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1  Economy / Speculation / Re: Analysis on: Today at 06:36:57 AM
follow "Bitcoin Beavers" onTelegram

Can Bitcoin Beavers help provide the best analysis for Bitcoin prices that will run in the market? I have never found Bitcoin Beavers via Telegram because I didn't know that there was a group for analyzing Bitcoin prices. So before I join Bitcoin Beavers, I want to know your explanation about what things are discussed in Bitcoin Beavers. Because I still think that making an analysis about anything is not easy enough for everyone, especially when it comes to the price of Bitcoin.
2  Economy / Economics / Re: It ain't meant to be easy on: Today at 06:29:47 AM
You really helped me friend. I'm happy to take the time to learn and continue to learn better here and it's true that I have to be thick-skinned because I feel that's the reality.
I'm sure I can be a great person like you @JJG. Wink

As long as you are still willing to learn and continue to be motivated with lots of guidance, especially guidance from @JJG who has been proven to be able to provide more of his best contributions in this forum, you will also gain more knowledge with the determination you currently have. So don't be embarrassed to keep asking questions and trying things that you know so far, either through this forum or through other places, but I think you will find it easier to get a lot of direction through this forum as long as you are still willing to keep asking more questions.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Wearing Bitcoin Clothing in Public on: Today at 06:06:51 AM
Has anyone ever tried wearing a Bitcoin clothing in public? I wore mine to an event earlier this week and noticed that most of the young age people were looking at it. One person even asked me if I owned a Bitcoin(which I've answered him ). It just popped into my mind that is it making myself vulnerable to bad people? We are aware that we should keep quiet if we own Bitcoin because of the risk that someone will hurt us or target us so that they could get our Bitcoin.

I also have several t-shirts with the Bitcoin logo on the front and I often wear them when I leave the house or go to other public places here at my place. Indeed, there are several people who glance and see me when I wear clothes that have the Bitcoin logo on them, but they here at my place don't tend to approach me to ask about Bitcoin and maybe they also think that to find out about Bitcoin it's enough to go through the internet.

