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1  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is June a Downturn for the Crypto Market? on: June 22, 2024, 08:30:35 AM
According to monthly return data, June is not green but red. The image can be seen in one of the posts showing it.

For those who stay in the long term, this downturn will be used to add volume to the wallet. They will always be happy with market conditions experiencing a decline like this. I can say that people who buy Bitcoin in this month not only for the long term can get good returns when the price moves upwards again.
Well, whether it's green or red, the important thing is we don't end up panicking and sell the coins at a lower price since that would definitely put us in the losing end. But instead, buying a lot more when there is good opportunity to buy that would add additional volume to our bitcoin.

Furthermore, if a bitcoin downturn will be more seen this month, so what? As long as we are aware on what to do in every price movement in the market, then there won't be any problem that will arise.
What you say is absolutely correct, whether the market is experiencing a decline or an increase, of course we must not be careless and panic so that we make decisions that are detrimental to ourselves in investing and we must stick to the original plan that we had. made. before deciding to invest. If we can take advantage of market conditions that are experiencing a decline to buy more than usual, of course this will be easy for those with large capital and for some people who only have small capital, of course they can buy with that amount. we can afford it but can still make a profit when prices rise.

And we only had just a week before the end of the month and there are no uptick unfortunately as we go down to $64k-$65k as of the moment. Not sure if there will be some news that will push the market in this week or so. Nevertheless, as what history tells us, month of June is not good after the halving.

But we shouldn't panic, we still have the second half of the year to contend, and usually during this time, or at least in the last quarter of the year, we might see some good movement. And just imagine though if we are going to close this year at least $100k, that will be great to all of us.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Betting on political events on: June 22, 2024, 07:58:49 AM
   Here I propose to discuss all political events in all countries on which bets are placed, and not just political events in the United States.

Well maybe we should know what kind of political events specially elections are going to happen in the next couple of years before we can have this kind of discussions. I'm familiar with one betting site though,

And from what I check it has the Brazilian politics, like for Mayorship in October 2024.

Also the conflicts that we have in the Middle East, like if Netanyahu will remain as Israel's PM in 2024.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Nigerian Government plans to begin taxing gambling. on: June 22, 2024, 07:34:17 AM
I was reading the news and saw that Nigerian government will soon introduce taxation to gambling. Taxation on gambling is not new in some countries so this will not be surprising to many people. But to Nigerians who are already experiencing difficulty in the economy do you think it is good for the government to still be planning imposing tax on gambling? there are gamblers who still gamble for fun in the country, will imposing a tax on it not push this people closer to depression as some may find it difficult to gamble comfortably. I also find it strange that the World Bank is supporting this with a financial support package of value close to $2.25million.
Since the taxation may not affect the crypto gambling community in Nigeria, this will encourage more gamblers to gamble now on crypto platforms right?
Don't gamble if you don't want to pay taxes. Seems easy enough right? If the taxes are going to help the economy I would be all for it, but since I am not from Nigeria I have no idea if the government is legit or corrupt. Most countries IMO have corrupt governments and are lining their pockets with certain taxes.

That's the thing because there are news that Nigeria is one corrupted country as per this index, (no offense to our Nigerian brothers here)

And what's up with countries right now putting taxes on gambling? And lucky are those gamblers who's government is very friendly and they only tax the land base casino itself and not the gamblers per se.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Inoue vs Akhmadaliev ordered by the WBA no later than September 25 on: June 21, 2024, 01:28:45 PM
This is another count for Inoue , I know Akhmadaliev is a good fighter and am sure that this will bring
a great fight against this Japanese monster but this is not enough for  inoue's getting laid.

Per report, Top Rank is not keen on heeding the advise of WBA for that mandatory fight against Akhmadaliev because they think that the latter is not popular enough so better to relinquish the WBA belt rather than fighting Akhmadaliev.

That's fine, besidess, he has nothing to prove since he had already became an undisputed champion in the super bantamweight division, and I believe he will not stay long in this division as I'm sure there's a plan to move in a higher division, probably next year, or maybe the upcoming fight of Inoue would be his last if he can successfully defend his title.

