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301  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: When should we buy and sell? on: October 13, 2017, 10:16:13 AM
Bitcoin's price is continuously increasing right now.  I don't know how other people think but for me,  it is a good time to buy bitcoin now.  We don't know but I feel that bitcoin will continue to go higher and if these happen we might lose an opportunity to earn greater profit if we won't think of investing now.

Anyways,  it has been clear that we should buy at low price but bitcoin continue to show how powerful and valuable it can be in the future.
302  Economy / Economics / Re: What is the best way to invest/grow your Bitcoins? on: October 10, 2017, 12:47:28 AM
There is no other faster way to grow bitcoin than trading, now I'm investing big for Centra Card, now the price is still cheap because many investors sell CTR, I'm sure 3 more months will be the same as Monaco card whose price currently reaches more than 160k satoshi.

Right,  sad to say I have sold my Monaco at a low price but I can't  say that I regret it because the money that I got from that was given to my father.  i just wish that I thought of getting a portion for me to save. Anyways,  it had been proven that trading is a best way to grow bitcoin and earn profit. For people like me who can't  afford the requirements in mining,  I will also vote for trading.
303  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Etherdelta is a good choice? on: October 10, 2017, 12:17:38 AM
Etherdelta does not have your private keys, and runs on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts. So it is much safer than a regular exchange. No counterparty risk with Etherdelta. As long as you have backed up your private keys, it is virtually impossible to lose your funds. You can trade OMG and any other tokens that you purchase on EtherDelta back into ETH using EtherDelta.  OMG is also traded on some bigger platforms, Thats mean not all tokens are scam there ! Sorry I don't know anything about "Centra" but I heard most people think is a scam.

I agree with you.  I have been using Etherdelta ever since I started trading and have traded tokens here.  I never had a problem here when I am trading.  Aside from that,  Etherdelta is highly recommended by other people,  they also said that this is trusted and more secured than the other exchangers.
304  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin world currency on: October 09, 2017, 11:10:29 PM
is it possible that we can use bitcoins in buying all commodities not only in one country but the entire wold? and how will this affect the economy.

I think we don't need tor rush right now. The reason they are implementing many solutions for the issues of bitcoin is that they are looking forward to these developments. I think it will be possible after years of finding solutions to the problem of transacting and using bitcoin. In terms of economy, I think bitcoin is helping the economy of one's country because bitcoin are creating new millionaires to people.
I agree with you, the bitcoin now is not so powerful to compete in other demand currency. It is possible to become a world currency, need time and more develpoment of bitcoin is needed, because it is not so popular now. Need first of many user and legalise around the world. With the huge value of price it has ability to compete and use by the people, I'm sure if some people discover the benefits of bitcoin it will also accepted by other people and also the stores.
305  Economy / Economics / Re: Appreciation of bitcoin on: October 09, 2017, 09:52:32 PM
It is foolish to regret that missed some opportunity in the past. It is always a chance to make conclusions and not to make mistakes in the future. Bitcoin gives you the opportunity to join the community at any time. Price for it is growing. I hope that this trend will continue for a very long time. The main thing that the bitcoin community had not broken the contradictions within.

I have regret once not believing in bitcoin the first time I heard about it but of course I have managed to move on with that issue as days passed because there is no good if I will continue regretting that past mistake. It will just affect and stressed me out if I keep thinking about it besides I am doing my best now in order to earn bitcoins because I have those dreams to turned into reality. Sometimes, I will feel so tired due to lack of hours of sleep but I know that I have to continue if I want to fulfill my goals and dreams.
306  Economy / Economics / Re: Being a Smart Person or Strategic on: October 09, 2017, 09:20:27 PM
Being smart is not enough. You need to get in action. And while taking actions you need to be strategic. All of them connected so you need to be both.
There is no doubt that is true. Those two are connected to each other because when you are smart then you can think for a faster solution of something and you need to be patience in planning and you need to become strategic also in executing so you will not have any problem with your actions and you will probably gonna have a good results for sure by using those both.

