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221  Economy / Speculation / Re: HODL bitcoin? why and why not? on: December 09, 2017, 10:05:25 AM
to hold bitcoin is a very wise decision, why? because it can cause of price hike, many newbie people in crypto are getting panic when the price of this bitcoin decrease and they are simultaneously selling their bitcoin that can cause of price drops. so why not to hold your bitcoin for long period of time to see how many profits that you can get by holding your bitcoin.

Holding bitcoin had been very beneficial and profitable for us who have been saving since we started earning here. I started when bitcoin was less than $1 000 and look at the price now. I had sold so many bitcoin before because of financial needs and I do regret selling because if I have hold it, I could have earn more. Good thing, I still have bitcoin left in my wallet to hold. Holding may be risky but this is how it works here and between crypto currencies. Anyways, it looks like that bitcoin will continue to rise so it is a good opportunity to hold now, hold as long as you can because the higher the price of bitcoin will be, the more people will be interested in it.

About the panic selling, as a newbie trader once, it is really alarming when you are just starting and is really hoping to earn and then bitcoin suddenly goes down. SO before the price really goes down, they will sell hoping that they will still be able to earn a profit.
222  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Stuck EtherDelta transactions on: December 08, 2017, 09:46:12 PM
i think it has problem in etherdelta, we cant deposit token or ethereum for now, i dont know how to solve this, maybe etherdelta makes changing to their exchange or there something going wrong with the market, i try to increase the fee or gas, but it's not working for me.

Last four days etherdelta faced this problem. I increase the gas to 15 gwei, it is comfirmed in more than 1 hour. Take longer compare in normal day. I hope this problem can be solved quickly.
really? i'm not able to deposit and withdaw my token and eth for 4 days, it's really annoying, i think etherdelta need to be solved. they never give a comment when everyone ask them about the problem, but i hope it solved soon, meanwhile i want to trade my token and it's only listed on etherdelta.

Yeah its been days and many traders are really dying to hear some explanations from the etherdelta team.  I have been trying to deposit a certain coin for 3 days and up until now I wasn't able to.  I will try to increase the gas price into 50 later to try it and I just hope that it will work now. This problem in the transactions using etherdelta is really annoying because the price of the coin that I am trying to deposit falls down now.  I was planning to sell it at a price enough for my allowance but because of the problem I missed the opportunity.

Anyways, the eth charge for each transaction is 0.002 ,  I just want to ask if by increasing the gas price for me to be able to trade, will it require a higher eth too?
223  Other / Meta / Re: Bounty and Posts on: December 06, 2017, 02:42:23 PM
Don't know, but I would assume that for the bigger campaigns, like ones yahoo62278 runs, they're not checked manually. I suspect he uses a bot, because he does the post count pretty quickly.  I don't even know how bots work other than that they're pieces of software.  Shouldn't be too hard to program what you need.

Then there are those that say they use bots, and they screw up post counts royally.  Don't know how that happens.

Yeah, imagine the hard work that a campaign manager would be doing if he is checking every post for each account. I know that they are paid for managing the campaign but checking manually sounds really insane. There are campaigns with few participants but campaign managers like yahoo62278 and Sylon mostly handles big campaigns so it is just reasonable to think that they are using bots.

Then there are those that say they use bots, and they screw up post counts royally.  Don't know how that happens.

Well, every campaign managers differs in handling their campaigns so we should not expect that a campaign manager will do just like the other. Another annoying thing is that the stakes and token distributions sometimes takes a long time. I know that handling campaigns is not easy but I just hope that managers will see to it that distributions won't take months after the campaign is finished.
224  Economy / Services / Re: FastInvest Signature Campaign on: December 04, 2017, 09:07:50 PM
Btctalk name: crazycatwoman03
Rank: Sr. Member
Current post count: 464
BTC Address: 37DCcArYYT7K9gMDAVs5­GdGzMTBhq4aAdm
Wear appropriate signature: Yes
225  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Fair Crypto-Betting Signature Campaign | Member to Legendary on: November 30, 2017, 03:36:01 AM
Good day! Please consider my application. Thank you

