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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: [ERC20] Ethernity.CLOUD Bounty | Twitter/FB/Sig/Reddit + GH Bonus | $70k 6 Weeks on: August 17, 2021, 09:56:19 AM
#Proof Of Authentication
Bitcointalk username: infarterr
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=982659
Telegram Username: @infarter
Joined Campaign: Signature
ERC20 Address: 0x09Abd9fE6245693851135318760964264cea64dD
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Dogecoin listed on Coinbase pro on: June 02, 2021, 06:00:00 PM
Then why with that? what makes it special? is it possible to increase Dogecoin by 1000%?
because for me it was a casual news and not at all a favorable thing on the incident.
By listing Dogecoin on the pro coinbase market, of course, the price of Dogecoin will rise slightly, because investors and traders can make buying and selling transactions in that market,
3  Economy / Economics / Re: Economy after COVID-19 on: June 02, 2021, 12:39:38 PM

How do you think the economy will be after COVID-19's demise? Will it gradually recover? Or will it stay the same? Will central banks collapse to a point where only people transact with decentralized cryptocurrencies in the free world? Your input will be greatly appreciated. Smiley

Because the economy is currently in a slump, it will definitely take time to recover gradually, but now even though a vaccine has been found but Covid-19 has not disappeared, people are tired of doing lockdown at home, we all hope that this pandemic will pass soon so that people can carry out activities as before
4  Economy / Economics / Re: Elon Musk really has the ability to manipulate the bitcoin market on: June 02, 2021, 11:19:48 AM
with the large amount of money elon musk, it turns out that elon musk really has the ability to manipulate the bitcoin market, hundreds of billions of United States dollars are lost, after Tesla, Elon Musk announced the discontinuation of using bitcoin to buy Tesla electric cars ,,
but I believe this is only temporary ,, in the future bitcoin will definitely get better again, we just need to be patient bro, we bitcoin fighters will definitely not give up bro

That's true, because basically the ups and downs of the bitcoin price are not fully affected by Elon Musk, because there are still many investors out there who still store large amounts of bitcoin, but currently the biggest influence on Elon Musk's role is Dogecoin because he has bought Dogecoin in very large quantities
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Doge is to hold should not be trading on: June 01, 2021, 09:34:21 AM
I strongly believe Doge will be a sustainable incremental coin, with the help of Tesla. And I believe in the management of Elon Musk, the number 1 billionaire in the world. Do you guys agree with me that Doge is the world's largest community-owned coin. And the US and EU communities are very fond of Doge

It seems that the increase in the price of Dogecoin is only temporary, friend, the proof is that without any support from Elon Musk, the price of Dogecoin continues to decline so that many investors and traders suffer significant losses after the rejection of cryptocurrency by the Tesla Company.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Which is best Altcoin to buy now on: May 30, 2021, 04:50:25 PM
Hello Guys how r you.can you give me some suggestion about which Altcoin is best to buy now ??
Give your opinion. Thanks