Team Inoue/Top Rank's plan is to fight TJ Doheney next as the latter is somewhat popular in Japan where he won his last three bouts there and if successful against Doheney, they will be going against IBF mandatory Sam Goodman before moving up to the featherweight division. Seems that Inoue is not keen on fighting in Las Vegas if we base our speculation to their plans.

As for Casimero, if only he is impressive against Japanese opponents, i think that his chance of fighting Inoue will increase since he will be popular in Japan.

So he still has at least 2 fights in this division before going up in weight. And if that so happens, then there will be no Inoue vs Casimero fight. Just very unfortunate to not see it and I think we can all blame it to Inoue himself.

Nevertheless, this could be another great performance by Inoue against another great fighter. It's just the Akhmadaliev is lucky to have a crack at Inoue even though he doesn't have the belt anymore.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Avoid Miscalculated Risks In Gambling. on: June 21, 2024, 12:33:39 PM
we all know that in event where winning is a 50/50 chance one is required to bet wisely right?
I consider that if your upcoming event only has a 50% chance of winning, then there is no need to play the game at all. And if you still want to play such a game, then at least make sure that if you lose, you wonít lose much. You don't need to do anything complicated to do this. Just play for small amounts. After all, when you play for small amounts, you play primarily for fun. You are afraid of losing your money, but you want to have fun.

And there's no such thing as 50/50 game in my opinion, and gambling is business, so there is house edge and the longer we play the bigger chances of losing. And even if it's sports bet, again there are favorite and then there are the underdog.

Of course, just play the money that we can afford to lose, or we should keep our senses if we did lose our bet. Because there are individuals that can't take losing and they wanted to recoup and it will just make them worse. And I don't agree with not taking risk in gambling, it's part of parcel of it, otherwise it will not be called gambling at all. Even lower odds are not a safe and guaranteed.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Live games discussion thread on: June 21, 2024, 11:41:49 AM
I voted for Roulette, and it seems others too this is their favorite game. For sure the adrenaline rush that you get when you play this game, specially if you are trying to hit that single number for a x36 returns, single 0. There are roulettes that have double 0, so I don't play that because the odds will be greater.

As for online and operators, yes, Evolution gaming is on top of my head as they have added a different twist and that's why gamblers love that.

I'm not into Poker, I know how to play it but I would rather play Baccarat as my main card games.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2024 NBA Season on: June 21, 2024, 10:04:16 AM

Great call by the Thunder. Josh Giddey has been inconsistent of the first 5 and he performed bad in the last playoffs. For sure Caruso's defense and experience will help his new team to become better in the next season. Thunder still has future draft picks to come and they will have no problems putting Caruso on the starting line up or in the bench depending on their style of play.

I expect this young team to at least proceed in the second round of the playoffs in this coming new season. SGA proved himself a great player and leader while his young team mates gained the much needed playoffs experience.

They need someone that possess both offense and defense someone like Holiday type of a player who really can contribute not just with the defense but also with the offesive side, I think we all knew how Carusso played, he can be a great addition to support SGA orchestrating their defense and also carry some loads if both SGA and Chet having difficulty to scores, Carusso can bring that help.

Nah, I don't think that Carusso will be their offensive weapon to replaced Giddey, there's a lot of offensive firepower already with OKC. SGA and Chet and the Williams as well. Most likely that is the issue with them, they have a lot of offensive firepower but without anyone playing good defense.

Let's see if how Thunders will play with this trades and how they will use Carusso with their campaign in this upcoming new season, good take for both Thunders and Carusso they can help each other to entertain the fans.

Again, he is going to be utilized for defensive purposed and the experience of Carusso in the stretch. He could also be their player to handle the pressure of passing the ball during time outs as Alex is known to do this in Bulls uniform, a good 1-4 defender.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia on April 20 on: June 21, 2024, 09:00:29 AM
After a prolonged drama, finally VADA remained the most reliable testing agency in the world. Ryan Garcia's win over Haney is now a no-contest. Ryan is also suspended by the NSAC starting from the date of the fight and over a million dollar in penalties. But this also means Ryan can rest, renew himself and enjoy the rest of the year. He can also negotiate for his next fight which can happen as early as April next year and then start training by January.

That is the best option for him right now, take a rest because he had been under stress lately with Ryan's mother diagnosed with cancer and going into divorce. So there's a lot of things going on in his life and so this break might help him heal mentally.

