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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Free NFTs are a waste of time on: October 13, 2022, 11:58:16 PM
there are quite literally so many NFTs being made each day and therefore making these NFTs somewhat useless and have no value at all, these airdrops are certainly one of them in which just gonna ended up having no value, after all these kind of thing are usually being given like that because they want to make it famous and increase its value meanwhile 1 out of 100 gonna just fails and become useless NFTs.

Actually, it doesn't have to be NFT, whatever projects we get from the airdrop will usually be worthless and difficult to sell. So we really have to
understand the risks if we get free NFT, never get our hopes up too high. Because there's no point in collecting free NFT, it's just a waste of our time.
If we want to invest in NFT, choose NFT projects that are indeed popular with high demand. Actually I'm still pretty sure in the future NFT will return
to hype again, but indeed the risk of investing in NFT is quite large. So if we want to make big profits, of course we have to make sure we really
choose potential NFT projects. As usual we must do research and analysis properly, so that we are not wrong in choosing projects for investment.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2022/23 Season on: October 13, 2022, 10:56:28 PM
Manchester United 1 Vs Omonia Nicosia 0

After making several goal attempts without results, Manchester United found the back of the net in the last minute of the game.
Good saves from the Omonia Nicosia goal keeper Francis Uzoho, Manchester United should have scored More than 4 goals if not for the beautiful saves made by the Nigeria born goal keeper Uzoho. Scott Mctominay scored the only goal in the game for United in 93+  after United fans have almost given up because the players couldn't get a goal despite all the shots and possession in the game.

So happy to see United win tonight I believe the players will be motivated to do better in their next game.
I watched the match till around the 88th minute and thought it was going to end in a 0-0 draw, only to read from here that it actually ended 1-0 in favor of Manchester United. How heartbreaking it must have been for Omonia Nicosia.

So, I am just wondering, who scored the last minutes goal for Manchester United?

The goal was scored around the extra 5minutes of the additional time, Scot Mctominay scored the goal  2 minutes before the stoppage time and you could see the smile in the faces of the United players after the game but that was a different story for Omonia players especially the goal keeper who was supposed to be voted for the man of the match award had it been the game ended in a goalless draw. So heart breaking indeed. I believe Manchester United deserves the win because despite not getting much goals in the game, they played better than Omonia Nicosia in the game.

It is true that Man United deserved to win the game if we looked at the statistics of the match which was dominated by Man United. Man United
have done their best, but it must be admitted that Francis Uzoho's performance was extraordinary by making 10 saves. If the match ends in a draw,
as you said Francis Uzoho will be the man of the match. But it seemed luck was not on Omonia's side, they conceded in the last minute and it was
a painful defeat for Omonia. Although Man United could only score one goal in the last minute it was not a problem, the most important thing was
that Man United managed to win the game. The right move was made by Ten Hag by entering Scott Mctominay in the 81st minute, in which
Mctominay finally became a hero for Man United.
3  Economy / Speculation / Re: October price guess on: October 13, 2022, 09:53:00 PM
Basically no one knows what will happen this October, so everyone is free to predict where the Bitcoin price will go. All possibilities can happen, especially since we know that Bitcoin's movements are very volatile, therefore it is difficult to predict. So it's better for us to make decisions based on our own research and analysis, rather than relying on other people's predictions that don't guarantee accuracy. But if we see the bear market has been running for almost a year and there is no indication that the bear market will end.
It is definitely easier to just wait for it for the longer term because in the end we are talking about something that will take a very long time to do. I mean imagine a situation where it would be near impossible for you to end up with a result that is a loss if you just hold it as long as possible.

I am not saying that it will happen right away, but in the long run it will happen after a while, and thatís a lot better. If you focus on the short term, then you are not going to end up with a profit at all because itís much harder, even if you are right once, you could be wrong the next time and there is no reason why you should be doing that at all.