And I'm actually quite comfortable that no one wants to ask me about Bitcoin so that I don't have to spend my time explaining it to those who do. Apart from that, I have also seen other people in my place wearing clothes with Bitcoin written on them and I didn't approach them to ask because for me it was very normal, especially since Bitcoin is now known by many people throughout the world. So it wasn't something that really wowed me and it wasn't something that was surprising to me either.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading not for everyone! on: Today at 05:02:15 AM
Valid point for newbies. Trading isn't like just let's start and make profit. Trading needs knowledge about fandmental, analysis ability and many more. Even skill won't be sufficient enough for some trades cause market won't always follow the same rules. It could be change with difficult & current circumtennces. I did trade without knowing anything and loss my fund much of the time and so quit myself until i gain the ability. It is important to manage your fund with patient
Trading is simply not suitable for people who do not yet have knowledge about how to trade and also experience about trading. Although more experience can only be gained when someone has started trading frequently, when someone has gained more knowledge and sufficient funds for this. Because if you only rely on a certain amount of funds, it will only make you frustrated more quickly when you experience losses or lose the amount. So the importance of knowledge and experience provided by other people towards a better way of trading has become a pretty good foundation for everyone who wants to trade.
5  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] BC.Game - Crypto Casino | Sig Campaign | Up to $90/W on: November 29, 2023, 11:16:37 AM
Username: G_Besar
Have you placed a sports bet in the last 60 days? NO
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: November 25, 2023, 04:56:26 PM
It's true that Liverpool is Europe's top team and they have a pretty good mentality, but this is a Europa League competition which is full of surprises, so I think even though Liverpool are favorites to win the title this season, their percentage is not that big.
I still remember last season how Arsenal were the favorites to win the Europa League but in reality they had to leave early, maybe the same goes for Liverpool this season especially since they also have to focus on the fierce competition in the Premier League in the race for the title.
Liverpool's condition this season is very different and I will not equate Liverpool's condition in the Europa League with Arsenal's condition last season in the Europa League, because Liverpool have really made quite a breakthrough by continuing to provide quite fierce resistance to their opponents. Especially in the Premier League, and this can also happen in the European League because here there are not many opponents who are strong and comparable to Liverpool, except for the teams that were eliminated from the Champions League and came here to compete with weaker teams.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: November 25, 2023, 04:46:55 PM
Newcastle's performance began to decline due to several of its players suffering injuries. I also no longer think the Magpies will be a dark horse in this year's edition of the tournament and realistically they are still very likely to be eliminated in the Europa League playoffs instead of falling to the bottom of the group standings. But even so, I still praise Eddy Howe's performance while managing that team.
However, Newcastle still has a chance to get back up in Group F because Newcastle is still not too weak even though several players are injured and today Newcastle has also gained new enthusiasm by winning its match in the Premier League. And I want to see them being able to beat PSG next week in the Champions League even though PSG itself is still quite strong when playing at home this season. However, I hope Newcastle can recover and beat their opponents in this league again.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: November 25, 2023, 04:36:41 PM
Rayo Vallecano is not a potential team in the La Liga series but it is really sad that Barcelona drew the match 1-1 with this team. Because Barcelona is a popular team and they are strong enough and on the other hand Rayo Vallecano is not a potential strong team but they drew 1-1 with a team like Barcelona it could be a great achievement for them but it is a shame for Barcelona. And while Rayo Vallecano scored a goal in the first half, Barcelona scored a goal in the 82nd minute to draw the match. Lol
The goal in the second half for Barcelona was not a pure result scored by a Barcelona player, but it was an own goal from a Rayo Vallecano player so this saved Barcelona from defeat because the position was a draw or the same. This certainly will not make Barcelona happy enough because if Atletico Madrid is able to win at home when they host Mallorca, then Barcelona's current position will be overtaken by Atletico Madrid and make it difficult for Barcelona to compete at the top. I also wonder why Barcelona was unable to beat Rayo Vallecano in today's match, even though Barcelona has the strength to win today's match.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: November 24, 2023, 04:43:28 AM
Chelsea really has to rise from their downturn because right now they have to make the fans happy and gain their trust again. Tomorrow they will play against Newcastle, and the chances of winning are quite slim, but at least Chelsea must keep trying to give their best performance to get the win.
Why do you say Chelsea's chances of winning are quite slim? Is it because Chelsea is visiting Newcastle that you think the chances of winning are quite slim. I think Chelsea could win against Newcastle if Chelsea had a better performance than before this week, because being able to draw against Manchester City is a quite unique achievement for Chelsea amidst their downturn this season. So at least for this week's match Chelsea can win again at home to Newcastle.
10  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: November 24, 2023, 04:23:25 AM
This is one of the reasons why you should not invest your funds in altcoins because they are pump-and-dump coins that can not deliver what they promise to their investors. Most altcoins are a scam after taking investors' funds they will rug-pull the coin and run away with investors' money. With Bitcoin, you will not experience all these problems, and your investment in Bitcoin will be safe, all you need is to buy Bitcoin with a DCA strategy and Bitcoin always recovers its price.
The advice you express is quite appropriate for many people to know, especially newbies who still like altcoins. Because maybe they still don't know how safe it is to invest in Bitcoin with the DCA strategy which is still widely used by investors today, so we need to provide that kind of understanding to those who still like altcoins so they can consider Bitcoin more when they want to invest, even though we not telling them to forget about altcoins. It's just that they can at least limit themselves to altcoins which frankly will not be as useful as Bitcoin which has been proven by many investors from the past until now.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: The impact of war on global economy. on: November 24, 2023, 03:51:42 AM
of course there will be an impact from the war itself, but in general it will definitely be on the economy where economic activity will be indirectly hampered whether it is export or import goods in one country, even domestic trade will be very bad because of the lack of supply, because of this all prices will go up and there won't even be any stock.
Apart from economics, it is a humanitarian problem, where there will be many civilians and children who will become victims
I hope that in this world no one will wage war again and that countries that are at war will soon be at peace

As long as there are leaders who are selfish and have no shame in anything, war will always exist in this world because the purpose of war is to slaughter each other, not to make peace. So I also hope that in the future there will be no more leaders of any country who feel selfish and feel more powerful so that it could cause another prolonged war in certain regions.

Everyone can see what happened to European countries that were involved in war and also see what happened to countries in the Middle East as a result of war. Almost all infrastructure destruction occurs through war, so it is appropriate for all leaders to open their eyes to set the intention to make peace so that any destruction can be stopped well.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: What is the right age for financial stability? on: November 24, 2023, 01:54:37 AM
the sooner the better, after the age of 18 you should be productive enough to earn money, even if you're studying while work  it's actually not a problem, we're smart enough to divide our time,
Having financial freedom at a young age really influences our lives in old age when we have a family,

This is what many people are doing now, especially young people who are creative enough in living their lives so that they can allocate their time to study and earn money from the age of under 20. I often see this done by many young people who come from poor or modest families because they do not have valuable assets from their own parents so they are very willing to work even though they are studying at a particular education.

