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61  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Casascius Coins Prices Reduced on: July 09, 2013, 07:14:28 AM
Krellan x 1 2011 Single CONFIRMED
Blazedout x 1 2011 Single CONFIRMED
JstnPwll x 3 2013 Singles CONFIRMED

Will ship tomorrow.

Wow, that was rocket fast!  Checked the post office this morning and there was my shiny new Casascius coin.  Thanks!

62  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Casascius Coins Prices Reduced on: July 05, 2013, 05:25:35 PM
Original post updated!


Nice!  Sent PM with my payment just now, for one 2011 coin.

63  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [OPEN] GROUP BUY #2 ASICMINER ERUPTER USB 1 BTC USA/INTERNATIONAL on: July 05, 2013, 05:51:40 AM
Krellan; 3; 3.095; 1G5oAawXbUTiuuuiZRqGd1399CySwcccNN; With Insurance (US)

In at the buzzer!
64  Economy / Goods / Re: [1/24] [Group Buy] MINING CANARY silkscreened t-shirts! $18+S&H on: July 05, 2013, 05:26:57 AM
Krellan; 1 Mens L; BTC0.356 (USA), TXID: d1c188b39c3848e5884f2d796b8ad1c008808c0129dd44242261d3f058d9f00a

Nice, I'm in!
65  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED] Group Buy #9 278/50 ASICMiner Erupter USB 1.01618 ea. @ 10 units on: July 04, 2013, 09:53:06 PM
My tracking said ISC CHICAGO until it arrived in my mailbox.

I used to work at a small business that shipped goods throughout the world (arcade game parts and repair).

The US Postal Service is great, actually more reliable than UPS (among other things, UPS is known for crushing the edges of boxes in an effort to fit more of them into their delivery trucks).

However, with USPS, it is *optional* whether or not they scan the package.  The postmen aren't required to scan.  So, any tracking you get is minimal.  That's a disadvantage.

With UPS (and FedEx), though, it is *required* that the workers scan the package, every time it passes through another hop.  So, you get really good tracking.  However, they're more expensive, and can be full of their own hassles to work with.

There's obviously a lot of pros and cons of using various shipping methods.  I made a long rant about it elsewhere online, can't find it now, though....

66  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED] Group Buy #9 223/50 ASICMiner Erupter USB 1.01618 ea. @ 10 units on: July 04, 2013, 07:48:10 PM
Any word from friedcat yet?

I'm curious to know as well.

Missed the boat on this one.  Finally got some more BTC in hand, only to learn that those cute little Erupters are now essentially sold out everywhere.  Missed the price drop, also!  *sigh*  Bought my first Erupter a while ago and couldn't be happier with it, though.

Really hoping there's more stock to be had from friedcat in the future, so CanaryInTheMine can start another group buy.  I guess we will all find out on 10 July....

67  Economy / Securities / Re: [] NASTY MINING - Now ASIC/GPU mining BTC/LTC/NMC/FTC/IXC/DVC! on: July 02, 2013, 07:49:47 AM

I found out about Nasty Mining by watching my P2Pool client, noticing the recent domination.  So, I bought a seat at the fan club.  Very cool!
68  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: July 01, 2013, 06:30:08 AM
I'm not sure how Erupter blades behave with P2Pool, please give us a quick report when your reach 25 total shares then 50 (the more you have the more we will know for sure how your setup behaves).

Up to 50 shares now!

Not exactly Nasty, but still chugging along nicely, for only a single Erupter.

I increased the number of outgoing connections to the maximum allowed of 10, and that seemed to have helped a lot.  Having more network connections helps keep my node "in the loop" so that it is not the last to find out about the newest blocks.

P2Pool webpage:

Node uptime: 8.525 days Peers: 10 out, 10 in
Local rate: 344MH/s (0.0% DOA) Expected time to share: 4.97 hours
Shares: 52 total (8 orphaned, 0 dead) Efficiency: 102.5%

P2Pool console dump:

2013-06-30 23:23:42.542263 P2Pool: 17325 shares in chain (17329 verified/17329 total) Peers: 20 (10 incoming)
2013-06-30 23:23:42.542394  Local: 379MH/s in last 10.0 minutes Local dead on arrival: ~0.0% (0-7%) Expected time to share: 4.6 hours
2013-06-30 23:23:42.542474  Shares: 52 (8 orphan, 0 dead) Stale rate: ~15.4% (8-28%) Efficiency: ~102.5% (87-112%) Current payout: 0.0137 BTC
2013-06-30 23:23:42.542560  Pool: 774GH/s Stale rate: 17.4% Expected time to block: 1.4 days

BFGMiner console header text:

 5s: 87.3 avg:335.9 u:326.3 Mh/s | A:55990 R:1012+0(1.8%) HW:507
 ST: 1  GF: 0  NB: 1397  AS: 0  RF: 0  E: 0.06  U:4.6/m  BS:274k
 Connected to localhost diff 1 with stratum as user P2Pool
 Block: ...4592a33c #244201  Diff:21.3M (152.7Th/s)  Started: [23:25:51]
 [P]ool management [S]ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit
 ICA 0:                | 169.5/335.9/326.3Mh/s | A:55990 R:1012+0(1.8%) HW:507