Indeed, our risk of experiencing a greater loss if we force a short-term investment in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the safest choice of coins for us
to buy in a bear market situation like now. But we also have to know how the safest way to increase our chances of making profit from Bitcoin.
Based on my experience of several years of investing in Bitcoin, it is indeed very difficult to make a profit if we invest in Bitcoin short term.
Because it is very difficult to get sustainable profits if short-term investments, what is feared is that the amount of loss experienced is greater than
the profit generated. That's why we have to take a risky step if there is a safer step to take, the most important thing for a successful investment
in Bitcoin is how we can be patient holding Bitcoin in the long term. Moreover, Bitcoin since entering the market has proven that every 4 years
it will usually reach new ATH, it means the longer we hold Bitcoin, the bigger the profit we make.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: October 13, 2022, 08:51:15 PM
I'm not sure how to estimate the Liverpool v Manchester City match this weekend. I thought in advance that Liverpool would have little chance because of the form crisis. This week, however, Liverpool gave the Glagow Rangers a beating 1-7 in Scotland so perhaps they recovered in time with this good result. Salah's hat-trick within 6 minutes will also help restore confidence. Maybe Liverpool can just beat this City team. Arsenal could be smiling third, they have an away game at Leeds United. Manchester United will not have it easy at home against Newcastle United.

Although Liverpool is a big team and managed to achieve positive results when playing in the Champions League, but Liverpool's performance
in the Premier League was very disappointing. Even Liverpool's position is now in 10th place, it is something bad and difficult for Liverpool fans
to accept. Only managed to get two wins in 8 matches is something that should not happen to a team as big as Liverpool. But because this is
the Premier League, where the competition is very tight, so there are often surprises in the Premier League. I hope Liverpool can show a high
fighting spirit when facing Man City, at least Liverpool cannot lose against Man City.

If Liverpool lose again against Man City, what I fear is Liverpool will find it increasingly difficult to bounce back. If a miracle happens where Liverpool
can beat Man City this is certainly good news for Arsenal, which Arsenal are currently at the top and only one point different from Man City.
But if we look at Man City whose performances are extraordinary, it is very difficult to imagine Liverpool can beat Man City, so the most realistic result
for Liverpool is to draw with Man City.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: newbie invest on: October 13, 2022, 07:45:38 PM
BTC is highly recommend if you want to invest in crypto wold because as we all know that BTC is the king and no one can fall it down and also btc is good for long term investment it will make you rich if the price will go Up. But Op remember this if you have 2BNB right now then you can also hold it because bnb is also a good coin for investment. But the last decision are yours if you want o trade you le bnb to btc or just hold your bnb.

After all, Bitcoin is the best choice for investment, especially for newbies who are just getting to know the crypto world. Which newbies are usually not
fully familiar with the crypto world and also newbies do not have good analytical skills. So in order not to choose the wrong crypto for investment,
newbies are advised to first choose Bitcoin for investment. Because as you explained Bitcoin always dominates the market and is very good
for long-term investments. So investing in Bitcoin is likely to make a profit much easier than investing in altcoins. Most importantly, after buying Bitcoin,
we must be able to hold long-term until the price rises to new ATH, it can definitely generate big profits from Bitcoin.

Regarding BNB, as you said, it is also a good choice for investment because it includes top coins with an extraordinary development team.
So my suggestion maybe the percentage of investment in Bitcoin should be bigger, because even though BNB is a good project, but of course
it doesn't perform as well as Bitcoin in my opinion.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: October 12, 2022, 11:48:12 PM
Dortmund are not very lucky with their schedule in the recent times. Because their next opponent in the league is Union Berlin in an away game. Considering that Union Berlin are still the leader in the standings now Dortmund have a very tough game ahead. Dortmund defeated them here by 3-0 last season actually. And they didn't have Haaland in that game due to an injury as well.

Now Union Berlin are stronger and more motivated of course but let's see if Dortmund can still keep an advantage against them psychologically. I'd rather bet on both teams to score @1.71. I don't think any of them will have big difficulties in scoring at least one goal.

Union Berlin formally now has the best defense in the Bundesliga, while Borussia's attack is far from ideal. Both teams are in the top group and it seems to me that they will play more cautiously than with the intention to get three points at all costs. I think betting on BTTS is very risky in this meeting.

They scored at least one goal in their last six games and three of them ended up with 2+ goals for them. But only two of them were wins though. Maybe Union Berlin are the least conceding team with only 6 goals. But Dortmund have a good record against them recently. They defeated Union Berlin here by 3-0 before. But this time it feels like this will be a really close game. Union Berlin are good at scoring also now.