But we have to consider that not all people are smart and strategic at  the same time. A person can only have one of those traits but it does not mean that you will not be able to solve a problem by just having one. I consider being smart as the state of knowing what you have to do while being strategic means you are able to find a solution in which you will be resourceful enough to use what is available and use it efficiently. Being strategic is being able to act in every problem in a very fast way. Anyways, this is just my opinion because I have met a person who is very smart and because he reads too much he is able to add more information to what he already know but when the problem is there, he is not that strategic in solving it. It is like he just know the context.
307  Economy / Economics / Re: What do you think about bitcoin interest in the near future? on: October 09, 2017, 08:50:45 PM
Could be possible happen, Nowadays I see most people are crazy searching for btc, Its not quite it has a lot of potentialities that everybody are making fun in their daily routine, Little by little it will recognized by majority and this is the start of a better world because every now and then they can easily used to it without spending a lot of effort in transaction methods.

Actually, the recognition you have mentioned have started. I know that there are countries who have shops that accepts bitcoin already as a regular payment. In fact, I think that in the near future there will be more newbies in this forum and that there will be more people interested in bitcoin and in earning it. If more people will demand for bitcoin then it will be of greater good for all of us because the price of bitcoin will surely rise again.  The use of bitcoin for online money transactions is much easier and faster than doing fiat transfer process in paying.
308  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: A day in the life of a Bitcoin Trader on: October 09, 2017, 08:19:33 PM
A trader is confident and ready to take risk and know what to do when loosing money, because without this traits a trader will be very unbalance and scared to trade again.

A person who considers himself as a trader knows how big the risk is when it comes to trading. Other people thinks that, we, traders are only doing exchanges. They don't see that before the profit is gained, a trader goes to bed without the assurance that their money will be processed over the night and will gain the target profit. I have been trading since I first got my money from the first altcoin campaign I have joined and I assure that as someone who does trading, there is no guarantee when it comes here. You will put your money at risk hoping that  a profit will be gained, monitoring the price is also stressful because of the volatility, a sudden change in the equivalent prices means so much and if you have made a wrong move I am sure that you will be restless because of thinking about the profit.
309  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin - time to buy or sell? on: October 09, 2017, 07:45:54 PM
With Bitcoin falling so much this week/month, do you think it's a great opportunity to buy in or time to cash out?
If the bitcoin will drop at very low price at this week, you should buy some bitcoins and hold it for a month because we know it will continue increasing its price according to the chart but I think bitcoin's price will never drop.
Well that's true, and now bitcoin is totally recovered from the price decreasing due to bitcoin banned in china. Maybe this time is time to sell oir bitcoin because this price is so high compare from the bitcoin price history. And also not time to buy, much better to earn a bitcoin using the different campaign. But make sure that your earned bitcoin gives a benefits like converting to fiat some of earned bitcoin because incase that bitcoin will crash due to fork eoncounter, you have sure money.
310  Economy / Economics / Re: If you were in desperate need for money.... on: October 09, 2017, 02:20:09 PM
If you were in desperate need for money / Bitcoins, what would you do? How to get it, earn it, whatw are your solutions and experiences? I wonder what people are ready to do when money is the problem.

I join signature campaigns, however, the problem is, it takes a long time before you can get your money in campaigns. So, whenever I really need money, I borrow btc or cash from my friends, and I play them whenever I get my salary from my campaign.

If we need money we should work, as simple as that. We should not depend to other people what we can do in order to have money or bitcoins. There are people who are too lazy that they would just ask their friends or a friend of them to lend them some money. There is no problem in that because sometimes we can't avoid being bankrupt and we will usually go to a friend if we have problems but of course we should not borrow money if we don't really have to. Anyways, if I am desperate in money, I would look for a work that I can do for a meantime while I am waiting for the distribution from the campaign that I joined. I have skills and I can do services related to my course so I think I have my skills to depend to.
311  Economy / Economics / Re: If you have a lot of bitcoin, should you spend it or save it? on: October 09, 2017, 01:38:59 PM
Having a lot of bitcoin is overwhelming i would invest part of it for a long term plan for me to be able to generate profit in ten years time. Some i would spend and i will the things that i needed and i wanted and will share it with my love ones.