BFGMiner pool information:

Queued work requests: 78282
 Share submissions: 56993
 Accepted shares: 55981
 Rejected shares: 1012 + 0 stale (0.02%)
 Accepted difficulty shares: 55981
 Rejected difficulty shares: 1012
 Efficiency (accepted * difficulty / 2 KB): 0.06
 Stale submissions discarded due to new blocks: 0
 Unable to get work from server occasions: 0
 Submitting work remotely delay occasions: 0

It's been nicely stable.  I need to upgrade Bitcoin to 0.8.3 (from 0.8.2) and BFGMiner to 3.1.1 (from 3.1.0), so will restart it soon for that.
69  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: July 01, 2013, 06:01:14 AM
* Delay payout calculation 1 share so that payouts can be calculated ahead of time, reducing latency between a new share being received and work being distributed to miners

Good idea to precalculate the blocks that will be worked on, to reduce latency.  However, curious how this works.  If blocks are now precalculated, delayed by 1 share, then where will the most recent winning share be stored in the sharechain?  I thought it worked now by each miner creating a new block containing their payout address, and trying to solve that, until finding a winning solution, at which point the block becomes a valid share in the sharechain.  If this isn't the case, then where will the payout addresses be stored now?  I hope this doesn't open up an opportunity for a miner to cheat.  Or, do I have it all wrong here?  Thanks!

70  Economy / Goods / Re: [Group Buy #2] Grilled Cat Identity silkscreened t-shirts! $15+S&H [1/12] on: June 29, 2013, 11:45:41 PM
Here's my order, for 1 T-shirt, size L, shipped to USA.

Price = 0.264 BTC (this is what it displayed when I last refreshed the page)

Transaction = aaa35ab5d5a93e9a060732dc1168ae33ab2ea966ee0ae186e934e86b0ef73680

Source address = 1GL9cFzX6nqY7R8YimhbjeA2zkJmjifwTJ

71  Economy / Goods / Re: ASICMiner Fan Club t-shirt design contest on: June 29, 2013, 11:31:59 PM
Nice!  Only thing I'd change about the original T-shirt design is to add one of those mottoes from the original conversation on that huge ASICMINER thread: "Cat Rich Or Die Frying", "Bit Rich Or Fry Trying", or some variation thereabouts.

I will put in a preorder for your Group Buy #2.  Would love to see what other designs were submitted.  It looks like others have similar ideas as well (not trying to rain on your parade here, just pointing these out for reference):
72  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: June 24, 2013, 04:06:01 PM
Sorry about the confusion and your time spent writing a long post - the sharechain length is set in terms of number of shares, not time, and I meant that the number of shares (8640) will remain the same, so you have nothing to worry about! The new sharechain will indeed be 3 days long.



Smiley  Grin

73  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: June 24, 2013, 02:12:12 AM
Bitcoin network
* Increase SHARE_PERIOD (average time between shares) from 10 seconds to 30 seconds, in order to make it more fair for high-latency miners (read: ASICs)

Will this increase the sharechain from 1 day to 3 days?

I was planning on keeping it the same for now. The only disadvantage a long sharechain has is making P2Pool take a long time to start up and download shares, along with increased memory usage.

I'm rather happy with all the changes, except this one.  Going from 10 seconds/share to 30 seconds/share, but without also increasing the sharechain length, means that there will be much fewer paid shares per found block.

24 hours at 10 seconds each = 8640 shares.  At 30 seconds each = only 2880 shares.

I have a rather slow node (only one Eurupter, it does 320 MH/s), so I have to be pretty lucky to squeeze in my shares during the 24 hour window of opportunity, otherwise they expire unpaid.  When the block was found recently, my node was pretty far down on the list.  Under these new rules, I might not be on the list at all.

That takes away one of the big reasons to do shared pool mining: consistent and steady payouts over time, instead of having to play the lottery for a rare big payout.

Please reconsider?

Is there a problem now with the payout being spread too thin?  I didn't think there was.  If that is a problem, then there would be reason to reduce the shares per block.  Otherwise, since you're already doing a hard fork, now would also be a great time to also stretch the sharechain to 3 days, instead of 1 day, which would keep the number of paid shares per block the same.

74  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: June 22, 2013, 06:40:21 AM
I'm not sure how Erupter blades behave with P2Pool, please give us a quick report when your reach 25 total shares then 50 (the more you have the more we will know for sure how your setup behaves).

OK, I've reached 25 shares!  Of these 25 blocks total, there are now 3 orphaned, and 0 dead.  So, that's much better.

I checked it before and still had only 2 orphaned shares at around 22 blocks total, so that was a huge streak (from 7 to 22) without getting any orphans at all.

