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1  Economy / Speculation / Re: Here we go on: May 28, 2017, 05:59:36 AM
I doubt that very much.
Based solely on TA we will see a small recovery and another big dump that would take us to 1500-1700.
Selling during this small recovery seems a smart move.

QUACK! QUACK! I was planning on waiting it out a bit longer - but this is very bullish. Cheesy

2  Economy / Speculation / Re: Poll: Bear trap or Bull trap? on: May 28, 2017, 05:13:24 AM
also i disagree with bitcoin having "serious" problems. the biggest problem we have is the war itself not the reason for the war. and mainstream is not gonna happen by just fixing these things, that will take a long time and the willingness of people to use bitcoin not just some speculators hoarding it.

I think current confirmation times, transaction fees and general scalability issues are serious problem for healthy mass adoption - certainly for B2C use cases such as paying for things online and bricks & mortar retailers. Otherwise we will have the exactly scenario you mention - speculators hoarding and little else.
3  Economy / Speculation / Re: Poll: Bear trap or Bull trap? on: May 28, 2017, 12:31:33 AM
In the long run, all falls are bear traps. See the weekly chart would make it clear

4  Economy / Speculation / Poll: Bear trap or Bull trap? on: May 27, 2017, 11:40:35 PM
Where are we in the this current cycle?

Is this a bear trap (correction) as "early investors" take profits before this current bull run goes truly main stream? (We might be looking at $5K-$10K if the bull run continues)


Is this a bull trap before we see a complete capitulation over the next few days and weeks? (We might see a price somewhere around 2013 ATH - not that we should hold much value in that ATH given the circumstances)


Something else?

Personally I liquidated about 30% of my crypto portfolio including BTC at around $2350. I'm targeting a fairly aggressive/pessimistic re-buy in at $1500 for BTC ($60 for ETC, $0.05 XRP and $15 XMR), but we could see lower IMO if we continue to go down. (I'll be happy either way - the majority of my portfolio is all based on BTC bought at $50-$70)

If we see consolidation at around this $1900-2000 level into the middle of next week I'll consider my options again. Still, this will be no guarantee that we are not going side ways for some time or haven't started a longer term bear market.

Ultimately I think BTC has some very serious problems to address at the moment before we really have the fundamentals to move beyond the recent peak and truly go mainstream. These are precarious times for BTC, especially when you have alts which, whilst far more overvalued IMO, could be said to have better fundamentals in terms of tech and developer adoption. IMO, it would be far more healthy for BTC if this correction/crash forced miners and devs to get their shit together and we saw some stability and calm return to the markets. I think everyone is exhausted both mentally and financially.

Thoughts? Smart considered analysis seems very thin on the ground the moment in all this craziness...
5  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: May 27, 2017, 11:09:47 AM
so are we really gonna sell in may and go away? i'd be disappointed if the bitcoin market was that much of a cliche.

damn, maybe it is.

and maybe there's gonna be an epic winter again too.

6  Economy / Speculation / Re: China is dumping, prepare for crash. on: May 27, 2017, 10:19:40 AM
Oh look at that -25% and the day isn't even over yet. Oh all the i-told-you-so's....

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.  Tongue

It is a blood bath though - but it was telegraphed - there is no excuse not have cashed out a significant amount above $2000.
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: May 27, 2017, 09:41:18 AM
You´re all talking about england, i´m talking about small little friendly people, who welcome me, when i arrive.


I'm fine in HODLand.
So kind of you, now more people can dump on you. Bubble popping. Time for a 1 year bearmarket from now on. Hardfork incoming because UASF will fail cuz it has not enough support. Look at ethereum, it had a 1 year bearmarket after it forked. Bitcoin will be no exception. Sell while you still can. Otherwise you can only blame yourself.

If the fork happens I agree - though for how long is tough to guess - that will be the bad news required for a long bear market. Bottom line is that Bitcoin has some problems it MUST sort out soon. Time is running out and there are many hungry younger wolves at the door.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Time to dump ETH? on: May 27, 2017, 09:10:37 AM
Segwit is gaining strenght. BIP148 UASF is out scaring Jihad Wu. Altcoins in general too bubbled. Bitcoin looking strong at 900 floor.

Time to dump ETH and go back to BTC?

Bitcoin is really far better than any alt coins including Ethereum and now that solutions are clear in the sight then it is time to go back to Bitcoin as it is much better at any aspects. Bitcoin’s future is far brighter and it is the one that countries prefer.


There is no doubt there will be many successful alts in the future. Like it or not Ethereum is at the head of that pack right now and there is a good chance an alt will over-take Bitcoin in terms of dominance. The technology world is littered with companies/platforms/tech that were the "first" but ended up being replaced. Even "superiority" (what ever you are judging that by) is no predictor.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: [XRP] Ripple Speculation on: May 27, 2017, 09:00:28 AM
All but the one coin ive been bugging everybody with for some time now.. LYKKE!

Only coin still up in the top 100!