As for Haney, he is mentally damaged. I believe he will stop boxing for a year or even more and contemplate on that embarrassment Ryan did to him. And it's good that the WBC made the mandatory defense for Sandor Martin who deserved a long overdue title shot.

He is going against a tough mandatory defense on Sandor Martin, and this fight is a make or break for him. No one can forget how Ryan embarrassed him with or without peds and it looks like others are siding with Ryan as we all know that Haney's chin is questionable and Ryan has the power to knockout everyone.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling therapy on: June 20, 2024, 01:45:13 PM
Why not? But the thing, will it really help gamblers cure their addiction by going to such therapy? And if so, it might take sessions to really removed gambling in our mind which is difficult. Perhaps though, those who are really in dire situation can really take advantage of it or really need to go and seek help.

And there could be some gamblers here, who might just go on occasional gambling binge and after a while they got tired or what and then completely stop gambling for good because of that bad experience. So this kind of therapy might not be for everyone.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can You Memorize Your Recovery Phrase? on: June 20, 2024, 12:23:38 PM
Memorizing your seed phrase is absolutely an uncalculated risk.Seed phrase are to be written on several pieces of paper or encrypted on a steel and kept in a safe place.What do you think should be the essence why crypto wallets generate seed phrase,the reason is seed phrase that is also known as recovery phrase are mixed words it could be 12 or 24, they are used to recover wallet in case a user lose hold of his/her digital asset and crypto wallet.The best way to store your seed phrase is by keeping it safe offline(on a paper)and not online.Memorizing your seed phrase is nothing but stressing the brain that's meant to store other vital informations.

Yeah, and even if we can memorized it, sooner or later it will fail us as our brain might go hiccup and forget that one word and then it screw everything up for us. That's why this is not recommended, although I have nothing against those who try to practice it, but there is no fail-safe here.

So just write it down your mnemonic phrase and then hide or or protect it at all cost. And try to spread it, could be in your house, or even in a safety deposit box in a bank. And probably majority will agree to me that this is a very bad idea specially if you don't have a back up and just trying to put everything in your mind.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia on April 20 on: June 20, 2024, 12:02:13 PM
Is Devin Haney hinting that Ryan Garcia will get a two year suspension?

Maybe Devin Haney has the leaked info of the suspension but two years is a lot of time taken away from a popular fighter like Ryan Garcia.

Just one question though, if Ryan will be suspended by the New York commission, could still he fight in Las Vegas?

Not an expert but it could be that the decision if handed for a suspension, means that Ryan could not box anywhere that will require a boxing licenses from the US. So he might go abroad and fight but it will not obviously sanction by any governing body.

And I don't think that he will be given 2 years suspension, that's very long and with Ryan's status, I think the commission will also be looking as one factor on how long they will give Ryan. For sure they are looking at the impact of it, not just because they want Ryan to have a long suspension.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Boxing Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: June 20, 2024, 09:56:08 AM
There's plenty of time for Inoue to become great, first he really had to go out of Japan and fight other champions. Need to clean up the 122 lbs and then move up to 126 lbs and then beat the likes of Figueroa or Vargas or any other champion Featherweight.

I want him to fight Rey Vargas, it might be the first time that we will see him fighting a taller guy and we gonna look at how he will adjust with that kind of disadvantage. That's a good measurement for him in my opinion and probably it will bring the greatness in him if he is put on this kind of uncomfortable situation.
Of course, at his age it is still possible to achieve more satisfying success and he has the potential to do so, but in the near future I not sure that Inoue will be able to do it any easier because maybe he will fight against stronger boxer that he has never faced before.
But on the other hand, I believe that Inoue will slowly have target to achieve all of that, nothing is easy and there will always be challenges when deciding to go to new class.

Rey Vargas is quite great fighter and he recently managed to defend his title after dramatic fight against Nick Ball who is an undefeated boxer, they ended in draw even though Rey Vargas also fell several times.
If Inoue fights Rey Vargas then I sure there will be pressure for Inoue to beat him because Rey Vargas himself has quite significant advantage over Inoue, but this could possibly be an amazing fight if it really happens.

Inoue future still looks bright, and even if he goes up and fight Rey Vargas, he will be really tested here. But Vargas has been vulnerable to power punchers and if Inoue caught him right into his chin, not sure if he can go back up from that power punch.

