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281  Economy / Economics / Re: Why do people keep saying BTC is dead?! on: October 21, 2017, 11:42:09 AM
For people who say such things may not mean their intent is that bitcoin is really dead, but it's possible that sometimes their predicted price on btc are not as expected and bitcoin price are falling in sustainable, and they think btc may not have a future the good one. But the fact is very contrary to the reality, btc continues to show its strength and the value has been proven lead to heights and even more popular among many people.

I agree with that,  the market price of bitcoin may sometimes suddenly go down but this is just beceause of its volatility.  If we will observe closely,  the price continue to go up and I believe that it will continue to rise because other countries will get interested to it.  Another thing is about the fork and the segwit coming,  a huge fork had happened few months ago and after the big dump,  bitcoin climbs up again surpassing the highest price it had before.  This just shows how big the possibility is that bitcoin will not just die that easy.
282  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are you going to keep your BTC on exchange during the upcoming forks? on: October 20, 2017, 11:50:50 PM
Yes, i will keep my BTC on the exchange site for this upcoming hard fork. We've experienced this last August and I think there is nothing to worry about the hard fork.
Generally, the previous plug was this year on August 1. Have you forgotten? And it seems to me that keeping my bitcoins on the exchange site will be very dangerous, because it is better to keep everything in your wallet. If a double appears, it will be on your Bitcoin purse too.

Right,  it is very dangerous to keep your coins in the exchanges this coming fork.  It will be a high risk since there is a possibility that it will vanished from there when the site applied modification because of the fork.  I will really put my coins into safety,  in that way I would not worry if the fork happens.  Many people are doing this too and it is highly recommended  to me to put everything  in safety before the day of the fork.
283  Economy / Economics / Re: bitcoin benefit of saving for a long time? on: October 19, 2017, 12:48:59 AM
Mainly because of profit which it brings. For sure trading could give them higher earning but it is simultaneously much harder and you need to pay attention + spend you time. Long time investment are more comfortable, you only buy crypoto and hide somewhere for few months/years. Then sell and repeat doings.

I disagree with you.  We cannot always guarantee the price hike of the coins and even for bitcoin.  I am willing to make a long time investment but unlike you I wouldn't just depend for the volatility of the coins in going higher and higher so that I may earn profit.  Trading is still much better for me since I can control whether of I am going to earn or not.  Another thing is that while waiting for the profit in my investment,  I prefer earning bitcoin at the same time.
284  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can cryptocurrency make real money disappear? on: October 18, 2017, 11:56:53 PM
What are the chances of living in a world with no actual money ?  Shocked

Many people that there is a chance to live like that.  To live without paper money because of virtual currencies.  I do also think that it is possible since virtual currencies are much easy to use in any transactions.  Real money will not just disappear we know that cryptos are not yet accepted ao the banishment of real money because of cryptos are not a serious matter at this moment.
285  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin or altcoin, which is better to invest into now? on: October 18, 2017, 10:01:11 PM
As Bitcoin keep climbing and altcoin keeps going down, is it better to invest in bitcoin or altcoin now?

I go for bitcoin, the price continuously increasing and if this will not stop I'm sure in the future the save bitcoin has a huge value.  In altcoin the coins has so many you can't know which coins will become successful. There is coins that time it is good but after months it will crash. Additionally in altcoin trading it has many steps before you trade successfully your coins, and it is time consuming.  Unlike in bitcoin that if you think that the price is better you can convert it in just one click in your wallet.
286  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why should people use Bitcoin? on: October 18, 2017, 09:00:40 PM
Bitcoin is the future of money, or so they say.

I would like to hear your opinions on Why should people use Bitcoin?

Like me, I choose the bitcoin because of future purpose. I use to earn bitcoin because it is a source of income, a huge profit it can gave. And some of my earned bitcoin is been holding to the wallet because of volatile price. I think it gives a huge profit in some more years like what happening on bitcoin price that are continuously increased.
287  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: is it better to invest in bitcoin or ethereum ? on: October 18, 2017, 07:46:57 PM
for long term purpose, which is better to invest in , Bitcoin or Ethereum ? Lets discuss that ..
I choose the bitcoin for long term investment. As what you see between the two, bitcoin price continuously increase while the ethereum from 0.14 eth to 0.05 something will cause to the investor of huge loses of money. Unlike in bitcoin that from hundred dollars to thounsand dollars that this time gives a huge profit.
288  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What are the most common uses of Bitcoin? on: October 18, 2017, 06:30:43 PM
I think that right now bitcoin is used about:

80% for trading on exchanges
 5% online transactions as in sending money (including payments for services)
 2% for shopping in physical stores, paying for tickets etc
and for the last 10% , ...scams.

Right,  bitcoin is mostly used for trading since most of tokens have to go through it before being in their local currencies.  Although I think that the percentage for online transactions is higher than what you have put since bitcoin is greatly use for that now because it is faster and more convenient. 