Although it might seem risky, I think both teams to score is still worth it. Union Berlin might score first and Dortmund would score the equalizer. It is kinda draw game to me.

If we look at the previous meeting Dortmund managed to beat Union Berlin very convincingly. But that doesn't guarantee Dortmund will repeat
the same thing this season. Because Union Berlin this season experienced a significant increase in performance. Even Union Berlin is more productive
in scoring goals and Union Berlin is better at defending than Dortmund. So the Union Berlin vs Dortmund match becomes a bit unpredictable,
but because Dortmund also this season lost Haaland and inconsistent performances. I predict the possibility that Union Berlin can beat Dortmund.
But if the result of the match ends in a draw as you predicted, I think both teams are also quite satisfied. Because both teams are strong teams
in the Bundesliga, so winning the match is a hard result to get.
7  Economy / Economics / Re: Are you ready to spend crypto when market is down on: October 12, 2022, 10:37:21 PM
So How will willing are you to spend crypto for your purchases?
In the case of a decrease in the price of bitcoin, we cannot spend purchases using bitcoin, because it is contrary to the investment concept that we build. For example, you buy bitcoin at a price of $19,443 then try to spend some items when the bitcoin is at a selling price of $ 18,000 (assuming), this will make you lose and the concept of investing is not like that.
Then how to solve this problem, maybe short-term trading can be a reference to avoid these problems, whether shopping for goods using bitcoin payments or to avoid the basic investment capital that we make
You and I could use it for investment but the reality is that there are a lot of people who use it as well, just because we see it as investment doesn't mean everyone sees it the same way as well.

Some people see bitcoin as something that is purely investment worthy in the long sense, and thatís the important part for me, but some people see it as currency on their business or regular lives and they do end up spending it or earning it as well. That way it is basically a fiat replacement for them, everything they do, they try to spend crypto, even if they cannot spend it directly, they cash it to fiat and spend it, and they earn it by working as well.

Although Bitcoin has proven to be profitable for long-term investments, there are some people who want to make a profit in a different way.
I have friends who use Bitcoin for short-term trading, meaning that there are some people who simply can't hold it for too long. I think it doesn't
matter if there are people who prefer short term trading over long term investment, most importantly we can make a profit. Even as you say,
there are some people who don't think about using Bitcoin for investment or trading. They prefer to use Bitcoin as a transaction tool like fiat,
because they consider spending Bitcoin to buy something more private. Therefore please use Bitcoin as well as possible, whatever way we use
Bitcoin is not a problem, most importantly do not use Bitcoin for things that harm other people.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Season on: October 12, 2022, 09:17:53 PM
Rangers - Liverpool were still 1-1 at halftime, but now it is 1-7. You see how quickly things can turn in such matches. It seems clear to me that Napoli will win the group and that Liverpool as number 2 will also advance to the next round. A lot of things happened at Barcelona - Inter, Inter allowed up to 2 times in the 2nd half with 1-2 and 2-3 but both times Barcelona managed to equalize and now it is 3-3. It's not over yet, but at least Barcelona is still alive through this draw. It will come down to the home game against Bayern Munich that they really need to win to keep their chance. They just don't have it in their own hands anymore.

A very extraordinary victory was obtained by Liverpool, however Liverpool deserved to win. I'm happy with this victory Liverpool will most likely qualify
from the group stage with Napoli, all Liverpool need is one more point to ensure they can qualify from the group stage. Then for the Barcelona vs Inter
match, ending in a draw was indeed the best result for both teams. Because both played quite well, and Barcelona were lucky to score a goal in the last
minute to make the match ended in a draw.