But first Inoue will have to clean the division up before chasing 126 lbs. Still very young and Inoue is about to hit his peak or prime years and so that is going to be impressive if he become the first boxer to become a 3 division unified champion and it's going hard to break.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2024 NBA Season on: June 20, 2024, 08:37:24 AM
Detroit Pistons terminated the contract of coach Monty Williams.
The Detroit Pistons will pay Williams 65 million dollars in compensation.

Williams was also fired by the Phoenix Suns in May 2023 and received 20 Million dollars in compensation from the Suns.

Williams earned 85 million dollars for doing nothing.

And during that time, Monty has the biggest contract for a NBA coach before coach Erik Spo was paid more by the Heat with $100m++. Yeah, he was paid handsomely without doing anything specially for Detroit. But still though, the question is whether he can still or some time willing to hire him after what he did to the Pistons?

So he better be not gamble all that money he got, and be a good investor because that money might not long.

So now we have the Lakers and the Pistons searching for a new coach next season so let's see who will they get to turnaround their franchise.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Re: [FULL] BK8 Signature Campaign | Full Member+ | Up to $100/week on: June 20, 2024, 06:06:41 AM
3 weeks left before the 2nd quarter ends, which means the BK8 team will evaluate and this campaign will be paused at the end of June.
I will provide a report to the BK8 team that will be used as a reference for the sustainability of this campaign.

Please give your best support to BK8, so that this campaign can run in the long term
BK8 has an announcement thread, btw (:
Please leave your comments so I will know who cares about my information

Everyone really supported Bk8 from day 1,  Grin and it was really smooth sailing.

Hopefully after the evaluation, we will be back and we will continue to promote it here in our community as it become one of the biggest crypto platform.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Devin Haney - Sandor Martin Ordered By WBC For The Light Welterweight Title on: June 19, 2024, 09:11:15 PM
Update on the Devin Haney - Sandor Martin:

This is a big disappointment for Devin Haney. He is upset at the amount of money he will receive to fight Sandor Martin; it was reported that Top Rank Boxing outbid Matchroom Boxing at $2.42M to win the rights to host on ESPN.
A far cry from the $30 million he received when he fought Ryan Garcia, if Haney does not agree to what Top Rank is offering, he will have to vacate his WBC title, so we will see if he will proceed with the fight at that amount or he will vacate it.
Devin loses his appeal after that huge loss to Ryan Garcia, but he needs to remain a champion if he wants a rematch against Ryan, so I believe he will likely fight Sandor with that amount.

Fans hate his boring style though, I agree that he had accomplished a lot, still very young, but he doesn't have the charisma that Tank Davis and Ryan Garcia has. So he will have to understand the business side of boxing that he will not always get what he wanted since he can't bring fans to the arena to watch his fight.

It's just interesting though that his promotions, Matchroom didn't try to outbid Top Rank or didn't offer huge money here? So yeah, it's a disappointed for him. I was not also aware that he fired his father as a trainer as this father and son and other duo in boxing right now are very close. So that's another relationship that turns awkward because of a loss.
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Persevering Through Crypto Trading Losses on: June 19, 2024, 08:46:43 PM
Should quitting be an option as a crypto trader with years of experience who just encountered a massive loss because of a few shady characters? Anyone who has been trading long enough would agree that it changes your relationship with money. Trading helps you learn a lot about yourself, your emotions, and your patterns. If you have experienced trading loss in whatever form, do not be discouraged. Rather use it as a motivation to strengthen your resilience  by adapting to a new approach. You already know how it is with the crypto markets, one has to be persistent and allow our hard-earned experience guide us toward future success. I just thought to write this little piece for anyone out there who is going through a difficult time in crypto trading.

I'm not a big trader or what, but I will just talk about the experience of losing big money like in gambling. I wouldn't say that quitting will be an option if you don't get involved with shady characters like mafia or gang. But if you have like this kind of people surrounded by you, most likely you don't have a choice do you?

