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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Jake Paul to Fight Mike Tyson in Live Netflix Boxing Event - July 20 on: March 17, 2024, 05:35:39 AM

You know what, I am afraid that Mike has agreed to that fight only for the sake of money.

It's clear and certain. if a boxer who is old and has retired for a long time but wants to get in the ring again, his main goal is definitely money. high pay will not be missed just like that, what's more if the position is in financial financial difficulties, you definitely want and want to fight boxing in the ring again.

2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: March 17, 2024, 05:26:09 AM
Dortmund still has good strength this season but they are not able to maintain consistent performance, that is their problem this season but currently Dortmund have much higher motivation to finish in the top 4 so I think they still have a good chance big to win the match against Frankfurt especially since Dortmund will be playing at home.
The best team comes home with important trophy. Dortmund sell their winning chances the moment they started to sell their promising players, the available ones have become very tactical but not potential enough. They have tough fixture this weekend and it will become one of the tough match for them. Borrusia Dortmund won't fight for the Bundesliga title, rather they will keen on reaching the top four this season. Edin Terzic is capable of elevating the performance of his club, he just need more time to settled and bring more promising players.
That's how Dormund is every season, having difficulty winning trophies and having difficulty finishing in the top four of the standings due to being greedy for profits in the transfer window. All the players they released became important players at their new club, Bellingham is one proof of this. As long as Dortmund management does not change their transfer style, I assume they will continue to have difficulty winning the Bundesliga trophy. Dortmund needs to learn a lot from Leverkusen.

The match against Frankfurt is very important in Dormund efforts to climb into the top four of the standings, if they fail to get an additional 3 points then they will have difficulty competing with Leipzig in the remaining matches ahead. On paper, Dormund deserves to be the favorite, apart from recording better statistics, Edin Terzic fleet has the advantage of acting as hosts.

However, it is always not easy to beat a team that is exactly one level below themselves. Especially if you remember that Frankfurt is the team that once slaughtered Bayern with an amazing score, Dortmund should anticipate that this could happen to them. It would be a shame if Dortmund failed to finish in the Champions League zone at the end of the season.

if you only target the top 4 positions. every season dortmun almost gets that position, aka being able to participate in the competition in the champion league. if the target is the champion, it is indeed difficult. currently the trophy that can still be obtained by dortmund is only the champion league, it is also very difficult because there are many strong teams that are still competing for the champion league champions.
3  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] | Top Content from Real German Escorts | Sig Campaign | Sr.+ on: March 17, 2024, 02:09:13 AM
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German local board poster Y/N: N
4  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Joya.Casino | Crypto Casino | Signature Campaign| | Up to $85/Week Snr + on: March 15, 2024, 09:55:38 PM

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5  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Temuan Gas terbesar diperairan Aceh bisa membuat Aceh kaya raya? on: March 14, 2024, 11:35:11 PM
apa benar, kalau benaran ada sumber minyak besar pasti rakyat aceh akan makmur.
sama hal nya di timur2 sekarang timoer leste kandungan minyak nya besar di celah timur, makanya australia ngotot biar bisa lepas. dan bisa menggarap sumber minyak itu dengan timoer leste

Tapi biasa nya ada unsur jual menjual walau warga setempat sudah tau ada sumber minyak,karena biasanya jika dijual mungkin ya keuntungan ya lebih menggiurkan ketimbang harus diolah sendiri.

sama kayak pembangunan jalan tol, jika sudah ada yang tahu di situ mau di bangun jalan tol.
para maklar tanah ataupun tengkulak membeli dulu dengan harga jauh lebih murah dan meninginkan ganti rugi yang selangit dengan pemerintah
minyak bumi jelas tidak bisa di tambang sendiri dan di manfaatkan sendiri. lagian kekayaan alam itu kan di kuasai oleh negara bukan oleh pemilik tanah, meski itu tambang emas sekalipun yang bisa di tambang dan di jual sendiri kan tetap aja di kuasai oleh negara hanya di ganti rugi lemah nya saja untuk pemilik lahan
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Conference League 2023/24 Season on: March 14, 2024, 11:26:57 PM
Today we have the second leg games and I will make predictions on some games that in my opinion I think are worth betting on. starting from fiorentina's game against Maccabi Haifa FC, in the first leg of that game we saw a lot of goals, there were 7 goals, fiorentina scored 4 goals and on the other side Maccabi Haifa FC scored 3 goals, although fiorentina in the first leg managed to get out with victory, it was still a victory that they achieved thanks to the luck of Maccabi Haifa FC having a player with a red card even in the 80 minutes of the game, Maccabi Haifa FC is very aggressive in attack and it was clear that they were competing with Fiorentina of equals, so in my opinion the first leg was not good for fiorentina, but fiorentina has a better chance of winning in this second leg

