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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: why some are still loosing money in crypto on: July 13, 2021, 08:59:05 PM
               Or, maybe because they are completely newbies in this industry? or maybe they are day traders that aim to increase their bags rather than just sit idly by while prices slowly go up and down? There are a lot of reasons why people lose money when investing not just in crypto but in all the other industries out there. The best thing we can do as the people who are ahead in experience is to guide them and not give any sort of prejudice based solely on what we are witnessing. Not all people suffer losses due to carelessness or heavy reliance on luck alone. Some people get trapped in unpredictable and unavoidable circumstances which I am sure you yourself have also experienced. Let us be a bit nicer to the newbies.
2  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Thousands of protesters take to the streets in Cuba 🇨🇺 on: July 13, 2021, 08:21:25 PM
               Heavens! What is happening with the world! leaders are becoming more and more like one another as the duration of this pandemic goes on and on. It makes me feel disappointed with humanity that most of the people elect leaders due to personal gains or do not support their leaders for the same purpose. I am also disgusted with leaders that take advantage of their positions to pin down their OWN PEOPLE, OWN COUNTRYMEN just to satisfy their greed and other selfish reasons. If the world continues to go like this, I think GLOBAL WARMING would then be THE VERY LEAST of our problems in the future.
3  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin ratio of supply on exchanges hits 6 months low on: July 13, 2021, 07:57:30 PM
               There are a lot of people that gets confused by this. Just because the supply of bitcoin on exchanges goes lower than usual, it doesn't mean that the prices are already bound to skyrocket(at least not immediately) since supply and demand does not apply well in this situation specially when we talk about short term. I believe there are far too many variables to look at before we can predict where the price is heading. Even watching the market all the time while making dozens of TAs every 15 mins to an hour or four can't give 100% accurate predictions but only slightly better educated guesses, what more just simple assumptions? This is just my personal point of view.
4  Economy / Economics / Re: Which cryptocurrency do you decide to invest in for the long-term? on: July 13, 2021, 07:36:45 PM
I am a newbie who has just entered the currency circle, and I am very interested in the crypto market.
I want to try to buy some coins, but now I lack the analysis and judgment of the crypto market. Which cryptocurrency is more valuable and has appreciation potential?

               Obviously, most of the people here would advice you to go straight for bitcoin or any other well established altcoins out there. Also, I would suggest investing just a little, let's say about 10% to 15% of your total capital just so you can have a good feel about how this industry works first. It would also be a great thing if you would consider prioritizing on knowledge and wisdom investment(related to this industry and how it works along with basic trading fundamentals). Because that would give you a huge advantage over the huge number of people who skip this part.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is your Average Bitcoin Buying Price? on: July 13, 2021, 07:10:57 PM
               I really do not have an average number in my portfolio since I prefer to buy and sell almost everyday not just bitcoins but also alternative coins. While I also hold some and DCA, I can easily part with anything in a whim if I see that there is something wrong with the project like development, roadmap timeliness, the community, partners, etc., etc. I never buy, hold nor sell based on emotions but based on market conditions and project conditions. I just find it boring to just hold forever when there are ways to increase my bags. time of holding for me can last from a few days to several years depending on conditions.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Do you think the London hard fork will lead to a recovery in the crypto asset ma on: July 13, 2021, 12:05:13 AM
After the 5.19 plummet, entering July, the market gradually came out of the downturn, the price of defi assets generally rose, and the circulation of stablecoins on the chain also showed an upward trend. Will the upcoming Ethereum London hard fork upgrade on the 8.4th be one of the driving forces for the market to rise?

What is the London hard fork?
The hard fork is going to be an update that will change the transaction fee model of the current mechanism. This will in turn help to reduce the high transaction fees experienced currently in the network.
The London hard fork is also meant to target the mining difficulty of the network. This upgrade will help to make proof of work mining more difficult, but at the same time, increase the ease of mining of the proof of stake mechanism. Proof of stake mechanism will only require validators to carry out the transaction confirmations on the network. Instead of using high-power machines like the current proof of work mechanism which requires computers to solve complex problems in order to confirm transactions and my blocks.

