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Author Topic: Economic Totalitarianism  (Read 345641 times)
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March 12, 2017, 07:43:18 PM
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Bundesbank seems to be in a hurry to get their gold back?

Someone tried to explain to me today that banks are the ones who create economic activity and people who borrowed and didnt pay back their loans were the ones responsible for the recent crash.I argued that it is the people who borrow from them who do this they then laughed as I tried to explain to them that money is created through lending and when they go to the bank to get their loan for their car or house they are in fact providing the collateral in the form of the asset they are purchasing and not only is it collateral backed they are issuing a security or promissary note offering interest just like a bond and additionally they would probably have their reputation/collateral and the reputation of a guarantor behind that so they don't take as much risk as was implied.I didn't want to take anymore of their valuable time explaining about repackaging of non performing REOs and selling on his loans through rehypothecation etc etc but this person simply dismissed these comments and went about their work waiting on tables.
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March 18, 2017, 09:08:23 PM

"How can you kill women and children?"
"Easy, ya just don't lead 'em so much! Ain't war Hell?"
Door Gunner - Full Metal Jacket (Film 1987)

Vincenzo Vinciguerra : When you were on the Right you were not supposed to attack the State or its
representatives. You were supposed to attack civilians, women, children. Innocent people outside
the political arena. For one simple reason: To force the Italian public to turn to the State
to turn to the regime and to ask for greater security. This was precisely the role of the Right in
Italy. It placed itself at the service of the State which created a strategy aptly called
"the Strategy of Tension" in so far as they had to get people to accept that at any moment over a
period of thirty years, from 1960 to the mid-eighties, a State of Emergency could be declared.
So, people would willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the
streets, go on trains or enter a bank. This is the political logic behind all the bombings.
They remain unpunished because the State cannot condemn itself. [1] 00:51:20

US Intelligence Field Manual
Top Secret : There may be times when host country governments show passivity or indecision
in the face of Communist subversion. US Army Intelligence must have the means of launching
special operations which will convince the host country governments and public opinion of
the reality of the insurgent danger. [1] 01:38:25

Judge Gerardo D'Ambrosio : At that moment we had Giannettini in for questioning. We were
paying attention to the role played by him in this affair. We had discovered that
Giannettini was one of those who believed in the so-called "Revolutionary War".
He had spoken of it at a conference. This conference had the patronage of the Chief of
Staff of Defence. What was also interesting was that Giannettini's speech wasn't only on
"revolutionary War" but on measures to be adopted to prevent the take-over of power by
the Communists. This strategy of counter-revolutionary war advocated provoking of
social tension to demonstrate the danger of the Left. A danger that could be demonstrated
by carrying out attacks that could be ascribed to the Left, and through infiltration
of the Left. [1] 01:30:32

Colonel Oswald Le Winter CIA - ITAC Liaison Officer, Europe : For instance Guido Giannettini
was on a scale of 5 and he only received $1000 a month. [1] 01:34:42

Scene: A Prime Minister's Office, early 1950's West Germany.
The Private Secretary enters.
Secretary: Prime Minister, A NATO General is here. He wants to see you immediately about
an assassination list.
PM: What list? Show him in now!
General: Good Morning Prime Minister. I've got some good news.
PM: Do tell, for a moment I thought my name might be on the list.
General: How very insightful, your name is actually on the list.
PM: And the good news is that we have the assassin in custody?
General: I'm afraid you can't do that, the NATO Treaty's secret amendment forbids it.
One of your predecessors agreed as a condition of joining NATO that any Right-wing
crazies drawing up assassination lists would be given complete immunity from prosecution.
PM: But you said there was good news?
General: Once I found out that the operation was unauthorised, of course I gave the
guy the frowning of a lifetime. I assure you that this was just a paper exercise.
PM: That's it? And you made sure this can't happen again? Who planned this?
General: That's above my pay grade Prime Minister. I can tell you that it is part
of Operation Gladio, and that Gladio, and probably NATO, are run by the CIA desk in the
State Department of the USA.   
PM: So to arrest the people planning to assassinate me, we have to leave NATO. But if I
tell people that I am thinking of leaving NATO I could be assassinated. Got it. 
And ... Scene.

