exchanges, no price discovery, no price discovery, no value in BTC.
6  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: May 07, 2017, 05:37:02 PM
Thanks, for you just enjoy losing BTC'S every day.

The last BTC that I will ever lose was the BTC that was taken out of my account by Kraken and then Finex last summer.

The exchanges are where the BTC market is made and where the prices are set, and the exchanges cannot be trusted.

Not a market I care to be in.
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: May 07, 2017, 05:30:46 PM
Mat. Mat mat mat maaaaatttt. We just CRASHED! A HUNDRED bucks in like a minute! All the way down to 1500! Don't you have anything to say???!?

I mean just imagine it, imagine if you had listened when all the FOOLS told you to market buy and not touch your damn coins for a while. Good thing you dodged that bullet! You must be feeling pretty good about yourself! Wish I was as cool as you!


It will all come out in the wash.

You are 100% invested in a pioneering prototype experiment, that has become a quagmire of fucking crooks and financial sharks in a shitpool of unregulated financial shenanigans and skullduggery.

.....for now, they are ramping the fuck out of Bitcoin, despite the mysterious goings on at Finex, in China, and the varying differentials between different exchanges which may or may not be solvent. If you look at Bitcoin's history, no significant bull run has ever petered out without an explosive blow off top. For my money, we haven't had that yet and the law of averages states that it should be yet to come (unless Joe Public just refuses to bite en masse this time around), but beyond that, whether Bitcoin is even a viable product/commodity in the long run and whether it will even survive in any meaningful way is totally up for question.

If humanity where in a better condition, especially when it comes to financial markets, then Bitcoin wouldn't be in the state that it is, but Bitcoin has been turned into a totally rigged giant pyramid scheme and I wouldn't care to suggest where the whole thing will top out before they cash in and pull the rug out from under its feet. just kick back and enjoy stacking up your paper profits, just as investors in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC all used to enjoy doing, until they didn't.

P.S. ftw, I called $1500 BTC back in Sept 2016. Check this thread if you don't believe me. That of course doesn't mean that I am denying that I would have cashed out by now based on bearish TA....and btw....whilst that first sign of bear divergence on the weekly was washed out, there is yet another 2nd bear div peak forming right now, when the fall comes, it will likely be collolsal.

8  Economy / Speculation / Re: FOMO IS REAL on: May 03, 2017, 09:54:19 PM
As title says, FOMO is worlwide real now.

Brace for impact on Mars surface, Moon just got passed!  Grin Grin Grin GrinBTCBTCBTCBTC Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

What, Fear of Missing Out on some exchange (Bitfinex a prime candidate) going down with all your money and Bitcoins?
9  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 30, 2017, 11:11:32 PM
Right now is the scammiest I've ever seen the bitcoin market.
You are too smart to have turned into a mat. Quit it. Get your biases under control and come back to your senses.

Just cos its a total scam, don't mean they can't scam it much much much higher up than where it is now.

Both technicals and fundamentals are looking fucking awful....

Confirmed momentum and volume divergence on Weekly candle charts across multiple exchanges is grade A technical red flag.

The blatant shenanigans at Finex and the Chink exchanges, and the fucking wild price differentials, not to mention the pending hard-fork quandary is a grade A fundamental red flag.........

......but can Bitcoin go up much further from here? Sure....but I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they buy it. If someone has money to gamble on Bitcoin right now, then they may as well just take that money to the roulette wheel and place it on red or black.

When I say that I wouldn't recommend that anyone buys Bitcoin right now, I do recommend to you Ibian, that you buy some more, and under no circumstances, should you sell anything. don't want to be missing that Bitcoin moon train eh?
10  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 27, 2017, 04:04:26 PM
Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A

That remains to be seen.

I posted a Weekly chart, which suggested that the bull run is running out of steam........and perhaps it is......we won't know until the pennies drop.......(of the side of a cliff).

In one way it would please me to see Bitcoin reverse here, as it would be a great example of confirmed momentum divergence working the way that the theories all say it should, but it would perhaps please me even more if Bitcoin got up to $1500, as this is the price target that came to me through the misty depths of the unconscious mind (which I believe connects to the collective unconscious mind) whilst I was whacked out my head on Mescaline.

I rate intuition above intellectualism and would like to learn to trust intuition much more......

.....but if I hadn't been robbed by Kraken and then Bitfinex and I hadn't pulled what I had left 100% out of Bitcoin and I did ride the BTC ramp up, then I would have sold most or all of my stack by now, based on what TA is telling me.