Source of information:

               In contrast to how you see ethereum right now, I feel that ethereum is really doing good and is actually holding up pretty well despite the fact that the price of bitcoin drags almost every altcoin in the market today. Now, just because the price went on a huge rally last time and dumped to how much it currently is today, it doesn't mean that ethereum is in a very bad position. In fact, it is even better than it was in the past and even has a massive potential to break out with just a few good news. Even more so with the London hard fork approaching. But hey, search for yourself about significant info and don't trust just anyone who tells you about this or that, this is just my personal point of view.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: investment and loss anticipation on: July 12, 2021, 06:46:48 PM
Talking about cryptocurrencies, of course, it doesn't rule out investing or stocks, in this case, of course we have to be careful in investing because investing also contains risks. The risk here is to lose funds or other assets when the investment does not live up to expectations or even fails. Yes, it is true that we cannot invest and then only expect profits without understanding the risk of loss, but to warn of all possible losses, what steps should we take?

               READ, STUDY, READ, STUDY and EXPERIENCE. That is the best advice you can ever receive. While funds are important when we talk about investing, the most important thing is knowing what to do, the risks and the rewards of taking such risks whether worthy or not of your time and money. Now, if you think that there is a shortcut for all of this which are the payed signals that you can easily find on the internet, then you are so wrong. And anyone who says that their signals are full proof and doesn't require prior knowledge about the market and its movement, are scammers more or less.

               In this industry, knowledge is the most valuable thing. Even more valuable than bitcoin or any altcoin out there. Thus, invest on knowledge since it is the only thing that gives steady profits and not fairytale like signals. In trading there is no such thing as 100% risk free moves, only slightly better moves due to well-informed guesses or educated guesses achieved through technical analysis and other ways. -Hope this clears your confusions.
8  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The uncontrollable world on: July 12, 2021, 06:29:19 PM
               Man, that's deep. The way I see it, the thing that only makes us what we are today is because of greed which is the main reason why we lack unity and then peace. Although not a good thing to think about morally, we cannot deny the fact that it indeed played a very vital role in our history since it has pushed man to desire supremacy and to be above others which then fueled the perseverance of the best individuals recorded in history resulting into innovation to innovation in a wide variety of fields from daily necessities to caskets. Now, while I think that greed is very essential for the growth of humanity, I must also say that it will also be the thing that will contribute the most for the destruction of men. - Just a piece of my mind.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: Is it good to allow Black Money to be whiten by investing in Stock? on: July 12, 2021, 05:37:40 PM
Recently, I have read an update of the budget of Bangladesh where a bill of increasing (25% now) the rate for whitening black money has been passed. According to that, one can whiten their black money by investing in stock market and they have to pay 25% fee to the government. Before this year, the rate was 10%.
Is it healthy for the economy? May be itís healthy but itís encouraging corruption. Is there any other country which allows such investment too?
Learn more-