This was one of my big high risk bets recently - already nice profit. I'm sure it will come down a bit as well though - probably just a lag given the limited market access. Still, I think Lykke looks like a reasonable project compare to most in the top 100. Definitely a long term hold for me.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Is the market retracing or has the BEAR taken over? on: May 27, 2017, 08:56:38 AM
A lot of people are getting very burnt right now - especially in those markets that were largely powering this bubble. Any price above the previous 2013 ATH is easily possible (based on previous experiences) if people panic and the new money dries up. This is healthy IMO. I'm looking forward to getting back into saving/buying mode instead of watching the craziness unfold on the daily basis and having to sit out.
11  Economy / Speculation / Re: what happened for the market? on: May 27, 2017, 08:47:36 AM
Why the price going down from 2600$ to 1988$?
Is there any poilcy from state?

Found this on Reddit, not saying bitcoin is dead or going to die or destroyed or would it survive etc etc. If you observe BTC charts, it follows a pattern and almost everytime this pattern keeps repeating. There is nothing to panic about it, this is is how the BTC market works.

Ye olde bubble cycle pic rears its head once more. Cheesy If I had a bitcoin for every time this has been posted on Bitcointalk I'd be very rich indeed. Almost a confirmation of the current bubble popping. (Edit: someone beat me too it)

FYI: IMO we are heading to "Return to normal" and Bull Trap in case you are wondering. (For this particular bubble).
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: [XRP] Ripple Speculation on: May 25, 2017, 04:20:40 AM

so is ripple going to skyrocket?  Its funny that you cannot actually buy ripple on any exchange.  You have to buy BTC and use BTC to purchase ripple.  Same with ethereum.  It looks like alt-coins are almost exclusivly dependant on BTC.

That's not true, coinbase does USD to Ethereum, Poloniex does USDT to Ripple and Ethereum.  Bitstamp do XRP/USD, and there are probably many others.

Kraken just added XRP/USD pair (and others)
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: will litecoin recover on: May 17, 2017, 05:35:58 PM
Offcourse it will.
Dont be scarry :)Your fear is based on knowledge that sometimes ago LTC  peaked 48$ and than fall down to 4$. Because there was no need in altcoins in year 2011. Bitcoin price was only 30$. It was soooo looong loong ago. Just forget about 4$ ok? You do not belive that Bitcoin will cost 100$ again right?

Now everything is different.

Litecoin has a strongest developers in world - Blockstream

Litecoin will have soon more new features like LN, RSK,MAST, Confidential Transaction.

It is a most technicaly innovative coin in market all best for Bitcoin will be on Litecoin now. Litecoin will combine features of (zcash, monero, ethereum) - if they cost now 50$ and higher alone why Litecoin should be cheaper?

Also Litecoin has strong China support. China is a 2nd economics in world. Behind it  a tone of money.

It will touch 0.0159 0.016 to allow people to jump in than it will go and stabilize 0.018 and after Lighting Network implimentation we will see new ATH (around 50$)

Lighting Network is a most wanted technology in cryptoworld in this year!
Imagine transaction time less than 1 second from Zürich to San-Francisko!

It is a new world record in financial transaction! Unbelivable.
Everyone will want it to use soon.

All this is great but Litecoin has an image/branding problem. It will always be considered to be a "lite" version of Bitcoin.

However, I think if all those innovations are implemented WITH a change in name then it could be huge.

I'd vote for LightningCoin and keep the same symbol - LTC.

14  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: May 10, 2017, 10:05:43 PM
Is it me or do those walls around $1800 look a lot steeper than they did yesterday? Thoughts...
15  Economy / Speculation / Re: The Bullish Bitcoin Media Center (The ONLY Bullish Bitcoin News Thread) on: May 10, 2017, 09:57:10 PM
Check out this one for the lols.

No idea what they are talking about. This is a "mainstream" newspaper in the UK.
16  Economy / Speculation / Re: Why you should buy bitcoins NOW on: March 27, 2017, 06:09:15 AM

Ah, I feel a Jesse Livermore Moment coming on.  Or even a Rothschild Moment ("Buy when there's blood in the streets.")

Some 90% of the above comments are buy, buy, buy.  When everyone says "BUY", that often signals that prices are too high (still).  The contrarian investors, those swimming against the prevailing opinion, usually do the best

In fact, this is a small voice of reason in the choir of lies

Just tell me, did you ever think that buying more bitcoins in the face of the coming hard fork could be a wise decision? It seems to be counterintuitive (I agree with that), but is it really riskier than dumping bitcoins and going into alts or a lot riskier than just going into Bitcoin anywhere in the past? Apart from that, if you choose to go against the crowd, you still fully submit to it (whether you like it or not). The contrarian investors will just lose their money in a different way. Or do you really think that market doesn't know about this type of dudes who think that they know better? They and all their possible actions are already counted in

This thread is certainly talking me into off loading more coins. My instincts are telling me we are on the brink of proper bear market (and most here are in the denial phase) and that isn't going to change until the BU/SegWit issue is sorted no matter how much I might think it is FUD. Weak hands are not ones that sell - they are ones that are indecisive and keep jumping in and out.

