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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: June 24, 2022, 11:03:38 PM
Haaland is a player with a fairly expensive fee and of course this should be a big advantage for Manchester because it can provide an opportunity for him to join and contribute to a big league like Manchester, with the presence of a new player at this club who is in this attacking position it is already will certainly have a significant impact to carry out a very aggressive attack.
Hopefully this will happen and Haaland can adapt well and I also still hope this season Haaland is free from some problems with his feet. Because this season at Dortmund he is very susceptible to injury and this hampers his productivity and action on the pitch.
Hopefully when he is in the league fast enough he doesn't become an injury prone player like this season. Obviously this will be something to watch out for because indeed he is a good support and most people's expectations seem quite high for him so this must be minimized so that things don't happen that are not desirable.

I believe Haaland will quickly adapt to Man City, and help Man City win a lot of trophies next season. Regarding the injury problem, hopefully Haaland
can maintain his body fitness well, so it's not easy to get injured. Maybe what worries me a little is that Haaland is still relatively young, and Man City
are a big team. So I'm a little worried Haaland will have a hard time dealing with the pressure when he plays for Man City. Because many people
expect Haaland to immediately make a big contribution, moreover Man City also bought Haaland at a fairly expensive price. Hopefully my worries
don't come true and Haaland is ready with a lot of pressure, I'm even more curious about Haaland's debut with Man City. Haaland should be able
to play much better at Man City than when he played for Dortmund, because Man City has many good players who are ready to support Haaland
to be able to score many goals. So Haaland will most likely get a lot of ball supply, so it should be easier for Haaland to score a lot of goals for Man City.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Polygon (MATIC) to $20? on: June 24, 2022, 06:09:33 PM
Holders Matic will definitely know Matic's journey from 2019 to 2022,
and for sure Holders is a winner even though Matic has dropped from its ATH which is $3 and now only has a price of $0.4 of course Holders still won,
we know the early 2019 Matic was launched only at a price $0.01 - $0.02 just imagine and is it now like a dream?
yes it's true, like a dream, and $20 of course might come true in the future
But be more awake than daydreaming in this market, and I think you also understand the problem that the market is not for everyone. And those with enough experience who have made a profit with it will have a better view of the future and the present. In the timeframe and deadline the OP is talking about, I think we're more likely to be honest than we're in a bear market, and that's unlikely. And now the idea that matic could hit $20 in the near future is almost too farfetched, so let's just say the old ATH before discussing the new ATH.

MATIC is indeed one of the potential altcoins that we deserve to buy in a bear market situation. But let's not get our hopes up too high by expecting
MATIC to hit $20, that's too high a target for MATIC in my opinion. Moreover, the fact is that MATIC has decreased quite a lot at the moment,
where MATIC is down about 80% of the ATH price. So if MATIC can return to the ATH price alone, that would be a tremendous achievement for MATIC.
Regarding the $20 price target, MATIC is indeed too difficult to achieve, even in the next decade it is not certain that MATIC will be able to
reach $20 price. It's not that I'm pessimistic about the future of MATIC, but if we determine the price target we want, it should be more realistic.
So like you said it's a little unreasonable to expect MATIC to reach $20.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: June 23, 2022, 10:38:39 PM
Between Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, the Turin club can be a career place for Paul Pogba compared to PSG. He will be the coordinator of the midfield that has been integrated with Juventus.

Apart from that, Pogba free move to Juventus which is confirmed to be signed in early July has certainly cost Manchester United a loss since Juventus sold him 6 years ago for an expensive price (€100 million).
Yes. now pogba is back in Serie A with Juventus and as we know pogba move is quite right to return to juventus. I think pogba will help the juventus midfield next season and also be a good passer for vlahovic. We will wait for the latest news from Juventus regarding their interest in Di maria if the signing of Di maria is successful it means Juventus this season will not have to spend money to buy players because the status of the players who come are free transfers. I hope my dream come true and see pogba, Di maria, Morata and vlahovic in juventus next season.