               I'm not absolutely sure if it's just me or is it that a lot don't get what black money is? Or maybe it refers to illegal money? If it does indeed refer to illegal money then 25% is till too low specially when we think about how taxes help the overall situation of a country. And besides, this shouldn't even be allowed to begin with so I don't quite see anything wrong with the tax rate. Rather, it may even be very beneficial from both sides with the government being at the losing end. At least though, there is something to gain from these black money that can help the country grow.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why do many mainstream economists always oppose Bitcoin? on: July 12, 2021, 04:49:09 PM
               Whichever the case, the main point about this is that all of the people in this world do almost everything they do every day because they can expect to gain something out of those things they do. Now some may be different and do something that would benefit others more than it would benefit themselves but there is a huge chance that these things they do are just for show to boost their image. But regardless, we cannot judge anyone just because of a few things that we see them do. People have reasons for their actions that are influenced by their needs, culture, environment and so on. So unless we know everything, we should just keep our opinions about other people to ourselves. The same goes in this industry. We buy then sell, some shill, while others talk trash about other coins. That's just how things are. And thus, no matter how bad some of these may taste on our throats, it is undeniable that all these are vital ingredients that make this industry whole, continue to strive and give benefits to anyone who knows how to take advantage of most situations.
11  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Is it safe to us to get Covid -19 Vaccine? on: July 09, 2021, 05:08:22 PM
               With all the contrasting information out there about these huge variety of vaccines accessible and non-accessible here where I currently am residing, I really cannot deny that I was and still am very scared by it. But regardless of my fears, I still took the vacvine, astrazenica. I need to go out and provide for the people relying on me, and it scares me more that I may not be able to provide or may even be the cause for the people I care about being infected. My second dose will be on the 25th day of this month I hope all goes well like the first dose.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: Cryptocurrency is the biggest investment opportunity in the future on: July 09, 2021, 04:44:01 PM
               The biggest opportunity in the crypto industry is not the potential gains of investing in it. Seeing this industry with that kind of vision is really near sighted. For me, the biggest opportunity in this industry rather than the investment opportunities is the unlimited potential of innovation that it can provide for this world. Being your own bank is already there, along with the arts, media and gaming being secured by the block-chain. The world is coming into a new age and I believe this industry is and will be playing an enormously vital role in this new age. I wish the ones hindering this innovation would stop being selfish and just let things be.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: Is the Bitcoin Giant Whale worthy of our respect? on: July 09, 2021, 04:26:45 PM
               Of course these giant whales deserve respect. Being a whale itself requires so much from a person and is definitely a huge accomplishment. You have to be different from others to be able to achieve such a feat. And trust me, in this type of world that we live in today that scoffs at uniqueness and individuality, sacrifices, effort and pain are unavoidable for these people which only deserves great respect. What they do while they are a whale though is a different story.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How will we display NFT Art in the future? on: July 08, 2021, 04:41:03 PM
As some of crypto players may know NFT.... or heard about NFT.  Currently, NFT seems relating to artwork, videos, photos, graphics etc.,

I have been thinking about the future of NFT art for awhile now and wondering if there is a way to display NFT collections at home. Just like the digital photo frame showing our photos......but it could connect to NFT wallet display the NFT collection. I believe collectors do not only enjoy investing or making money with NFT artwork, but they may also love to share what they have or even showcase something special to others. right?  Huh

               Honestly, I am also very curious about this ever since I have heard that ownership of artworks, gaming items, music, and more can be made more secure with the use of blockchain through NFT. But I do not understand the concept as to how others would view the things you own or will it be only accessible for you alone? Also, like what you said, I think that an android or ios app is really needed that possess such features making NFTs accessible for its owners anytime they want in a convenient way. Or even a platform that fuses all of these NFTs together that are sorted by type, genre and interest by people in which auctioning and bidding will be easy. Would also be nice to see a feature that allows NFT trading from one genre/type to another.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Elon Musk accidentally created a new cryptocurrency. WTF? on: July 08, 2021, 03:44:46 PM
               It seems I have developed a special kind of phobia that when I see a post about Elon Musk I get frightened with the thought of the crash about to accompany such news about Elon Musk. I wonder what I should call this kind of phobia? lol. But seriously though, most of the time I read anything about Elon Musk, it leaves a bitter taste in my throat since every time it mostly revolves about crap tweets and such. He may be doing these things to manipulate the market or just to troll. Either way, no one can really tell for sure. As for this special case, I think this is just an independent act by some clever guy to take advantage of Elon Musk's influence right now which I think is quite a good idea. Good for the guy who  made money with this and a crispy mehh for the people dumb enough to take Elon Musk's words seriously enough to make them invest in such a coin that is bound to be abandoned sooner or later. Oh well..
16  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The KRAKEN Rises !!! on: July 08, 2021, 01:11:33 PM
               Man, Whenever I see a post from badecker, specially when there are a huge number of responses, I literally prepare something to drink and to munch on since I know I will be having a good time reading the responses. Anyway, conspiracy theories are overrated, I do not know how badecker believes such sources(maybe because of some own biases? I don't know) but hey, each to his own. Out of all the years he's been posting in this forum, you just have to believe that he truly believes in everything he is saying and thinks he is helping others. Let's not trash talk the guy that much. Besides, people who get easily mislead probably deserve it since they don't even confirm for themselves the legitimacy of information being fed to them.

