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1  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: 🃏JacksClub: ROUND 17 - BTC PRICE PREDICTION CONTEST $150 in BTC 🚀 on: April 06, 2024, 09:04:28 AM
JacksClub Username: jeha2015
Prediction: $71,728.10
2  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: 🔥 BC.Game - Bitcoin Price Prediction #2 | WIN $50! on: April 03, 2024, 06:42:34 AM
3  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] BlackJack.Fun | Signature Campaign | Up to $90/W on: April 01, 2024, 05:11:56 PM
Bitcointalk Usermane: jeha2015 Username: jeha2015
4  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] BITWINUP Bitcoin PVP Prediction Game Signature Campaign | upto $90 on: March 31, 2024, 09:51:59 PM
Forum Rank: Full Member
Bech32 address: bc1qmargtdlmxjxl2sfpl63662w69t8t55z8kk2dgz
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: January 21, 2024, 12:27:32 AM
It is true that Real Sociedad performed well in UCL. They could finish the group stage as the leader of the group D. It is quite interesting because they are in a better position than Inter Milan. We know that the point is the same, but Real Sociedad has lower conceded goals. It means the defense of Real Sociedad is quite solid, it won't be easy to defeat by other teams.

They will play against PSG in the next match, I'm also sure that Real Sociedad must have the chance to win. PSG seems not playing very impressively, they were almost eliminated in the group stage. PSG was also conceded many goals during the matches in the group stage. It makes me a bit doubtful with the performance of PSG. Their defense looks not strong enough to compete with a strong team. Although Real Sociedad attackers aren't top players, they could destroy PSG defense as it seems rather weak. Meanwhile PSG attackers will struggle a lot because Real Sociedad has a solid defense.

I have no doubts that the Paris Saint-Germain squad can beat Real Sociedad in the first leg, especially since the first leg will be played at PSG's home ground, of course this is a strength in itself playing in front of its supporters. But I doubt paris saint-germain will hurt themselves again. They did this against Newcastle, and Dortmund. The Paris Saint-Germain squad can sometimes be its worst enemy. Cheesy

But Real Sociedad is also very strong at home, so I think Paris Saint-Germain and Sociedad will perform well in both legs. Even though Real Sociedad is one of the clubs that looks like a weak team, Paris Saint-Germain should not underestimate Real Sociedad. My prediction is that this match will take place in the round of 16. First leg: Paris Saint-Germain won 3-0 Second leg: Real Sociedad won 1-0.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: January 21, 2024, 12:01:28 AM
Valencia was also quite happy because they were able to win at home against Athletic Bilbao even though before the match started Athletic Bilbao was superior. However, Athletic Bilbao had to suffer defeat in that match and it is quite possible that Athletic Bilbao will be overtaken by Barcelona again if Barcelona can win tomorrow at home to Real Betis. Now Valencia is in seventh place, but if tomorrow Real Betis is able to win at home in the match against Barcelona, of course Valencia's position will also change again.

Valencia scored a single goal and won, their 4th victory in a row. Hugo Duro jumped very well and scored another header. Duro is playing very well this season, already scoring 9 goals. We may see him in big teams in the coming years. Valencia is also a big team, but he can go to one of the bigger teams with this performance.
With this result, Valencia rose to 7th place. These are the times we are used to seeing them. Valencia should always be around there. Success comes with a young and good squad.

If you look at the game in this match, they really deserved Velencia's win. The reason is that in that match they had several opportunities that could be said to be good in that match, where Velencia showed extraordinary defense and effectiveness. It's true, Athletic appeared more solid in the first half, they had several clear opportunities which they couldn't finish.

However, entering the second half, Valencia took control of the game, and managed to show success by scoring a goal in the 61st minute through H. Duro was also the only shot at Athletic's goal in this match which ended in a goal. . With this victory, Velencia created a positive trend because it managed to achieve its fourth win in a row. I think they will continue to improve the standings in the remaining games this season.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How diverse is your crypto portfolio? on: January 14, 2024, 12:13:40 PM
Hi guys!
Just wanted to know how many cryptocurrencies you're invested in? And with what percentage of your portfolio (No need to mention the amounts involved, if you don't want to). Just want to get a general sense of how everyone's diversifying their crypto assets.

