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1  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] COINS.GAME | Most Rewarding Crypto Casino | Signature Campaign Up to $100 on: Today at 07:50:18 AM
Merit earned in the last 120 days: 8
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2  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Zenland Signature (+Avatar) Campaign - Up To $50 Per Week! 🌐 on: September 27, 2023, 02:31:06 AM
1. BitcoinTalk username : leonair
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3  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] | Signature Campaign ~ Full Members+ | Up to $70/Week on: September 26, 2023, 04:09:23 AM
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EARNED merit in the last 120 days: 9
4  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Zenland Signature (+Avatar) Campaign - Up To $50 Per Week! 🌐 on: September 22, 2023, 06:17:33 AM
1. BitcoinTalk username : leonair
2. BitcoinTalk profile link :;u=917822
3. Preferred network for payment : BTC
4. Preferred currency for payment : BTC
5. Wallet address (must be Metamask if you choose any currency but BTC) : bc1qnnewxdyuj2pwnv4097py0y7d7mue0fqyze9sv9
5  Economy / Services / Re: [HOLD] | Leading Online Gambling Operator Signature Campaign | Sr. + on: September 22, 2023, 02:30:41 AM
Round 19 Payments have been sent out!

Thank you all for yet another great week! Smiley

There's some changes going on at vbetFTN, in the management and top positions and my contact there can't guarantee that the campaign can continue in it's current form for a bit so we'll put this on hold for now and then I'll keep you updated on any and all progress. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with all of you during these 19 weeks and hopefully we can pick up where we've left off. For now you can remove your Signatures and Avatars.
It was a beautiful journey of 19 consecutive weeks. I was very happy to stay from the first to last. Hope we can work together again
6  Other / Meta / Re: can we use live signatures on this forum. on: September 21, 2023, 01:41:43 PM
I have seen that many users have live avatars on their profiles, especially in the Wall Observer thread in the Speculation board. but I am curious, can we use live signatures too? have you come across any users who have applied live signatures?
I like to know if we can use live signatures here and, if we can, what level or rank do we need to reach to use them? I could not find any information when I searched using search button. Has anyone here tried making a live signature, and if yes, could you please share the BB Code for it?
You meam gif/Animated avatar? It used to be supported on the forum a long time ago but for some reason it has been discontinued now. No longer supports animated avatars. And speaking of animated signatures, it never existed before and still cannot be possible to use. But those who set it at that time were not disabled

The banners you see animated like signatures are not signatures. No user can do this.this a banner ads by forum
Maybe you are right op maybe ask for Forum ads. I've never seen an animated signature in as long as I've been on this forum. But there was a time when animated avator was supported and those who didn't change after setting avatar are still seen and supported. And in the early days of the forum a Member rank member could use an avatar as well as a signature but that too has been discontinued now. Many new things have been added to the forum and many things that were there before have been closed
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Betting significant amount on: September 21, 2023, 01:24:17 PM
In both gambling and trading, one should start with small amounts and gradually build up to keep oneself in control. So it may be wise to gamble with a fixed amount. Because a limitation can save a gambler from deep gambling addiction. Gambling is a big addiction and if someone gambles with extra money here at excessive rates then that gambling takes a terrible shape for him. According to me a person should start gambling with 5% of their gambling budget and gamble for 1-2 hours a day maximum to avoid gambling deep addiction. Because the deep addiction to gambling causes a gambler much more harm than good
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ODI cricket and general cricketing discussion [self - mod] on: September 21, 2023, 01:03:02 PM
The match is still ongoing and it seems Bangladesh has a good chance of winning if they can take a few more wickets in next overs.
Yeah. They need to keep taking wickets at regular intervals in order to restrict NZ under 200 which is a losing total. Rahman is the only one who bowled well so far while the NZ batsmen are playing well currently.

Expected Williamson to return in this match, but it seems that he is trying hard to be fit before the showpiece event.

The match is looking good, Bangladesh is dominating the match with excellent bowling. The current run rate is below 5 but one big partnership can change the game completely. If Bangladesh wants to win the match then they would need to restrict the New Zealand side under 250 runs. The way they are playing now it looks like they might be able to do that. Mustafizur Rahman has taken 3 wickets and after this over he would be left with only three overs. I think after he completes this spell, NZ would start forming a partnership as he is the only bowler looking good now.