Indeed, many media have reported that in the next few days Juventus will officially get Pogba. What is extraordinary is that Juventus can get Pogba
for free from Man United, after Pogba's contract with Man United expires. Juventus are very lucky to be able to get Pogba back without spending
a transfer fee, Juventus in 2016 sold Pogba for 100 million euros to Man United. This is very good news for Juventus supporters, because with
the presence of Pogba will strengthen Juventus. Next Juventus just need to wait for news from Angel Di Maria who has not yet given an answer,
it looks like Di Maria wants to join Barcelona. But since Barcelona's main focus is Raphinha, then Barcelona make Di Maria like a backup plan if
it fails to get Raphinha. So it's still not certain that Juventus can get Di Maria, but if it's true that Juventus can get Di Maria, this means that
Juventus is smart enough to be able to bring in good players without the need for transfer fees.
4  Economy / Economics / Re: if you think 18k btc is low wait until autumn ... on: June 23, 2022, 09:56:36 AM
Today is the Green Market again, although around 1%, although there is a big impact because there are many altcoins that I save are also green, even matic has gone up more than 24%, as long as Bitcoin is not Red, I am optimistic that Altcoin will continue to skyrocket, this is the importance of sharing Assets to Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Actually it's still not safe if the market goes up about 1%, there is still a possibility in the near future the market will go down again. So in my opinion,
don't be too happy with small increases, we still have to be vigilant and continue to monitor market movements. It seems that Bitcoin is currently
very difficult to rise above the $21k price, and my prediction is that if by next week Bitcoin still can't rise above the $21k price, there's a possibility that
the Bitcoin price will drop to a price below $18k. This is indeed a difficult situation for all of us, there is not much we can do other than be patient holding
the Bitcoins we have until the bull market comes. Regarding the movement of altcoins, it is indeed affected by the movement of Bitcoin, therefore
all altcoins are now at low prices too. But not all altcoins are worth buying in a bear market situation, make sure we choose top altcoins if we want
to buy altcoins during a bear market.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: June 22, 2022, 10:06:06 PM
bayern münchen has now with these 3 great transfers again set a sign in the bundesliga, if nothing goes wrong in the season (major injuries or big trouble in the team) they will again be german champions but the focus is of course the champions league, in which they want to shine again and then also want to win again

I didn't know about Noussair Mazraoui much before but when I checked his statistics I came across a beauty.  Grin  He is a right-back but he contributed with even 5 goals in total also to his team last season. Considering his general performance last season, he seems one of the really good right-backs. Bayern Munich are very good at finding the right player for themselves. There are already Stanisic and Pavard playing as right-backs at the team. There can be a really nice competition between them but I hope this won't cause any in-team problems.

Bayern are often able to get good players at relatively cheap prices, but getting a player like Noussair Mazraoui for free is a great thing.
Because Mazraoui's performance at Ajax was very good, Mazraoui managed to help Ajax win the Eredivisie trophy 3 times. Mazraoui's decision
to move to Bayern was very appropriate, because there was a possibility that Mazraoui could win the Champions League trophy with Bayern.
I also believe Mazraoui with Bayern will develop even better, moreover Mazraoui is very good in defense and attack, so I hope Mazraoui's playing
ability can help Bayern win more games. It looks like Mazraoui will be competing with Benjamin Pavard who has the same position, but for Josip Stanisic
it is better to play as a central defender. Competition is very important in a team to motivate players to play better, the most important thing is
that there is healthy competition.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Shiba Inu Could Reach $5 By 2050 !!!??? on: June 22, 2022, 10:55:53 AM
I think it looks difficult and impossible to reach a price of $5...

In 30 years, a lot can change in the global economy and, accordingly, the purchasing power of the dollar itself can greatly decrease. Accordingly, with the cost of a loaf of bread at $100 and the cost of BTC estimated in millions, then I wouldn't be surprised if Shiba Inu would be worth $5.