IMO we are just lucky that most people are diving into alt coins rather than FIAT which is keeping the overall crypto market cap stable. What is risky for Bitcoin right now is there is permanent loss of market cap share and credibility that makes alt coins like Monero and Ethereum seem like safer options going forward. That has never happened before - Bitcoin has always been the "reserve" currency. This is the first time I really feel like that is even a possibility. Is this an objective of whales and other big players in the market that clearly have some game plan? Who knows, but there is serious volatility one way or another.

My biggest question personally is how much would I put in FIAT and what to hold in alts. How much can alts like Ether/Monero absorb - they are already crazily over priced but if everyone continues to rush there it could easily get crazier still. I've not seen so much madness since 2013.

We live in interesting times!
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Sooo...which one of you is selling BTC to buy ETH? on: March 17, 2017, 06:53:28 AM
Clearly ETH didn't just become worth several times its value in the space of a few weeks.

Don't take this the wrong way, but you gotta read the news more often. Major US corporations in Tech and Wall Street announced an alliance project based on the Ethereum platform. That's the single piece of news that cause this run on ETH.

Here's the article:

I believe that there is a lot of hype going on, and when there is hype, there is a rise. But after that rise inevitably every time there will be a huge crash and people's confidence destroyed again.

Wise point here except when it doesn't happen. Let's take the time that BTC ran up from $10-20 range to over $100 and beyond. It's never been below $150 since. So, was that run up "irrational exuberance" or genuine asset appreciation? The fact that it hasn't crashed back yet leads me to believe it's the latter.

Everyone likes to say "it's a bubble!"...but then, isn't.

This thing with ETH doesn't feel like a bubble, it feels like ETH is finally breaking out.

Roll Eyes Please, I have read ALL the news there is to read. Like EVERYTHING in this mad wild wild west of ecosystem it's just one story to latch on - and smart and dumb speculators either use it to their advantage or get sucked in. This is NOT a mature technology, it's all speculated potential and there are too many manipulators who can have the fire power to swing the markets, even BTC.

Like I've said I have been in this market for a long time. When you get consecutive 20% bumps in price on a daily basis the end is in sight. It's just a matter of when. Perhaps the previous ATH will hold (I think around $20 might be more sensible target) and yes, the overall trend for people holding will still be very healthy (that's why I am far from selling everything). But you are smoking crack or just spreading lies if you don't think this is irrational exuberance right now (edit: or manipulation)
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Sooo...which one of you is selling BTC to buy ETH? on: March 17, 2017, 04:51:16 AM
ETH just hit $50...there's no turning back, no correction, no limit to the growth...apparently.

Also, BTC seems to be selling off. Hmmm...what a coincidence.

Who among you are selling off to buy in?

Neither. I hate to say this as someone who has always been long on Bitcoin and long on Ethereum since I took a significant position last year whilst all the hard fork craziness was unfolding but ... I'm cashing out a chunk of both BTC/ETH to USD to wait this out and lock in some profits, but I'll still be more than happy if either continue to do well.

I think we may be witnessing one of the greatest co-ordinated market manipulations in crypto history. Either that or some people who are holding a lot of BTC that can't convert to FIAT has insider knowledge of something bad that is going to happen and is diversifying on a huge scale. The only thing that makes me pause for thought are the volumes, which are huge. Perhaps it is both - a perfect storm of events.

I predict a blood bath one way or another. Clearly ETH didn't just become worth several times its value in the space of a few weeks. We are into parabolic territory now - calling the top (which admitted could easily go another $10 or $20 or more) is a very dangerous game - and only a gambler would buy in right now. Having been around for the Bitcoin $32 bubble and $256 bubble it is definitely going to crash ... it is just a question of when and by how much.

The more interesting question is where is Bitcoin is going to go? Perhaps it is just me but people seem to forget that the previous ATH we just broke was most likely artificial - willy bot and MTGOX fraud anyone? I tend to think the actual ATH if the market had been left to its own devices would have been much lower. Perhaps we would have never broken $266 again for quite a while - we have no idea what was going on back then. So it is quite reasonable that Bitcoin could see a significant correction and sell off - even though I think the gains here have been more steady and over a prolonged time.

If Bitcoin does have destructive war regarding Segwit and BitcoinUnlimited the whole market will tank. Not good for anyone who is actually interested in how Bitcoin and blockchain technologies can change the world.

Smarter and more powerful people than me are set to make a lot of money I suspect.

My BTC.02 - Long time Bitcointalk lurker but still a newbie poster.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: 100,000 votes on Dropbox website and counting! bitcoin adoption imminent? on: May 08, 2013, 12:53:08 PM
If I wanted to manipulate the price, looking for feature requests on products like Dropbox and then promoting them in Bitcoin communities/forums would be a good way to go about it... Wink
20  Economy / Speculation / Re: The short term bear case on: May 04, 2013, 01:59:10 PM
After dealer network, bubbles will be pretty much a thing of the past, so after June, no bubbles.

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