Every bull is smart cunt until the rug gets pulled out from under the markets feet. It WILL happen again. That goes without saying.
11  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 27, 2017, 06:22:17 AM
No sane investor would touch Bitcoin with a fucking bargepole right now.

Yep, just look at those crazy insane investors...

Maybe those bidders know something we don't? Maybe all those big bundles of capital are just like loose change whoever made those bids? Maybe the lion share of all that action is shenanigans just like we see on most other exchanges, who knows.

To any rational mind, Bitcoin right now is a scary over cooked over ramped market......but it is a bull market, and bull markets tend to defy all rationality, especially as they get towards their zenith.....big flashing warning signs now on the weekly chart. That hasn't changed since I posted my last TA chart where I did point out that there was still a lot of room for manoeuvre (since it was Weekly time frame), but who knows....we will see...either way, I have nothing to win or to lose.
12  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 26, 2017, 07:06:53 PM
Roach, Matt, are you both still sure about your predictions of some major correction in BTC?

Back in Sept 2016, I called $1500 Bitcoin. This wasn't based on any technical or fundamental analysis, but on something that came to me when I was tripping balls on Mescaline.

My recent call for a correction however, was based on technical analysis. If we both agree that Bitfinex's charts can be ignored and focus on Stamp's chart, that is still one very sick (in the traditional sense of the word) looking chart....but hey...this is a bull run and the Bitcoin market is very small and controlled by very few dominant players, could be the big blow off top is still to come. Certainly wouldn't be looking to short Bitcoin right now, but if I were long Bitcoin, I would def be looking to take profits up here.

Not only are the technical momentum and volume indicators looking weak, the fundamentals are fucking horrible right now also. We have this potential hard fork issue. We have Bitfinex trading at a $100 premium over anywhere else because no cunt can get their money out because of 'banking issues'  ( has anyone heard that one before?), and we have the Chinese exchanges which normally lead Bitcoin, trading at a $200 discount to the only USD based exchange with any semblance of credibility (Stamp).

No sane investor would touch Bitcoin with a fucking bargepole right now. That doesn't mean that Bitcoin can't ramp a whole lot more from here b4 it does, but anyone willing to take on all that risk may as well just go down the casino and put their capital all on Black.
13  Economy / Speculation / Re: War is coming on: April 17, 2017, 07:28:19 PM
What do you guys think will happen with the BTC price if this scenario will come true in a few weeks?

If there was a big war, and god forbid there was any kind of 'lights out' scenario in China, then that would be very bad for Bitcoin. On the otherhand, if there was a big war, it is unlikely to kick off at some agreed time, such 3pm, next Saturday afternoon with the replay being held the following Wednesday evening should the first round of the war end in a draw. i.e. Bitcoin's biggest potential in my view has always been capital flight from people who have savings in vulnerable currencies, which the CNY might well be in the run up to a situation that could result in a big war. Mind you, Chinese investors also have gold, with China being the both biggest producer and importer of physical gold, and a gold exchange having recently opened in Shanghai.

What do you guys think will happen with the BTC price if this scenario will come true in a few weeks?

According to the Bitcoin weekly chart, Bitcoin has had it's big ramp. There is confirmed divergence between RSI and price action, with confirmed bearish structure in place on the weekly RSI. Bitcoin has had a momentus run up. an increase of around 400% overall. If you have caught all that, time to take some profits. Bitcoin has a potential hardfork event coming up and looking around other cryptos, those always mean instant losses. Gold on the otherhand is on the verge of breaking out of a 6 year bear market, having spent the last 2 years scraping along the floor. With the way geo-political events seem to be lining up, this chart seems to make sense. The Chinese and Russian central banks aren't stockpiling Bitcoin, they are stockpiling gold. The Chinese and Russian governments haven't just implemented Bitcoin as a means of settling international trade. They have just implemented gold as a means of doing this job.

Take some of that Bitcoin, and buy some gold and hold onto it. Those gold coins will still be highly valued long after Bitcoin has went down in the history books as the very first failed crypto-currency attempt.