Bitcoin has many uses in which people find using  it more easier to perform.  It is also used for earning and I think that earning bitcoin is better than earning our local currency because of its volatility.
289  Economy / Economics / Re: transition FIAT to DIGITAL? on: October 17, 2017, 09:42:46 PM
The digitization of money started one with the ATMs, credit cards, online shopping and so on. Regarding the crypto currency, there is another story. It won't be easy to accept the crypto technology but, i consider that every day practice will help. When people will say that everybody is doing it then why shouldn't he do it so, it's just a question of time and practice.

Right,  but of course before all of this happen regularly,  bitcoin must first be legalized. Before  we can fully adapt bitcoin in our daily life,  it should be first allowed by the government.  That is just sad because bitcoin was made for all people but as soon as the government recognize its usefulness and puts up bars around I am sure that bitcoin will no longer be as how it used to be.
290  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin a currency or asset? on: October 17, 2017, 08:12:28 PM
This question can really be confusing to many people. But in my view Bitcoins carry more of a property than a currency. Bitcoin has very few basic features needed to become a currency, that can meet modern economic development needs because Bitcoin is just a code sequence created by complex algorithms. They are not issued or controlled by any central bank, this is mandatory for a currency. Transactional identities are hidden by virtually impossible ciphers, but in general, the virtual currency system works well and is growing rapidly.

The question  really is confusing. We have a different view in answering  this  question.  For me,   bitcoin is a currency only virtual and not a regular currency but bitcoin is mostly treated as an asset because it is a good investment. Many choose to hold bitcoin because its market price continuously go up and this is a good advantage if you have hold bitcoin for a long time.
291  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What to do when prices are falling on: October 17, 2017, 05:24:57 PM
When prices are falling should be patient first do not panic and do not rush to sell, better wait for the price to go back and believe that the price will definitely rise again
Dip is the test of our patience. Life tests a person and then give him the prize if he passes in that assessment. A failure does not deserve any reward. Therefore, during the fall, we must show patience and stay calm because every storm has to pass away. Much better is to take advantage of such situation by increasing the amount of asset. This is what real investors do and become rich.

Very well said. It is just right to treat any dump as an advantage to buy more since if its price came back to normal or became higher, there will surely be a big profit. There should be no room for panic selling since it will just cause bigger problems and, from my own experience, loss opportunity. We should just remain calm and clear our mind so that we may not make any wrong decisions that is base on bad judgement and unwise thinking.
292  Economy / Economics / Re: Can we totally eliminate all the banks in this world? on: October 17, 2017, 03:18:37 PM
I think no, we all know that digital cryptocurrencies are new and its starting to become more popular. But, even its becoming more popular it doesn't mean that it can eliminate our real money and we all know that real currencies are made by banks. So for me there is no other way that crypto can eliminate the banks.

Right virtual currencies could not just do that when they became more useful and the future. We know that the disadvantage of these currencies is that few people or store accepts this coins and up to this day, there are still many bank users. We grew up knowing that money transactions are best done in bank and as long as there are many people still using banks, it will not be outdated. Besides, virtual money is not yet legalized and this is preventing is to fully utilize the use of bitcoin but on the other side, the banks have already established their works and their worth.
293  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: interest in bitcoin is increasing on: October 17, 2017, 02:14:28 PM
As per we can see the interest in bitcoin of people is increasing at a high rate...I believe it will be our future...but will the shoppingsites like flipkar,amazon be able to accept bitcoins?
may be in the next generation.......thanz fr reading
We'll see it soon. Because like what you've said, many people having interest in bitcoin. So it means the bitcoins will be indemand because many opeople using this not only for shopping on the store you mention but to pay for other transactions in a simple way.

Yeah the interest in bitcoin is getting higher and higher and I believe that it is because of the high increase in the price of bitcoin. Many people have become interested in earning bitcoin and you can also observe it here in this forum because there are many new members. Another thing about the increase is that there could be many people investing now and this really helps in the bitcoin industry making the price getting higher and higher again.
294  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why Is Bitcoin Gambling Industry So Successful in the World? on: October 17, 2017, 01:12:17 PM
The gambling industry is very successful because its users are spread evenly mainly get positive attention from officials and influential people in big business, they are involved to invest or just play because gambling is entertaining and has a steadily growing user every day. Attracting people is very easy with the creation of various forms of attractive promotion so that users will not always think about the risks.

That is right. Bitcoin industry is successful because there are many people who finds these "various forms of attractive promotion" interesting, fun and exciting. It tends to attract many people because of its very attractive games that is just right for people at the adult age. For me, the most factor that attracts them is that gambling games also offers high amount of money or you can earn big in here. Some people are attracted to play because they cling in gambling hoping that by winning their problems will be solved easily not knowing that it is just making their problems worst.
295  Economy / Economics / Re: Why the world really needs virtual currencies on: October 17, 2017, 08:40:24 AM
I came across an article this morning that, to me, really shows why the world needs a virtual currency. I'm from England, and there's a saying here that goes: "When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold." The article discusses the history of the Asian Financial Crisis, and how we may be heading toward something similar.