To be exact, in 28 years many things could change, I'm not denying the possibility that the Shiba Inu could hit $5. Even 12 years ago the majority of
people didn't think Bitcoin could hit $60k, as well as the Shiba Inu there is still a possibility that it can go very high and reach the price of $ 5.
But Bitcoin and Shiba Inu are of course two different coins, Bitcoin has an unquestionable track record, while the Shiba Inu was created without
a clear purpose. I could even say Shiba Inu is like a copycat of Dogecoin. So I doubt that Shiba Inu, which also doesn't have strong fundamentals,
can continue to grow for the next 28 years. Therefore I would never take the risk of investing in Shiba Inu in the long term.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: June 21, 2022, 10:39:13 PM

I still wonder why he had to leave Inter Milan to begin with.

This is the easiest question ever to answer,

Money, he left because Cheaslea increased his salary by 70-80%
I think the very difficult factor is to keep their professional players in the club because if the club can't give a lot of money to these athletes it will lose more and more people who have started to be watched by big clubs who have unlimited money. From the data you mentioned the increasing amount of money makes the players more interested and more challenged.

I don't think there is anything wrong with Lukaku moving to Chelsea because he wants to earn more. Moreover, Lukaku's age is not young anymore,
he has to think about his future. Maybe what's wrong with Lukaku he doesn't learn from previous experiences, which he had failed with Chelsea when
he was first bought by Chelsea from Anderlecht. Even after that Lukaku also failed with Man United, this means that Lukaku is not suitable to play
in the Premier League. Supposedly if he want to move to another club because he want a bigger salary, maybe Lukaku consider moving to La Liga
or Ligue 1. Lukaku should have considered that, but fortunately now Lukaku is back playing for Inter again. At least Lukaku can show again his
best performance with Inter next season, especially since Inter will also bring in Dybala. It's even more exciting to watch Inter have three
incredible forwards.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: I think its time to start my crypto trading lessons on: June 21, 2022, 08:48:51 AM
No book has all the answers to trading. This is why traders get information from multiple sources both digital and hard copies. If there is any occupation that can humble it's investors to read then it is Crypto investment. And the more you read and study they more you discover there are more you need to know to keep the profit popping. There are lots of lessons trading offers but prepare your mind the first period of trading will look scary but don't panic we all have been there learn practice and learn again

Although trading looks easy, in reality it is not as easy as imagined. Trading is not just buying at a low price and selling at a high price. We need
to have good knowledge to be able to understand how to become a successful trader, for that we should not be lazy to learn. I agree that learning
to trade will be more optimal if we learn from many sources, and now is the digital era, where the internet is very easy to access. This means that
it is easier for us to get the information we want, so we can learn trading more easily.

After we learn to trade, of course we have to practice a lot, we can start trading with small capital. So if we experience losses we can consider
the losses we experience as learning money. The important thing is that we can learn from every mistake we make when trading. Indeed,
the beginning of trading will experience various kinds of difficulties. As long as we don't give up, success will come our way. Becoming a successful
trader cannot be obtained instantly, it takes a long process and we have to be patient through the process.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Does bitcoin dump have any impact on gamblers ? on: June 20, 2022, 11:23:44 PM
Gamblers around the world use crypto and bitcoin to play the bets. Do they really care if the bitcoin prices dump hard? I know traders are directly impacted by this dump, and investors are also in panic but what about gamblers. Their motive is to play gamble and they may not be a concerned if the price of bitcoin is declining sharply?

not very impactful, I think gamblers can just speculate in gambling bets to double it.  after all, gamblers won't deposit all their assets, no, maybe just a few hundred dollars.  So the question is whether gambling managers are not worried about a significant decline like now, or are they converting it into conventional currency in the market, this piques my curiosity.

