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321  Economy / Economics / Re: panic selling on: October 08, 2017, 08:17:44 PM
I don't know why people starts panicking whenever there is drop as bitcoins has a market and sometime it can fall bitcoins can't keep on rising nonstop.I see drop as an opportunity to buy even more bitcoins in cheap price to earn profits when bitcoins rises again which it mostly always will.To earn profits in bitcoins one has to be patience as Bitcoin are long term investment with huge return.

You have to consider that there are people who are not like you. People who can't take any fall or dump in the price of bitcoin because maybe they are like my friends who gets their school allowance from their bitcoin earnings. These people cannot afford to buy bitcoin even at low prices because their precious bitcoin is supposed to be for their expenses only. For many people, a dump is already an opportunity to gain more profit by buying at low price and then sell when the price rise again but for them, any small decrease is a loss already.
322  Economy / Economics / Re: When is the right time to buy bitcoin ? on: October 07, 2017, 04:35:29 PM
every day is the right to buy bitcoin, but for me it is better to buy when the price is decreasing. As long as you will be benefited then that is the right time.

The price of bitcoin changes everyday and by buying today because you feel like buying even if the price is high makes me think that you are doing a reckless move. In trading, a trader one must know that the right time to buy a coin or token is at the dump price in order to earn profit. Crypto currencies' volatility can cause a very big loss and a very big gain so one must be cautious and be careful in every decisions he is going to make.
323  Economy / Economics / Re: Is it possible for the bitcoin to lose it's value ? on: October 07, 2017, 04:04:13 PM
Guys thank you for the answers , but I'm not reffering to the 10-20 % spike in value , I mean like a complete downfall , lets say for it's price to go down to something like a few $.

Of course, its totally possible. Things that can motivate it to loss its values are;
(A) if more countries keeps on banning ICOs like the way China did.
(B) if it is bern abused by under-world black market dealers.
(C) if there exchange companies out there scams their customers of their coins or if their website is been attacked.
(D) and most especially, if it start losing it 'decentralization' power.

The volatility of bitcoin may help it rise but I think that it can also bring it down. If bitcoin's price started to go down, many would be interested in buying it for very low price but of course we cannot guarantee that its value will return immediately to normal. Yes, bitcoin had suffered major dump and eventually the price will rise again but we should consider that what if someday it failed to rise again. I just hope that bitcoin will never lose its value because many people will be affected by it.
324  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: how improve trading on: October 07, 2017, 03:30:04 PM
be patient and get as much information as possible

Get as much information as possible by reading and reading about trading. Improving your trading skills means you need to expand your knowledge about trading. We can also improve by experience because experience is the best teacher. Some people give up the first time they fail in trading but failing is part of trading. And failing can sometimes improve our trading skills and add some things in our knowledge by making us realize and understand the things involve in trading. With better understanding, we will be able to learn and grow to become a successful trader.
325  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: you need to overcome your fear of losing money on: October 07, 2017, 02:59:01 PM
I agree losing is part of successful trading like professional traders experienced loses in the first time in trading but this trading is very risky you will always lose if you don't have a strategy in trading even professional traders can lose but they mostly win because they have strategy.

Losing is part of successful trading that is why we have to learn from our mistakes. Every failure comes with a lesson and using this as an advantage the next time we trade will be very helpful. It is not necessary to have a trading strategy of your own, what important is that you understand what you are doing when trading because trading comes with a great risk.
326  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you think bitcoin has role to play in the future? on: October 07, 2017, 02:28:16 PM
I know bitcoin has a big role in the now bitcoin is too high and in demand all around the world.

Right, bitcoin will definitely play a big role in the future especially in financial economic status. Bitcoin's rising today is just the start for its continuous growth. in the future bitcoin will be bigger, aiding more people to get out of their low status and helping them in reaching their dreams. I wouldn't be shock if more people will be interested in bitcoin because I know how helpful earning bitcoin is.
327  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: regret by not believing in BITCOIN? on: October 07, 2017, 01:56:30 PM
I wish i already heard about bitcoin when it was just starting. I feel sorry for myself because i really did'nt put so much attention on those things that will really help me for my future although i am thankful now that i already know about bitcoin and it really helps me a lot...

