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1261  Economy / Marketplace / Dozens of New Sites Added to The Bitcoin List! on: December 05, 2011, 12:07:43 AM
First off, I want to apologize to everyone who's messaged me asking to have their site added to The Bitcoin List. They should all be up now.

In addition to the listings added by request, I've just spent the last couple of days inputting dozens of links to BTC businesses, projects, etc., many of which didn't even exist when I first set out to make the most comprehensive list of bitcoin related sites.  Anyone still saying that you can't buy anything with bitcoins is either deliberately spreading false information or doesn't know how to do a simple internet search!

Another thing I'd like to point out: many visitors to The Bitcoin List arrived after searching for a list of mining pools, so I scoured the intrawebs and listed every active mining pool I could find.

I'll still be adding sites as time allows, but please feel free to inform me of any that I might have missed.
1262  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: December 02, 2011, 06:08:14 AM
I'm going to make it a point to attend.
I'll update the list!

edd, I suggest you give Ron Paul a shot on his campaign site for being a speaker. Try to sell him on Bitcoin. I would but it has a preference for event owners.

Guess it can't hurt to ask.
1263  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 11 on: December 01, 2011, 11:20:34 PM
Bidding 2 slots at 4 BTC each.
1264  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can we get Bitcon 2012 advertised on the frontpage? on: December 01, 2011, 05:34:49 AM
I'd love for this event to be posted at like the Prague conference was, but, honestly, I'm not sure how much it would help right now. It might be wiser to wait until there are a few more presenters and bitcoin businesses involved.
1265  Economy / Speculation / Re: Rally!! on: November 30, 2011, 07:17:56 PM
Anyone else notice Dwolla's tweet about tomorrow being their anniversary? Think it's a coincidence that Mt. Gox is planning some big announcement tomorrow, as well?
1266  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: November 30, 2011, 06:04:29 PM

Is there a charge for attending the conference and setting in on the Bitcoin Talks? What the hell did I just write? Bitcoin Talks. Hmmm! First annual Bitcoin Talks, featuring speakers versed in all things Bitcoin???

There will be no charge for attending the talks or exhibits; entrance to the convention center will be absolutely free. I am counting on exhibitors, sponsors, donations, and merchandise sales to cover expenses. I'd like this event to be an introduction to bitcoin for San Antonio and Austin and I plan on doing my best to saturate the area with advertisements in the days leading up to it. So remember, sponsors - the bigger your contribution, the bigger your presence!

By the way, I've updated the list above to reflect the newest exhibitor and sponsor,!
1267  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 11 on: November 30, 2011, 04:14:08 AM
I bid 8 slots at 0.5 BTC each.
1268  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: November 30, 2011, 02:02:51 AM
Bruno/Phinnaeus, the funds have been received and I went ahead and linked your user name to your profile here on the Credits Page. Just give me the word and I will link it to wherever you like or leave it link free.
1269  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin in tv show -The Good Wife - Episode 3.13 - Finding Mr. Bitcoin on: November 29, 2011, 10:23:54 PM
My wife watches this show and so, consequently, I've seen a few episodes. It's not bad, per se, just not my cup of tea. It will probably be as effective at turning people onto bitcoin as a commercial on the Lifetime channel.
1270  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A bitcoin group buying business / or increase bitcoin demand / stability on: November 29, 2011, 10:19:09 PM
Hi community,

Since I first discovered bitcoin in July, ive been searching for a potential entry into some kind of business.
After the conference in Prague I was quite surprised just how many developers are in the community that are passionate about bitcoin and are trying to set up some kind of business.  The environment im used to is the opposite, its the entrepreneurs trying to convince a good cto to be passionate about their idea.  Im very surprised more entrepreneurs aren't flocking in.

So here is an idea, (feel free to steal it as long as you tell me where to find it):

If we started a group buying club and targeted an area like:
fuel card
starbucks? (its just an idea)
credit cards

Something we all use and spend fiat money on every month.

Set up a group account like a corporate account with these companies. Allow members to pay in bitcoin and pay the bills in fiat.  Profits could be taken from commissions from the service provider and everyone could use hundreds bitcoin every month on living expenses.

Im guessing the states would be the obvious choice due to the numbers as i feel you would need do it country by country.  If you know of any services we all use that dont relate to country then im listening.

If you are a developer and see some issues with the idea, or would like to be involved I would need a few to come in on an equity only deal.

