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21  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Are bitcoins valuable? on: July 08, 2018, 11:49:14 PM
In the past and recently, there are some who say bad about bitcoin, that bitcoin has no real value, there is no guarantee of value and assumes that the price will be zero. But everyone should know that the property other things like gold, silver or even money in your pocket are valued by the trust of the people with the central bank. Some countries do not manage the currency like venezuela or zimbabwe paper money fell dramatically. To me, the value of bitcoin is trust in algorithms and trust for network consensus. This belief is very certain because the network of bitcoin is extremely reliable. What is your thought like?
We can say that bitcoin is continuously decreased its price and because of this some of the bitcoin users are afraid of it but eventhough it is dump at this moment bitcoin is still valuable compare to last year's price.
True,  even at dump price,  bitcoin still leads the cryptos and you will notice,  the prices of other cryptos are kind of dependent to bitcoin.  When bitcoin is low,  their prices  are  also low too. bitcoin has been the number one crypto for a long time so there  is no denying too that it is the most valuable coin for a long time too and this will not easily change even if so many new coins appear.
22  Economy / Economics / Re: Do we need blockchain technology? on: July 08, 2018, 11:13:30 PM
If we are basing on the growing of technology and the fastest transaction in terms of our ecenomy today for yes we need it because if we can see and as i said our technology and the digital was growing and as we observe right now that they  or we are earning using the technology so that blockchain technology is one of we need in this time and it is belong or part of technology grow in terms of transaction.
Well our technology is advancing very fast and I think that blockchain technology will be a suitable implementation when it comes to money transactions.  Years from now,  it is possible that our phones will be our wallet and everything so a system like blockchain must be used to accommodate this modernization.
23  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What are the useful tips for beginners? on: July 08, 2018, 10:35:18 PM
Yes, great tips that you can help a lot of people. You just want to add that experience is also very helpful. If you have no experience in trading. You would suggest that before using your real money to trade. For beginners is they must have a very high fighting spirit. never give up and continue to learn to do the analysis. With good analysis then a trader will be able to make good decisions. Truly a trader must have a good experience so that when we fail then we must continue to try again.
Before starting a business you should scan the whole environment for that specific thing. To be successful in that business it is mandatory. For beginners I suggest that they should study the crypto market, take a technical and fundamental analysis, search for an authentic project and then invest their money. Self-survey will make your decisions easy in your investment.

Reading gives you an idea of the things that you could encounter or go through,  that's why it is very important. It is not necessary that you read all about trading,  what you need is the fundamental knowledge before actually doing trading.  Then when you are already trading,  keep in mind that every experience is a learning.  Losing is natural but if it is always the end result then there is something  wrong with what you are doing.
24  Economy / Speculation / Re: ICOs are the cause of recent bitcoin fall. on: July 06, 2018, 08:57:14 PM
Well you can't blame people to try make profit from alt coin, and it had been proven that alt coin could give more profitable and easier to be manipulated, so it got bigger chances to generate more profit, and as investors I will also do the same, because the goal of most people are profit

We can't blame people for making profit, but we can blame them for their reckless behavior. The far majority of the people here are insanely stupid and are not contributing to anything. They aren't here to understand Bitcoin's tech, they are here solely for bounties, air drops, pump and dump coins, etc. These are exactly the type of people that Warren Buffett is making fun of, and is he wrong? If he wasn't acting all bitter most Bitcoin maximalists would even agree with him. Altcoins are shitty. Altcoins are a bubble. ICO's are a bubble. Too many con artists behind projects. This is rat poison....
I also think that altcoins are not helping in getting cryptocurrency into government's acceptance because there are so many altcoin and that it is easy for others to use it in hoarding money through investments.  But altcoins play a good role when it comes to trading and ICOs are where we can get them.
25  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Altcoin investment? on: July 06, 2018, 07:44:34 PM
I am new to cryptocurreny ,I am thinking of investing into altcoin but seeing the downfall in it should I go for the investment for a good future .

