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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: Today at 03:35:30 PM
To me for christiano Ronaldo to think of going to Barcelona won't be a good decision. Their is no doubt that is former club which is real madrid may still win laliga league in the next season, if Barcelona can't lead the laliga league it will be a talk for fans and going to Barcelona it will be a big chance for fans to compare his performance and that of Messi when he was in Barcelona who come best. It is better for him to play in a new league he has not play for before.

The most neutral place for Ronaldo is to move to the Bundesliga and join Munich. So far the rumors circulating are more likely to Chelsea and Munich. If he go to Chelsea, maybe Ronaldo will be considered as a traitor by MU fans. However, if he go to Bundesliga, Ronaldo has the opportunity to win an additional 1 trophy in a different league. Munich is already dominating the Bundesliga, if Ronaldo joins I believe it will be even more difficult for other teams to challenge Munich.

In the event that Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Manchester United, what is next for him? Any team could use Ronaldo and he would bang in goals. He knew very well that Bayern would win the Bundesliga and he would move there to sign him. For decades, Bayern has been winning the Bundesliga. It is possible that he will win the domestic league as well as boost the team's performance in the UCL. He will definitely go to Chelsea FC if he does not go to Bayern Munich. No matter where he goes, he will remain one of the best of all time as long as the team can pay him what he wants.
2  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russia Now Demands Rubles For Grain As World’s Largest Wheat Exporter on: Today at 02:44:49 PM
There is no reason to be surprised. Clearly, Russia does not have a moral compass! The tactic is called war, and it is used to end wars. I am not saying it is right, but it is a fact. As a result of things like this, there will be a massive food shortage. Especially in Africa. A pretty much complete starvation of the country.

Despite the fact that Russia is desperate to sell grain for cash, other countries are in dire need of food. As China bails them out undercover, Russia does not care about sanctions. They may be trying to cripple the global economy even further.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: Today at 02:01:10 PM
I strongly think that there can’t be any kind of nepotism under Dravid’s watch, and that he selected the best possible team for this fixture. Furthermore I too feel that Vihari needs time and he can do what Pujara did go and play in county cricket to get exposure, because one more bad series and calls to drop him from the team will further increase hence he needs to step up and improve his game at the earliest.

The Indian squad was good enough. I have no complaints about the squad. However, the lack of Rohit Sharma in the squad has been well understood. Since the pitch was pace-dependent, they have three experienced bowlers like Bumrah, Shami and Siraj in the squad. These 3 bowlers took 9 wickets in the first innings. But in the second innings, both India's batting and bowling lineup broke down.

It might be more balanced for India if Rohit and Rahul are in the squad. Having played recklessly in the second innings, they should have played with more patience than in the first innings. Defending a 350+ target for the first time in a test is disgusting. It was a winning situation until the 3rd day. I give England credit for outperforming India in the second innings. They have seen great results from a change in mindset.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: July 05, 2022, 05:39:48 PM
So it all shows that Pochetino wasn't a long term Coach for Paris as he has just part ways with PSG today. He hasn't had a good chance and a good job since he left Tottenham. I currently don't know what's next for him. But the season still has a long way to go, he might still get a good job but from a lower teams and clubs.... A new manager should be brought in soon as PSG are currently preparing for the new season ahead with friendly game's.

Finally, PSG officially announced that Mauricio Pochettino had ended his position as PSG's main coach. The speculations that have been circulating
for the past few months regarding Pochettino's sacking have finally come true. Even though Pochettino managed to bring PSG to win Ligue 1
in the 2021/2022 season,  it seems that PSG management is not satisfied with PSG's performance in the Champions League, which PSG must be
eliminated in the round of 16. PSG management was reportedly very upset with PSG's performance in the Champions League and finally decided
to part with Pochettino before his contract expired. And according to rumors Christopher Galtier will be appointed as PSG's new manager this summer.
Hopefully Galtier can help PSG win the Champions League trophy, because winning the Ligue 1 trophy is not a top priority for PSG. After all, to win
the Ligue 1 trophy is not something that is difficult for PSG, whoever the coach is, because the strength of PSG is very far when compared to other
teams in Ligue 1.