Bitcoin dump is not the first time, and based on the research I did, every time the price of Bitcoin goes down it doesn't reduce people's interest
in gambling. This means that the decline in the price of Bitcoin does not have a big impact on gamblers, because I believe the majority of gamblers
do not use the gambling capital of Bitcoin that is used for investment. Usually the gambling capital is from the extra money we have, for example
I always set aside 10% of my salary to play gambling, and when I want to gamble, I will convert it into Bitcoin. So no matter the price of Bitcoin
goes up or down, my gambling capital doesn't change, always 10% of the salary I get. Therefore, in a bear market situation like now, the majority of
gamblers are still actively gambling. Unlike traders and investors who expect profit from Bitcoin price movements, so the impact of Bitcoin's decline
was huge for them. In fact, quite a lot of traders decide to take a trading break first, until the market recovers again. Because it must be admitted
that trading when the bear market is much more risky.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: NFT Play To Earn can make 50x - 100x? on: June 20, 2022, 11:02:29 AM
To be honest, I think the NFT Play To Earn trend is over, the proof is that many tokens in this category have experienced DUMP of up to -90%,
you can check on several exchanges such as Kucoin, Ftx or Binance, yes, this is because of the bear market and bear market will kill all of them,
so eliminate the dream to reach 50x or 100x, just 2x if you want to speculate

I'm not sure the NFT trend will end just like that, because I think NFT is still quite high in demand,  it doesn't mean that the NFT project experienced
a dump, then we can conclude that investors are no longer interested in investing in NFT. Not even just NFT being dumped nowadays, all projects
have experienced a drastic decline, including Bitcoin which has fallen very deeply. Bear markets do make the majority of NFT projects fall in price,
but it won't kill all of them. There will definitely be NFT projects that will survive and will rise when the bull market comes.

In fact, it is very possible that we can generate very large profits from NFT if we dare to take the risk of buying an NFT project from now on.
But of course we need to do research and analysis first to determine which coins are worth buying, because not all NFT projects have good
potential. Then another important thing is that we should only use a small part of the capital we have to buy the NFT project, in a market situation
like now, we really have to focus more on investing in Bitcoin. Because after all, the risk of investing in NFT projects is very high, so we must really
be wise in making decisions.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: June 19, 2022, 09:17:07 PM
Henrikn Mkhitaryan have exits his former club, AS Roma for Inter on a free transfer this summer. Mkhitaryan lifts his last trophy with the Roma team which was their first Europa Conference league trophy. Inter are unstoppable this summer because they are signing players and they don't easily sell their players for just a random price. Inter Milan will be expecting to see Mkhitaryan undergo his medical tests in the coming days and it will probably be good news for the team and the player.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan's decision to join Inter was a very good one, because if he stays in Roma, Mkhitaryan's chances of winning the Serie A trophy
are very small. With Inter Mkhitaryan can also play in the Champions League, so there are a lot of advantages that Mkhitaryan can get if he joins
Inter. Likewise with Inter, signing Mkhitaryan is a pretty smart decision, besides being able to get Mkhitaryan for free from Roma, Inter also need
a replacement for Ivan Perisic who joined Tottenham. Although Mkhitaryan is 33 years old, his playing ability is still quite good, because with Roma
Mkhitaryan played 117 times and managed to score 29 goals. This means that the arrival of Mkhitaryan will strengthen the Inter squad next season.
12  Economy / Speculation / Re: Peter Schiff Advices Don't Buy the Dip on: June 19, 2022, 01:20:13 PM

Forget about Peter as he is no good for crypto, and only fools will probably believe on him. Why not buy at this dips? This is the best moment that we have been waiting for so we should always prepare for a maximum purchase this time as bitcoin has finally reached its best buying moment at its very affordable price. Those who want to invest in crypto, now is the best time to invest and not when the market is bullish as many people are blinded by it.