Due to the rain, the bowling on the pitch is getting an added benefit which is not helping the New Zealand batsmen. Moreover, the New Zealand batsmen batted at a very slow pace in the beginning of the match and they probably did not score any runs in 10 overs but only scored 28 runs. Here New Zealand kept the score low as a team which would be a major hurdle in their 200 run collection. On the other hand, the bowling department of Bangladesh has performed well and if the batting department can perform well then the first ODI match can go in favor of Bangladesh.
The way New Zealand are playing, it is difficult for them to collect 200 runs. However, the rain stopped the game for a while.  Bangladesh is batting very well. Bangladesh can play such matches well but in any serious match they lose the match badly. In the Asia Cup, Bangladesh lost the easy matches very badly but beat India in the last match and left the Asia Cup. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict the game of Bangladesh in advance. But Bangladesh is not bad at playing cricket.  But many of them have the record of losing easy matches
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲| 💸Buy-Sell BFG on BetFury | 🔥Fury Pharaoh - New In-house Slot on: September 21, 2023, 12:42:28 PM
This is what they need to do before since if they just create good use case for their token and create something interesting with their token maybe they will not experience this huge downfall. But they are maybe left behind that's why frustrations coming from its holder is slowly covering this thread and they show some frustration the way they post. If they still have plan to make this project great then better if they go back here and be active so that people can see some hope from them.

This is not new behavior of casino that offers investment in a form of casino tokens. They usually pocket the funds from the initial investment and then use their token holdings reserve to slowly spend the part of investment money put on the exchange liquidity for the casino use.

At the end of the day, only token holders ended up holding a useless token while the team enjoying on the casino profit and casually liquidating their BFG tokens to spend for the casino. Itís a win win scenario for the team. Believing on this kind of token for long term is  very painful if you look carefully how the team excludes BFG tokens when it comes to profit sharing of the casino. We are already ignored by the team on this thread. This is a sign that they doesnít focus much on the token future.

Indeed what you are saying is very similar to the truth. The casino team does not support the BFG price in any way. But to blame the team you need to know their wallet addresses. And if there is evidence on the blockchain that Betfury is selling their tokens, then it is 100% certain that the casino is to blame for the drop in the price of BFG.
The BFG team is busy with their casino site even though they managed to build the hype of their casino site for their BFG token. But they eventually forgot to develop their token. And on the other hand Betfurry has now lost many gamblers to various reputable casinos.  I don't know why the BFG team stopped promoting their signature campaign even though this forum has so much potential for gambling site promotion.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: All newbies should be aware. on: September 20, 2023, 01:28:40 PM
Mail + airdrop + wallet details= scam

Most of these airdrops are scams so newbies should avoid these airdrops. Scammers especially promote fake airdrops on social media. Gmail is a street where a lot of fake scam airdrop mail can be found.
Airdrops coming to Mail only are not scams. Almost all airdrops are now scams. And airdropping can't be any kind of skill so it's stupid to waste time on them. People who are new to crypto are very happy to get few dollars like $1-$5 which addicts them to waste their valuable time doing things like airdrops. This is the biggest mistake beginners make. Of course, beginners should use that time away from tasks such as airdrops to hone their skills.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Are no KYC casinos taking risks? on: September 20, 2023, 01:17:49 PM
KYC is usually risky everywhere. Similarly gambling using gambling sites without Kyc is also risky. 

I'm sorry, but it seems like you misunderstood the purpose of KYC. Actually, it would not be implemented if it did not help the government combat illegal online activities. It might be risky for some, especially for those planning to launder money using the casino. However, for those who are playing just for fun with no bad intentions, it's a way to protect them. Besides, our regulators are closely monitoring the casinos, and they won't allow them to abuse the gamblers. Therefore, if you are a victim of casino abuse, you can report it to the authorities and file a legal action against them.
KYC is very risky for those trying to launder money. But with that comes a lot of risk for the public like us that you have to accept.  Because there are many gambling sites that will not hesitate to sell your documents on the black market and you should know what kind of work can be done using those documents if they are sold on the black market. So you can't guarantee that doing kyc is risky only for those trying to launder money and not risky for others. But you can say that kyc on reputable sites is less likely to cause trouble.  But that is also not 100% guaranteed
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I took a proposal to my State Governor to accept Bitcoin Technology on: September 20, 2023, 01:09:05 PM
Wow that's great op. That's a big job and it's very admirable to do that. The topic of Bitcoin has now spread worldwide and many people are optimistic about Bitcoin. And Bitcoin has become a much easier payment medium for the youth. Because various restrictions, limitations, liabilities in the banking sector are becoming a major reason for youths to become more focused on Bitcoin. So the work you have done is really appreciable.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Are no KYC casinos taking risks? on: September 20, 2023, 12:55:27 PM
So you're saying that the no KYC casinos are rather not safe for us to use,

On the contraty, I think that what the OP (correct me if I'm wrong) meant is that no KYC is not a safe practice for them (gambling platforms).