With this draw, Barcelona still have a chance to qualify for the next round, although it is not easy. Because in addition to Barcelona must win the remaining
two matches, Barcelona also hopes Inter lose points in the remaining two matches. The competition in Group C is indeed very interesting, because there are
3 strong teams in Group C and all three actually deserve to qualify for the next round. However, because the applicable rules are that only two teams
can qualify for the next round, meaning that one strong team must fail. Because Bayern achieved perfect results and made sure to qualify, Inter and
Barcelona had to fight for one more ticket.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is Trustwallet Safe? on: October 12, 2022, 08:00:24 PM
Trustwallet has received a strict recognition and audit that it is worthy of being a safe wallet, I have used trustwallets for about 2 years, and have never met problems, even I use it to trade at Dex Exchanges and everything is smooth and no problem.
Trustwallet is well secure and one of the credible and trusted wallet online, though it's advisable not to hodl huge amount of coin in it, I will rather use it to hodl small amount of coins, I had been using the wallet for a long time without any issue, it has a good user interface and easily navigable and it has the ability to store many coins it also has link directed to it's social media platforms like telegram, facebook, twitter, Reddit etc you can also connect it with other wallets, it can also be used to swap and exchange with other coins which is added feature that is not common with other wallets.

I admit that Trustwallet has a good reputation and can be said to be one of the most recommended online wallets. Because I've been using
Trustwallet for quite a while and so far I'm quite satisfied with Trustwallet's performance. Especially with all the advantages you have described
about Trustwallet, makes us feel safe and comfortable using Trustwallet to store our cryptocurrencies. But when compared to hardware wallets,
Trustwallet's security level is not as good as hardware wallets. So if we really want to be more secure in storing crypto we have the best choice is
to still use a hardware wallet.

The problem is that the hardware wallet price is quite expensive, making some people object to having to spend money to buy a hardware wallet.
If the situation is like that, we can just use Trustwallet in the end. Most importantly, it would be better if we don't store large amounts of crypto when
using Trustwallet. To minimize the risk of losing all of our crypto, it's a good idea to store our crypto in several online wallets.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: October 12, 2022, 06:42:25 PM
As I understand it, the clowning in Juventus continues - instead of dismissing the coach, he is given additional powers: Juventus goes into closed mode and the players will not leave the base until the next match against Torino  Grin WTF? As I understand it, there is some kind of struggle within the team and management is on the side of the coach, but is it really possible to solve the problem with such methods? Now angry players can deliberately lose to Torino with some ridiculous score like 0-5. I won't be surprised.

As far as I understand and according to the rumours, Juventus did not sack Allegri because the compensation they had to pay was too big. As we know that Allegri is still under contract with Juventus until June 2025.

In addition, Agnelli also told the media that Juventus' poor performance this season cannot be blamed solely on Allegri, this is a problem for the team and the board of directors, so they will try to find the source of the problem and restore their spirits. Their game against Torino could probably be one that will prove how, and how far they have recovered.

The problems that occur at Juventus are indeed quite complicated in my opinion, I also read some news saying that Juventus, which was going
through a financial crisis, couldn't afford to pay the compensation fee for being able to fire Allegri. It's sad if this is true, even though Juventus is
a big club in Serie A, they should have healthy finances. Maybe because of the pandemic situation and also Juventus, which has not won
the European competition trophy for a long time, this makes Juventus income continues to decline.

We'll see how Juventus perform against Torino, although the quality of Juventus players is better and Juventus performance is also slightly better
than Torino, but due to the poor results Juventus got in the last few games, it makes me doubt Juventus can get a positive result against Torino.
My prediction is that the Torino vs Juventus match will end in a draw, because it is very difficult for Juventus to win in the current state of Juventus
players confidence which is really falling, especially after Juventus were defeated by Maccabi Haifa.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Day trading on: October 12, 2022, 05:17:58 PM
I got 20 years in stocks trading and 5 years in Crypto, trust me that you don't want to do day trading you will end up losing all your money
I think your are wrong, not all day traders always lose money, I know day trading is kind of risky, you should be a professional trader before you can be a day trader, because it's involves doing some technical analysis before buying a coin, but lot's of people still make money from it. We all know you can't be making profits always their will definitely be lost sometimes but you won't lose your money completely and your profit should always be more than your lost. If you don't really know much about trading then it's better you avoid day trading, if you don't know much about trading is just better you buy and hold, HOLDING those not require serious technical analysis, just buy and hold for long term, also if you are investing always make sure you invest in bitcoin to be at a safer side.