Bitcointalk Username: crazycatwoman03
Bitcointalk Rank:  Senior Member
Number of Posts: 463 (including this post)
Bitcoin Address: 37DCcArYYT7K9gMDAVs5­GdGzMTBhq4aAdm
226  Economy / Speculation / Re: Why Bitcoin going up? on: November 22, 2017, 01:14:20 PM
Why is bitcoin going 3% up each day?
Oh really? 3% a day? I can't see the increasing of 3% a day of bitcoin maybe a week or after the decreasing of price. I think the reason why bitcoin price goes up is because of increasing the user and the volume of bitcoin. It is because of some countries who are the big investor of bitcoin now adays.
227  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: ⚡🚀🌕[BOUNTY][AIRDROP]⚡🚀🌕💲20 - 1,000 ADI Tokens Aditus Telegram Campaign on: November 15, 2017, 06:54:39 PM

Telegram Username: @Khatereenee
ETH Address: 0x9373c406b4C176330D7bD39D87eBF25BE76BB809
I can see that your project includes focus in the security and the privacy of every clients, users and etc. I think that this is great since being in the cryptoworld, privacy is something very important.

228  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][ICO] CCORE - Crypto Payment Platform on: November 14, 2017, 09:47:42 AM
The project looks promising and I hope that I will be pick as one of the lucky winners!  Smiley
229  Other / Meta / Re: Someone sent a PM and posted from my account what can I do? on: November 10, 2017, 01:02:35 PM
How to stack an address? I just changed password and removed the post posted by hacker.

Just place an address in the reply, I will quote it, so even if hacker changed the comment, The address will be in my quote. You can later sign this address incase you get hacked and recover your account.

Sorry, Which address are you referring here? Do I need to PM you that address?

Any Bitcoin address which you have control over.
btc address
First read this topic:  how to sign a message?!
After reading ^^^ post address here and that's it.

What else can I do to save my account from hacker.
Staking address won't help you against hackers but it will help you to restore account if someone steal it. Be careful, double check links, don't open random links or files from email, run antivirus, usual stuff, what else.

I have also read about this and based from it staking your address is an effective way of securing and retrieving account. If you go roaming around this forum you will see that there are many situations like this and other than changing password or email address, staking address is a common way of solving this. Better be careful because there are many hackers roaming around especially for wallets.
230  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: [BOUNTY]: 🔵 UTRUST 🔵 Token : The future of online payments is here. on: November 04, 2017, 07:44:40 PM
Dear Manager,

I just want to inform  you that my rank was changed from Full Member to Sr.  Member.  The activity was updated on 10/26/2017. Kindly update the spreadsheet Sir.  Thank you!

231  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: How to get involved to understand crypto world on: November 04, 2017, 04:15:01 PM
It is very easy to get involved in something in this age of internet. You can observe, watch and listen to crypto news and updates. You just get the feel of it. Then when you feel confident and familiar with it then start investing the amount of money that you are  comfortable with. There are pretty nice place where you can get valuable info like this forum itself.

Right,  feel free to read first before getting in.  No one needs  to rush themselves especially those who have just heard about bitcoin and how useful and beneficial it is to earn bitcoin.  I noticed that there are many newbies now in the forum.  What I can  only tell you is to believe in what you can do and especially with bitcoin.
232  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Turning crypto into fiat or is that even nessesary anymore! on: November 02, 2017, 11:45:56 PM
exchange cryptocurrency into fiat is no needed if your country legalized cryptocurrency already. But in countries that cryptocurrency is not legalized yet, people still have to exchange it into fiat and it's the only way to use in here. Beside there are few countries banned cryptocurrency that mean nobody can be able to use currency or even exchange it into fiat Smiley)
The point is on how we can live with bitcoin or not and the answer nowadays you cannot do that.
You need fiat in order to buy stuff and your daily needs , we are having big problem on adoption growth .
Once there is a lot of store accept bitcoin to fulfill our daily needs, i will never exchange my bitcoin and just keep and spend it.

I agree with that.  Some stores are already accepting bitcoin and I believe that there will be more in the future since many people is starting to recognize bitcoin now.  The popularity of bitcoin is increasing due to high demand and this results for bitcoin to look even more good for investments.