Now that Mauricio Pochettino has been sacked, Christophe Galtier has been named as the new coach at PSG. PSG usually gets rid of managers if they don't win the Champions League. Nevertheless, no mid-table coach should be appointed to handle a team filled with world-class players! It is impossible for him to manage big stars since he is a development coach. A repeat of the same mistake? Though their squad strength is very far, this will not change anything. They are still very far away from conquering the Champion League, but they will continue to win the Ligue trophy.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: July 05, 2022, 10:11:00 AM
Have possibility chance between Barcelona and Manchester United reach agreement replace player each other, Manchester United most interested to get Frankie de Jong from Barcelona, another rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo want to leave Manchester United and he ask to Barcelona will interested to get him or not. Losing chance participant on Champion League become reason why Cristiano Ronaldo want to leave Manchester United and looks have good interested with Barcelona, will Primer League loss opportunity for seeing Cristiano Ronaldo next season or he will keep try extended with Manchester United until his contract over.
From the information available Christiano Ronaldo wanted to move to Barcelona because he wanted to appear in the Champions League game so Ronaldo made an offer to Barcelona and I heard information that Barcelona accepted Ronaldo's presence and began to prepare a strategy to win the league match this season, Ronaldo wanted shows that with his old age he still has very high stamina and enthusiasm to compete in this league.

A discussion is currently taking place between FC Barcelona President Jorge Laporta and Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes concerning the possibility of Ronaldo joining FC Barcelona. Due to salary issues, Barcelona is having difficulty keeping Frenkie de Jong, so how can Ronaldo be bought and paid? Every eye is watching his movements right now, so we will see whether his dreams come true. He could have qualified MU for UCL but not skipped another after other efforts and accomplishments had he wanted to play in UCL.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: July 05, 2022, 07:27:23 AM
Meanwhile, Manchester United have reached a verbal agreement with Christian Eriksen. The next process between Eriksen and Manchester United is just a medical test.

A three-year deal has been agreed between Christian Eriksen and Manchester United. Unless he wants to save teams from relegation, I'm not sure why he wants to join United. However, I can't fault him for wanting to make sure he takes care of his family after what he's been going through. However, I'm glad he decided to accept Man United's offer. Don't know how to feel about this one transfer, either it'll be a disaster or the season's biggest signing.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 05, 2022, 07:15:40 AM
Not much left in this match now. England are in a very comfortable position they only need 100 runs and I am sure they will easily achieve it. Root and Bairstow are now set batters and it won't be a big of task for tail ender to reach that target incase if both of them get out. Unless the Indian bowlers do something different.

England need only 119 runs to win. And England lost only 3 wickets. Experienced batsmen like Bairstow, Root, Billings, and Stokes still remain. I don't see any chance of India winning this match. For the first 3 days, the entire match was under the control of India. But on the fourth day, India is going to lose the match due to the poor bowling of Indian bowlers.

Jonny Bairstow continues to enjoy a dream Test run, and obviously, he'll do whatever it takes to complete the win as well as get another ton. There's no doubt he's having a lot of fun with the opposing bowlers! There are other England batters on the way if anyone fails! The match is in their hands, and they will surely take the win.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Ethereum Will Not Devalue To Zero on: July 05, 2022, 07:07:56 AM
Ethereum is a coin that is supported by hundreds or maybe thousands of tokens based on ERC20, there is always a top trending on the ERC20 network so this makes ETH usage continue to increase, of course with enormous potential to make ETH's position very strong and continue to survive as long as cryptocurrencies are still active .
This is what I am thinking and some of them get carried away with these FUD all over the place like it affects that heavy. FUDs are just normal in every market, this just means that they want to buy the dip or shake weak hands because most of them aren't strong holder during bear market.