The irony of investment is that you wait for a low price before you jump in. Since the market is experiencing set backs, true investors buys in so that they will gain more when the price soars up. As the common saying in investment state: "Buy low, sell high", we are currently at the "low" part so investing or buying the the best move.
This is the basic step when it comes to trading and it is justified since profits can only be earned at higher prices than the amount you invested.  There are people who have invested at higher prices because obviously the price where higher when they decided to jump in and I am sure that at the current market position,  they are not happy with what they did. They continue to hold hoping that the price may get high again.
26  Economy / Economics / Re: Why lot of countries do not allow to use Crpto? on: July 06, 2018, 03:14:59 PM
It's not about the government is unable to put a tax on it, they can actually do that in some ways, I believe the reason is the government until now can not give their final decision for crypto currency regulations but it is still under observation on how this platform be in use effectively.
In our country,  bitcoin is not regulated but it is being put into observation because the users here are increasing. The bad news about it is also growing since it is used for fraudulent actions so I am afraid that it will get banned in here also. I only hope that they are considering the advantage and benefits that cryptos can give.
27  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Master the trading on: July 05, 2018, 02:18:44 PM
They say that day trading is a skill, so practicing should make you good at it right? How long someone from newbie to advanced should spend to be considered good?
Trading is a never ending process and so as learning so we should be eager to do it continously. Regardless of our ranking, we should always find ways to learn and gain knowledge about trading. There are still helpful tools and we must just be willing to adopt things about it.
True and even if you always practice trading,  there is no assurance that you are going to be good at it.  There are long time traders who still experience and suffer losing in trading and the main reason for that is the volatility of the coins. No one knows which coin is going to be valuable and for how long is it gonna be.  Many coins are available for trading but knowing which will give big  profit is very impossible. Trading comes with a huge risk and mastering it seems very impossible.  It will be more realistic to think of ways and do things which will help increase gaining and decrease loosing.
28  Economy / Services / Re: BitVit Signature & Avatar Campaign on: July 04, 2018, 12:22:44 AM
Btctalk name: crazycatwoman03
Rank: Sr. Member
Current post count: 622
BTC address(No BCH): 3LdQPFfnj8CEB37MkNmRW31aBKQusugdGe
Wear appropriate signature: YES
Wear avatar: YES
29  Economy / Services / Re: ivyKoin Signature and Avatar Campaign(FULL) on: June 27, 2018, 10:56:08 PM
Please consider me applying if there will be a vacant spot for a  Sr. Member

Btctalk name: crazycatwoman03
Rank: Sr. Member
Current post count: 622 + 1
BTC address(non bch): 3LdQPFfnj8CEB37MkNmRW31aBKQusugdGe
Wear appropriate signature: Yes
Wear avatar: Yes
30  Economy / Services / Re: [FANCHAIN] by SportsCastr 🔥Signature campaign🔥Earn up to $115/week for posting on: June 26, 2018, 06:52:07 PM
Here is the payment for previous week:

Thank you guys for being part of this campaign.

Payment received.  Again,  thank you for the 2 weeks period. 
31  Economy / Services / Re: [FANCHAIN] by SportsCastr 🔥Signature campaign🔥Earn up to $115/week for posting on: June 26, 2018, 12:38:59 AM
Well this is really sad but I want to thank the whole team behind this project and also the campaign manager for letting me paticipate.  I hope that the project will be re-launch soon. 