another game that I think was complicated in the first leg was Aston Villa's game against Ajax, it was a goalless game, for the game in this second leg I predict a very difficult game for Ajax and although the bookmakers are looking at Aston Villa is the favorite to win this game, but I still see Ajax managing to cause a lot of difficulties for Aston Villa's very fragile defense, which in its last game had a humiliating defeat in the game against Tottenham in the Premier League. I think that the odds value of 1.37 in favor of Aston Villa is very low because in my opinion these two teams are on the same level

well, another game that I think is strange that the bookmakers are placing as favorites and with very low odds is the Club Brugge game against Molde FK, in my opinion in this game Molde FK can come out with victory as happened in the game of the first pear. Looking at the first leg game, Molde FK managed to score 2 goals while the Brugge club scored a goal thanks to a penalty and in this second leg game the bookmakers are placing the Brugge club as the favorite and with odds of 1.38 and the odds for Molde FK to win are 7.20, I think they are greatly underestimating Molde FK

actually ajax's level is far above aston villa both in terms of experience competing at the European level or in terms of trophies both in the domestic league and at the European level. but aston villa this season's appearance is very extraordinary. and it was also proven in the Europa League to be able to beat ajax Amsterdam with a landslide score of 4-0.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: March 14, 2024, 11:17:36 PM
Awaiting for the tomorrows draw !!!!

But let first talk about, WHAT a WIN for Atletico MAdrid, they reach the game played like shit in one of his worst levels in years under the Simeone era, but seems like they recover the memory and play like the old and mighty Atletico Madrid from early Simeone years.
In fact Atletico Madrid's strength this season is still the same as last season, but they are often unable to consistently maintain the team's performance so we often see the Atletico Madrid team playing below standard in the domestic league and Atletico Madrid's victory over Inter Milan was a bit of a surprise because Inter Milan was in conditions are very good this season but this is the Champions League, there are many surprises and a mentality is needed and Atletico Madrid have proven that they have a pretty good mentality on the Champions League stage.

The team that competes through the penalty shootout certainly has a good mentality. because a penalty taker must have a good mentality so that his penalty execution runs well and successfully.
8  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Gerindra melirik Erina Gudono jadi Calon Bupati Sleman, next siapa lagi? on: March 13, 2024, 11:56:50 PM

Mungkin saja memiliki ada pengaruh hubungan politik antara Jokowi dan Prabowo. Namun, kita tidak bisa menyimpulkan bahwa ini adalah "titipan" dari sang bapak mertua, karena sejuah ini belum ada bukti yang lebih konkret dan Erina juga belum resmi di calonkan.

