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1  Economy / Reputation / Re: A Large Farm of accounts cheating on signature campaigns on: April 08, 2020, 01:07:30 AM
Hello fellas, I know everyone is so shocked/upset towards this case. Believe me, I am too. I didn't knew the concept of HD wallet, that's why I'm fucked rn and this happened. It's not a normal bust because there's too much account involved here; including this account (Polar91). And I know that you know that I still have many accounts right there who's yet to be discovered and you're right. I still have hundreds of accounts who are yet to be discovered. Some of them are currently in signature campaign. Go check them all busters if you can. But I doubt that you can since most of them are not linked to my busted HD wallet. I'm using an exchange wallet for my other accounts. In order to make things clear, I'm admitting that these accounts whom got busted belongs to me. I'm not writing this to appeal nor defend myself with regards to this case but rather to make things clear.

So here's the story why I did this. I'm currently a student. I started joining signature campaign since 2016 (I'm senior highschool that time). At that time, my lunch money (baon) seems not enough for me thus I told myself that I needed to workhard to buy foods that I wanted to eat. Until such time, I've seen a bigger opportunity as my classmates asked me to borrow my account thus they can make profit too. So I made a deal with them. You know what kind of deal it is. And that continues until now. I know it seems to be wrong with you because you have decent life but if you're on my shoes, I'm pretty sure that you'll do the same.

It's so sad on my/our side (my classmates are sad too as because of this they don't have any source of income) because I've worked hard so much with these busted accounts specially in my main account (Polar91) as I've made a lot of translations with this account (some are to earn profit and some are just to help my countrymen). I've also strived to reach this rank because as merit applied in 2018, I'm just a senior member thus I need to make efforts to reach my desired rank and I made it. However it was all gone now as my reputation has been destroyed already. I've made useful and helpful translations with this account. Some of my alts have translations too which are helpful also. You may check them all because I'm not lying. I wanted to link them all but it doesn't matter anyway as it won't change your mind that what I did was so unfair and unjust. I know myself that I disobeyed forum rules and trust me I didn't intend to do that. I know myself that I'm not the only one. Half of members in this forum have atleast two or more accounts, I guess.

Anyway, I would like to thank people who reported me (@Bitcoin_Arena, @cheater detector). I merited Bitcoin_Arena for your good work. Keep it up. You both are good in destroying someone's life and I hope that good things happen to you.

Another thing, since my busted accounts are not useful to me anymore and they have smerits currently, I'm giving away my smerits. I think it's better to give them away to my fellow countrymen. I'll just create a thread and ask them to post their quality post. I'll do this to compensate for everything.

That's all, thank you!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is KYC bad for crypto? on: April 07, 2020, 12:47:53 AM
In some cases regulations are necessary to put an end to fraud and corruption in the crypto/Blockchain industry. By requiring KYC compliance on centralized exchanges, the crypto world could become a better place. However, the mere fact that you'd need to provide some sort of ID verification would completely destroy the purpose of crypto. I've seen situations where centralized exchanges became hacked, putting customers' identities at risk. Last time I've heard, someone hacked Binance and threatened to expose customer's identities across the web.

What are your thoughts? Huh
Actually, KYC distrupts user's privacy which makes them prone from identity theft. I'm personally not favorable of KYC but I have to comply as I understand why they are requiring it. In submitting KYC, it's vital to be picky. Submit your KYC only to huge companies thus the possibility of being prone to identity theft is lesser though the risk is still there. I think without KYC abusers will just abuse crypto which isn't good overall.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What are you doing now? on: April 06, 2020, 11:03:16 PM
Almost all the sports have been postponed. There is no matches left for betting on sports. What are gamblers(sports) doing exactly now? I know it is very boring days. Locked down in home, no matches to gamble. Are you switching to other casino?
Most of them are migriting to casino including myself and my friends since they are correlated to each other. We can't fully enjoy just playing online games as we don't take profit there. On the other hand a smaller percentage of sports gambler are contented playing online sports such as Football, Basketball via their mobile phones and desktop.
4  Economy / Collectibles / Re: FREE RAFFLE- Easter Giveaway. COLDKEY PROTOTYPE on: April 06, 2020, 10:16:00 AM
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: TRADING BOTS: WHERE AND HOW on: April 06, 2020, 03:53:42 AM
So here are my questions: How to use trading bots? Where can I find a reliable trading bots? Can trading bots be trusted? Any scam related trading bots to avoid?
Trading bots works like manually. The only difference is that trading bots execute trades the moment your set limit has been reached. It's like your assistant but in a way that it's more reliable. This one is a good trading bot for me IMO:

It works like your broker. You'l have to deposit according to what package you've chosen. It's risky and you could get scammed if you don't do a proper research.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Traders need to learn on: April 06, 2020, 01:30:46 AM
One of the core troubles accustomed to traders of crypto currency is their mindset.
Believe me, as a trader, you need to be confident and always trade to win and make profits.
Never have it in mind that you are trading to lose, develop a strong mentality and always dyor
Your mindsets determines what you see on a trade chart anytime
Honestly it is more likely that traders need to learn more about companies/coins they are investing in.
Your attitude and confidence matters for your mental health, not for results and profit
That could work but it requires a lot of time. I personally as a trader prefer to trade different altcoins each time. Once I've made profit at a certain coin, I'm migrating to another altcoins for another opportunity. Also since I'm more on technical analysis instead of fundamental analysis, I prefer to use charts as basis and not on the news that involves that certain coin. Anyways, each one of us has their own strategy. There is no perfect startegy at all.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Suggestions for online gamblers on: April 05, 2020, 10:57:37 PM
What do you think, guys? Are all the suggestions worthed to follow by all gamblers? Let's discuss it, you can give any feedback or opinions.
Please let me know if there are other good suggestions! I will add them to OP if I think it is a nice one. I really hope this will be helpful for us.
All advices you gave are good practices for a disciplined gamblers however people forget that once they are already in that situation. If we'll summarize it, I think it'll be compress into one advice which is not to be greedy and discpline yourself. At the end of the day, what really matters in gambling is how you enjoy the game and how profitable you are regardless if you're greedy gambler or not.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How can I earn money during coronavirus? Is it possible by crypto coins? on: April 05, 2020, 10:09:24 AM
Everyone should stay at home now, for god's sake.

But how could we earn our life without getting out? Actually, there's always someone outstanding that can do something special. To be the special one, you have to take the long view. Well, I'm thinking about earning some cryptocurrency and turn it into real money during coronavirus. You know, by investing some altcoins, by airdops, by bountys, etc.
First things first, since you seems to be a newbie in crypto you should understans that you need to learn first. Probably you'll harvest your efforts by 1 month (shortest) if you're skilled enough. I don't recommend you to join bounty campaigns but rather try to learn trading or seek for services available in out service board which you may find here:

Allow notifications for that board thus if there is someone seekinh for freelancers, you'll be able to take it first.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Why not decentralized exchange..? on: April 05, 2020, 08:50:53 AM
In my opinion decentralized is one of the great reason that people love or apriciate bitcoin. I know there is many things too but its not about that or bitcoin. I am not too much experience able person in crypto world but with all my little experience i understand that people want a good project which is decentralized. But my question is then why we don't accept properly decentralized exchange..?

There is many point that people should trade in decentralized exchange. But what is the problem that every time decentralized exchange failed to stand up..? Was it us who don't show much interest about it or it's the outhority who didn't provide to us properly..? Is there any chance that decentralized exchange will stand up..?  

Please share your thoughts.  
I think the main reason why almost all of traders including whales is because of the convenience and services that centealized exchanges give to its users. They kinda prefer to pay more for someone's service as it doesn't make much difference.

The other reason is that the infrastructures of decentralized exchange isn't doesn't satisfy it's users very well. Some users also consider it complicated to used though.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is like day trading ? on: April 05, 2020, 07:53:41 AM
We know that day trading or short time trading is like playing with wild fire, not may can handle it. That's y most player's end up in loss and very few are successful day traders.
Is that hold true for gambling also?
Definitely not. The way how they work is different from one another. If you'll understand the principle of gambling, it's pure luck based. Thus, there is really no professional here. You can't help yourself from losing in gambling if your luck isn't favorable of you but to stop. Meanwhile in day trading, you might lose continuously but you can be professional there with decent experiences and knowledges of course.

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What the heck is happening to new projects? on: April 05, 2020, 02:22:00 AM
Since I've ranked up to junior member I decide to start my bounty hunting journey and after spending hours on bounty section on this forum I was shocked that no single bounty is of high quality and worth my time, all I see is projects going for crap exchanges like ChainX and another one called leadwallet that wants to raise fund using ChainX and all team members are Nigerians, really? And many members are promoting such project? The good projects are over or I'm missing something?

The are few projects that are still good, IMO. You may use this link as reference:

He' given few projects that are worth it to partcipate with and I think you should try it. Although it seems too attractive to participate with these projects, have a proper research also as we really have to be picky with regards to bounty campaigns these days.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Which is Best Trading or Freelancing? on: April 05, 2020, 01:38:07 AM
The truth is that that you cannot make good money with freelancing, the only thing where you can make money is trading but for trading you would need a good revenue and expertise in trading otherwise you will just loose because the good exchanges has high trading fee and it is difficult that you could generate profit.