I think that it will depend on the jurisdiction they are licensed in, on one hand, and the citizenship of the players, on the other hand. If I'm not wrong, legislations among countries differ so much that there must be many exceptions to mandatory KYC. But I'm not any expert, it is just my perception.
KYC is usually risky everywhere. Similarly gambling using gambling sites without Kyc is also risky.  Because without kyc if one wins high amount then withdrawing it can be difficult and many more problems. But those Web3 casinos can be used without kyc because in this case a personal wallet has to be connected and any winnings go directly to the personal wallet.  So kyc is not a big problem here.  But if you are using a centralis casino site then definitely complete the kyc before gambling
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How do you manage your money on gambling sites. on: September 19, 2023, 09:49:20 AM
I've been following a few gambling channels on Twitter and Telegram, and whenever they share a screenshot of a bet slip or winning ticket, they occasionally also include the balance of their wallet. I've seen this happen several times, which made me wonder why they don't choose to withdraw their winnings instead of storing them in their gambling site wallet. Why do they leave that much in there, or is it simply for show off? A gambling expert should know better than to save their money on casino websites. 
This could be due to several reasons
1. He is showing off and showing everyone that he is very expert in gambling
2. He is going to withdraw larger amounts together
3. He sometimes wants to take advantage of this opportunity to win a huge amount because of the sure bet he can do so.
4. Maybe he owns a lot of money so he doesn't care about this amount of money
There could be many other reasons which we cannot say for sure
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Have a clear understanding of what DCA means on: September 19, 2023, 09:37:03 AM
DCA Means Doller cost Average. Following DCA is a matter of personal preference as it only minimizes everyone's losses. To calculate, let's say you invest $1000 in Bitcoin without investing the entire amount in one transaction.  Divide it into parts like investing $100 per week so you can buy bitcoins at different prices to minimize your losses.  And if you invest the entire $1000 in one transaction, you will lose a lot if the price of Bitcoin goes down, and if the price goes up, you will gain more.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: I wonder if food prices in your country have also increased? on: September 19, 2023, 09:24:02 AM
But I was wondering if this only happened in my country or in your country too?

In Nigeria, it has not been easy for the citizens. Not only the food price, but everything seriously is going even higher every day, and people are suffering. Both farmers and companies producing food are here. You know, in some places, if you are close to where something has been produced, you will find it easy and cheap, not like people that are coming far to purchase those products, but here in Nigeria, whether you are coming from far or close, it is still the same thing when we purchase goods, and right now it's raining season in Nigeria. We don't know how the dry season will look when we want to buy things to consume, which is ending in October. Anyway, we pray to get the solution solved before then.
Not only in Nigeria but in almost every country in the world, the prices of all kinds of daily items including food have increased a lot. But it doesn't matter if everyone in that country has a good source of income and can earn a high amount of income every month. However, in most of the countries of the world, even though the prices of goods have increased at a high speed, people's income has not increased much. And this is why it has become very difficult to live comfortably in most countries of the world
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: UnionBank to offer Bitcoin trading on mobile app in Octomber on: September 19, 2023, 09:12:37 AM
What is your opinion, do you think that banks are slowly starting to adopt Bitcoin?

Where you got this information? Union Bank doing there business on Bangladesh and bitcoin is still illegal on Bangladesh so it is not possible yet to accept bitcoin trade on Union Bank. i am not sure they can accept bitcoin trading Because i didnít get any news about it. before posting a new information you should post a source link where you got the information.

What is your opinion, do you think that banks are slowly starting to adopt Bitcoin?