titipan sih tidak.
tapi jika ngomongin balas saja atas kinerja sehingga prabowo terpilih untuk versi quick count ya itu sangat jelas.
jika ketum nya arah politiknya seperti itu yang bawah pasti akan mengikuti nya. meski prabowo pun ga mengeluarkan statement untuk DPD gerindra sleman mencalonkan mantu nya jokowi
9  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Rata-Rata Gaji di Indonesia 2015 - 2023 per Sektor on: March 13, 2024, 11:52:18 PM
kok dari gambar di atas gajinya rata2 masih UMR jakarta ya
tidak ada lebih  besar dari gaji UMR. apa orang kerja hanya mencari gaji UMR saja ya.
padahal sektor informatika programing bisa menghasilkan banyak uang
10  Economy / Speculation / Re: Will BTC hit 1M ? on: March 12, 2024, 11:13:43 PM
it is very unlikely that the price of bitcoin will rise to 1 million dollars. because if the price of bitcoin reaches 1 million dollars people will not use bitcoin anymore because of its sending fee which is certainly very expensive at this time it is also already expensive when compared to sending fees for other online payments such as paypal.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: Do you believe in savings or investment on: March 12, 2024, 11:02:54 PM
saving money is actually a loss because the value of your money the purchasing power of your money will decrease due to inflation. because the value of inflation is always higher than the value of bank interest. so saving money is actually a loss not a gain.
So investing and saving is good and good which one is of course investing is better than saving.
iam preffer investment if compare saving
12  Economy / Economics / Re: China India tensions on impact to Global economy possible china India war on: March 12, 2024, 10:47:11 PM
India and China have never had an issue of war. be it a military war or an economic war. they are fine and India has never been intervened by the USA. and it's just you who wrote that statement. if the economic war between the USA and China is really happening. but if China and India there has never been news in the mass media both print and online that discusses this. and if the war happens there is no effect on the price of bitcoin. when US and china tensions were at their peak there was no effect on the price of bitcoin.
13  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Gerindra melirik Erina Gudono jadi Calon Bupati Sleman, next siapa lagi? on: March 11, 2024, 11:50:48 PM
Alasannya cuma popularitas, diharapkan yang ada hubungan ama Jokowi bisa ketularan popularitasnya. Sama aja kek majuin Artis, yang kek gini cuma modal popularitas.
IMO sah-sah saja toh nanti ujung-ujungnya yang milih adalah rakyat. Dan prediksi ane itu sulit menang karena (1) wanita, dan (2) hubungannya hanya sebatas mertua - menantu dengan Jokowi. Laen kalo yang maju anaknya Jokowi, mayan populer dan tampangnya ada mirip ama bapaknya.

jika presiden nya masih jokowi ya sudah pasti akan jadi nya.
akan mudah mencari suara untuk memenagkan nya. tapi jika pilkada setelah jokowi sudah tidak jadi presiden, jika yang di ajukan bukan orang yang berkualitas akan susah jadinya.
pemilu kali ini banyak selebritis yang sudah sangat populer banyak yang gagal perolehan suaranya sedikit.
bahkan orang populer macam rohut sitompul pun di pileg dpr ri hanya dapat 2ribu suara sangat kecil sekali dan sudah pasti tidak akan lolos ke senayan
14  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Pemilu 2024 bisa jadi pemilu yang paling panas? ada kecurangan di masa lalu? on: March 11, 2024, 11:41:43 PM
Setelah PRABOWO memilih wakilnya GIBRAN RAKABUMING, banyak orang terkejut mendengarnya termasuk saya,
mengingat GIBRAN adalah anak dari presiden JOKOWI, yang pernah menjadi lawan politiknya di pilpres 2014 dan 2019.
apakah isu hubungan JOKOWI dan MEGAWATI memanas itu nyata?

beberapa hari yang lalu, MEGAWATI juga kembali membuat heboh dunia politik indonesia setelah mengatakan pilpres tahun 2024 jangan terjadi lagi kecurangan, nah dari perkataan itu banyak orang bertanya tanya apakah pilpres sebelumnya ada kecurangan?
bukankah dia juga terlibat saat pilpres sebelumnya?
ditambah lagi kader dari partainya yang memenangkan pilpres dua periode berturut turut.
gimana tangapan kalian tentang pilpres 2024 ? akankah ada kecurangan?
bu mega terus nya membuat statement yang menghebohkan, bahkan tahun lalu saat masih dalam masa kampanye, beliau mengatakan semoga di tahun 2024 nanti, kecurangan pemilu seperti di tahun 2019 tidak terulang lagi, jujur ini sangta lucu loh, apalagi pak jokowi adalah yang di usung partai PDI.

saat ini bawaslu terus di sorot media bahkan kabar sekecil pun akan menjadi sebuah berita besar jika tidak hati2 di cermati, sebagai partai besar yang sedang kalah versi quick count, tentu PDI akan terus berupaya keras menyerang kubu yang menang, ini parah sih.