Peter Schiff is a crypto hater, just like Warren Buffet, they are both people who can't accept anything new. So whatever Peter Schiff says is always
going to make crypto look bad and Peter Schiff doesn't seem like he's going to stop attacking crypto, until crypto is completely dead. Although
Peter Schiff is a successful economist, that doesn't mean everything Peter Schiff says is true. I agree with you we don't care what Peter Schiff says,
we can see for ourselves the extraordinary performance of crypto during the pandemic. Especially Bitcoin will never let us down if we invest long term
in Bitcoin, based on my experience every time the price of Bitcoin falls very deep, it can always recover again and can even rise higher than
the previous price. So I will buy Bitcoin and Ethereum gradually every time the price goes down, because I strongly believe in the future of Bitcoin
and Ethereum is very bright. I also don't want to regret missing the opportunity to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum at low prices, so that in the future
I can make big money.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: June 18, 2022, 09:39:22 PM
Even though Arsenal have completed the transfer of Fabio Vieira they are still thinking of making a move for Youri Tielemans as well. I think that a probable Tielemans transfer would add a lot of power to Arsenal's midfield. Maybe they will have many options there but Tielemans wouldn't have any problem on gaining a permanent position in the starting eleven as long as he doesn't have any problem with adaptation. They are still after Gabriel Jesus too which shows that they don't care about spending a lot of money now.

They already have players in midfield so I am not so much sure what they are thinking. Lot of players will be sitting on the bench or possible that maybe they will change bit of formation to play most of them out. With Haaland's transfer I am sure Jesus won't cost around much and should easily fall under Arsenal's budget. Tielemans on other hand might be a difficult one since he is a crucial player for Leicester.

Even though Youri Tielemans has only 1 year remaining on his contract with Leicester, it will be difficult to bring Tielemans to Arsenal.
Because Tielemans at Leicester is one of the key players, so Leicester will definitely ask for a fairly large transfer fee. After all, after Arsenal
were confirmed to get Fabio Vieira, I doubt Arteta will sign Tielemans as well. Because Arsenal's midfield has many choices of players,
if they force the arrival of Tielemans, there must be a midfielder sold by Arsenal. If Arsenal have to sell one of the midfield players it looks like
Granit Xhaka is the player Arsenal will sell, because it was rumored that Roma were interested in Xhaka.

So far Arsenal have only recruited Marquinhos and Fabio Vieira, so Arsenal still want to bring in a few more players. Regarding Gabriel Jesus,
Arsenal are still trying to get him, although the chances are very small, because so far there are so many big European clubs who want Gabriel Jesus.
Another name Arteta wants is Lisandro Martinez, who is a young Ajax defender who Barcelona is also interested in. We'll see who else will join Arsenal,
because Arsenal facing next season they have to bring in many new players to be able to compete in the EPL and also the Europa League.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Reason why I won't be buying top altcoins in this bear market on: June 18, 2022, 01:37:03 AM
I'm personally sceptical of investing during the bear market because we don't have a clue of how long it would last and the extent at which the value of choice projects would drop. So I'll prefer taking a little break from investing or reduce my investing capital to accommodate only few projects that hasn't been hit seriously and trade or hold for short term.

It's true that it's quite risky to invest in a bear market like now, apart from we don't know how long the bear market will end. Choosing to invest
in top altcoins also does not guarantee that we are safe. Because LUNA, which was previously a top altcoin, can end up terrible now. So we really
have to be careful in choosing coins to invest in a bear market like now. Or it's safer we can use the stop-loss feature to prevent us from experiencing
big losses when the coins we buy drop drastically. Maybe what you say is true, sometimes to control our emotions in a bad market situation like now
we need a short break. I admit that the bear market that occurred in 2022 was quite stressful for me, so taking a short break could refresh my mind.
Maybe I plan to take a week's vacation and forget about the crypto world for a while, in order to relieve stress and freshen my mind. So when I return
to investment, I can think of the right steps and strategies.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: June 17, 2022, 09:37:43 PM
I'm looking forward to the beginning of the new season in the Premier League already. We have already seen some great transfers that have made me very excited. I especially want to watch Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez now. These are both incredible transfers for Manchester City and Liverpool for another title race. It is very likely to see another big race between these two teams next season unless another team join them by improving their game. That team might be Chelsea by the way.
No. I think you have to include Manchester United as a strong competitor in the race for the title next season. Liverpool and Manchester will definitely be bothered by Manchester United next season. Ronaldo is still very ambitious and very productive to score goals in every game next season, especially if Manchester United officially gets De Jong of course we will see the most interesting game next season.