Still,  we are  talking about converting crypto into  fiat.  It is necessary because we only used bitcoin in online payments.  Fiats is what we used for regular payments.
233  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: If bitcoin can be used in gambling. Is it possible to use it casino? on: November 02, 2017, 09:39:23 PM
Yes i think so. In fact there are casinos right now that accept bitcoin. Most of them are online casinos. Im not sure if there are physical casinos that accept bitcoin in exchange for chips. I think it would be possible, because they already done that online. And besides bitcoin are accepted in almost everywhere due to its volatility.
Yeah for sure because it is the best place for the gamblers to command then invest in it as much as they want so I think it is not bad if the bitcoin will be use for the casino in the future and the people will buy hold and then lose or win; I mean to say that they will risk the bitcoin if they will use the bitcoin in the casino and the other side source for the bitcoin and the other investment.

As of now we can use bitcoin in online gambling already and it does give convenience to many gamblers especially when it comes to anonymity.  If ever bitcoin will be accepted in physical casinos it will offer the same experience when gambling online except of course for being anonymous because in casinos you will be able to see whom you play with. 

We all know that bitcoin uses internet for it to be used in performing transactions so if ever a casino would like to used it they need to have good  internet speed.
234  Economy / Speculation / Re: bitcoin can hit 7000$ before end of this year on: November 02, 2017, 08:39:58 PM
From my overall views of that bitcoin can hit 7000$ before the end of this year because now the time bitcoin become more famous in the world and it demand increases countinously by the people and it rates increases countinously so that there are many chance the price of bitcoin can reaches 7000$ at the end of this year. Bitcoin help the people in many way like financially, transfer the money, shopping, billing etc. So that the people like the bitcoin.

Please come out from the cave you're living in and check the charts. It has already happened! That's what you get for trying to spam your way into the thread without having any idea what's going on.

On topic: I'm amazed it happened this fast. I was expecting it maybe after this month's fork, but since it's done I'm prepared for another $500 in value by the end of the month.
I have to say this is crazy though.

Grin Probably he has been sleeping all this while and he has not been following what has been going on but really, looking at all his past posts, I will just have to agree with the spam shit by the dude.

Honestly, the whole bullish trend has been crazy and I am still sure bitcoin has a lot of surprises up its sleeve from the look of things. This is still early November and I won't be surprised if this trend goes on like this, we may hit $9000 - $10000 by the end of the year.

The new target for the market price of bitcoin is  now $10 000. This is possible because as days go by more and more people are getting interested in bitcoin.  Here in our country,  investing in bitcoin and the coin bitcoin is known only by few people but due to publicity in social media,  I have noticed that there is a bitcoin-accepting company who suddenly appeared.  This company is an investment company for those who are willing to risk their money for bitcoin. Money is given to them and they are the  ones who perform all the work for the money to grow.

I wouldn't be shocked if one day I will be seeing stores posting "We accept BTC. "
235  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Buying and Holding the only way? on: November 02, 2017, 07:39:29 PM
Yep, the safest way is to simply buy an amount of Bitcoin and put it away in a cold storage. Value increased with 1000% since January 2016 ($420 to $4200), go figure ... Diving into alts could yield a much greater profit on the longer term but could also bite you in the ass financially. An acceptable middle-ground would be to put half of your funds into alts and leave the other half in Bitcoin. I'll make a return in cryptoland myself in this way.
It is true that there is a lot of evidence that we could actually see for us to trust on bitcoin system in terms of investments. So it is a good idea to buy bitcoin and to store it within a month or a year so you could earn some percentage out of it. But if you want a more passive way of earning you could also try on dealing with altcoin on trading so you could know the possible profit and times to earn more bitcoin in time for your hold bitcoin to grow.

In addition,  after investing into bitcoin and holding it.  Joining altcoins is also a way to increase the number of bitcoins.  Who would ever deny that by joining altcoins they are able to save bitcoin?  This is what I do to increase my profit.  I join altcoins and what I earned is exchanged into bitcoin.  In this way,  while I am holding my bitcoin I will be also to increase its number that will result to higher profits.
236  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Which bitcoin exchange do you use on: November 02, 2017, 02:49:30 PM
Right now I like bittrex the most. But also I trade at poloniex because of volume. Liqui/Cryptopia has a lot of new coins quicker then others. Bitfinex has very nice and comfortable design for watching the graphs.
Amongst all other trading exchanges, it is bittrex which is the most widely and most commonly used trading exchange. There are number of traders who are using bittrex for their daily transactions and they actually believe in bittrex. It is because of the reason that it is having number of security features which are gaining the attention of all the traders who want to make their transactions.