kalau yang di omongin mengenai kecurangan pemilu 2019 sangat blunder alias stupid.
kenapa, presiden pertahanan nya pdip penguasa pemerintah dan yang bisa menggerakan kecurangan pdip sendiri. dan hasil akhirnya presiden yang menang dari pdip parpol nya yang menang juga pdip
15  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: [DISKUSI] Pertumbuhan Influencer Crypto Indonesia on: March 11, 2024, 11:34:35 PM
influencer itu sangat bagus untuk memperkenalkan crypto ke masyarakat apalagi jika tokoh atau selebritis tapi ya tokohnya tersebut harus mengerti dunia crypto dan bukan malah cari untung sendiri dengan menyuruh membeli koin yang di developnya sendiri.
tapi memperkenalkan bukan masalah beli koin entar untuk segini atau menawarkan menjajikan keuntungan ini itu.
memperkenalkan konsep nya gimana cara kerja gimana dll

tapi influencer itu mau politik atau apapun yang di bahas tujuan nya uang.
baik itu tujuan nya dari langsung pembeli jasanya di bayar langsung. ataupun dari affliate nya, atau mencoba minipulasi market beli koin nya dulu baru di promosikan jadi ketika banyak yang beli koin ngepump dan dia nya untung. kalau murni tanpa benefid atau reward itu sangat jarang
minimal dapat reward dari akun youtube nya
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: March 10, 2024, 11:57:19 PM

Arsenal will undoubtedly receive relatively low odds because their next game will be played at home and we know the reputation of emirate stadium this season. it's always becoming the house of dead to the other clubs. Arsenal has always performed well at home, so it makes sense that bookmakers would offer very low odds for Arsenal. Porto will face a major test to determine its status in UCL. Arsenal was always playing crazily at home by scoring as many goals as possible. It's obvious that Arsenal will win the game soon, but Porto still has a slight chance as long as porto keep plays defensively. Porto will probably win as long as the game ends in a draw. The main requirement is for the club to utilize a parking bus strategy against Arsenal. I don't mind if porto played so passively in this match as long as it will win the game or draw.

This will also have a significant impact on Arsenal's performance because scoring will be more difficult, causing them to panic even more. Betting in Porto involves a high risk of losing your bet. I'd rather bet on a total of over 2.75 or BTTS.
It is likely that Porto will be able to defeat Arsenal, but it all depends on the strategy that will be used in the upcoming game against Arsenal. I will call porto a a stupid club if it's putting the big risk by playing offensively against arsenal.
Arsenal is capable enough to destroy it with huge margins. Put all players into the penalty box and it will help club a lot.

Arsenal is scheduled to host Porto in the 2nd leg of the UCL Round of 16 in few days at the Emirates. Arsenal who on aggregate are currently behind after losing the first leg with a last minute goal will be going into this match with much confidence to reverse the score and get the qualification. Arsenal team are on fore currently from the matches we’ve seen the club play after that defeat and how massive they’ve been scoring and playing as a team. This brings us to know where they’ll be garnering confidence for this fixture

 Their current form and momentum is one of the major reasons why Arsenal should be favored to defeat Porto. They have dominantly won their last 7 games since mid season break and they’ve scored whooping 31 goals which is massive and worthy of recognition. Now they are have been handed a major boost which brings them to sit top of the EPL table with the win against Brentford over the weekend. Arsenal have a better squad depth as compared to Porto and most of their players returning from injury is a major boost as this would cause lots of worry for Porto.

Arteta is a tactical genius and you can’t doubt he’s got the acumen to be able to build up a tactics to explore on Porto’s weaknesses with his boy’s strength. The major confidence is them playing at the Emirate, the joy of playing infront of their devoted fans and at a familiar ground will be the biggest boost that they can sure overturn this aggregate score. The fans presence will give an extra dose of inspiration, and confidence as they face Porto. Porto are in for a big game and I’m sure Arsenal will feast on them properly so if I’m to place my money on this game, I think I’m confident of Arsenal having up to 3 goals in this match.