Anyways,  will the participants get their payment for this week?
32  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Holding BTC vs Day trading or short term trading. on: June 24, 2018, 11:21:44 PM
So I have been in crypto for a while now, February precisely, and regrettably I wish I had never dabbled into day trading or short term trading. I have been burnt a lot trying to play the game of trading. Often times I end up buy too high thereby becoming a bagholder, and when I finally sell, it's at a loss.
So I can't help but wish I had just held on to my BTC. Would have been grinning from ear to ear today.  #Lessonlearned
You can see that the price of bitcoin in recent days is constantly decreasing, so if you keep the bitcoin during the last few days, you are very heavy losses. The market is bearish in the long term so bitcoin prices may continue to fall further if the $ 6000 level is broken. I believe that at this point you should only trade short term by day and always have specific stoploss.
It depends on the person who is holding the coin, they have a choice whether to hold or do day trading. For you, day trading might suit you at this time where there is a huge dump but for other people, holding works just fine. The price continue to go down but somehow it will fluctuate up after hours or a day. We can't really tell when there will be a pump and when bitcoin will finally recover. For now, to hold or to sell, do which is comfortable for you. It is your money anyways so you must also decide what to do with it, don't base it from what other people is doing.
33  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: This dip is great! on: June 24, 2018, 10:53:35 PM
There is no doubt there is a great value in the market now, but people need to be very careful here, alot of these tokens won't go up again, it has happen over and over again, if you look at the past bear trend most of these tokens didn't regain  their value. Choose right when investing
True, only strong coins will remain. There are too many altcoins now wherein most of them are false coins only, these coins make the market to look bad. There are coins who will succeed and regain their status like ethereum and these are the coins that should be maintained. Having too many altcoins makes it harder to decide which coin will we invest too. We really have to study and think thoroughly before choosing a coin.

It will be of great help if ever these coins will be removed from the market just like what the moderators did to reduced spammers.
34  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Teens in the crypto world on: June 24, 2018, 10:33:41 PM
I think we should welcome teens or the youth in the crypto world especially if they are interested about the change. With today's technology, they can easily implement and support cryptocurrencies.
Today they are teenagers who are interested in crypto currencies, and tomorrow they are young specialists in the field of crypto economy. If teenagers are interested, then we need to support this interest.
Too early to tell that teens who are into cryptos now will be specialists in the future. As far as I know, teens are getting involved because of curiosity because there are too many ads about bitcoin investments and etc scattered over the internet. They must also be curious about earning money through it but I don't think that their interest will result into that because teenagers tends to change decisions and can easily lose interest in this matter.

If they are really serious about it then some of them might be capable of learning by themselves and some might be better with someone guiding them.
35  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin holders will have to pay their tax? on: June 24, 2018, 03:31:32 PM
What will happen on BTC if the government will said that all the bitcoin holder have to pay their tax??
Maybe the expansion of BTC community will get low than usual.

If the government impose Bitcoin tax to the users its mean that Bitcoin investments is legal in the country in which the people are now protected from the scam people who use Bitcoin platform just to steal money from the people. I strongly believed that Bitcoin users will not reduce but it will increase more because people are more confident that every investments that will use Bitcoin platform is now 100% legit due to regulation policy.
Taxing bitcoin could surely help in increasing the trust of people in it because the government will recognize it as currency but I don't think that will have a big effect on making the investments more legit. Regulated or not, those who commit bad acts using cryptos will still be accused of crime because there are laws that covers online scamming.

Now that the population of bitcoin earners are growing, I do really think that the government are thinking of a way for us earners and holders to be taxed as well as those who have online businesses.

36  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is there any fast and easy money here in cryptocurrency? on: June 24, 2018, 03:00:27 PM
JUst like any Multi-Level marketing or any kind of business, it is no easy to earn from a cryptocurrency. What matters here is the time. Time will dictate your profit and it is quite hard. That's why patience should be part of your attitude. If not you will lose.
But you can try to make bounty because you can earn from it.
There are people who thinks that earning crypto is the same level as earning fiat. To be honest, there is nothing easy with earning crypto or earning fiat but there is a difference between them which is the assurance which earning fiat gives. For me, we shouldn't look for any method that will give fast and easy money because there is no such thing especially when it comes to crypto. In fact, it is much harder to earn in here because there are so many risks like the volatility and being scammed.