Day trading is still a promising source of income for some people, because if we have good research and analysis skills, then we can make money
from day trading. As you said, indeed we will experience losses when doing day trading, but as long as the amount of profit generated is greater than
the losses experienced, I think day trading is still worth doing. If we try day trading and lose all our money, it means we still don't have good
analytical skills, therefore most of the decisions taken are wrong. If we feel we do not have good analytical skills, it is better to avoid day trading
for a while. And just focus on long-term investment in top coins, such as buying BTC, ETH and BNB for us to hold in the long term is much easier to do
and the possibility of making profit is also much greater.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: October 11, 2022, 10:51:40 PM
The four teams that are in the top 4 of the standings will meet each other this week. Bayern Munich vs Freiburg and Union Berlin vs Borussia Dortmund, meaning we will see a shift in points and positions in the standings. They must not lose to each other because it will create distance and will also shift their position. Union Berlin and Freiburg are under more pressure than Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund as they are asked to keep their current positions.
Union Berlin and Borussia Dortmund will be the most interesting matches while Bayern Munich and Freiburg are not very interesting because it will be easy to predict that Bayern Munich will lose again, while in Dortmund vs Union Berlin it will be more interesting because they have a very strong team and took first place at the top of the standings.

Although Bayern's performance has decreased this season, which until the 9th round Bayern seemed to struggle to rise to the top position.
But if we compare Bayern with Freiburg's performance, it's not much different, so we can't conclude that Freiburg will beat Bayern easily.
Moreover, the quality of Bayern's players is still better than Freiburg, so don't be too sure Freiburg will beat Bayern. Freiburg has indeed played
quite well this season by managing to be in 2nd position, but this is not because Freiburg's performance is extraordinary. It's just that Freiburg is
lucky that some of the big teams in the Bundesliga have declined performance, as evidence we can see Freiburg in the last 5 matches only managed
to get two wins and the remaining 3 matches played a draw. So Bayern's chances of beating Freiburg are quite large, especially Bayern playing
at home, it should make Bayern play more motivated. But my prediction is that the Bayern vs Freiburg match will end in a draw.

I agree the Union Berlin vs Dortmund match is much more interesting, because it is more difficult to predict, because Dortmund does have better
quality players than Union Berlin, but the problem is Dortmund doesn't play consistently. So there is a possibility that Dortmund will lose against
Union Berlin, but I hope Dortmund can beat Union Berlin, so that the competition in the Bundesliga is more interesting, because if Dortmund manages
to beat Union Berlin, the difference between Dortmund and Union Berlin points will be closer. And give Freiburg a chance to shift Union Berlin from
the top position if Freiburg can beat Bayern.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Most of the Tokens are traded on small Exchanges, Is it Good or Scam on: October 11, 2022, 08:24:20 PM
Most of the new crypto coins are traded in small exchanges like Yobit, Stock Exchange, BigONE. Are these tokens safe for use, or are they a scam?

1) Have you purchased any new token which somehow been missing after a time

2) Have you observed any uncertainty in the price of token

3) The wallet is missing of those particular token and funds are missing

4) Does you find wallet of such token on any other platform apart from one which you used to buy

5) Are you able to transfer, if so, do exchanges charge high fee which could lead to a loss ..

These are some of observations related to new tokens which launched and somehow after sometime users go through these issues ..
It's impossible for a new project to launch on a major exchange like Binance unless they have VC funding. It can cost up to a million USD to list on Binance. This means that for most coins, you are going to need to buy them on smaller exchanges. By the time the project eventually gets listed on Coinbase for example, the price will be 10x what you could have bought it for on a smaller exchange. Yes, these exchanges are more risky but if you don't leave your coins on exchanges you should be okay. I had to do the same thing buying my ICP before it got listed on

That's why most of the new projects listed on major exchanges are recommended to be purchased. Because it is not easy for new projects to be
listed on major exchanges like Binance. Many requirements must be met, especially as you said they must have a large capital to be listed
on major exchanges. It is very different if new projects listed on small exchanges usually do not require difficult requirements, even some
small exchanges do not charge a fee. Therefore, new projects listed on small exchanges are more at risk of becoming scams. But if we are lucky,
there are some new projects that were initially listed on small exchanges, after a few years later they could be listed on  large exchanges.
If we find new projects like that for sure we can make big profits, the question is very difficult to find new projects like that.