Regarding this match, there is good news for Porto and it's about the player of Arsenal, Gabriel Martinelli.
It seems Martinelli can't help his team in the important game they are going to have against Porto in the Champions League.
While in the first leg, Arsenal lost the match with a 1-0 result and this can damage the team because they will be under more pressure to have an attacking style in this match. However, that's not hard for Arteta and his players to score many goals in this match because Arsenal had good attacks during the games we saw from them in this season but still, this can make the game very hard to predict and very much risky to bet on any of these two teams for this match.   

not too big an impact without the presence of gabriel martinieli. because arsenal players who have high attacking power are still many. there is gabriel jesus who has fully recovered from his injury even though he is still rarely played as a starting eleven in arsenal's line up. bukayo saka, kai harvert, odegard and more.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: March 10, 2024, 11:50:11 PM
During the last few years, PSG has always tried to hire superstar players, and due to the bad financial situation in Barcelona, they were the target for PSG to buy players from them, while Barcelona did not agree with any of these transfers.
They hired Neymar in 2018 for 222 million euros from Barcelona and then they hired Messi as a free agent in 2021 which is enough to say PSG usually targets the players of Barcelona, while after two famous superstar players, they hired Dembele during the 2023 summer for 50 million to make Barcelona lose another palyer.
Now they again, want to hire another player from Barcelona, Lamine Yamal. While is Spanish player is the next target and Barcelona said they are not going to sell Lamine Yamal at all but I don't think if PSG is going to give up and leave the deal easily. Because they know after Mbappe leaves PSG, Yamal can fill his place as a younger player

This all is very interesting because Barcelona needs money and PSG have with their intention is having a squad which can bring Champions League for them and Barcelona which is having enough quality players can go to settle financial problems with this because right now their situation is going the worst day by day and if they are going to have this opportunity then surely they need to go ahead because this could be also positive sign for them with huge amount will come, and they will be able to spend as they wanted currently they have few top players into their squad which can bring good funds even their performance will be suffering, but this could be temporary because once they will be able to settle this all things will be change again, and they will be able to bring new generation top players which will make things better.

just to create a sensation so that the price goes up high. because statements appeared about PSG's offer yamal worth hundreds of millions of euros that were very fantastic came from Barcelona. it was not PSG who issued a statement saying they were making an offer to buy Yamal.
18  Local / Altcoins (Bahasa Indonesia) / Re: Berburu Airdrop Hasil Gede on: March 09, 2024, 11:55:29 PM
biasanya jika orang cari info airdrop lebih suka di telegram cepat dan praktis
daripada informasi di twitter maupun facebook. karena di group telegram khusus airdrop langsung terarah informasi airdrop yang di kasih.
dan emang informasi nya emang khusus airdrop jadi lebih enak dan mudah dari pada di twitter maupun facebook yang harus scroll untuk mencari informasi nya
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: March 09, 2024, 11:44:59 PM

I was having high hopes of seeing Atletico madrid took down Inter Milan in this round, but after seeing the first game and the lasts games played by the Atletico Madrid is being more and more difficult to see it happening.

They are not playing good in LaLiga also.

It is very difficult for Atletico Madrid to qualify for the quarter-finals. to reverse the situation of being 1-0 behind is quite heavy. although it is not impossible to win this match. or it could also be through a penalty shootout later. but it is very heavy under coach Simone Inzaghi Inter Milan is a team that is very extraordinarily stable and difficult to beat. especially having pocketed a 1-0 advantage will definitely be ultradefensive like other Italian teams that have a very strong defense.
20  Local / Ekonomi, Politik, dan Budaya / Re: Ketua KPK tersandung kasus pemerasan on: March 07, 2024, 07:13:13 PM
pertama dalam sejarah,Ketua KPK baru saja ditetapkan sebagai tersangka kasus dugaan korupsi.
Anggaran itu dipakai buat membiayai kebutuhan teknis operasional penyelenggaraan pemilu, mulai dari menetapkan jumlah kursi, pengawasan penyelenggara pemilu, pemutakhiran data pemilih, pengadaan dan pengelolaan logistik, dan masih banyak lagi.
Bahkan menurut World Bank, alokasi anggaran untuk penanganan perubahan iklim dalam APBN masih relatif kecil.

Tercatat, Indonesia butuh pendanaan rata-rata sebesar Rp266,3 triliun hingga 2030. Sementara, rata-rata alokasi anggaran APBN periode 2020-2022 masih berada di kisaran Rp37,9 triliun.

Kalo lembaga anti korupsinya saja korup, lantas bagaimana cara memberantas korupsi di tanah air?

tim pansel nya yang kurang kredibel dalam menyeleksi
dan anggota DPR nya yang kurang kredibel juga karena dengan track record yang buruk bisa terpilih bahkan memiliki suara terbanyak sehingga bisa terpiih sebagai ketua KPK
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