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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: A tour or guide after signup might be useful to a beginner on: Today at 07:45:25 AM
OP, Iíve been on the forum for five years, and it was in this design before me, and I think it will remain so for a long time. The thing is different; it takes time to get used to it. You've found a section for your local board. The next step is to travel here to the section for beginners. Was this a problem? All beginners need is patience. A lot of people have been here for several years, and I am sure that for many, it is absolutely convenient to navigate the forum, knowing where and what section is located.
Have the desire to be curious beyond your boundaries, as well as the patience to learn everything gradually.
Maybe just want to expedite the process of exploration which isn't a bad thing so your own exploration at the least isn't that difficult for you, maybe a little introduction video on how to navigate the forum can be helpful, I'm sure that not all newbies are pressing the HELP tab on the upper left so I don't see how harmless can a small video tutorial can do and if you actually let people at the least watch this before they complete their registration, we might help cull the amount of spammers registering new accounts.
2  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Is it too late to seek a new beginning? on: Today at 07:11:27 AM
As you have learned from joining bounty campaign that it isn't profitable or you can't earn decent amount of money from it and you decided to learn more about Bitcoin and crypto related stuff then that's good start in my opinion. Since you are looking for another way to earn money in the future then have you considered buying Bitcoin and hold it for as long as you want until it js sure to sell for profit.
Hodling isn't really earning money, I assume that OP is asking for a way to earn money without the hassle of having to hodl for long, you know something like joining signature campaigns and doing work and getting paid. Telling OP that learning is a good start isn't really the advise that OP is looking for but it's a good advise and to OP, if you want to earn satoshis here in the forum, you might want to check out the Services board, you might find some users that are looking for some services there although you probably need to have a profitable set of skills like programming or maybe even some sort of skill that involves computer or artworks.
3  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: I am a Bitcoin novice, somebody help. on: Today at 06:13:06 AM
With the way people talk about Bitcoin, it shows that Bitcoin will turn to a major project in the future. I just want to have a place now. Even if I am late, I know in few years time, I will be earlier than many people.
The highlighted part means that you already have a good mindset already OP so I don't think that it's going to be difficult to teach you anyway about some stuff about bitcoin and how you can make benefit from it. I don't agree with you about bitcoin becoming a major project though, it's already there, you could've been right about that if it was around 2010 to 2012 as there's not a lot of people that's talking about bitcoin back then but now it's the future already. Stay and participate in this forum as much as you can and want OP, this is a good place to get answers for your questions, ask all of the curiosities that you have and people are bound to answer.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What will you do if your country did not legalize cryptocurrency? on: Today at 05:30:07 AM
What will you do if you are a fan of bitcoin but your country did not legalize cryptocurrency?
Long as I can still do a P2P transactions on it then I don't mind bitcoin not having a legal status in my country, I love bitcoin but if the worst thing has come where it's being criminalized to even own one then I would probably just stop using bitcoin until I can get out that country and then reap the profits there, I don't want the hassle of having to deal with hiding just to use bitcoin, in a way it's like I'm hodling my bitcoins out of fear that I will be criminalized for owning one. Hopefully my country is always as backwards thinking as it always and just stay in the gray as long as possible.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Looking to sell a computer to raise money to invest in Bitcoin. on: Today at 04:05:26 AM
What do you use that computer for? If you're using it for your school and such and you are also doing some side hustles with that work then wouldn't it be counterproductive for you to sell that? I mean you could probably do more work with a computer and get more value out of it than just selling it and buying bitcoin right now and waiting for bitcoin to go up in prices, that 100 monthly investment is already a good number to put in bitcoin so don't be too hasty, you might want to leave some money for yourself in cases that you need a quick cash, it's going to be a problem for you if you were to have an emergency and you don't have a quick cash to pick up and you end up having to take some in your bitcoin stash.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Investing - DCA on: Today at 03:39:42 AM
I say that it would do you better to just invest in bitcoin only, maximize the potential profit by buying more right now when the price is just starting to run hot with the anticipation of the bull run and with the halving still in the near future, best believe that you're going to be better off investing in bitcoin only. I'm not saying it's bad that you're investing in Ethereum but think about it, there's going to be an altcoin season after a bitcoin bull run anyway, it's wise to go for taking a profit at bitcoin first and then trying to get in Ethereum after.
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Jamie Dimon said he would close Bitcoin down if he was in government on: Today at 03:18:56 AM
"The only true use case for it is criminals, drug traffickers, money laundering, tax avoidance."