That's why I never invest in new projects listed on small exchanges, because the risk is too high. I have new projects that are on small
exchanges, it's not because I bought them, but I got them from the bounty campaign. Even then, there were a lot of reward tokens that
I got from bounties registered on small exchanges and finally ended up being a scam. So that's why I never hold too long if I have new projects
from the bounty. I will sell immediately as soon as new projects enter the exchanges, before it ends up being a scam.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: October 11, 2022, 10:43:29 AM
Rafael Leao, a Milan striker, reportedly has a Ä150m release clause in his contract which Paris Saint-Germain are ready to trigger. The significant release clause in Rafael Leao's contract at Milan is not expected to deter Paris Saint-Germain's interest.

Leao, 23, has established himself as one of the best attacking players in Serie A after joining for Ä35 million in 2019. He scored a career-high 14 goals across all club competitions in 2021-2022, and then he has had a great start the current season.

Will this contract issue really happen?
Rafael Le„o's market value has tended to increase since Milan signed him from Lille a few seasons ago. Rafael Le„o is known as a prolific striker in Milan due to his good goal stats which makes him the first high priced player in the current Milan squad by reference.

I'm not sure if PSG really want to get him at such a high price, but it's possible given PSG have a lot of funds. I would prefer PSG to extend the contracts of some of its players than activate Rafael Le„o's release clause, but I don't know.

Rafael Leao is growing very rapidly with AC Milan, since being brought in from Lille, Leao has developed into a great forward. Not only productive
in scoring goals, but Rafael Leao also provided many assists to his colleagues at AC Milan. Therefore PSG are reportedly interested in signing Leao
in the January transfer market, especially since Messi and Neymar are likely to move next season. This means that PSG must prepare forward
players who can help Mbappe on the front lines, it looks like the 23-year-old Leao will fit in with Mbappe.

The problem is that PSG must pay a very high cost if they want to bring in Leao from AC Milan, because AC Milan was never interested in selling
Rafael Leao, meaning the only way to get Leao is by activating his Ä150 million release clause. Which I doubt PSG will do it, because since
Luis Campos became PSG's sporting director, it seems PSG are wiser in buying players. This means that PSG will likely not spend too much money
to buy players, moreover signing Leao is not something that is urgent for PSG.
15  Economy / Speculation / Re: October price guess on: October 11, 2022, 04:06:53 AM
So far, the beginning of October is very similar to the beginning of August. Back then bitcoin also started to rise from the first days of the month. I wouldn't count on any serious price recovery this year, but local growth and pumping of altcoins may well happen. There is plenty of fuel for growth in the market, everyone expects a bad scenario and shorts.
There is really no way of knowing whatís going to happen with bitcoin because it's a volatile and unpredictable thing. We could see it finish the month at 30k+, or we could see it finishing under 20k, both of them are equally possible. Nobody could convince me that it is "impossible" for it to break ATH just inside this month, I know itís hard but technically speaking it is possible and thatís what I believe in bitcoins power.

I am not saying thatís what we are going to have, like I said I do not kow whatís going to happen but I know that none of us could ever know whatís going to happen which is why we should be a bit more careful when investing.
I agree with you that at any moment the market could turn around and bitcoin could start to rise sharply, just as it could fall back to a new bottom. But the bears have been in the market for a long time, almost a year now, so many have a feeling or analysis, call it what you will, that there is likely to be a rise soon. Some indicators and statistics say so too. But once again I agree with you that these are just predictions and no one can say what will happen in the future.

Basically no one knows what will happen this October, so everyone is free to predict where the Bitcoin price will go. All possibilities can happen,
especially since we know that Bitcoin's movements are very volatile, therefore it is difficult to predict. So it's better for us to make decisions based on
our own research and analysis, rather than relying on other people's predictions that don't guarantee accuracy. But if we see the bear market
has been running for almost a year and there is no indication that the bear market will end. I think the bear market will probably last until the end of
the year, meaning that the probability of Bitcoin price falling lower in October is greater. Even if Bitcoin price falls lower in October it's not something
we need to worry about, because as long as we don't sell Bitcoin at low prices, we shouldn't have lost. Most importantly, we must use the opportunity
to accumulate Bitcoin if it turns out that the Bitcoin price drops and hold until the market recovers.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: October 10, 2022, 11:17:29 PM
Lazio are at an incredible level at the moment. I doubted their win against Fiorentina today honestly but they proved me wrong by an insane performance. They demolished Fiorentina away by 4-0. After this victory they have increased their winning streak to four games as well and climbed to the 3rd position in the standings.