However, after we look closely, this can also be quite good for all young people because the results will be better for themselves in the future, especially since they don't have anything they can rely on in life except the determination to work hard and think creatively in earning money. So I wouldn't be quite surprised by something like this because I have often witnessed it in reality in my own area.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: fiat vs commodity on: November 23, 2023, 11:28:45 PM
okay here I just want to find out the answer from the members here because I think about it and sometimes get curious  Grin
People say that if we save 100k$ in the bank and take it out, say 5 years later, the value will not be equivalent to 100k$ 5 years ago.
then if I put my money 100k$ into bitcoin 5 years later the value let's just say it rises to 300k$. just for example.
The money you save in the bank will never increase or increase, and if you get additional money when you withdraw your money, it will only be in the form of interest given by the bank itself. And I don't think it would be worth the five years, whereas Bitcoin is purely because there is a very real price increase in the market and can also be witnessed by many people.

My question is whether the price of bitcoin is rising or is fiat experiencing a decline?
because someone on the internet I saw once said, house prices don't rise, fiat is the one that weakens every year.
Fiat is very likely to weaken and this has been felt by many people every year, while Bitcoin clearly experiences an increase in price in each cycle so both are true. Likewise with houses, the price of which may never increase, but only the materials used to make the house increase in price, causing the house to become more expensive. And it is also accompanied by a weakening level of fiat due to several things, such as inflation, so there are two possibilities for one of the causes.

so if you buy a house for 20k$ in 1980 then sell it now for 500k$, he says that the house is not going up but the fiat is going down.
that's why we see rising prices in commodities in the long term.
Are all commodities actually stable, but fiat is weakening or are there exceptions?
We can say that almost all commodities have a stable value, but we cannot say that the fiat value will continue to be stable because shocks through inflation could cause the fiat value to collapse. So everyone has to spend more fiat when they want to spend on the same items in different years and even in the same year it can also be different.

I saw Robert Kiyosaki say he owns 15,000 houses and doesn't like Bitcoin a few years ago, but recently I looked back at his interview when he said he bought Bitcoin, and said it was a valuable asset?
does he see that bitcoin is an opportunity?
Robert Kiyosaki is a person who is smart enough to see and read opportunities so he will not ignore Bitcoin which has shown proof to many people for more than ten years. So we can also consider Bitcoin as a very good opportunity to earn more income in the future as said by Robert Kiyosaki where Bitcoin is a very valuable asset besides a house.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Earnings on: November 23, 2023, 11:11:42 PM
I will also advice you to get your self a source of income, do not just conclude now that you can make earnings from bitcoin so fast that you will be able to depend on it. If you think bitcoin can make you to become rich so quick I think it is another kind of gambling you are just depending  on. Their good benefits you can gain from bitcoin but I would not advice you to make it all your priority at this early stage of your journey. The market of bitcoin is unpredictable because of volatility and this should not be what people needs to put all their hopes on to make money from it by all means.
Sources of income from other sectors are also still important for everyone, although we must not forget that Bitcoin can also provide a source of income at a certain time, because Bitcoin holders will be more comfortable when they have other sources of income apart from Bitcoin. In fact, this can make them continue to be consistent in Bitcoin because they don't need to rely entirely on Bitcoin just for their survival, so other sources of income still have to be considered for everyone even though they have earned more income through Bitcoin so far.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading can ruin you on: November 23, 2023, 10:15:56 PM
Loss is also a part of trading but preparation from the very start is needed. Some people says that they have traded correctly but the market has been gone down. Even it is not the mistake of the market they mistake belongs to them because when they start their trading they have to look for the news who are coming on different social media's like twitter the most. They have to watch all these news about the market and the market condition that how would be in the next weeks or in the next months. It would definitely work for them the most.
Seeing and reading the current situation and market conditions is very important for every trader, because this will not only help them achieve profits, but will also help them not immediately experience losses while trading. Because apart from this, every trader must also have a strong mentality when they have to face a downturn with a situation that is detrimental to them if they sell their holdings after having bought at a higher price. So finding out about news and market conditions is very important and also very necessary before starting trading.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: November 22, 2023, 09:55:53 AM
Sevilla is a complete box. You never know what they will do. They are playing great in the match where they are not favourites. They may lose in the match where they seem to be favourites. That's why there is no guarantee for the Sociedad match. A match that both teams can win. If Sevilla players have a good day, they will put a lot of pressure on Sociedad.
This season Sociedad still looks better than Sevilla, although Sevilla can still do unexpected things in this season's matches, but Sociedad itself will also do better at home in order to achieve full points in its fourteenth match this season . Their match is quite an interesting match apart from several matches against other stronger teams this weekend and because Sociedad's current position is not in a bad ranking, I am quite sure Sociedad will try to win with the abilities they currently have.
17  Economy / Speculation / Re: September didn't follow its bear cycle on: November 22, 2023, 03:54:36 AM
It seems like what you said might not happen, but this is actually a good signal for the market in the future, even though I'm not completely sure that the market will continue to rise. because the halving is still a long time away, and usually experiences a final decline before rising again.
Price increases and corrections are two things that happen very often in the market under any conditions, so it is quite natural that you and some other people are not sure that the market will continue to rise at the end of this year. In the past two days alone, there has been a gradual Bitcoin price correction, so it cannot be denied that the price correction is still there and can happen at any time, at any moment. However, further increases will also be possible in Bitcoin after the end of the year, so be patient to see a better market.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: Imaginary Future on: November 22, 2023, 03:34:00 AM
It's true Future is uncertain. Saving and investing provide a solid foundation to face future challenges and the arguments you convey are quite wise, which requires the key to sound financial management to support long-term financial goals and the fact is that most of us, when we have a little excess fortune, always forget ourselves. as if this is no longer needed even though life still has a long journey
People who often forget themselves when they have more fortune are people who don't want to plan their future from now on so that people like that will always have easier difficulties in their lives. Things like that cannot be taken as a good example for life, because investing and saving have become important for everyone who wants to make the foundation of their own life stronger. The key to managing finances better is now easier to find through several aspects and also through people who have implemented it first, so there is no need to be lazy about this as long as we still really want to live happily in the future.