That's such an old news already, I guess his stance never changed; a stance just as old as the system that he's benefiting from and they really don't like it when something that's challenging their financial system has been flourishing a lot of people are loving it and are talking about it and so they go for the cheap shots that are nothing more than bullshit because there's a public ledger that can just look up if they feel like it's a suspicious transaction, bitcoin's pseudonymous anyway so what's the point of using bitcoin for the stuff that this mofo mentioned? There's mixers and privacy coins like Monero out there so it's weird that they're attacking bitcoin when there are other ways those criminals can funnel their money and fiat is still the favorite of these criminals to use so what are they doing about that? There's still a lot of money laundering operations out there and they can't do a damn about it and instead they talk about bitcoin and why it's an evil thing that they have to get rid of.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Controversy over Bitcoin Transaction Water Consumption: Accerx Analyzes its Envi on: Today at 02:33:24 AM
Where did he do his research? How did he find the correlation? This doesn't seem very reliable since I doubt miners run their rigs in a poor area with a scarce water supply, to begin with. Is there any data on how much water consumption for mining compared to other areas in a specific time? While I support green energy or whatever it is, the reasoning seems a bit weak if the research doesn't show more than just a hypothetical scenario.

I remember reading this headline on a popular PC news website. It does seem that people who are not familiar with crypto fall for misleading ideas like this very easily.
The reason why they do this is to generate some shock value, I mean that's already how they do their magazines and news articles, don't mind the truth as long as people are going to read a sensational story. To me, this kind of stuff should be answered directly by the people that are mining, we can always just ask them their electricity bills and then do the calculations there hell, if we're so bent on disproving this research, might as well ask every miner out there and do a statistics and average depending on the size of their mining operations.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Belize banned crypto it seams? on: Today at 01:58:53 AM
Probably related to this[1]? I can imagine they temporarily ban businesses from doing crypto transactions because they want to prepare for a better monitoring system, and then resume it after the framework is ready. It is also possible that they ask for other requirements if the business wants to continue dealing with crypto, but the specific broker you mentioned above doesn't want to do it.

Why not just let things be? Wouldn't it be better for their monitoring system to work if they have a way to understand the workflow of the transactions, pausing the transactions would mean that they're going to look harder because they're going to be making it difficult for them to observe transactions because the people that used to do transactions in legitimate exchanges would go underground which makes it difficult for them to find those transactions since there's no country of origin in ledgers.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: help me not to leave btc on: Today at 01:35:26 AM
Just trust the process, you're already invested in bitcoin already and I don't think that nothing ever is better than that, if you feel like you're FOMOing on other altcoins, just remember that people that got out of bitcoin too early and then the prices started going up again and now they're regretting it so much and then they learn their lesson and buy bitcoin again but now the price aren't what it used to be for them so they value that they've got for getting back into bitcoin again is much lower than last time that they've got in. If you really don't like the idea of having to miss out on altcoins that are going up in prices recently, I recommend that you invest only what you can afford to lose.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: can somebody recommend me a good profitable ALERT app for crypto on: December 06, 2023, 10:22:31 AM
Coingecko works for me just fine, you can probably tweak it to your specifications so you only have a few crypto that's giving the alert. I have listed bitcoin in my Coingecko portfolio so it updates me of any significant move although I don't think it's going to be reporting small positive or negative moments but I can't be certain of that, I didn't tweak my Coingecko app too much.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading advice for newbies on: December 06, 2023, 08:52:45 AM
My greatest advice in this market is learn to be patient as much as you can. There is no shortcut to success, so always chose to take a harder and tougher way at first so you can see the sweet fruit of your labor in the end. In life, learning takes a lot of time and even requires a lot of experiences before you will be able to learn, same what we should do in this crypto market.
As much as this is the truth, besides the virtue of patience, we also should be able to have the ability to analyze the market and understand what the news is talking about and how would it affect the market in the long-run, if you're just going to use your patience with your invest, don't expect to be successful in trading and you're better off hodling and wait for your ideal price to go up and then sell there, much easier process but takes longer and will really test your patience.
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Short Term Trading Altcoins and Meme Coins? on: December 06, 2023, 07:37:24 AM
Not advisable to trade with altcoins, it would be much better to look out for new altcoins that have a potential because those are will probably yield you a better profit since they'll definitely experience a pump and then they will dump and never come back again, that's a symptom that's prevalent on a lot of altcoins so rather than trading an altcoin that's been established long ago, you can utilize the potential of upstart altcoins, that's what I did during the NFT craze.
14  Other / Meta / Re: I have no more merit left to give! on: December 06, 2023, 06:34:01 AM
As much as it seems that your intentions are good and that you are trying to help others, continuing with such topics may end up on the ignore list for many. When you want to help others, you do not say, ďI am a good person, I help others.Ē And if the sMerits are not enough for you, then submit an application to become a merit source.