"That's some catch, that Catch-22" he observed. "It's the best there is" Dan Daneeka agreed.
Catch-22 (Film and book)

General Truscott (retired) was the senior CIA representative in Germany 1951-1953.

A decade or two later, Italy may have surpassed Germany's Farce. After a series of terror
attacks, three policemen die in a car-bomb at Peteano. :
Vincenzo Vinciguerra : After the attack at Peteano, a mechanism was put in place which was used in all
such cases : A mechanism of cover-up : The Carabinieri, the Ministry of the Interior, the Customs and
Excise Police, the civilian and military secret services all knew the truth behind the attack, that
I was responsible, and all this within twenty days. So they decided, for totally political reasons,
to cover it up. General Mingarelli undoubtedly knew of the existence of Gladio.
He knew of a structure running parallel to that of the Armed Forces and which was operating in
his jurisdiction. Being Head of the Carabineri in the Udine region he is a key person.
This whole thing started with him even if he only gave the orders. Mingarelli was convicted for
crimes related to the cover-up of Peteano. [1] 01:02:04

Judge Felice Casson :
General Mingarelli was Commander of the Udine Carabineri. It might seem strange that a 
Commander of the Carabineri was party to the cover-up of an attack where three of his men
died. At first he received a sentence of ten years and six months, later
reduced to two and a half years, a sentence he is now serving. [1] 01:02:04

Vincenzo Vinciguerra, speaking in 1992 : "I want the truth that the State denies and I can't even
contemplate accepting the rewards the State gives to those who lie and are obedient.
Because thousands of people have been deceived, jailed, and killed." [1] 02:21:23

It appears not much changed after Peteano.

So what to take away from this? That the Creature has successfully diverted responsibility
for its actions on to NATO, and perhaps even on to the CIA? Why has so much blood and treasure
been spent? and for what?

Senator Roger Lallemand : At first, financing was guaranteed by the British and the Americans.
We have established that the Belgian stay-behind were given gold coins, notably gold coins,
money for agents or instructors in time of war. [1] 00:36:33

Something similar was ongoing in Japan in these years,[2] and international drug trafficing
grew as the need for false flag attacks decreased.[3] [4] 00:16:17

[1] BBC Timewatch Documentary series 1992 "Gladio";_ylt=AwrTca_5q89UIAwAVlsnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0MzkwOG5yBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwNF8x?p=bbc+gladio&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001
see also


[3] Chip Tatum : Black Ops Interview with Ted Gunderson

[4]"What I have been afraid to blog about the ESF and its history - part 5" Eric Decarbonnel

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March 25, 2017, 02:50:02 AM
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March 25, 2017, 08:44:53 PM

"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars.
The rest I just squandered" - George Best, Football Star

Gladio is just one footprint in the snow. It is reasonably well documented from
1945 to 1995, as a result of confessions given in Court. Some things can be
inferred, and cross-checks an be made. And why is this important and interesting?
Because with some educated guesses, the Gladio budget can be estimated.

The Gladio operatives were paid in gold coin, at a rate of US$1000 per month,
around 1978, close to the average wage of the day.  For groups of 12, $20,000 per month.
If payment in gold kept pace with average wages, that gives 5000 ounces basic pay total
per footsoldier. For 50 years, plus expenses, excluding bribes, I make that 4,000 tons
of gold in round figures, or an average of 80 tons a year.     

For now, 8,200 stay-behinds seems a workable number to subvert a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.

It's likely that the gold coin used as payment was the "British" sovereign. The coins
circulated freely within Europe after WWII, so is there evidence of good counterfeit
sovereigns appearing while Gladio was running?

" It is difficult to quantify the scale of the problem with any certainty
but it is probable that the number of counterfeits was vast. The Treasury
estimated that there were up to 300 million sovereigns in circulation in
the world in 1955. The Milan counterfeit factory operated by Beraha was one
of the first to be closed by the Italian police.
It was estimated to be able to produce up to a thousand coins a day." [1]

"Beraha was to later boast (Note 1) that he used more gold in his coins than the Royal Mint." [1]

"Unfortunately we are not in a position to make public use of the argument
that the copying of sovereigns may prevent us from employing them in our own
semi-clandestine activities in the Middle East." [1]

So, whether Gladio was fully funded by Nazi or Yamashita's gold, the evidence
suggests that a vast quantity of hidden gold was spent in Western Europe.