The portfolio is currently only in the top altcoins on CMC, but almost 60% of my portfolio is in bitcoin because for me bitcoin is the safest asset to diversify existing assets. Moreover, this year was a year of growth for Bitcoin and even the top altcoins. So I will not waste the opportunities that exist this year or even the next few years.

What you need to remember. Don't invest to look for profits to get rich quickly, but look for assets that are safe in the long term and will certainly be able to improve your finances in the future. Only choose altcoins that are currently hype, if you don't know the right moment it will cause you to experience losses.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: January 14, 2024, 11:41:11 AM
Inter Milan victory against Monza has really shown they are back into the competition with a great form. Inter is proving very strong when compare to Juventus. If they continue with this their great form they will definitely win the league title.

I want to say without hesitation that the Serie A champions this season are Inter because they want to win their 20th Scudetto.

Indeed, Juventus appeared consistent, but in terms of quality of play, Inter was better. Inter Milan this season won Ac Milan 1-5 Inter, Ac Monza 1-5 Inter, this proves that Inter has a winning mentality.

This landslide victory further confirmed that Thuram was playing well because with Lautaro, all the opposing defenders were clearly not calm when Lautaro Martínez was around. The only thing that Inter Milan needs to improve is that they concede more goals from dead ball situations, maybe Inzanghi should pay more serious attention to this problem.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: January 14, 2024, 11:21:25 AM
Watching the Man City match we can say that the lost game came back to life after Kevin de Bruyne was present. Whether I'm overreacting or not, the effectiveness of attacks is much more organized. Bernando Silva scored a goal, and then Kevin de Buruyne immediately stepped on the gas to activate his ambition again. Imagine if there was Haaland, maybe the score could reach 5 goals. However, when Man City's goal machine is accompanied by Kevin de Bruyne, it becomes a scary combination. Kevin de Bruyne equalizing goal was able to raise the enthusiasm of his friends so that it was not difficult to turn the situation around to win. He also assisted the winning goal by reading Oscar Bobb position in the penalty box. That's the key Pep Guardiola has with his team.
Yes that's right. Man City's game made the audience nervous, but the process did not betray the results, Man City's attacks continued in this match. In the end, Newcestile's goal was conceded because of Newcastle's layered defense. what an interesting spectacle, KDB was truly magical, he was able to conjure up a game where they were one goal behind as soon as he came on. Man City managed to get three points.

Indeed, KDB is a player that Kloop is worried about. KDB's return makes Liverpool even more alert and must continue to be consistent in every match. From the first time I saw KDB from Chelsea until now, his genius was really different, if Halland had been in that match, maybe he would have scored a lot of goals. KDB is recovering at the right time, in the remaining half of this season I predict they will overtake Liverpool at the top of the standings.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: January 13, 2024, 09:07:31 PM
Bayer Leverkusen is now unbeaten in 26 games thanks to manager Xabi Alonso's incredible tactical works at the German club. In the beginning of the season, very few persons would've believed that Bayer Leverkusen will go 17 league games without conceding a defeat but that's actually the reality of things at the club at the moment and the good thing about it is they're not even showing any sign of declining anytime soon.
They are missing four key members of the squad to either injury or the African Cup Of Nations. The four players are Boniface who's the club's top scorer this season as well as Adli, Kossounou and Tapsoba. Considering their current performance, I think it's safe to say that Bayer Leverkusen is the club that's gonna finally break Bayern Munich's dominance in German Bundesliga
You could say that Bayer Leverkusen won very dramatically over Augsburg with a goal in the final minutes. This victory means they are still comfortable at the top of the Bundesliga standings. Leverkusen really dominated throughout the 90 minutes, even in the first half Bayer Leverkusen almost scored a goal but unfortunately their two chances only hit the goal post. On the other hand, goalkeeper Dahmen also appeared impressive because he managed to save five shots on goal. Even though he finally conceded, Dahmen's performance in this match must at least be appreciated as extraordinary.