Although Man United already has Erik ten Hag as a new coach, it seems Erik ten Hag needs time to build a strong team. I doubt that next season
Man United will be able to compete for the Premier League trophy, especially so far Man United still hasn't got the player they wants. While Man City
and Liverpool have managed to bring in new players to strengthen their squad next season, so for next season the target for Man United may be
to enter the top 4 first. But maybe my prediction is wrong, especially if this summer's transfer market Man United managed to bring in several
new players, there is a possibility that Man United's appearance will surprise next season. I can't wait for the Premier League to start soon,
because I want to see the competition for the big Premier League teams. Especially want to see Man United play next season, is Erik ten Hag really
able to make Man United's performance improve for the better next season. Because a difficult job made Man United bounce back, after Man United
played so badly this season.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: How can I survive in a place where BTC is restricted? on: June 17, 2022, 04:22:29 AM
Don't worry about that, you can continue to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, if your country is banned from sites related to cryptocurrencies then you can subscribe to a VPN for around $ 10 per month, and I'm sure you can still receive money from top exchanges because currently there are many exchanges that provide facilities for withdrawals to bank accounts.

We can make Bitcoin transactions if our country forbids it is by using a VPN, using a VPN is a common way that many people use to open access
to sites that are prohibited by the government. However, regarding the withdrawal of money from top exchanges, it cannot go directly to our
bank accounts, especially if our country is one that considers Crypto illegal, banks will not accept money from top exchanges. We can try platforms
that serve crypto exchange, because now there are many third parties that provide these services. We can also ask for help from our friends who live
in countries that legalize crypto to help withdraw money. In conclusion even though we live in a country that considers Bitcoin illegal, there is always
a way for us to have Bitcoin and make Bitcoin transactions, as long as we can still access the internet.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: June 16, 2022, 11:01:03 PM
According to reports,Arsenal have completed a deal to sign Porto attacking midfielder Fabio vierra for a fee believed to be in the region of 35 million pounds,and the player is to undergo a medical which is scheduled for tomorrow being Friday.This deal is very interesting because it is very secrete,and no one knew about it untill the deal got to this final stage.Romano confirmed that the deal is set to be finalised and the player will follow other Arsenal players to travel for preseason.

I was also quite surprised by Arsenal's purchase of Fabio Vieira, because there were no previous rumors. Maybe because Arsenal always can't compete
with other teams if they want to buy players, that's why Fabio Vieira's purchase was carried out in secret. According to Fabrizio Romano Porto has
accepted Arsenal's offer of 35 million euros to buy Vieira, and Fabio Vieira will be on a long-term contract until 2027. On Friday Fabio Vieira will
immediately undergo medical tests, if there are no problems Fabio Vieira will soon join Arsenal. I was surprised why Arsenal brought in an attacking
midfielder, Arsenal should have brought in the forwards who Arsenal needed more. I don't know what strategy Arteta will use by signing Fabio Vieira,
there is a possibility that Fabio Vieira will be made a striker by Arteta. Like Tuchel made Kai Havertz into strikers, even though Havertz's actual position is
an attacking midfielder similar to Fabio Vieira's position.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Crypto Airdrop Sharing on: June 16, 2022, 10:24:55 AM
Actually, you don't need to be confused about looking for airdrops because currently airdrops are available on many social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., besides that you can also visit several websites. instead of joining the airdrop, why don't you try your luck at the bounty? I think it's better while waiting for the market to recover