My network connection has also settled out, and it's worked its way up to 11 connections total (6 outgoing, 5 incoming).

Now, all that needs to be done is to solve a block!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  I guess it's a run of bad luck, but still, it's frustrating to see shares expire when 24 hours old, reducing my payout.  I just missed getting in on that one day where 5 blocks were solved in a single day....

I wonder if it would help P2Pool if the time between solving shares was lengthened, from 10 seconds, to 30 seconds?  That would be better for the high hashrate nodes (perhaps fixing the ASIC latency problem), and it would be better for the low hashrate nodes like mine (then shares would last for 3 days, instead of 1 day, before expiring).
75  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Wallet for Android / Re: Bitcoin Wallet 2.41 released! on: June 22, 2013, 12:28:41 AM
OK, thanks.  Relieved to learn it doesn't download the entire blockchain.

Is it possible to move the storage to a SD card?  I tried it on my phone, but the "Move To SD Card" option in Applications Manager was grayed out.
76  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Wallet for Android / Re: Bitcoin Wallet 2.41 released! on: June 21, 2013, 11:04:12 PM
Will you ever add a sync-on-wifi-only option?

Yes, please!  I just tried the Android app and this is the biggest issue I have with it.  There seems to be no way to turn it on and off, other than force stopping it.

I would love to be able to tell it to only connect to peers and sync up when on Wi-Fi, or better yet, have an option there in the app to let me turn it on and off manually, so that I can have it sync up only if I really want to (and am willing to let it burn through my data plan).

Very nice app.  I'm also hoping I can move its data storage to the SD card, but it seems to have that option grayed out in the "App Info" screen of the application manager, unfortunately.  Is there a way to do this?
77  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: June 19, 2013, 10:02:10 PM
Thanks, I'll let it continue to run untouched for a week (assuming good luck and no system crashes), before worrying about it more.  Good news, I'm now up to 10 shares, and still only 2 orphans.

Would increasing the number of outgoing connections help?  Thinking of setting it to 20 instead of 6.

Is it better to use hardcoded IP addresses on the command line, as suggested, or let the network discover more nodes over time?

Hopefully the only thing I'll have to worry about is how to afford the BTC to buy more ASIC's Smiley
78  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [700GH/s] p2pool: Decentralized, DoS-resistant, Hop-Proof pool on: June 19, 2013, 06:13:55 PM
I started seeing this several times the last few days, same ip address each time.

2013-06-17 07:34:41.231070 invalid hash for 'remember_tx' 248861 872ef55d d295582b

I also received that last night.  Same IP address.  Big dump of hex digits, filling several pages in my scrollback.  Haven't banned yet, but thinking about it.

Perhaps an unrelated question: I'm new to P2Pool, having just set it up successfully two nights ago, when my Erupter arrived.  I'm seeing a high percentage of orphaned shares: after just over 24 hours, I now have 7 shares, but 2 of them are orphaned.  Is this normal?  I also noticed that I have only 1 incoming connection, my other 6 connections are outgoing.  My network connection is fine, no slowdown, ports are open.  Shouldn't I be getting more connections, especially incoming?  The port is open, the router is happy, my bitcoind has been steady at the configured maximum of 40 for some time now.  Is P2Pool less aggressive at promoting connections than bitcoind, or are there simply fewer users of the network?  I'm thinking that if I could get better connectivity to more nodes, I'd have fewer orphaned shares.

Other than that, it seems to be working very well.  I love the idea of P2Pool, having each node self-sufficient when it comes to making mining decisions, while still building on shares earned by other nodes so it remains fair for all.

79  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: BFGMiner 3.1.0: modular ASIC/FPGA, GBT, Strtm, RPC, Lnx/OpnWrt/PPA/W64, BFLSC on: June 18, 2013, 10:29:17 AM
-S all is sufficient if the driver is in order.

Thanks, this was just what I was looking for!  Just now got my cute little Erupter up and running.  It worked the first time!

I'm running P2Pool, so my payout address and bitcoind RPC username/password are not set here, they're in P2Pool instead.  Here's my command line, in case it helps others:

bfgminer \
--queue=0 \
--disable-gpu \
-S all \
-O P2Pool:P2Pool \
-o http://localhost:9332/

Edit: I donated!  Much thanks, very nice and powerful program.

80  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Building a bitcoin embassy! on: June 17, 2013, 07:00:08 PM
Perhaps look at the successful model of other "hackerspace" buildings that have recently been set up.

Hacker Dojo, in Mountain View, CA

Noisebridge, in San Francisco, CA

The theme of Bitcoin certainly fits in well here, and the building becomes a community center for all interested in Bitcoin and similar projects.  I don't know if an entire three floor building dedicated to *only* Bitcoin would be a good use of space, unless you had a great deal on electricity and filled it floor to ceiling with mining rigs Smiley

A more general tech project/hacker/learning center, featuring Bitcoin as one of many rather cool projects, might be great to have.  And they're a lot of fun!

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