Most people here do bounty campaigns but it is not also easy because effort and lot of time management is needed. Plus the fact that patience is also needed because some bounties give their rewards very late.
37  Economy / Economics / Re: Making crypto succeed in the real world? on: June 24, 2018, 02:21:26 PM
Hi, I would love to hear your input on this.

As I see it, we need crypto wallets installed on every phone possible to ensure the readiness of everyday payment with crypto assets. Once customers are ready to pay, the stores will follow.

At least three things needs to happen:

1) Adoption of crypto wallets needs to increase (preferable with pre-funded assets)
2) Each wallet provider needs to agree on a standard protocol for payment (Maybe Payment Request API (W3))?
3) Store owners need a merchant app to receive payment with further integration into multiple accounting systems.

Have you seen anyone doing this?
Do we need a wallet alliance that can stipulate a standard?
What else needs to happen besides regulation?

Best crypto greetings,

Making cryptocurrencies widely accepted by merchants is possible, the responsibility is on developers of blockchains, cryptocurrency fans, cryptocurrency investors and governments. Traders are afraid because of some drastic fluctuations in prices that could affect their income. It is my opinion.
The government may greatly opposed the use of it but I think if developers, commercial enterprises, infrastructures and etc decided to implement crypto payment, the government will surely have no choice or will greatly consider accepting it. If that happens, crypto earners might need to pay taxes directly.

Crypto in a real world will greatly benefit those who are yearning for it to be used as regular payment, also it will increase the interest in bitcoin which might help in the market demand.
38  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Survival of the fittest on: June 24, 2018, 12:30:14 PM
You are right, I quite agree with you! Nowadays, many COINS are meaningless. There is no technology behind them to support them. Only by relying on the hype of capital, can we survive till now. In the next few years, there will definitely be a shuffling process. After the false COINS are eliminated, the cryptocurrency will be more healthy and powerful!

I do hope that shit coins will be eliminated. There are so many altcoins roaming around wherein most of them really are not capable of maintaining their position when it comes to trust of people in investing. I mean their movement are unlike bitcoin and ethereum who can manage to recover from dumps. The moderators have already implemented the merit system so that the forum will be get rid of spammers, making the forum healthy again. I do wonder if a similar thing can be implemented so that useless coins will be eliminated therefore leaving the strong coins which are worth it for investing.
39  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Did the use of online gambling increase with crypto moneys? on: June 24, 2018, 11:55:48 AM
New days where people wants to gamble with crypto's makes them look cool but that's not really the thing. The more usage for cryptocurrencies like to be used in casino's makes it demand goes up.
And it's helping to make the price, the market cap higher which everyone benefits. Some other gamblers aren't confident to gamble with fiat and needs to verify their identities with the usual online casino's though some crypto casino's are doing this but mostly don't which is an advantage for an anonymity seeking gambler.
True, online gambling helps in increasing the demand for the cryptos which helps us all but I do have a concern when it comes to age limit. I know that gambling for minors are punishable and very much unacceptable but the anonymity that online gambling is giving can hide this. Through anonymity minors can easily access gambling sites and even state a wrong age to be able to play. Online gambling might increase the market demand but it also increases the number of young people gambling.
40  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How to get rid of emotions when trading on: June 24, 2018, 09:20:37 AM
Emotional trading can blow up your account so you must get your emotions under control.
That is something natural, and one cannot get control over his emotion so easily, may be it can only be possible if you will spend some time in market. If you are new and do not know too much about the nature of the market, you will remain as careless and will never try to control your emotion, but with the passage of time you may be able to control your emotions.
That is a common problem in here, having newbies who don't know much about cryptos. Some of they think that earning cryptos is literally easy that is why when dump happens, they are the ones who get terrified the most. For me, we can't get rid of the emotions that we get when we are doing trading but we can learn how to control it. When one is planning to do trading, he must keep in mind that emotions play a big role in making decisions. We will use analysis and of course experience when we trade but our emotions can get kind of mixed up.
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