When i was 21 i negotiated a mobile phone deal with a company in Sydney, the prices i negotiated were about half that of regular retailers.  The deal was about to get over the line but i was a bit cocky with my marketing rhetoric and the legal team had an issue with it at the 11th hour and cut me off.  I had hundreds of people registering every day.....My marketing message was something like;
 "lets control these corporate phone companies by joining our buying power together".

Of course once you have everyone on one account, you have stronger negotiating skills to move the account elsewhere and secure bigger discounts, Since then ive been thinking about it for over a decade, and i think this might be the right group of people to make something work.  If its a stupid / good idea then please make some comment. 

I would suggest electricity is a good place to start, as you cant tell the difference between electricity form company A and company B.  But i have knocked on their door before and they arent so easy to get to.  This could be expanded to food and other products, although you would have to support a big chain.

I dont think it would be advertised as bitcoin buying group either, just a regular buying group that accepts bitcoins but maybe not even advertised on the site.  Here is an example of a buying group:

Who's interested? Whos' got feedback?


I think you're on to something. I've been thinking the exact same thing and even did some cursory research into reselling electricity. It doesn't seem to be that easy here in Texas, either.

By the way, I also think turning BitBrew into the next Starbucks is a great idea.  Wink
1271  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: November 29, 2011, 07:28:49 PM
You will certainly be getting some PM's from me!  Cheesy
1272  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: November 29, 2011, 06:52:47 PM
I just sent 12 BTC to reserve a table spot. Please confirm that received the funds.

I have stayed at Microtels many times, and yet to have a bad experience. Here is a link:

Senior and AAA rates are $53.10. I sure do hate taking away $ from Hyatt after they've been so kind to provide a convention venue. I'm sure they won't take it personal, though.

Your BTC has been received and I've added you to the list of exhibitors at the top of the thread.

I'm sure Microtels are nice, but they're classified as "two star hotels" and I can't ask a four star hotel to match their prices. Everyone is free to stay wherever they like - my goal is to provide the best possible experience for every budget.

Thanks for sponsoring our event guys.

I was curious how you are going to pay for the convention room with payments of 12 btc for a table.  How many tables do you need to sell to pay for the room?
This was a problem we ran into that nobody paid until the last fortnight but we had to pay the room a month in advance, we had no idea how many people would turn up.

The photo of the convention centre looks like many thousands of dollars a day, how many bitcoin businesses are there?

Hopefully you have all this under control, good luck with your event.

Thanks, worldly! I really wish I had been able to make it to Prague. It sounds like it was a great event.

I've decided to go with a smaller room at the convention center than the one pictured above. The convention center has been kind enough to agree to charge us only for the space actually used during the convention, but there is a non-refundable minimum amount required up front and it is quite a bit for the large exhibit hall. The smaller exhibit area is still 16,600 square feet and I have a sponsor lined up who has agreed to help me pay for the deposit/minimum.

12 BTC at the current exchange rate is almost exactly enough to cover the cost of the space each exhibitor will occupy. Sponsors and a stronger exchange rate are what I'm counting on to pay for additional expenses like audio/visual, advertising, administrative costs, food, etc.

So, to answer your question, once I get that minimum payment submitted to the convention center, then even if it's only Atlas, Phinnaeus, and myself sitting in a huge empty hall, my losses won't be insurmountable.
1273  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: November 29, 2011, 05:21:35 AM
Just want to confirm that the exhibit table spot is only 12 BTC. I'm toying with bringing my own table. Also, what is the discount rate of the rooms? Plus, I'll do whatever you need me to do to help out before, during and after the convention. Just name it, and I'll probably do it.

Yep, exhibit table is still only 12 BTC. Don't worry about bringing your own table unless it's really necessary for your display. The Convention Center has plenty and they're included in the price, along with table linen and skirting.

Our room rate at the Grand is $199/night and at the Regency, it's $195/night. If you search online for rooms at these or comparable hotels, you'll find different rates depending on what kind of specials that are floating around out there, but I seriously doubt you'll find anything better. If anyone does find better rates at these or other hotels during that weekend that are available to the general public, please let me know. It has been known to happen and I will be able to re-negotiate the contract armed with that information.
1274  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BitCon 2012 - San Antonio, Texas on: November 29, 2011, 04:49:24 AM
I've stayed at both hotels. I can't really remember a difference. Heh. Maybe it's just me.

Location is the biggest difference, IMO. The Grand is spitting distance from the mall and the Regency is on the Riverwalk, plus, if you've got a good arm, it's literally a stone's throw from the Alamo.