I found there that many youtube channels are promoting freelancing but they are just misleading you. Freelancing has no more scope. Do not waste your time by learning anything related to freelancing. Instead learn something about trading.
Honestly speaking, each one of us has their own skills and expertise. We just need to ascertain and then focus on developing it. For example in freelancing, if you can't deal talking for someone who could hire you, then you shouldn't pursue it at all. That just means that you should find another ways to make profit. On the other hand in trading; we can't deny that it's boring. It's not fun, honestly and it should be taken seriously. But remember, even the most successful trader isn't born knowing everything about trading. They are noob when they get started too. They aren't skilled at first. What makes them different among more than 90% of failed traders is that they never stop learning but rather taking each of their mistakes as lesson that is useful for the betterment of their trading skills.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Anyone here succeeded a friend to play online gambling now that casino are close on: April 04, 2020, 10:17:52 AM
Majority of casinos are now closed but anyone here succeeded in inviting a  friend to play online gambling now that casinos are close
indefinitely, I'm sure a lot of gambling casinos are open to playing in online casinos at this current situation.
Due to lackdowns occurring in several countries including mine, gamblers including online gamblers tend not to gamble at this moment unfortunately. I asked them why and their responds are quite same which is they need to prioritize or secure their funds because they believe that lackdown could last for months. They can't take the risk of losing as they are temporarily unemployed, unfortunately. Thus, convincing them to gamble online instead of gambling through casino isn't appropriate at this moment.
14  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Signature Campaign | Sr./Hero/Legendary | 4-Week Trial on: April 04, 2020, 09:43:37 AM
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=947291
Current amount of posts (including this one): 3693
How much merit have you earned in the last 120 days: 130+
SegWit BTC Address for Payouts: 3AnpJ7FfMrM2PNfmWgyT5JhhWQVDMzzGdr

I will update my signature, avatar, and personal text once accepted.

15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading for Beginners? on: April 04, 2020, 09:00:15 AM
What are the DOs and DONTs of bitcoin trading?
Simply, never buy at high and never sell at low. Just follow the law of supply and demand and apply everything you've learned in trading such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and etc.

Also any other advice for a beginner would be helpful.
Just a piece of advice, never depend on someone's analysis. You may use their analysis as reference but the final decision should still based on your understanding.

Also, what are the best sites to use for trading through experience? Complexity doesn't matter to me. Thanks in advance for any help I receive.
I recommend Binance for wether begginers or veteran traders. It's not complicated to use and it's user friendly at the same time
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Will this have any impact or not? on: April 04, 2020, 08:23:51 AM
What's going to happen if CZ and binance start getting rid of some projects on Coinmarketcap? Especially those with bad volume and Liquidity and also dead projects, because many are on coinmarketcap, what do you think this will do for crypto space? Will it have any impact or not?
For sure taking over the coinmarketcap will bring major changes with regards to what coinamarket is serving to its users. Binance will handle coinmarketcap very well as they wouldn't want to disappoint their current supporters and traders instead they'll do what ever it takes not just to keep them but to also to multiply them. Sooner, we could expect that a lot of crypto coins and exchanges are going to get delisted from coinmarketcap as they'll be evaluated very well.
17  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] PlayBetr Signature Campaign | Hero/Legendary | $50/Week in BTC on: April 03, 2020, 11:13:06 PM
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=947291
Current amount of posts (including this one): 3691
How much merit have you earned in the last 120 days: 130+
SegWit BTC Address for Payouts: 3AnpJ7FfMrM2PNfmWgyT5JhhWQVDMzzGdr
18  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] FortuneJack Signature Campaign -Started 6th of April- Hero/Legendary on: April 03, 2020, 02:26:20 AM
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=947291
FortuneJack Username: Polar91
Current Amount of Posts (Including this one): 3689
What other platforms are you active on (Like twitter, reddit etc.): Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram

I will update everything once accepted.
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: If we have great ability, is capital from bank loans safe for us to use trade? on: April 02, 2020, 02:45:57 PM
I have a friend who has quite great trading skills, almost every trade he manages to make a profit. But I see he always uses capital
under $ 500.If in my opinion he should use a large capital of at least $ 5,000 to get greater profit. I suggest to him to borrow from
the bank as trading capital, but he refused with the reason too risky and insecure. I want the opinion of you members of this forum,
whether to use capital from bank loans unsecured and risky if used trading by traders who have good skills? even though in my opinion
safe as long as we can make a profit and smoothly repay loan installments to the bank.
That's too risky mate even though you know that you are capable to multiply it easily. Your frined is just playing safe perhaps he's not too confident too much to take the risk of loaning from the banks. I myself will do the same thing as I know myself that I'm not professional. It's better in my opinion to just take the risk money that it's really yours thus if things went suddenly, it'll be feasible for you to recover it within a shorter period of time.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling a threat or fun? on: April 02, 2020, 12:55:43 PM
Because I like to play gambling, I have entered several sites. And gambling is fun in personal experience, because by gambling I can make money with the victory that I experienced. Although sometimes losing more than winning, it's really fun.
Gambling is really entertaining plus the fact that there's a money involve makes it more exciting. However not all gamblers are treating it the way it supposed to be because some people are playing to double their money or to become rich. Gambling can be a good way to entertain ourselves but it can also ruin someone's lives if the particular gambler became addicted.
There's standard way nor strategy with regards to the way how you treat gambling. Thus it doesn't matter if you're placing your bet with huge proportion of your capital as long as you know what you're doing. At the end of the day, the output of your play will determine if the way you treat gambling is wether correct or not. In most cases even though you think that what you do is correct, output will still end against what you're expecting which is just normal.
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