They have very impressive statistics lately. They scored 14 goals and conceded 0 goal in their last 4 games. This is a perfect performance even if this series end by their next game in the league. As it is going to be against Udinese who knows how it will end. Udinese are also one of the winner teams this season.

Lazio is one of the Serie A teams that this season has experienced a significant increase in performance. Because when compared to the previous
season, it looks like Lazio have performed much better this season. Moreover, beating Fiorentina with a fairly large score is something to be
very proud of. Because Fiorentina is not a weak team, it can be seen from the match statistics that Fiorentina is far more dominating the match.
But unfortunately Fiorentina did not build attacks effectively, so many shots were wasted. Very different from Lazio who build attacks not only effective,
but they play very creatively, no surprise Lazio finally beat Fiorentina. This Serie A season was far beyond my expectations, a lot of surprises happened,
which makes Serie A even more competitive. It's interesting to see how Napoli, Atalanta, Lazio and Udinese have developed this season.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Another example is how greed destroy crypto investors. on: October 10, 2022, 10:09:38 PM
A few days back I bought a token from Launchpad. After they Launch on Pancakeswap I made 1.5X and sold. I was happy with that. But unfortunately, the token price grow double every day, then I bought again at the higher price. I thought this was a chance to multiply my portfolio again. Even though it grow 5x but O didn't sell that due to greedy behavior. Eventually, the project rug was pulled and skipped with all the funds. That means I lost everything even including my initial investment. This is how greed destroys us and scammer takes the advantage.
If only if you immediately exit the market when you have benefited from the initial investment even if only with a small amount then you don't have to feel it, but because we are human beings, we certainly can't always avoid greed and maybe almost all members in this forum so I've felt the same way you are feeling right now and I personally also experienced it when dealing with shitcoins last year.
I also had the same experience when I became too greedy and bought a shitcoin at its highest peak. I didn't consider the fact that its increase was just carried by the hype. Sometimes aiming for too much will also be a reason for you to lose more but it should also serve as a lesson. We can't control ourselves to chase more profit despite the risk but we still have to set boundaries and limits.

When investing, we do not only manage finances properly, but we also have to control our emotions. Because some people do sometimes make
the wrong decisions when they can't control their emotions well. Actually as long as we can stick to our plan when investing, which we will sell
at the target we set, everything should be fine. Or it will be much safer if we take profit after we are already profitable and don't be obsessed
with big profits. But because humans are greedy, which always wants to make as much profit as possible. Finally, profits that should be easy to get,
can just disappear because of uncontrollable greed. That's why it's important that we focus on the plan and always control our emotions well.
And most importantly we must be able to learn to be grateful with a small profit.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2022/23 on: October 10, 2022, 01:22:37 PM
For the Barcelona club, the Celta Vigo victory was crucial going into their Champions League encounter with Inter Milan. This victory will revitalize Barca's team spirit. The team's performance against Celta Vigo was below average; hence, Xavi should stick with his starting lineup and cease experimenting. I understand that he wants to give other players an opportunity, but switching around the lineup will not benefit the club. Wednesday's game against Inter Milan requires Xavi to get that right. To advance to the next round of the Champions League, they must defeat Inter Milan.
This victory can be a good capital for Barcelona but if we look at the moment especially after some players from Barcelona cannot play because of injury.
Their performance is still good, but in terms of goal productivity they are much reduced in this case because after not being with the main squad they seem to lose in goals.
It can be seen in the last few victories that they have always only managed to bring 1 goal and this is clearly very different from what they were before.