Well my case is not different from yours. I also regret not knowing bitcoin when it was just starting because if I have already started back then I may have made fortune by now. At the same time, I was also thinking that if I was exposed to bitcoin at that time, would I believe in it already? with it having a very low value? Many people are getting attracted to bitcoin now because its success is getting its own way of making people notice. I am happy that there will be more users because it will increase the demand for bitcoin which will be positively affect its price.
328  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What Is Your Bitcoin Dream? on: October 07, 2017, 01:24:38 PM
I see bitcoin as a small extra besides my regular income. Offcourse if the bitcoin price would skyrocket, I would buy a house with my earned bitcoins.
I think everybodes on here hopes that the price from bitcoin will continue to rise and rise  Grin
Everyone is saving bitcoins so that he does not have to lend money from others in the future or even present. It has provided us all with the chance of earning by sitting at homes, without following any tough routine.

I am also saving my bitcoins for future and plan to establish a business with the help of this digital asset. I hope you will achieve all what you desire, friend.

Bitcoin has given us hope that someday we will be able to have financial freedom. I have always that for me and my family but I don't really desire for to much. I just want to my family to live in comfort and simplicity. By earning bitcoin, I am seeing myself taking the path to what I desire and dream of. I know that others think like that as well and I hope that we will be able to reach our dreams.
329  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Are We Dead Without China? on: October 06, 2017, 11:07:10 PM
Lol this whole bullshit "China is banning bitcoins" is already priced in at this point. We're down 30% and I highly doubt that 30% of bitcoins are even owned by Chinese people. You think every single Chinese person sold? That's a joke. There are massive bitcoin farms and tons of bitcoin supporters. It can't be stopped. They were way too late.
Yes that's true, not only china is involved in the bitcoin, bitcoin is currency of the world. Yes due to banning of bitcoin in china the supply of decrease but now it recover, the price is slow increase. China can't stop the bitcoin, even the price of bitcoin decrease but the truth is so high.

For me bitcoin is a source of income, I earn a bitcoin because I used this to support my daily needs so even the price down its ok because I earn using joining to campaign and no capital used.
330  Economy / Economics / Re: Should I stop Buying BTC? on: September 30, 2017, 07:58:44 AM
Should I stop buying BTC for above market value or should I start paying the listed price? I support Bitcoin and still pay 5k a BTC does anyone see bitcoin going back up?
If you think the price is to high for you, then you should stop for now. Wait for another fall in price then buy again. Be wise enough to decide when to sell and not to sell. Luck might work on this so try your luck. There are risk here, if you want something new, then risk for good. You can't achieve more if you don't take risk. But of course, balance everything. Everything that's too much is bad.

You are right, it is a good opportunity for us to buy bitcoin if its price is at its lowest. Every now and then, the price of bitcoin fluctuates but the good time to buy is when its price is falling.

If I have the money I will never stop investing in bitcoin because I know that the future of bitcoin will be big and better.
331  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How do I grow my btc? on: September 30, 2017, 04:34:45 AM
Many ways to grow your BTC but you have to choose the best one that fit you.
Those ways included Trading , Investing , Gambling . The same things of these ways is the risky, you can lose more than you can earn.
Or you can try the safer way is doing offer from serivces topics or signature campaign ( working for them to get reward BTC in return).

Right, there are many ways to earn bitcoin that we could try. Trying each of it does not mean that you would succeed sometimes you would just be accustomed top one or two ways. We really have to understand that every method comes with risks.

I have been earning bitcoin by joining signature campaigns and I have no problem about it. Through participating in sig campaigns I have learned trading and this is how I grow my bitcoin.
332  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How do you deal with loss? on: September 24, 2017, 11:44:19 PM
So in trading how do you deal with loss? For example you've invested in an alt and now it has fallen quite hard and you're on the brink of losing all your bitcoin you invested in it.
How do you actually deal with it? Do you wait and keep on waiting in hope that it will bounce back up and return your investment or you sell and get whatever left of your investment?

There are many times that I lose my money because of the trading. If I experiencing that, I always pissed off to myself because I am idiot person. I think the best way to do is to stay calm and do not panic.
While involved onto trading or anything related to bitcoin and digital currencies one should not get panic as the user mentioned. Have patience, even if the price drops down soon it retains the value. So be calm and keep hold to profit rather than selling low just on the panic.
The loss is normal thing on the market, you do not need feel sadly or boring when you have some losses. Important, after those losses, what did you receive any experience to improve your trading way in next time?

I agree with that, loss may seem normal in trading but it certainly pissed all of us whenever we trade and lose profit. What we can do is to accept what happened and moved on, sometimes there are lessons that we can earn from failing which will help us to grow and understand trading more.