I am bearish on Bitcoin at the moment, so my advice would be to sell it all, but of course, I might be wrong about that. Some other posters may butt in here and point out that I am a Bitcoin perma-bear, but this is not true. Look through the latter pages of my TA thread, and you will see that I have been touting $1500 BTC since Sept 2016, when Bitcoin was still in $500s, post the Finex scam. To me, it looks like BTC isn't going to get to $1500 on this move. Perhaps it will further down the line. Or perhaps it never will. Bitcoin is a hugely risky investment for someone to have 'all their cash in', with huge systemic risks in every direction that you look......take it from someone who has been robbed by two exchanges now (Kraken and Finex) and discovered the hard way how these places are set up in order that the operators can do what ever they please with complete impunity.

Edit: I am also deeply dissappointed in Trump and cannot abide those who seek to find excuses for him or cover him with a rose tinted gloss. The great big bloated orange egotistical prick has either sold out, or is being controlled, or has taken everyone for a ride all along. I don't care which is the case. It is business as usual for the Evil Empire, and then some........never seen a US president act so belligerent towards North Korea before. A very dangerous regime controlled by the most dangerous man, with the most diabolical ego on the face of the planet (Kim Jong Un that is, although Trump and the US are probs a close 2nd).

14  Economy / Speculation / Re: oh Arbitrage, where art thou on: April 17, 2017, 01:08:39 PM

and on top of that (in my opinion) you have to trust two different exchanges with your money which is twice the risk Smiley

Exchange risk is THE biggest risk in the bitcoin space. More people have lost money due to an exchange going bust (Mt Gox, Mintpal, Cryptsy etc) than for any other reason.

Or from the exchange simply just stealing from it's customers.....Kraken, Bitfinex.
15  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 14, 2017, 10:57:04 PM
I would probably just buy some litecoin rather than shorting bitcoin though, as it seems Litecoin will probably make another move.

As for what's going on at Bitfinex:

This market is flat out fraud.  $30 spread between Finex and Bitstamp.  Since we all know Bitfinex is an insolvent exchange that trades against it's own customers and also steals their money, I'm guessing that spread is also propped up by non-existent money just like Gox.  Why are people willing to put up a $2 million buy wall on Bitfinex but no other exchange to try and prop up price?  Because Bitfinex probably isn't even using real money, just imaginary exchange digits.  

I've been saying BitFinex is the new Gox forever and here it is.  There is no valid price of bitcoin as long as Bitfinex is the market maker.

r0ach does it again eh?

Announces his stunning gains in Litecoin, AFTER the fact.

Can't say that I disagree with you regarding Finex, but your new found continued saltiness towards Bitcoin and that exchange in particular, where you definitely didn't lose a single penny, cos you are too smart, or something, has been noted! Cheesy

Bitcoin has run it's course for now imo, more or less.......

Your didn't use a good chart to show what's going on.  You made things entirely too complicated when all you need to know is that bitcoin formed a down channel and is currently at the top of that channel and can probably only go down form here:

Your chart just shows a short term trend on LTF. Trend channels are there to be breached.

You do understand things like divergence between momentum indicators and price, and M and W market structure in both, and what they entail? My chart couldn't be more clear and it isn't a 4 hour chart, or even a Daily chart. It is a fucking weekly! The larger the time frame of a chart, the more accurate TA is likely to be. Weekly charts are not for day traders though.

On the subject of long term charts, here are a couple of whoppers:

Gold is such a long term no brainer right now. Looks set to break out into long term bull trend probs in around 8 months time. Wonder how that will align with global geo political events?

16  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 14, 2017, 10:51:57 AM
It is beginning to look like the Bitcoin train may be running out of steam for now.

That confirmed divergence between momentum (RSI) and price is a raging screaming sell signal, and bear in mind this a WEEKLY chart. Still lots of room to manoeuvre in both directions. Bitcoin could pop a little higher yet, but on the broader longer term scale, this is a very bearish looking chart. For long term holders, time to start taking profits. For those who have come late to the game and aren't super sharp trader sharks. Now is probably time to just get out of Bitcoin.

It would be great to combine a volume based indicator with this chart, but all the exchanges volume figures are tainted, inaccurate, or compromised in one way or another, thus volume based technical studies for Bitcoin can't really be done on large time frames such as Weekly candle intervals.
17  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 12, 2017, 09:11:22 AM
In a way he's right. The believement into monetary value. The detail he messes up is the necessiarity to make someone believe by force. There are believers who got not forced, but still do believe.