And yes, you were right, as long as the market is active about using erc20 network Ethereum will always live and won't devalue. Imagine a top coin getting devalue just because of the FUD? The what? lol
There always a few people which actually believe their FUD and think they can make one of the best and most solid coins in the market to go down by just spreading rumors about it, something like this could work with some altcoins with very low market caps and a community that is not very strong but against ethereum this is just a waste of time, since there are simply too many projects running above it for ethereum to simply stop having value all of a sudden.
Some investors fall into FUD and are loosened up, while others save money for bigger dip opportunities. Ethereum asset is one I consider to be more valuable, with more demand, more regulations, greater adoption, more liquidity, or more utility. If history repeats itself, Q4 should be the bottom. There will be numerous dives and pumps this year. We shouldn't make any nonsense attempts in these markets that are so manipulated. Whatever the case may be, ETH will always be prescribed as a simple solution.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: July 04, 2022, 11:43:05 AM
There are currently rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Old Trafford, and those rumors have been linked to Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Napoli, Sporting CP, and Real Madrid.

Should Cristiano Ronaldo join a certain team?
Ooh crap, not Paris Saint Germain again. How many G.O.A.Ts and potential G.O.A.Ts do they want to own?
I am also wondering where he would play if he went there. Remember is likely to stay there.

Maybe let him try Germany.
I think Bayern Munich would seriously want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo if Robert Lewandowski were to leave in this summer's transfer window but they will have to compete with teams that are interested in him.
The latest news in Italy apart from Napoli there are also rumors that Roma are also interested in signing Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.
The reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo's desire to leave Manchester United could be because the captain of the Portugal team wants to play in the Champions League. Bayern Munich have a possibility because they are the club that will participate in the UCL. As for AS Roma and Napoli, I don't think it would be possible to be a club that Ronaldo would go to if he left Old Trafford.

In your own opinion, do you believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo, in my opinion, will relocate if he has compelling reasons to play in the Champions League.
But if Ronaldo insists that Manchester United's roster for the upcoming campaign must be strong, he will have to wait because the summer transfer market is still open and the players United are interested in are currently engaged in negotiations, including Tyrell Malacia, who was undoubtedly acquired from Feyenoord.