I have never  used bittrex because I am used to the environment of cryptopia and etherdelta. Cryptopia's environment is very user-friendly that is why it is my favorite.  Etherdelta is also good for  trading because it is trusted and is also used by many traders.  I have used hitbtc but I stopped because a friend of mine told me that it has trust issues.  I have search about it and found something which said that some traders have lost money using this exchanger.
237  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: What to do for Nov 2017 hard fork. on: November 02, 2017, 01:48:51 PM
Selling some of your BTC before hard-fork may be a wise decision. After hard-fork we may see a lot of confusion and price drop.
Not sure if altcoins will gain some strength there or not

i believe most people will not sell thier bitcoins before the fork rather they are still buying and stocking up more bitcoins in order to take advantage of the free forked coins and probably they will be dumping both of thier forked coins and bitcoins after the november fork has been established and definitely this
event will result to a great price drop but still its a win win situation because we will have an oppurtunity to buy bitcoins again in a cheap price.

I think many people have learned from the previous hard fork. Many people have been easily swayed with the fear of losing bitcoin therefore undergoing panic selling. What happened had result to a huge dump in the market price and even if the price is low many people still continue to sell their coins. After what happened, bitcoin eventually recovers and up until now, its price continue to go higher and higher.

I can suggest to hold your coins even if a hard fork is coming because based from previous forks, after fork the price go higher enabling the holders to earn big profits.
238  Economy / Marketplace / Re: 1 Year in Cryptocurrency still no luck earning bitcoin. Need some real advice. on: November 02, 2017, 12:21:56 PM
There are a lot of ways to earn Bitcoin like joining signature campaign or twitter campaign or Altcoin bounty campaign but with signature campaign, they often accept Full member and above so I think with newbie rank it's really hard to earn Bitcoin in here so the first thing you need to do is increase your account rank to at least Member or higher Cheesy

I agree with you.  OP needs to concentrate first on getting his rank higher because the opportunities are better if you have high rank.  Good ICOs especially in bitcoin campaigns are mostly often for Full Members and above.  I have been a Newbie also in this forum and I suggest reading  about bitcoin and learning about the market while you are getting your rank higher.  In this way,  when you are going to trade in the future,  you will be able to understand basic things about trading.
239  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin is Freedom on: November 01, 2017, 10:50:26 PM
What is freedom tho? Free will is an illusion. Henceforth, what would we qualify as freedom? Bitcoin reduces barriers, but there is no such thing as freedom. You are always subject to the amount of BTC you have, to your hormones, and to your genetics to adquire these BTC.

I agree in some of your point about not being free, its true that we are not free and are a subject to our needs and biological functions though it goes back to us controlling what we can control. What bitcoin offers is not being free in terms of its availability it is somehow lets us do more compared to what we can do about money.

Through earning bitcoin we are able to do what we want and buy what we want.  To what kind of freedom people want surely depend on what they need.  For example,  a student and a government employee.  The student is able to pay for his school expenses and also buy things that he needs and wants.  The common complaint from employees are the big deduction of taxes from  their salary.  By earning bitcoin,  it gives the employee the satisfaction of getting his salary without ghost fees.

From those examples,  we can see different situations but it all comes  to financial freedom.  Financial freedom for having money to buy what we want and for being free in paying for government taxes.
240  Other / Meta / Re: Some activity points are being reduced from time to time. on: November 01, 2017, 05:22:09 PM
Not 100% sure, but it's most likely because of you spamming posts that aren't constructive or contribute to topic.

I also think that the moderators are deleting old posts to avoid redundancies.  If you noticed,  some of the topics are being repeated only with a different OP.  To avoid repetition of topics that results to spamming,  I think the moderators are cleaning it out so that there will be room for new topics that should be  of our interest.
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