Yeah it would be a smart move to invest your bitcoin if you have lots of it. Investing sounds scary because you know that you will be risking your money but I think that it is worth the try. If I have lots of bitcoin, I would use some of it to have a business that I know I will have a long-time benefit. Here in our place, we lack in infrastructures that will efficiently accommodate the town visitors so I am thinking of investing in a hotel that will serve the best foods in town and give the best service. Investing in businesses will surely give us something to hold on for a long time and if we succeed, we might expand the business to branches for more profit.
312  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: If you would win a Jackpot what would you do with the money? on: October 09, 2017, 01:07:53 PM
It depends on the amount of bitcoins that I have won, if they are at about 1 million dollar mark or more then I would go to a few of my dream countries and most likely live outside my home country.

Just like you, if I ever won that big, I would also go to the places that I want to go like Greece, Paris, Maldives and etc. Of course, I would go out with my whole family because I know that I will enjoy and cherish that once in a lifetime chance or opportunity if I will do it with them. I would also buy a house and lot that will be able to accommodate many people so that if there is a celebration to be held, I will do it in my house. Winning jackpot in gambling is very hard and it feels like unbelievable. But of course, if ever this happen I would be thankful and will happily go to grand vacation with my family.
313  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Does experience matter in gambling? on: October 09, 2017, 12:37:24 PM
For games requiring planning and strategy such as poker, then experience is very important, but for games that don't require much thought such as the slot machine where the player wagers by pushing a button, then no experience is necessary.

Many people would think that money comes first before experience in gambling but for me it is the other way around. Yes, money is needed in playing gambling but I would consider experience as the most important thing when it comes to gambling. Having experiences could lead to a better understanding and analysis of the game which will help us apply techniques and strategies that we can use to win a game.

There are games like betting games that would not require a gambler to think deeply before playing but still we use our mind to understand how any gambling game moves.
314  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: can gambling give you lessons in life? on: October 09, 2017, 12:07:00 PM
Gambling taught me to be wiser using money, regardless of amount. Because, so many gamblers who initially rich people became impoverished because being a loser who always lose.
Gambling tells the importance of money in one's life. Life is just about the fittest survival and no one can live a day without money in his pockets. After losing a lot in gambling, some people finally understand the idea while few are smart and stop placing huge bets.

I have seen few who have good control over their emotions and according to them; this attitude was the result of gambling.

I would like to correct you in one point. As I have lived for months up in the mountains with nothing just my EDC(everyday carry). Survival can be attained even without money. We just gamble because we don't have other things to do.

Right, he should have not stated that no one can a live a day without money because if you will go into far away rural areas, you will see for yourself how some people are able to live a simple life. Surviving life is not measured by money but with how you are going to do things to survive using skills.

For me, the only reason that I get from playing gambling is that after losing so many times, you will realize how hard it is to earn money. You will learn to value money in a way that you will be able to control yourselves when playing gambling and when betting.
315  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: To Gamble or To Invest? on: October 08, 2017, 11:55:21 PM
If you like a very fast profit and not afraid of losing then you might gamble. Because in gambling you can profit very fast but gambling has risk. We can lose our money by just 1 to 10 bets but we can profit too if we are lucky. If you want or your mind is for long term profit then investing is for you but there is risk also but not big as gambling because you can learn different trading techniques or attitude towards trading.
But gambling is no assurance of profit, maybe if you are lucky but it is not always. More losing is the result than winning, unlike in investing that you don't need to spend too muh time, only need is to wait the time that you have a profit. But before you grab that you need to study that investment, unlike in gambling that need to learned a lot of things that no assurance of profit.