They are also attempting to secure the signatures of Lisandro Martinez, Christian Eriksen, Antony, Matthijs De Ligt, Frenkie De Jong, and Dybala, according to recent transfer rumors involving Manchester United.
It is unacceptable to waste a player of this caliber's last year playing for EUROPA. Ideally, he should play in the UCL, where he is regarded as a king. It has been rumored that he is not going to like Erik Ten Hag's coaching. During this summer transfer window, Manchester United is expected to acquire a couple of young talent. In the event of Cristiano Ronaldo's departure, Erik Ten Hag has requested Manchester United to sign Antony. Regardless of whether Cristiano stays, United need him. It was my understanding that Ronaldo would play with him at Man United.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 04, 2022, 11:13:03 AM
India lost the  6th wicket by 198 runs. Rishab Pant was out after collecting 57 runs. Jadeja is at the crease with 4 runs, and Shardul Thakur has yet to score a run. I think India will lose all their wickets very soon. At the moment, India is in the lead of 330 runs. If India is able to deliver a target of 400, India's chances of winning will be higher. Even then I would say England's batsmen are very experienced. Nothing is impossible for them.
Another failed reverse sweep by Pant caught by Root at slip! A single here and there with odd boundaries would have made a major difference compared to this approach. The results of such unnecessary aggression and over-smartness are not always desirable. It is certain that India needs more than 400 runs on board. It will be a hard slog for England if it comes less than that.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Best time of the day to buy Bitcoin on: July 04, 2022, 08:43:36 AM
I've noticed, that before weekend starts, Bitcoin price often goes up. Maybe this is made to go on a weekend with a better mood. And on Mondays and Tuesdays, prices usually go down. If you consider buying Bitcoin, take a look on an option to buy it in the beginning of the week. Hope this advice will help you to earn or save few % on price change.
You might be in the process of sorting. Both sorting and holding are welcome, since Bitcoin is trading at a reasonable price right now. You can only make money shorting the markets in the short term, but at a high risk. Despite the crypto bear market, people are still speculating on Bitcoin that's impressive. What motivates me to stay or go long here? Buy BTC makes sense to me since I understand the concept. Whenever we think BTC's price is at its lowest, just place an order.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: July 04, 2022, 08:23:11 AM
It is reported that the 25-year-old forward Jesus joined Arsenal for £45 million from Man City. This is a fantastic signing for the team, but Arsenal needs more high-quality players! It is important for Arteta not to stop now. We'll see whether Jesus can save Arsenal or not! The hard worker puts 110% in, but no longer catches City's side, so good luck to him at Arsenal. He was let go at the wrong time by the City. Next season, they will probably rely too much on Haaland, which is not good.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: July 04, 2022, 08:11:39 AM
Same as the previous match Shakib Al Hasan contributed good to the team score. West Indies have played well, reaching a score of 193 runs with every player contributing little runs is really good. First winning match got no result due to rain. This time everything looks fair. I expect Bangladesh to make a series against Ireland, because from low bottom they're playing the best.
In fact, there is a huge lack of focus among the Bangladeshi players. They have already lost two Test matches against the West Indies, especially due to lack of connection. Shakib Al Hasan saw some form in the abandoned match but we got something good from him in the second match as well. If the other players had played a little better, this match could have gone to Bangladesh.
Despite losing the match, Shakib Al Hasan scored an unbeaten 68 runs off 52 balls. However, I expected another batter to step up, yet BAN failed once again. Bangladesh lost by a huge margin despite Shakib staying till the end. It was actually a slow innings, and not up to the standard of T20 matches when you have a big target. They will only win against Zimbabwe and associate nations, but not against WI at home with this approach. Nevertheless, the hosts put on a fantastic performance all around!
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ETH gas fees are low....A great time to get in? on: July 04, 2022, 07:01:46 AM
As well, I have noticed some very curious things. ETH fees are also low after experiencing lower ETH prices. Over the past week or so, ETH fees have been exceptionally low. Since there are fewer transactions in the bear market, the demand for the network has been slowing down and getting lower. That would seem to be a good reason to start buying. I do not believe bitcoin or Ethereum will disappear anytime soon. ETH seems to be a decent cryptocurrency. It's a great time to invest in Ethereum since people are putting their money elsewhere.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: July 03, 2022, 10:44:42 AM
Maybe he'll go to bayern munich and maybe he'll go to psg. Both clubs this have sound finances and I think they will be able to buy Ronaldo if they are really interested in him. but i remember ronaldo words before retiring he wants to play together with messi in one team, is this the right time for him considering psg has announced they want to release neymar automatically neymar position will be very suitable for ronaldo. we will see some hot news about ronaldo in the coming days.
Cristiano Ronaldo have ask to Manchester United management for selling him if get good offer from other club, but Ronaldo have specific rule just want to play with team participants on Champion League. Ronaldo not happy with his situation on Manchester United because he can't play on Champion League, but most candidate team waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo so far have Chelsea and Napoli beside AS Roma interested with him but not participants on Champion League. Bad memorize Ronaldo with Manchester United because he pass one season only and not any trophy giving for United last season.
During the transfer window, Cristiano Ronaldo has requested to leave Manchester United if a satisfactory offer is received by the club. Having a desire to play in the Champions League is driving the player's decision. Whenever he sees that Man U failed to qualify for UEFA Champions League, he desires to wish leave. The UEFA Champions League is a must-see event for him! Wishing him the best. There is a high probability of him leaving.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: July 02, 2022, 03:32:30 PM
If salah extended his contract then it is the end of the talks about him leaving or being sold. Dude has been in LFC for a while now and won so many with them, and achieved so much both team and individual success, I do not think that it would have been smart on his side to leave. I still believe that LFC without him could be decent, of course worse, but not too much worse that it would suddenly make them a bad team.

Certainly he helps them get points, but I believe as a team they are good, and without him, they are still good. Haven't we seen enough games during the season when he was missing, they still played a pretty fair game and they won many of them as well.