It amazes me that we have a currency that can potentially protect us (working people) from global financial crises. This is unique and incredible time in history!  Grin
Yes, I definitely agree with you, mate. Bitcoin is a way to achieve financial freedom. It can beat inflation rate. And nowadays, because of technology, thee are.lots if businesses online and most of their payment methods are also online. So digital currency is really in high demand nowayads. I see 20 Yeats from now, almost around 80-90% of the world's population will be using digital currency.

For me,  the main point of why we need virtual currency is adaptation.  We all know how big the use of technology has evolve and many businesses,  industries and etc are using it to boost their advertisement as well as income.  Many investors is now going to build their company with internet as one of the main source.  In the future,  the use of internet  will be utilize more and it is just right that we have crypto currencies that we can use easily for making online transactions.
296  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How can we help new people who think bitcoin is a ponzi scheme to understand it on: October 16, 2017, 06:46:40 PM
Initially I was showing free faucets where they can earn some bitcoin then transfer that into some local exchange wallet then withdraw them to local currency like this I have made lots of people interested towards bitcoin. Still I am doing also encouraging them for investing in bitcoin.

That was a good idea but still not all people will be interested after doing that.  As far as I know there are more scam faucet  sites than in signature campaigns. There is a big chance also that after doing faucets they will not be interested in bitcoin because doing faucet sites are very boring. They can also have the idea that bitcoins can be earned by just claiming which is very wrong.
297  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The hapiness of a green profit on: October 15, 2017, 08:57:49 PM
Most of the players stays in negative profit as the time passes. In long term house always wins. However there are some lucky users who knows how to make profit  and cashout on time. They don't let their greed to take over their decisions they make. I am almost around 17 btc down in different gambling sites.

In life, we can't always get what we want.  This also applies in gambling,  we will not always win gambling. This is just normal because we are playing a game that depends on the luck of player for that day. There is happiness and a green profit whenever we win but sometimes we can't  just be happy especially if we know for ourselves that we gamble out of date,  out of place and wasted our money for short time games.
298  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading Safely on: October 15, 2017, 06:54:07 PM
Op is quite right in some of the points he raised to a successful trading. Basically to me , trading gradually is a key. I mean, one don't need to be greedy in trade. Enter a trade with small lots size so that when the market turns around, you won't be too hasty to jump out before the market goes your direction. Remember the market is bound to go either ways- up and down. 

I agree with that but just like what OP said there are people who would have high expectations when it comes to trading  even if they have just started.  They expect to earn big the first time they  trade even  if they know that there skills and knowledge in trading is not enough.  Trading  is a continuous learning of different points in the market and learning from experiences is the best way to understand the market more. 

It is very important to understand the market as well as to trade  safely. Every time we trade,  we must consider that there is a chance that our money could be taken away from us.
299  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do small investments make sense? on: October 13, 2017, 11:32:12 PM
I think with a small amount of investment is not worth, because invest it always takes a long time, time is money. so it's better to put a small amount on the fast way. like trading and making a profit every day.

actually a small investment that also means because with a small thing we will be able to learn and benefit much from the smallest thing

Investment is really good for long term so no matter what amount you put into it, it really make sense. Small amount of investment every month for 5 years will really help you make money. No matter what amount you invested as long as you are doing it consistently you will surely earn big money in the future.

There is no specific amount in trading and no minimum amount required when you want to start in investing so how small or big the amount you are going to use it won't matter. Other people would say that if you plan to invest you have to invest big because it will take time before you gain profit from it, but for me it depends on you. Beside that, there are investments who does not take long. Investing does give a lot profit especially if the campaign succeeded. Small amounts of investment does matter because just like what @richminded said, as long as you continue investing, you will earn big. The amount that you gain from the previous investment can be used for investing again and that is why there is no problem with small investments.
300  Economy / Speculation / Re: how to predict bitcoin price increase or decrease? on: October 13, 2017, 09:30:59 PM
two concepts that I'm using; Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. I've got these things while I was trading stock exchange. Similar concepts applies here.

Could you really predict the pump and the dump of bitcoin buy using that? As far as I know, no one could predict what will happen to bitcoin. Even a tool has not been yet created to help predict when there will be a pump or dump. I am just curious and highly skeptic on what you said. I have friends who have been here more than the time you are and they are also saying that the price of bitcoin is highly unpredictable and that even a highly-skilled crypto trader can't just state that I have something that aids me in knowing when will there be a pump.

Anyways, I am just very curious and if you could really use those two concepts then good for you. I bet that you have already made good fortune out of it.
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