Although Barcelona's goal productivity has decreased, even in the last two matches in La Liga, Barcelona only won narrowly. But at least Barcelona
didn't drop points, and that's the most important thing in my opinion. Because if Barcelona lose points it is certain that Barcelona will be replaced
by Real Madrid. Which Real Madrid has the same points as Barcelona, it's definitely waiting for Barcelona to make a mistake and drop points.
It is true that Barcelona's victory against Celta was very important for Barcelona, ​​in addition to maintaining their position at the top. Barcelona's victory
against Celta could boost the confidence of Barcelona players, having previously been defeated by Inter in the Champions League. In a few days
Barcelona will face Inter again, I predict Barcelona can beat Inter, because Barcelona play at Home. And also Xavi must have learned from previous defeats,
I'm sure Xavi has found an effective strategy against Inter.
19  Economy / Economics / Re: Inflation is a creeping beast on: October 10, 2022, 10:35:18 AM
Inflation is a problem that we will not be able to avoid if we still use a centralized financial system, people will think that by saving as much money as possible it will be successful, but if there is inflation then the value of the money drops drastically.

It is true that we are definitely affected by inflation and we must find solutions to deal with it. because after all we use fiat for our daily transactions.
So it is very difficult to avoid inflation, and don't think saving money in the bank or any bank product can solve the inflation problem. The value of
our money will indeed continue to decline and the interest rate for saving in the bank is very low, unable to overcome the impact of inflation.
The only way we have to collect assets that are not affected by inflation, for now I am investing in gold and crypto, it has proven to be able  to
overcome inflation. But to be able to buy gold and crypto of course we must have a large income, therefore I can't just rely on money from my main job
to deal with inflation. In the last few months I've been looking for as many side jobs as possible, because the more sources of income we have,
we can have large amounts of extra money, we can use it to buy assets such as gold and crypto that are not affected by inflation.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Season on: October 10, 2022, 08:31:42 AM
I don't expect Chelsea to be this much comfortable in San Siro. Maybe Milan weren't able to do much against Chelsea away and lost the match by a comfortable score like 3-0. However Milan are still a huge threat in the group and I don't think they would play at a similar level to their last head-to-head match. But it is still too difficult for them to beat Chelsea of course. There isn't a single match that Chelsea lost against them in the Champions League in the past.

I think this time the scenario will be like this: Milan score first but Chelsea equalize the score. Then a 1-1 draw at the end of the match.  Smiley  I won't bet on this score but I'll add both teams to score to my parlay.

I don't think, Chelsea will allow Milan strikers to achieve a goal in their second leg than to increase the goals to 4-0 for the favour of Chelsea because their new coach has introduced more tactics that will help the team to maintain the victory till the end of the tournament. Milan are still lacking in the areas of defense and midfield, which will be the advantage Chelsea will use in this second leg to achieve many goals that will make their fans believe that this season will be for their favour. If Milan coach can work on their defense and midfield before the end of this tournament, it will help them to improve in other competitions.

This time they will be playing in Italy and is much different from Chelsea,we have seen in the Premier League that Chelsea has not been doing that well when playing away and the new coach sure has started with the right foot by winning against Crystal Palace away but in Champions we have yet to see a win outside home for Chelsea.I believe Milan will play much but much better in Italy in front of their home fans which are expecting a victory from Milan in order to turn things around and to be able to get a spot past the group stage.
One thing that makes me feel confident for Chelsea who are unlikely to lose in the away match against Milan is about their new coach, Graham Potter seems to have a good ability because so far Chelsea have not lost after changing coaches. With a result like that it is very likely Chelsea will maintain this kind of performance at least not to lose points, a draw could be their target at the San Siro. I also don't think Milan are weak because so far Milan have had good results when playing at home, but when the Chelsea defense is at its best then the result is clean sheets for Chelsea because Chelsea have a good and strong defense.

I'm quite impressed how Graham Potter's strategy works so well, because Potter can improve Chelsea's performance, even Chelsea are unbeaten
since Potter became Chelsea's main coach. Potter is very serious about preparing for the match against AC Milan, although in the previous
meeting Chelsea managed to beat AC Milan. But playing away facing AC Milan looks like Chelsea will have a hard time. Which AC Milan is indeed
strong enough to play at home, that's why Chelsea didn't play their main players against Wolves in the Premier League. Because Chelsea really want
to play at full strength when facing AC Milan, because Chelsea's position is not safe, that's why Chelsea still have to win the match against AC Milan.
I believe Chelsea can beat AC Milan, because I believe in Graham Potter's ability as a coach is really amazing, I believe Potter can make Chelsea
continue to achieve positive results against AC Milan.
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