I agree but I don't see OP to be implying that stuff, probably bragging about giving away all the sMerits he's got and that placing himself as an important person because if you got graced by his sMerits that you deserve it. I don't think that it's going to be a good idea to put ignore on OP though, if OP can generate that much merit and share those to other users, then OP's probably worth looking out in terms of the content that OP posts.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The Stories on Bitcoin's Value on: December 06, 2023, 05:30:17 AM
There are many reasons why Bitcoin is so valuable to convert to a digital currency. Before Bitcoin there were many other coins in the crypto currency market but all the other coins could not get the attention of the investors and investors did not see anything special in any of the other coins that would make an investor prefer another coin. The value of Bitcoin and the popularity of Bitcoin were not like that in the beginning, if we dig through history we find some information that proves that Bitcoin was not a valuable coin to people at that time. A man paid a huge amount of bitcoins to buy just two pizzas. Imagine the position of the person who paid a large amount of BTC in exchange for two pizzas and the person who received a large amount of BTC in exchange for the pizza. At the current level of popularity of Bitcoin, in a few years its popularity may double.
Bitcoin was the 2nd I think, there's probably only 1 that was created before bitcoin so I say that you're misinformed that there are other cryptocurrency in the market because bitcoin started it all. It's not that bitcoin isn't valuable per se, during the early years of bitcoin, it just so happens that there's not a lot of people that are engaged or are in this forum so the value of bitcoin isn't that high but as time goes by and more people are trying to get in and the value of bitcoin goes from a cent to a dollar, people starts getting in because they want a piece of the action, the popularity of bitcoin is parallel to how many people have discovered bitcoin over the years not to mention that as technology and affordable computers become a thing in the year 2010 onwards, the interest in technology increases everyday so it's only natural that bitcoin will be discovered by more people.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: Do brands that take sides on divisive issues lose market share? on: December 06, 2023, 03:17:14 AM
It depends on what side they're going to be on because if they're on the controversial side and the side where a majority of the population disagrees then they would see a negative impact to their sales and stocks but if they're siding with what the majority thinks is the right one, they're probably going to see an increase in their sales and stocks but there are outliers out there that are an exception to the rule, some companies might take the non-majority stance but still gain respect from the majority and no effects that significant can be seen in their sales or stocks, another case would be companies that take the majority stance but the majority feels like they're just faking it so they don't see any significant increase or decrease in their sales or stocks.
17  Economy / Economics / Re: What class of an investor are you? on: December 05, 2023, 08:33:17 AM
I can't be sure about this as I don't want to come off as someone that toots their own horn but I would say that I'm the kind of investor that's going to be making a lot of profit because I deal in the long-term when I invest in something and in the case of bitcoin, I see the potential that it have and I don't like the idea that I will be missing out on bitcoin again, I had the opportunity when it was cheaper, not going to let that slip away ever again.
18  Economy / Speculation / Re: So I guess we sell at $48626 ? on: December 05, 2023, 07:56:17 AM
You expect us to return to $36,000, so you are betting that it is the right time to sell? This may be true, but the price will return to rise in one way or another next May and may break $70,000 before the end of the year. Selling now as part of a short-term trading plan will be understandable, but it is not a long-term selling point.

Relying on 0.618 FIB while ignoring the rest of the indicators may cause a loss.
Breaking at 70k by the end of the year is a crazy number but I know how bitcoin is, hopefully I could sell a large portion of what I currently hold at that price and still make a profit and hopefully get back in because the price starts to go down again. Long-term, everyone should keep at least 80% of their bitcoin and enjoy selling that 30% if the 70k price happens again.
19  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin at its ATH of 2023 so far on: December 05, 2023, 07:25:55 AM
Itís great to see, we were at $16,000 for quite a few months if I remember correctly, only last year. Bitcoin continues to show how strong & what a great asset it is cycle after cycle. At this point I think youíre generally a moron if you donít own any Bitcoin. Letís see how 2024 goes, I predict itís going to be a very bullish year.
I wish I had a job during that time because I would've made more potential profit if I had but I chose to chill and relax before becoming a part of the workforce which isn't that bad at all, it's not like I didn't do anything during those times doing relaxing, I made some personal progress so I can hopefully sell my skill better and it did pay off somehow. Pretty awesome experience. I just hope that bitcoin's going to continue it's run until the first few months of 2024, not a bad year to start if bitcoin gets to 100k right?
20  Economy / Speculation / Re: Warming warning of the BTC, ETH & the LTC Cryptos upcoming halving on: December 05, 2023, 06:22:03 AM
Blaming themselves and regretting not buying during the lowest of bitcoin before it's peak has been the theme for many half-assed investors out there, they're not going to follow through no matter how much they want to regret their actions, look at them keenly and observer their behavior, when the price goes down they're not going to buy anymore because they believe it's going to go down even more and that it's finally happening. No saving those people. Just follow BTC movement and you will able to know the current crypto landscape, no need to complicate things if there's an easy way of doing things.
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