Thanks for being a fan. Keep me as a fan, because sooner or later you will realize the danger you are in from government, the media, the medical, and big business, and you just might have enough time to save yourself somewhat.


               Believe me I am a fan. From the debates about Jesus back then to covid-19 conspiracies today. Anyway, these dangers you are saying may be true and may be not your guesses can only be as good as mine since the sources can be both legit or maneuvered if for instance the conspiracy about people on top being in control of anything is by any chance really true. If so, then there really is nothing we can do as individuals and I doubt that unity is possible nowadays so better focus on things I can control myself and let nature take its course. Either way, we are all just passers by and not a lot can even leave something significant enough to be remembered.
17  Economy / Economics / Re: At least it was something great on: July 08, 2021, 12:26:25 PM
               Even more so when this industry flourishes more and takes the norm by storm, completely changing the way the world works from money management to asset management and so much more. Like nowadays when ownership of music, art pieces, movies or anything art related along with game items credits etc., can be further digitalized and secured through the several blockchains due to the collaboration of several industries to this one! Imagine being part of the earliest people who helped make these limitless possibilities slowly come into fruition! What a great achievement to brag about to your grand children as you play virtual reality games with them, lol.  Grin Grin Grin
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: First time paying in person with bitcoin: Computer Heads on: July 08, 2021, 11:39:09 AM
               What a nice experience you've had! Not only were you able to talk to a likeminded and warm person but you also were able to pay for services with bitcoin! Had your pc not broke down, you never would've met this amazing guy with the same interests as you. Too bad though that crypto currency payments aren't that fast yet unless you use something like bitpay, coins or any other service of the sort. Still though, this is great that the people who are open minded about this industry is increasing more. Unlike the past years when majority of the people around you barely even know about the existence of this industry let alone be open minded enough to accept crypto currency payments for goods and services.
19  Economy / Economics / Re: What role will Bitcoin play in the face of superpowers in the future? on: July 04, 2021, 04:32:24 PM
               The use of this currency(bitcoin) is a taboo for most of the people that are not into new things or have just heard of it recently, but for those who have been immersed in this industry for a long time, bitcoin is so much more than a currency and has uses reliant to the person or people possessing it. Now whether the superpowers in the future will be able to take advantage of this is something that we can only speculate about since there is still a huge difference in the beliefs of the people who are with and against the thought of crypto currencies and their functions that may hinder or allow a lot of things. Either way, it would be better to take advantage of this since it is in its very early stage and make the most out of this opportunity to be in control or to earn(depending on why you are into bitcoins) while we still can.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Dont stay in crypto too long on: July 04, 2021, 03:48:40 PM
               Man, op is really pissed! But seriously though, you really need to understand that we are the main characters but only in our own story, in the eyes of others, we are just fillers even more so in the eyes of the people on top. So I think that you should instead focus on things you can control rather than stressing about things you cannot change. If it gives you benefits, do it or use it. If not, then stay away from it. That is what most people do to keep their minds at ease and calm. Anyway, bitcoin is not something that the government can fully control nor fully ban just like drugs and other crimes. If you really want to, there will always be ways for present, you just have to look for it. If you don't want to, then there would really be no ways available and even more reasons as to why there will be no possible ways.
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