I'll be staying in my pimped out Bitcoin Bus that runs on burning money.
Good luck finding parking for it in downtown San Antonio. It might still be cheaper to stay at a hotel.  Shocked
1275  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: March 2012 BitCon in San Antonio, Texas - News Thread on: November 29, 2011, 04:44:18 AM
Add me to the list of attendees and exhibitors (Bitcoin Leather by Martin Basurto

Is it mandatory to stay at the Hyatt while attending the conference? Also, I can plan on arriving a few days early to lend a hand for setting up or anything else that needs addressing. I can also act as one of your volunteers/liaisons during the convention to make sure the event goes smoothly. I even know how to use a microphone, for I've emceed shows in Nashville for several years. Let me know how I can be of service to help make this a great convention.


I added you to the list of attendees above. Reserve your exhibit table and I'll add you to the "official" list of exhibitors.

Staying at one of the Hyatt's isn't mandatory but the block of rooms I have on hold are at a discounted rate and include in-room internet.

There will be plenty to do in the days immediately preceding the event, so I will take you up on your offer to help. Setting up the venue will be taken care of by their staff and each exhibitor will be responsible for their own space; the biggest hassle will be supervising and making sure everyone knows what they can and cannot do and where they can and cannot do it.
1276  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BitCon 2012 - San Antonio, Texas on: November 29, 2011, 04:31:40 AM
I'm still undecided.  Have you guys figured out what hotel you'll be staying at?

Hopefully, it'll be one of these: Grand Hyatt San Antonio
Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk

The Grand Hyatt is newer and right next door to the convention center but doesn't have availability on Friday the 16th. The Hyatt Regency has availability and is five dollars cheaper but is a few blocks away.

It is St. Patrick's Day weekend, so I recommend making your reservations ASAP.
1277  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BitCon 2012 - San Antonio, Texas on: November 29, 2011, 01:05:00 AM
It's nice to see that my relative scarcity around these parts hasn't dampened enthusiasm for the next convention.  Smiley

Alright, I am certainly attending. Who else? Has anybody committed to streaming?

This is going to be great! I'm going to set up a booth and make money off people who want to have their picture taken with Atlas.

Seriously, I'm planning on going, Atlas (would you be so kind as to let me know how to refer to you? ALPHA's not cutting the mustard with me, but don't want to refer to you as Atlas if it's not appropriate). That is a pretty good gimmick that I suggested, but at no cost. Have your picture taken with Atlas at Bitcoin Convention 2012 in San Antonio, TX.

I'm planning on setting up a table selling Martin's hand tooled leather Bitcoin Wallets and rustic wood plaques with a message burned onto it. Details of this, forthcoming. I look forward to meeting, Atlas.


I'm corresponding with forum member Blackout concerning requirements for high quality recording and streaming.

Bruno, I'll add you to the list of forum members attending in the other thread when I get home (I'm posting from my phone, at the moment).
1278  Economy / Services / Re: where is the thread for advertising on the forum? on: November 27, 2011, 09:09:20 PM

Bitcoin Forum > Economy > Marketplace > Auctions > Advertise on this forum - Round 10
1279  Economy / Economics / Re: Everyone's right, enough gloom and doom... on: November 26, 2011, 02:03:59 AM
As a newbie, however, I have to wonder out loud why a community that trumpets the independence from "central authorities" as one of the merits of its alternate currency is obsessed with chaining it back together with some form of government-backed currency.  I mean, everyone is worried about its (declining) exchange rate with the US dollar.  Or when I look around, any kind of services or goods that can be bought with bitcoins is always converted to its US$ equivalent.  Unless I misread the part that reads:
money is any object, or any sort of record, accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context
Why aren't many more services and goods being offered without having to reach for the calculator and plugging in the current USD:BTC exchange rate?

I try to run BitBrew with as little influence from the exchange rate as possible. I trade the BTC I earn from selling coffee for other bitcoin related goods and services when I can and only buy USD when absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, this means that BitBrew, at this point, is more of a hobby than a business. While I don't envision quitting anytime soon and I've turned down more than one offer to buy me out, I've yet to convince my utility providers or the bank that holds my mortgage to accept bitcoins as payment.
1280  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Favorite Merchants who accept BTC on: November 24, 2011, 04:32:51 AM
Like netrin, my favorite bitcoin merchant site is my own, BitBrew. Coffee is a tangible good with an almost universal appeal - just what a new economy needs to grow into a global, revolutionary, benevolent force.  Wink
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