Atleast provide the source for this news since this is not global but rather only for Philippines. You can use this as source so that your reader will have an idea about what you are talking about.
Ops this source mention that the Union Bank start crypto trading on Philippines not another countrys Branch
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 18, 2023, 04:26:56 PM
Yup what a great performance by Roma today. Empoli is not a very weak team so it is not fair for them to lose the match 7-0. Dybala is the most potential player in Roma's team. He alone scored two goals in today's match scoring the first goal just 2 minutes into the game. Roma's win today was very impressive  They were likely to win the match but no one predicted that they would win the match by such a big goal margin. congratulation Roma and Thanks for making us enjoy for such a great match
I didn't expect such goals difference between Roma and Empoli although I were sure Roma will win. When I saw the number of goals scored I wondered if Lukaku was the one scoring much or if he scored hattrick. It turns every player scored once and Dybala scored twice. So yeah congratulations Roma for this nice result.
In the other matches played yesterday, I was surprised also about Atalanta defeat, I had the feeling that Atalanta will do it especially after they scored first. This surprise was nothing, since Fiorentina is a good team, comparing to the defeat of Sassuolo. This team was leading with 2 goals to 0 vs Frosinone before they lost by 4 goals.. That was a crazy victory from a newcomer team!
The match didn't really have a fair result. Empoli played very badly today. I can't guess what is the reason for Empoli's bad performance today. Roma have earned a reputation for winning matches by such a goal margin. This is a huge achievement for Roma. But they suddenly came like a storm and won the match in such a big way. But whether they can play so well in the next matches is a big issue. Because very few teams are seen in very few matches to win matches with such a big gap. Which Roma showed in today's match
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: September 18, 2023, 04:14:20 PM
Although Qatar batted first, they played very well as a target of 156 runs in a T20 match cannot be considered a bad performance. But on the other hand Kuwait are playing very well and they are able to collect good runs very quickly. So it is very difficult to predict which team will win the match. Kuwait scored 52 runs in 5 overs and lost 1 wicket. And their run rate is also very good. So their chances of winning seem a bit higher
Kuwait scored 89 runs in 12 overs. Now Kuwait is under a lot of pressure after losing 5 strong wickets. But the performance of Qatar team bowlers depends on which team will win this match.  If possible, I still see the possibility of Qatar team in this match. Kuwait team now needs 68 runs from 48 balls to win. Until the end of the game, it is not clear which team will win today's match.
Kuwait are playing with some pressure but they are still in a good position so they are not under too much pressure to win the match. Kuwait have played 11 overs so far and lost 4 wickets they still need 73 runs in 9 overs to win the match. It will be a bit difficult to collect but it can be possible And Kuwait will have to play very carefully these 9 overs to win the match. Kuwait's performance has been looking good at times and questionable at times. So I am confused whether Kuwait can win the match
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: September 18, 2023, 04:05:10 PM
Anyway, Real Madrid are now in first place in the standings and have managed to win all the games that they have. Yesterday Sociedad were able to score the first quick goal and it looked like Madrid might lose, but they won. So it seems to me that even without Benzema Real have a great game.
Real Madrid's greatness does not lie in Benzema, even though last season Benzema was always a mainstay player at Real Madrid and this season the Real Madrid coach is very aware that the Real Madrid team must be able to appear strong even without Benzema. Now this has been proven through the five matches at the start of this season where Real Madrid was able to win all the matches, although not in an easy way because Real Madrid's struggle in winning the five matches at the start of this season was very visible.

After all, of course, it has been proven that Real Madrid are doing just fine even without Benzema because yes, the fact is that Real Madrid managed to play the first five matches of the season without defeat. So yes, it's obviously a very good result but even so, I think Real Madrid will also experience some problems as time goes on. Because I realize, to maintain a winning streak throughout the season is not easy. But yes, if the Real Madrid squad is not much and not often injured, then at least Real Madrid still has a chance to be able to win the La Liga title this season. Although still, competition with Barcelona in the La Liga title race will not be easy.
Better things can always be expected from Real Madrid. And Real Madrid has won the most La Liga Championship. Barcelona is a famous team but Real Madrid plays much better than them. And for this reason, they should have won at least 2-0 in today's match. But it doesnít matter Because Real Madrid played well, because Real Sociedad is a bit stronger team. Although Real Madrid is playing well, they are not able to overtake Barcelona in terms of points.  Real Madrid need to win one more match to overtake Barcelona
Although Real Madrid is a very good team, Barcelona is slightly more likely than Real Madrid to win this season. Point table is not a problem here any time position of any team can change but by comparing with them the win and loss of any team cannot be estimated. The series has been started for a short period of time so no team has been in its rightful position so far but Barcelona have been playing very well since the beginning so we can expect better things from them this time.  Along with Real Madrid, Barcelona has also won La Liga many times in the past. So Barcelona cannot be neglected
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