As compare to just alone, trading and incurring lost losses and not borrowing from anyone, I think it's better to just stop for quite some time, look at what when wrong and maybe reconsider everything because of not being successful as a crypto trader.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you set a specific bankroll before gambling or not? on: June 19, 2024, 08:31:00 PM
Those who have gambling bankroll or gambling budget are not many and only few and majority of them are just playing when they decided to play gamble. I myself I don have a budget or bankroll for gambling and I play whenever I have cash but the only different is that I have self-control and not addicted so once I finished the amount set for the game then I go home. And one thing I also discovered for gamblers is that, those who are working and have enough money can plan for gambling bankroll or budget and not for peasants. A peasant gambler play according to what he have.

Yeah, just spur of the moments, and then we just go and play without thinking how much money we are going to spend that gambling session. And it's a good thing that we have self-control, and so even without budget, we will just stop when we are not winning and just think that it's not our lucky day.

But it is also good to hear that some players have a budget or just a bankroll, that when they losses they will quit and no longer will deposit anymore money. So it's just a careful planner, to not get addicted and lose money more than we can afford.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tank Davis Vs Frank Martin WBA Lightweight Title June 22 HoustonTexas on: June 19, 2024, 01:21:04 PM
How about a rematch with Pitbull Cruz at 140 lbs?

Or will he stay at 135 lbs and fight Loma? I think the fans are going to go crazy with a Loma fight. And this is what Bob Arum's want that's why he is headed for a negotiation with the camp of Tank Davis. So all roads lead to Tank Davis at this division, although we call him paper champ because that's what he is, he has that drawing power, just like Ryan Garcia because he brings excited fight.

And I also don't see Loma and Berinchyk unifying as both are Ukrainians.

Pitbull Cruzís biggest accomplishment in his career was beating an overrated Rolly Romero. He is just more of the same for Tank Davis, an unproven guy who is just good enough to be credible but not good enough to win. Cruz needs to build a resume first. Loma and Shakur are already established champions in multiple weight classes, there is no reason to avoid them.

I don't know, but before that interview, he said that he will not rematch Pitbull Cruz, perhaps the money is not there for Tank and also Pitbull is at 140 lbs already and he is campaigning at Lightweight. But he praises Pitbull though for his super performance in beating a overhype Rolly Romero.

Loma and Shakur should really be what the Tank should be looking. Loma although as we have said, might be losing some steps due to age, but still he is a champion and can draw a crowd. Same with Shakur, a bit boring because of his defense, but he has been trolling Tank Davis for quite some time now.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2024 NBA Season on: June 19, 2024, 12:36:40 PM
Not only does Horford deserves the championship, but everyone in the team. Brown and Tatum have spent so many playoff games without getting into the Finals and now they actually made a good job seizing the opportunity as they stepped foot in the finals finally.
I believe Luka will have his time soon, but I'm not just sure if it's together with Kyrie again, but this whole Dallas squad is young and promising. If they can stick to that team in the next 2-3 years they'll probably get a championship within that time frame.

Kyrie experienced will help Dallas to become a better team. It just Boston is a better team this season since Dallas starter is still not well experienced compared to Boston which you can be considered an all star team with KP and Holiday addition in the roster.

Dallas just needs to develop their young roster since they have a potential to excel. They are just lack of experience when dealing with hot team with momentum. They are already missing lots of shots to answer the opponent aggression and committed turnover thatís why they are always being left behind by Boston on 1st to 3rd quarter.

They are just answering back when the lead is already huge.

And to add, Luka and Kyrie should also be back for the next season, and throughout NBA's history, including Boston's Tatum/Brown, they didn't win the championship on their first try, they were eliminated last year and then lost the finals in 2022.

My point is that not even Michael Jordan won in his first attempt, and it took him years to go over the Detroit Pistons before winning with a good roster that includes Scottie Pippen and other great role players.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Are you prepared for the $5 wrench attack ? (1000 ETH stolen) on: June 19, 2024, 09:57:02 AM
If the story is true then I surmise that he is rich, and attracted a lot of attention and maybe this criminals put a "casing" on him and might be into him for months before the attack. And again, this is not the first time that we heard this kind of news, saddening so we need to be very careful.

In the beginning, we thought that we are doing good deeds by spreading about the world of Bitcoin and crypto to others that we didn't even know. Probably we met in the bar or along the street. But now, it's a different world, there are hacks and what not in online, but in real life there is also this $5 wrench attack that we should be aware of and try not to be the next victim. So just be careful on who you talk too about your crypto investments.
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