But is it good to be too frugal, only thinking about the future and forgetting about the present? What is the future, is it tomorrow? And if we only think about tomorrow, does that mean we will always worry about it until we die? What is financial freedom? Because human greed has no bottom, once we have it, we want bigger things and if we keep doing that, when will we stop to enjoy life? To me, the future is something that needs to be carefully prepared, but don't neglect the present, we need to balance our lives instead of just thinking one way.
Being too frugal also won't be very good for our own lives, because it would be very silly if we endured hunger just to save excessively. In fact, the essence of earning income is to enjoy life and we deliberately leave a few cents for savings because that is part of the balance that we have to create for ourselves in life. I also agree that we need to think about the present so that our thoughts are not focused in one direction, namely the future, so that the balance between enjoying life through needs and saving for the future must exist and be separated from now.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: An easy approach to Bitcoin on: November 21, 2023, 01:55:47 PM
Bitcoin has opened my eyes recently, when it comes for financial sectors in the cryptocurrency market, it is very easy to approach Bitcoin with a little fraction of Bitcoin, automatically has become a holder in the ecosystem.
Bitcoin in general has opened the eyes of many people in this world every year since Bitcoin appeared in this world so that the cryptocurrency space and the cryptocurrency market have become a very comfortable place and are very popular with many people looking to make money every month. So Bitcoin not only opened your own eyes this year, but also opened more other people's eyes this year so that there are more people who believe in Bitcoin and also they have considered Bitcoin as the best asset in their life.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Whats your portfolio building strategy for crypto? on: November 21, 2023, 01:41:27 PM
Guys, Id really like to know how you built your crypto portfolio? Im a seasoned crypto investor myself (not to mention an entrepreneur) and this is just that time of the year when I ask other crypto investors about their strategies. My Strategy is centered around using AI to analyze data and trends of the current market and then rebalancing my portfolio based on my findings. What are you all doing/have done to build your portfolio?
It's strange why you are even using AI to analyze current market data and trends if you are an experienced investor and also an entrepreneur? Do you really trust the directions made by AI than those made by other people or investors for the same. It seems strange to me when someone who is very experienced in the investment field actually entrusts predictions from AI for the work he will do. Even though building a portfolio is not difficult as long as you have sufficient skills and experience in the investment field, you ignore it and trust AI for that Cheesy
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