Yes gambling gives you a fast profit but how about your future? Gambling is not profitable even you always win, in the end it will back to zero.
316  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are You Disappointed In Trading? on: October 08, 2017, 11:25:45 PM
At some point I do get disappointed with the result if it turns out not the one I planned. But that's just a part of it and we'll need to adapt and learn from it in someway. Overall, my trading experience is fun, exciting and helped me to learn more about digital currency. Someday I want to trade equipped with learnings and wisdom knowing that most of my investment will payoff.
Same with you, it is because I never buy a token to be use in trading, all my token was came from different campaign. In this way I avoid to blame myself, it is because the token that I trade to bitcoin is enough for me. I'm satisfied on what I have, atleast I have an income. We need to be smart, there's another way of earning money, we don't need a money as capital because possible it will lose. Maybe sometimes I'm disappointed on my earned money because of volatile price but it is the time that comes unexpected matter, and if not I wait the right time for the right price.
317  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: regret by not believing in BITCOIN? on: October 08, 2017, 10:56:15 PM
I really regret a lot when I already hear about the bitcoin way back 2013 but I did not put any focus or attention to it. The first time I heard about bitcoin is in the conference meeting, they introduce the bitcoin to the listeners and I am one of them. I just ignore that topic because my mind set is bitcoin is only some sort of hacking or easy money. I regret it because if I listen carefully to that meeting, maybe I earned a lot of money today.
At that time bitcoin is not so popular.

I have no idea about bitcoin, I heard it to my classmate who earn money using it and it was this year. That time the price of bitcoin is almost $500, for me it big. And I spend my other time in bitcointalk (joining signature campaign) and save my earned bitcoin, and month past I'm very happy because of unexpected price, it goes $4000. I always think that bitcoin is blessing, maybe that time it is not for me but now I will take the big opportunity and give the trust in bitcoin cause it is proven.
318  Economy / Economics / Re: If you have a lot of bitcoin, should you spend it or save it? on: October 08, 2017, 10:25:51 PM
It's better to save it some might not be able to control it but it's better if you hold it and sell it when you really think it's important or else if you are greedy about the current price just sell some just to satisfy yourself and the remaining no matter what happens try to save it
Maybe you are right, saving of bitcoin gives an additional profit but what if this crypto-currency was crash?

For me the best decision that I will do is to hold some of my bitcoin and the other was converted to fiat, then use it to a business to make sure another source of income. In this way we make sure our future, since bitcoin now has a good images and successful, give some time but don't forget your duty to the other job. Those job/business will help you to success.
319  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Problem Gamblers here who are in Debt ? on: October 08, 2017, 09:21:04 PM
Whenever i remember my bad times i remember those peoples also who lost their everything in this gambling addiction. i want to know what you think about such peoples and how they need to survive after so much losses in their life.
I personally knows some people who are in big debt and they even cant recover that debt and tries to commit suicide every time . so guys can you tell me whats the best solution for them regain their happiness in their life ?

This thread is only for those peoples opinion who faced such situations and recovered or atleast know how to tackle such situations in easy way ( btw i know its not easy )

It is really important to stop gambling. It will be impossible to change  or "fix" your(his) life if that person will keep gambling. It's possible to pay every debt though, it just takes time. He should find a job so that he would have monthly income first.

Sadly, there are problem gamblers who haven't realized that and they keep on playing gambling hoping that winning in it will solve all of their financial problems. But of course, it is not like dreams because in reality, the possibility of losing many times is greater causing that problem gambler to lose more money and worsts, to have more debts.

Stopping on playing gambling is not as easy as we say it especially if it became a habit already.
320  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What to do when prices are falling on: October 08, 2017, 08:48:17 PM
Many will just sell if it will dump but actually some predict after all the breakdown it will jump back to it's price or even overcome it's price which can happen (not all coins has a possibility).

I agree with that. It will not always be like that because there is a possibility that the price will never recover again. We must not be serene that the situation will always be like that and we have to think of such ways that we can do if ever the price did not recover again. Popular coins like bitcoin are easy to recover because people already trust it but what about those coins that haven't established their good standings yet. We have to consider that.
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