This victory certainly increased their confidence, even though many players were absent because several of their core players would compete in the Africa Cup of Nations. However, I believe in Alanso's ability to utilize existing players to replace players who will be left behind.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: January 13, 2024, 08:52:18 PM
Kevin De Bruyne's effect has earned Manchester City the whole 3 points against Newcastle United, and Manchester City has entered second place in the Premier League table. With the 2-3 defeat against Newcastle United, Manchester City has recorded a third consecutive win in the premier league.
Kevin De Bruyne contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in 35 touches during his 21 minutes of play.
The best player in this match should be Kevin De Bruyne but Bruyne lost in the number of minutes played with Rodri who played the full game.

Manchester City achieved 3 consecutive wins after this match. Newcastle United experienced 4 consecutive defeats in the Premier League after this match.
In January, I think there will be new information regarding Eddie Howe's future. Newcastle United officials want the best results this season.
It was very emotional when watching this match, Pep Guadiola is truly a genius, he made two substitutions and both contributed to Man City's comeback in this match.

Especially for KDB, he is truly a crazy player and is most eagerly awaited by fans and most feared by their opponents in the EPL. If anyone can say who the best player in this match is, it is Kevin de Bruyne.

How could he not have been injured for five months and finally made his EPL League comeback directly with Newcastle, and he managed to hypnotize football fans. He came on in '69 when Man City were behind, and in the '74 minute he managed to score the equalizer and in the '91 minute he provided an assist for Man City's winning goal.
12  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Bagaimana tolak ukur Suksesnya Pemilu? on: January 13, 2024, 08:37:27 PM

Pengawasan tahapan pemilu merupakan landasan penting bagi tercapainya pemilu yang adil, transparan, dan demokratis.
Perlu peran aktif dan sinergi antara pengawas pemilu, Parpol, pemerintah, dan masyarakat sipil,Dalam meningkatkan efektivitas pengawasan serta menjaga integritas pemilu
Tolak ukurnya suksesnya pemilu tentunya sangat sederhana yaitu minim angka Golput pada gelaran pemula dan tidak ada kecurangan apalagi sampai ada yang meninggal seperti yang terjadi pada pemilu sebelumnya. Karena pemilu adalah pesta demokrasi bukan perang.

Mungkin juga banyak yang golput karena Anak muda lebih suka berkarya untuk masa depan dan kebebasan berekspresi, sementara pemerintah saat ini justru mengengkang mereka untuk berekspresi, kritik pemerintah dikit-dikit lapor penjara. Makanya anak muda saat memilih presiden, golput semakin meningkat. Inilah tugas KPU agar bisa mengedukasi untuk pemilih pemula agar menggunakan hak suara sehingga lahirnya pemimpin yang benar-benar memikirkan kesejahteraan rakyat dan pemilupun akan suskes jika minim yang golput.
13  Economy / Services / Re: 👉 {OPEN} Eloncoin Signature Campaign | Member+ [Funds Escrow] on: January 08, 2024, 09:20:14 PM
Thank you sir for accepting me. The information is correct, Signature and avatar are updated.

Eloncoin Address: ELh8Wp7U4spnRkxw3zxJBUJnModX9VKsYB
14  Economy / Economics / Re: How will the BRICS currency influence Bitcoin? on: January 06, 2024, 09:29:33 PM
BRICS has been spreading well lately.  BRICS is seen in many countries but it is 12%-15%.  Which is very insignificant.  I think BTC will not be affected much for these countries.  BTC will always rule.  BRICS is not a digital currency either.  I don't think its value will ever be like BTC.  So don't worry nothing has been created to rival BTC yet.
I would argue that the BRICS currency is similar to the Euro, At least the BRICS currency is shared among a group of countries that are part of international trade. But In fact, in my opinion, it makes a lot of sense to use BTC in international trade. because bitcoin is a secure, decentralized coin, and can be sent anywhere instantly and can be stored offline easily. Why make the effort to start something new regarding BRICS or any other currency?