While all this seems attractive, there are some practical problems. Sovereigns
weigh just under eight grams, so 4,000 tons of sovereigns would be close to
500 million coins. That would double the number of sovereigns believed to be
in circulation. Also, once a fake is detected, questions such as "Where did you
get this?" are asked, somewhat inconvenient for your covert activity. Despite this,
the costs of this European operation can be estimated to a figure well within
an order of magnitude, and this sets a lower limit to the funds available to
the Creature in the years after WWII.

Some things follow from this.

First, this is on the scale of the combined gold reserves of Italy and Germany.

Second, this Gladio gold is profit, not revenue. It goes straight to the bottom
line of whatever balance sheet you happen to be looking at. If you are looking
at an Input/Output Matrix, it's in the "value-added" line. Or if you are George
Best, it's in "the rest I just squandered".

The final thing is that somebody has to keep track of this spending. Trillions
of dollars just don't go walkabout. [2]

It's not easy to explain. You either Get It, or you don't. And DYOR.


Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) asks questions about:
Dyncorp Sex-Trade, Pentagon Missing $2.3 Trillion & 9/11 Wargames
"And who has the contract?"
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March 26, 2017, 08:35:21 PM


FOFOA mentioned a figure recently, which I just do not have handy, re total world investment into gold coins.  I hate to guess, but I think it is around 5000 metric tons (all of it, K-Rands, Sovereigns, Eagles, all of it).

TOTAL world gold holdings are around 180,000 MT.

Therefore I must doubt any reports of 4000 MT of Sovereigns having been minted outside the UK Mint.

There are fake US$5 gold coins (1929 and before Half Eagles), most of them minted in Lebanon, but the numbers are not that high, and the gold content is actually very close to the real US coins.
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March 27, 2017, 09:03:18 PM

@OROBTC - I made the best estimate I could of the financial structure of Gladio based
on statements made on the BBC documentary. For example, the average US wage in
1951 is quoted at $2799 pa, which equates to 80 ounces of gold. Hence is the statements
made are literally true, and allowing for modest amounts of materials support also paid
in gold, the operation had a budget of 4000 metric tons of gold over 46 years.

I am of the view that the early evidence of counterfeiting of gold sovereigns tends to support
that structure, at least until the 1960's began. I seem to recall reports of fakes that could
only be detected by analysis of the proportions of non-monetary metals. I have no claims
to expertise in this area, so until further data appears, it's a guess.

I could argue further, but that might miss the point that the CIA was willing to commit a
huge quantity of gold to Gladio in its early stages, and that practical limits to the
amount of gold that could be distributed, particularly just after the US came away from
the Gold Standard as wage inflation outpaced gold pricing.
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March 28, 2017, 01:00:48 AM

I thought there was a quite simple set of scales for sovereigns which only takes a coin with exact diameter and depth and then balances to an exact weight.  Obviously only gold being able to fit both those categories at once, if any other material was close it would be obvious upon fairly brief examination.  Isnt that half the worth of a gold coin, its not hard wearing but its not easy to copy when tested properly

Cant find the video I saw but its not rare just antique I guess

Largest secret hidden gold stash I read of was from an ancient Indian temple.  It might have pre dated 1493 in its origin which is unbelievable but India itself was a rich empire at one point of time, asia being superior in wealth and trade to Europe  many years prior to the renaissance .
I think this is the correct google result for that

1 trillion wealth from temple founded over a millennia ago



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March 28, 2017, 09:42:00 PM

gold sovereigns are about 22 carat gold. (95% IIRC) I seem to recall that copper is the
major impurity.