It is true that it is very easy now to find information about airdrops, there are so many groups on Telegram or other social media that share
information about airdrops. But in my experience, airdrops now rarely give satisfactory results, so it's just a waste of our time if it makes money
through airdrops. Because there are so many ways in the crypto world that we can make more money than following airdrops. One of them is
by following the bounty, or it can also invest in several potential coins and holding until the market recovers. Although both options are risky,
the payoff is better than spending time following airdrops. After all, most of the tokens I get from airdrops are shitcoins that are hard to sell
and not a few end up being scams, so in my experience really my time was wasted by following the airdrops.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽UEFA Champions League Discussion Thread -- 2021/22 winner - Real Madrid! on: June 15, 2022, 10:14:14 PM
Last season also Manchester City were favorites in the Champions League, although that could not make them truly champions. Additional ammunition in their attack line is their strategy to add strength to wade through the Champions League next season. We know that they were knocked out by Real Madrid in a painful way, for sure they will make sure it doesn't happen again in the coming season.
Almost success the journey or Manchester City on UEFA Champion League last season but little mistake when second leg against with Real Madrid made dreaming get Champion League trophy gone, but Manchester City have prepare with good team for next season with Erling Haaland will make City most stronger than last season, keep worry about how Manchester City mentality on UEFA Champion League, how long keep consistent on top performance. Still waiting for Pep Guardiola how long miss with Champion League trophy after several years ago great achievement with Barcelona.
Indeed for Leg 2 they made a mistake and were too confident that time.
But for next season I still feel that they will be able to do better when compared to this season for City especially with this addition of players. As long as they are not too confident and the superiority of the players they currently have, don't let them have too much confidence because this is also not good and they shouldn't do things like this season in the Champions League.
They will still be seeded but indeed for the Champions to be seeded is not enough because there are several big clubs there too.

Guardiola is an experienced coach, I'm sure he will learn a lot from Man City's failure several times in the Champions League. Next season I predict
Man City will play more carefully and of course will make more mature preparations. Moreover, Man City has several new players who can strengthen
their squad, Man City should be able to perform better in the Champions League next season. Actually, there is nothing wrong with having high
self-confidence when playing football, even that is one of the important factors in achieving victory. But it becomes something bad if self-confidence is
too much, it will make Man City underestimate the opponent to be faced. That's in my opinion the weakness of Man City this season, because Man City
have a squad with many star players, they forget that the Champions League competition is much different from the EPL competition. So Man City
when playing in the Champions League have to play much more carefully, because the opponents facing Man City are the best teams in their
respective leagues.
20  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: A season for stop loss on: June 15, 2022, 08:25:56 AM
This is the best time to pick your stop loss and make it an essential part of your trade. The market keeps falling and investors and traders alike keeps crying. It seems some wild prediction of Bitcoin giving those who missed the early opportunity of buying is coming alive. To avoid been caught up and trapped  by the market volatility stop loss should be as useful as every other technical or fundamental tool you can think of. It is better to risk a small fraction of your assets than losing it all

The stop-loss feature is indeed useful to prevent us from experiencing even greater losses when there is a bear market like now. But if from
the beginning we plan for long-term investment, it seems that the stop-loss feature is not needed. Because I myself have decided to invest long-term,
so no matter how deep the market falls, I'm still patient holding the coins I have. I even decided to buy more coins that I considered potential
every time the price dropped lower, because I believe a bull market like what happened in 2021 will definitely happen again. But what concerns us all,
not all coins are good for long-term investments, besides investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum it's a good idea to use stop-loss. Because apart from Bitcoin
and Ethereum so far the risk is very high and there is no guarantee that all popular coins are good for long-term investments. We can see what
happened to LUNA, previously LUNA was very popular and was in the top 10, but surprisingly it fell drastically. I'm sure if we didn't use the stop-loss
feature when investing in LUNA, we would have already experienced a huge loss.
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