Bitcoin is already experiencing scarcity and we don't need to trust anyone for that scarcity to be maintained. In conclusion, bitcoin will continue to operate as usual, unaffected by the presence of BRICS, because it is true, as you said, the presence of BRICS is not to compete with bitcoin because the two have very large differences.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Why do we spam on: January 06, 2024, 08:47:43 PM
I don't think spamming in the forum is intentional. Some do spam out of their awareness that they are already spamming. Although most of those who own multi account may resort into spamming, but I mostly believe that those newbies in the forum are most likely to do spamming since they keep on flooding post with no quality content.
For beginners who spam, it's natural because they don't fully understand the forum rules. They need to understand the forum rules properly and continuously make improvements. However, for seniors who continue to spam, especially if it is done on purpose, this must be reprimanded, they only care about posts and don't think about what they have posted.

Most of those who spam like this are chasing posts for signature campaigns, not all of them do it, but this often happens, and yes for those who have more than one account. And maybe this is the last type of person who often spams, they are lazy about reading so they make a lot of posts that are off topic, even though it is difficult to read and understand first before replying to a post.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is Doge worth investing? on: January 06, 2024, 08:23:25 PM
understand that meme coins will only move if there is hype. if the hype is over, don't expect to get more out of it. it would be better to choose an altcoin that has a clear developer, clear direction of creation. try more to read the whitepapper of each altcoin you want to invest in.

so I don't think it's right to make meme coins as a long-term investment.
It's not inappropriate, it's not even worth making meme coins as a long-term investment. Meme coins move only because of hype and usually don't last long, meme coins are only used to gain momentary profits for some people who understand and follow from the start, but not for beginners who come because of the hype and then invest, of course this is very risky.

Even Dogecoin is like that, even though Doge is said to have good fundamentals, many people suffer losses because of Doge Coin and not many people gain profits from Doge Coin. More precisely, we have to be smart in looking for moments.
However, if you are lazy to reset, it would be wise if you just invest in the top altcoins or it is safer to invest in bitcoin for the long term.
17  Economy / Services / Re: 👉 {OPEN} Eloncoin Signature Campaign | Member+ [Funds Escrow] on: January 06, 2024, 08:10:28 PM
User: jeha2015
Position to Apply: Full Member
Posts Start: 532
Bitcoin Address: bc1qmargtdlmxjxl2sfpl63662w69t8t55z8kk2dgz
Address: -
18  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: 🚀 $150 ROUND 5 - BTC PRICE PREDICTION CONTEST 🚀 on: January 06, 2024, 08:05:48 PM
JacksClub Username: jeha2015
Prediction: $47,595.08
19  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: [In Memoriam] Guess BTC price contest on: December 30, 2023, 09:35:20 PM
I want to say Thank You for this great contest, and Rest in peace light_warrior.

My prediction is that :


January will probably be a bullrun until February because the Apple Vision Pro is released, and at the end of February we will enter the bitcoin halving phase.

20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you gamble because you don't have sufficient money? on: December 29, 2023, 08:37:32 AM
I was in argument with someone. His view is that people who gamble are those that what they have is not sufficient for them and so they try to make more money from gambling. He said if you have sufficient money to take care of your needs that you won't think of gambling. He made reference to some rich people, who don't gamble because they have sufficient money to even gift to charity but that those rich who still gamble are only addicted to it not just because of the money. Therefore, that the percentage of the rich gambling is very small compared to those in middle class and lower class.

So my question is, is the percentage of the rich gambling lower than the middle and lower class?
There is a lot of data that states that the percentage of rich people who gamble is lower than that of lower middle class people. This is what actually happened. Because rich people gamble just for fun, while many lower middle class people are addicted to gambling because of the wrong mindset, with small capital they can win millions.

However, whether we realize it or not, this is how gambling sites attract gamblers so they are interested, but middle class people do not yet understand the purpose of gambling well, so many of them are now addicted to gambling. Just look, most people who are addicted to gambling are middle class people, not rich people.
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