You can buy Ethereum or BNB, because these two altcoins in my opinion have good prospects for the future of crypto, and these two coins are also good for investing both in the short and long term, if you want a cheaper altcoin you can choose one of coins that are in the top 10 on the coinmarketcap site
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ethereum or Binance Chain (BNB)? on: May 22, 2021, 06:31:07 PM
Nowadays people have switched to BSC from ETH, because the current ETH gas factor is too high, and if ETH doesn't solve the problem then new coin investors or developers will leave ETH, And I think that in the future BSC will be able to beat ETH
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What percentage of investment BTC vs ETH on: May 22, 2021, 05:58:31 PM
If you are already investing in bitcoin, keep it, because bitcoin investing has good investment prospects in the short and long term, but if you haven't invested, then the percentage I recommend is Bitcoin 50%, ETH 30%, and BNB 20%, while other coins are less suitable for investment in the next 5-10 years
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: China bans Bitcoin again in 2021 on: May 22, 2021, 04:30:44 PM
This is the biggest factor in the decline in bitcoin prices in recent days after previously elon musk made a statement not to accept corporate transactions via bitcoin, hopefully there will be positive news about cryptocurrency so that market conditions will rise again.
10  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you define rich? on: May 14, 2021, 01:47:43 PM
The meaning of rich is different, it all depends on the factors of life, for example the son of a successful entrepreneur and has everything, of course they don't expect money from his life because they don't really need money, but according to him, freedom of time in all things is what is meant by being rich,  As for people whose economic life is lacking, of course what is meant by being rich is having unlimited money
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: ETH sheep, buy now? on: May 07, 2021, 10:30:06 PM
The current ETH price is indeed on the rise and is above the previous year's price, if you want to trade daily maybe you can take advantage of this moment to make a profit, but if you want to keep it for a long time it's better to wait for the end of this bull run situation.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Will BNB become the king of all coins on: May 01, 2021, 04:24:12 AM
for now BTC is still the king of all cryptocurrencies, because its movement represents all altcoins, while BNB is a platform (Binance) without a platform, maybe BNB will not be like today, investors and traders must exchange it to BNB to make it easier to buy coins in that platform
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Crypto is one of the instrument of New World order? on: January 26, 2020, 10:47:11 AM
I don’t know! One can’t really tell. But do you have proof or source where this prophecy was stated? I can’t say you wrong with your notion. Neither can I say you are right. But, some reliable sources would be nice to confirm the ‘prophesy’.
Yes, it would be better if there was a strong source, because to prove the truth or error of a prediction is by having a source that can really be trusted, so that the news we convey can be far more meaningful for everyone.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Nothing is wrong with altcoins on: January 26, 2020, 10:43:32 AM
Old altcoin is indeed more promising because they already have a lot of trading volume. Price action on the old Altcoin also often happens, and it is better to choose the old altcoin and if you want to invest in a new altcoin then a small amount, and make sure you are willing to lose because of the high risk.
When we talk about risk, then no one is willing to lose their assets or lose their money, so now the average is prefering the old altcoin to the new one, because the old altcoin does look really strong in terms of volume and price and many enthusiasts in the market.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What can make more profit ? on: January 25, 2020, 05:09:55 PM
Participating in ieo is better than buying on the exchange. Once it is listed, those who already own the token will try as much as possible to sell off, and the price will continue downward until it stabilise.
However, for those who do not have time to buy in IEO, it is also very good to be able to buy on the exchange, because there are also new tokens from IEO once listed on the exchange, the price is not the same as the price in IEO, so those who buy directly on the exchange will be more profitable.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Okay. What is the main factor that boosts Altcoin value? Popularity or Tech? on: January 25, 2020, 05:06:36 PM
Technology is the main factor. Only technology determines the real value of altcoins.
Yes, there is only one more that can determine the true value of altcoin, namely the performance of the altcoin team, because if they only have sophisticated technology, while their workings are not organized, then their altcoin will also not have the true value.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Where can i buy something with Litecoin? on: January 24, 2020, 01:00:55 PM
Just convert your ltc for more popular payments methods. BTC, BCH, ETH, XMR maybe
Not only that, because Litecoin already exists in all markets, so it is very easy to change it, but what makes this topic have other questions for Litecoin, even though the answer is very simple.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Binance price prediction for 2020 on: January 24, 2020, 12:46:32 PM
I'm not going to make moves based on altcoin price predictions because all altcoins depends on bitcoin, even if BNB token surge in price it will only be small pump, not until bitcoin hits a new ATH altcoins will keep struggling
Indeed, what we often see is when bitcoin prices start to rise, then the prices of many altcoins also increase, only different is the case with this BNB token, because the token exchange from binance has other influences than the effect of rising prices from bitcoin.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What are the different multi cryptocurrency wallets? on: January 23, 2020, 01:23:39 PM
There are few wallets that I am aware of like Atomic wallet, trust wallet, Tezos and ledger.

Are there any more and do they all support multi cryptocurrency staking also?

The above four do support staking as per my understanding.

Yes, the four wallets you mentioned can support multi-cryptocurrency,
and another if I'm not mistaken is that the blockchain wallet also supports multi-cryptocurrency.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Stay Away of this scam Coin on: January 23, 2020, 12:56:14 PM
Thanks. That was a good read.
I know how this market works. I'm here for a very long time. What I have tried to say is before every altcoin season, the pump and dump was seen in a significant number. Hope it makes sense what I'm trying to point out here.
Yes, everything you show will not be in vain and will always make sense if it is in accordance with what was studied, meaning that it is not easy to guess market conditions, so obviously it really needs research and some information that can help others.
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