This is the end of the mind game. Mohamed Salah has renewed his Liverpool contract through 2025. Both Liverpool and Mo Salah are delighted with the news. I'm happy he'll stay for another few years, until at least 2025! It is he who has helped Liverpool win so many trophies that he is the best player ever! We all know Liverpool is a decent English club with or without him, but we also know he can add value to the team. Klopp knows that keeping him in Liverpool longer will benefit the team's attack. As a Liverpool fan, I always want him to stay, so many congratulations.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 02, 2022, 03:07:11 PM
England vs India
England lost two wickets in the beginning which was their big push. They will have to go through a very difficult time to overcome this situation. India, on the other hand, scored well. They must stay ahead. They have lost two wickets in the first 10 overs. Now we can see a survey in the next 10 overs to see how much their condition has improved.
As Bumrah wrecks havoc, England lose another wicket! Jasprit Bumrah is unstoppable in today's match! He is unstoppable with the bat and with the ball. Captain ship added to his responsibilities may have enhanced his abilities even more. That's what responsibility is all about. It's possible the English batters have forgotten that they have a long way to go, but as the match was interrupted by rain, we continue to wait.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: July 02, 2022, 02:59:22 PM
I don't think neymar will leave psg, i heard that he agreed to extend his contract with the frensh club which is the right move for him i don't think newcastle will be able to compete for the top spots so its not interesting for him, i don't think him leaving will have a big impact on psg i don't know why but his performance has declined in the last couple of years, one of neymar flaws is that he is not a serious player if he get serious he will be the best player in the world.

I quite agree with you that it looks like he will not move to Newcastle because Newcastle are not a strong team in the EPL, Neymar always wants to win every game and become the league champion. But, is it true that he has already extended his contract? can you provide an official news article?
Several media outlets have reported on his extension. Now Neymar is committed to PSG through June 2027! It's weird that PSG associations automatically renew their contracts on July 1. Apparently, Neymar's entourage is very confident that he will have one of the best seasons of his career. I know Neymar won't leave Paris until he wins the UCL. His football used to be my favorite in Barcelona, but now not anymore and I don't understand why!
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 02, 2022, 08:33:00 AM
This 76* runs partnership between Pant and Jaddu saved India from another collapse. Don't want to jinx it but i wish they bat for another 40 overs.
Every Indian batter were looking good and did the hard work except Iyer but each one of em failed but it's mainly because of vintage Anderson and new kid Potts.
Poor Kohli can't catch a break at all. Iyer need to work on facing short ball otherwise he won't feature in test team regularly especially in SENA countries, you know you can't play short ball when 40 yo guy scaring you with his moderate speed.

Lol pant reverse sweeping Anderson again.
India have scored 286 runs and has not lost any other wickets. Rishab Pant's batting surprised me. He scored 128 runs off 99 balls. Pant's strike rate is more than 129. And India collected 75 runs in the last 10 overs. Although Jadeja batted responsibly, Rishab Pant is very aggressive today. If India can collect like 350-400, it will be a good collection for them.

Rishab Pant returned to the dressing room after collecting 146 runs. He has hit 19 fours and 4 over boundaries. Seeing his batting, I thought he was performing in a T20 match. However, the sad thing is that he could not score 150 runs for only 4 runs. Jadeja is unbeaten on 83 runs. At the end of the first day, India's collection was 338/7. India will probably lose all their wickets between 360-370.

I was hoping that he would complete his 150 runs. Overall without his contribution, India would have collapsed on the first day of this test match. Jadeja as usual came to the rescue again and is still not out. I hope he is able to get his century today. India needs to score more than 350 runs in their first innings as the English side can bat as we have seen in the previous test match with NZ.

The innings of Rishabh Pant is a blockbuster. It could be even more special if he finishes with 150 runs. An innings to remember when the Indian batting line-up collapses. With his batting in a red ball, he reminds me of Sehwag. Rishabh Pant has been successful in reaching four overseas centuries so far, but he still has a long way to go. Jadeja's century will be impressive as well, so 360+ in the first innings will be a decent total.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: July 01, 2022, 02:59:44 PM
Tottenham sign Richardson until 2027. Tottenham is actively recruiting this summer, but the club still goes trophyless. Anyway, best of luck to him. Richarlison plays like an English player, because the Brazilian football culture is unique to them. In addition to his hardwork attitude, he has a hard work mentality since he has not been recognized as much as players like Neymar.
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