I think it will also be helpful to think that there will be better opportunities coming after losing profit.
333  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How many people left their full-time employment to go into Bitcoin? on: September 24, 2017, 09:56:09 PM
Those who quit full-time jobs to venture with bitcoin are facing risks. They know that this is a volatile market but they still give it meaning they really trust the system and they will be better off full time on bitcoin. But not everyone can be at risk, you can do both.

I agree with that. It is too risky for regular employees to quit their job for bitcoin. I know some people who did and manage to be more successful when they go full time with bitcoin but they say that sometimes they would like to have a regular job again. Bitcoin might give better amount than regukar jobs but as far as I know we can't rely on it that much because of the volatility. It will still be better to have a regular job just like what you said.
334  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: I always lose all my tokens and btc on gambling~ on: September 13, 2017, 11:36:28 PM
No one likes to lose. But if the house of casino always wins,why gamble again? If every gamble you've always lost probably gambling is not for you. If I were you,I will leave gambling for the meantime and come back after being conditioned myself and I can say I can win this time.But if you still lose, don't waste your money and time. Leave gambling permanently.

I totally agree with you. If that is the case, always losing, then it is definitely time to stop from playing gambling. Gamblers won't often notice that they are losing big amount of money in gambling and they would only notice if it is too late already. Many gamblers have many debts due to insufficient funds and continuous playing. What I am trying to say here is that if you know that playing gambling isn't good anymore, QUIT.
335  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How much did you lost today, including profits. on: September 13, 2017, 11:16:48 PM
Looking at the market prices I know that if I converted into fiat now, I will definitely lost half of my profit. I still have faith that bitcoin would recover again just like what happened before. I am not sure but maybe the cause of bitcoin's dump is the bitcoin ban of China. I hope not.

If bitcoin would continue to go down I will not panic. I will hold my bitcoin and wait for the price hike again.
336  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Did you ever lose time from work or school due to gambling? on: September 13, 2017, 10:37:11 PM
I have never spent too much time gambling to sacrifice working hours. Because, in my conscious state, i determined the job is more certain and profitable although tiring, also job is a sure income source.

Nope. I have never lose time any of my time because of gambling. In fact, I do not spend a lot of time in playing gambling because I know that if it became my habit, it may lead to addiction and that is what I am avoiding. I do not want to be addicted in gambling because I know how dangerous it is. I also don't want my family to be hurt because if ever that I became addicted, I would be the very first one in our clan and I don't want that to happen.
337  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: is safe or no? on: September 13, 2017, 10:20:28 PM
I was trading  there for a long time and never had any issue before and cryptopia is well known here better to use the advance search above if you can see the magnifying glass better to use it you can see cryptopia is well known and safe.
If you want to be safe more better to go in for trading purposes..

I also used cryptopia in trading. In fact, I still have tokens in there waiting to be sold. So far, nothing wrong has happened when I am trading and to the money that is stored there. That site was recommended to me by a long time  trader and told me that it is reliable. I trust her so I also trust this site. I also like this exchanger because it is user-friendly and you can easily find your way here.
338  Economy / Economics / Re: plan for the future with bitcoin on: September 13, 2017, 09:53:21 PM
Many people around me have done it, i have few friends who are using bitcoin from a long time and they earned a lot due to the remarkable increase in price during last couple of years. Bitcoin have gained more trust and proves it self as a reliable investment in these years.
As like all other bitcoin users i have also some plans to invest today for a better output in the future, i am investing half of my savings in bitcoin which includes my trading investment.

I also have friends who have invested in bitcoin and have also started two years ago. They both have financial freedom now. They can support their needs like school needs, personal needs and etc. They told me about bitcoin two years ago and I regret not believing them.

My future plan is to continuously earn bitcoin because with bitcoin I can see myself having financial freedom. I can now help myself and my family by earning bitcoin and I will be able to do more important things if I continue this.
339  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why do you even gamble? on: September 13, 2017, 09:36:32 PM

Right it is very important to sell at higher prices to gain more profits. Every trader knows that and I have also accustomed that but unlike you I sell in blocks because based from my own experiences selling little by little had only made me loss huge profit
340  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: When do YOU sell? on: September 13, 2017, 08:00:49 PM
I sell when the price is higher than the price when you buy a stock. I sell in small values to ensure an increasing small profit once the price goes higher and higher. Selling all-in could lose your opportunity to get higher profit.

Right it is very important to sell at higher prices to gain more profits. Every trader knows that and I have also accustomed that but unlike you I sell in blocks because based from my own experiences selling little by little had only made me loss huge profit.
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