But we are still living in a paradigm were 'monetary belief' is held together at the most fundamental level by force. With that paradigm being the Global Petrodollar Hegemony enforced by the might of the US military. There are handful of not insignificant 'rouge' states whose are actions are undermining the US Petrodollar Hegemony. If these countries actions continue to go unchecked, much of the monetary belief holding up the USD as global reserve, could evaporate. WW3 will likely be fought to prevent this from happening. We can already see the beginnings of it in Middle East, Nato incursions into Russia's own back yard, adding to the already established US missile belt surrounding China and Russia, stretching from Japan, Korea, Middle East, Eastern Europe.

Bitcoin's value entirely depends on it's convertability into USD and any currency war resulting in a failing currency, will likely be very good for Bitcoin, UNLESS that failing currency is the USD. If/when the USD fails, then nobody will want to be holding artificially created proxies on real wealth. No paper wealth. No digital wealth. Only real tangible assets will matter.

Bitcoiners should all be cheering on the Neo-Con war hawks as they seek to back non-petrodollar hegemony compliant nations into a corner and ensure that there, and everyone else's currencies fail before the USD does.
18  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 11, 2017, 08:31:08 PM
You are saying that bitcoin is tied to the dollar. No wonder you couldn't hack it.
I am saying Bitcoin's value depends on it's convertibility into the USD.
Which is still wrong. The only thing that matters is that you can trade it for stuff. Fiat currencies is an optional middle step for those who want it, but in no way required.

For something to be money, in addition to being easily divisable into different amounts, if it hasn't been inherently valuable in and off itself, then it requires some authority enforcing it's use as money, generally by demanding taxes or tribute be paid in that specific money. Take the authority away, and all fiat currencies are worthless, obviously.

Bitcoin has neither an authority behind it with the powers to demand taxes or deploy military force, nor has it any inherent value in and off itself.

Bitcoin is a wealth transfer commodity, which may be exchanged as USD proxy, but only as long as easy convertibility exists.
19  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 11, 2017, 12:26:06 PM
You are saying that bitcoin is tied to the dollar. No wonder you couldn't hack it.


I am saying Bitcoin's value depends on it's convertibility into the USD.

Should the US government decide to take issue with Bitcoin, and make moves to suspend any USD denominated financial account linked to trading Bitcoin, then you will see the true value of your worthless vapour coin, and you will also see where the financial power lies. Any money that is exchanged for way way more than it's inherent commodity value, such as copper coins with gold and/or silver dye on them, bank notes, digital fiat or crypto, instantly become worthless the very minute the authority behind the denomination loses it's power. Thus, no USD, then no Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a commodity whose utility is fast transfer of wealth and evasion of capital controls and covertibility into USD underpins all value that Bitcoin has.
20  Economy / Speculation / Re: Lose all your capital fast, with MatTheCat and his TA 101A! on: April 07, 2017, 08:54:23 AM
When Jim Roger's talks about currency collapse. He is of course talking about a USD collapse. Bitcoin needs to be readily convertible into strong currencies. Without this feature, Bitcoin would be worthless.

You've got it completely backwards.  Bitcoin is a currency, not money.  That's why low scalability is completely counterintuitive to it's value proposition.  The only way it can derive value is by tons of people using it in every day transactions, NOT a tiny number of people attempting to use it as a settlement layer or generational store of wealth because gold and silver are far superior for that purpose.

Sounds all a bit Mike Maloney to me. Bitcoin is neither currency nor money. It is not issued by any government decree. No authority seeks to collect taxes from it's citizens in Bitcoin, and it has no inherent value. i.e. if a government were to ban Bitcoin being used to transfer wealth, nobody would want it just for it's own sake, such as gold or silver.

Bitcoin is a commodity. It's utility is fast transfer of wealth with the volume of wealth exchangeable per unit, being measured in a wide array of global currencies (but totally tracking the USD price) being totally dependent on the antics taking place on a few unregulated and totally corrupt exchanges. And of course, Bitcoin's value is not derived from millions of people using it in everyday transactions. Indeed, in the UK the few early 'adopters' of Bitcoin payment systems seem to have abandoned it already, as Western consumers just don't have one single advantage in using Bitcoin for legitimate purchases, quite the opposite infact, even if someone actually holds Bitcoin, he is better paying for his new 50" TV with debit/credit card. Bitcoin's value is derived 95% from pure speculation. Not least of all being pushed up by venture capitalists who have invested up to their eyeballs in Bitcoin in one way or the other, and who are desperate to see it work. (in the long-run, it won't)
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