I calculated 4000MT taking the Gladio narrative at face value, ie that Aldo Moro was
murdered as part of a botched operation by the Red Brigades. An alternative explanation
is that he was murdered by others connected directly to Gladio. He died in 1978. If that
is what happened and if Gladio was closed down in 1979, then the revised gold budget
may be over 3100MT. There were almost certainly other similar CIA operations elsewhere.
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March 28, 2017, 11:11:24 PM
Last edit: April 01, 2017, 01:51:09 AM by OROBTC


There is a lot of interesting information on the British Sovereign here:

The most important info (for here anyway) is:

Total weight: 7.98 gm
Purity: 22kt (91.67% pure gold)
AGW: 7.3145 gm

British sovereigns are almost always sole at a rather high premium to gold value, as it is much collected by coin collectors.  There are numerous mint marks (from various mints in the UK, Canada, Australia and even India), this adds to collection allure.

Here's a modern one (from the above article):

*  *  *

Of interest is that Peru minted their own "clone" of the Sovereign, in most years from 1898 - 1969.  Same size and weight as the British coin.
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April 01, 2017, 01:49:00 AM


Martin Armstrong has a nice article up on how the sleazy banks are now being required to report ever more cash transactions to the sleazy governments.  If THIS article does not fit into "Economic Totalitarianism", I'll eat my hat.

Turns out that not only is "structuring" a crime (to evade the $10,000 reporting requirement by doing, say, 3 cash transactions of $5000 each), there is a $100,000 / year structuring which gets punished even more severely.

Highly recommended article for the privacy minded.  The noose gets ever-tighter.
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April 01, 2017, 07:36:03 PM

@OROBTC - I try to hang on to my wicked sense of humor :-)

The money they are hoping to tax is from the black budgets of the intelligence agencies
plus The Black Eagle Trust's modern derivatives. I a moment of optimism, I'd thought
they would have figured that farce out before blaming the innocent.

And remind me - "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."
Didn't the guy who said that end up dying in a bunker after poisoning his
children and shooting his wife?
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April 01, 2017, 07:37:17 PM

"all your base are belong to us"
cut-scene from the 1992 Mega-Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing.

"The Pentagon has claimed, year after year, that the reason it can't
account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with
each other."  Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) asks questions ...

It seems that the Pentagon just didn't have the resources to ... but wait ...
"One of the "magical" capabilities of PROMIS, one has to assume, is that it is
equipped with artificial intelligence and was apparently from the outset "able to
simultaneously read and integrate any number of different computer programs or databases,
regardless of the language in which the original programs had been written or the
operating systems and platforms on which that database was then currently installed." [1]

Hmmmm .... Sooooo what's this PROMIS thing? where did it come from? and what were the
legacy systems it replaced? and why doesn't the Pentagon use it? Where to start?

The period 1945-1970 saw paper based records such as double entry book-keeping gradually
replaced by computer assisted accounting. These systems did not provide much in the way
of management tools until the early 1980's, hence in the early 1980's there was a new
requirement - management information systems (MIS) that could access legacy systems already
in place to extract key data, collate it, and present it as an aid to management oversight
and decision making.

One such enterprise in need of computer software in the 1970's was the Nugan-Hand Limited.
"Nugan Hand Ltd. was founded in Sydney in 1973 by Australian lawyer Frank Nugan (who was
reputedly associated with the Mafia) and former U.S. Green Beret Michael John Hand who operated
in Northern Laos as part of the Phoenix Project. They were assisted in this by Paul Helliwell,
one of the primary OSS agents in the original Yamashita gold operation." [2]
"U.S. Military, Admirals and Generals, as well as intelligence community officials,
supposedly either "retired", or "on leave", operated Nugan-Hand, and aided thereafter Household
and its numerous units and subsidiaries. The "tracking the money" project was conducted over-all
by Household International with the assistance reportedly of Systematics, a banking computer
services firm, originally a subsidiary of an Arkansas-based operation." [2]

The tasks are familiar to many enterprises, to track people, legal entities, balance accounts,
and to record the linkages, payments and changes in near real time. Crossing boundaries and
custom adaptation causes problem, but standardising software objects solves many problems.

The Justice Department "misappropriated" PROMIS in 1982 for three separate projects:
"(1) NSA's deployment of PROMIS to banks to enable NSA to track wire transfers of money and
letters of credit; (2) Israeli Intelligence's sale of a trap-door version of PROMIS to
foreign governments so Israel and the United States could covertly intercept their intelligence
secrets; and (3) the CIA's deployment of PROMIS throughout the US government as the standard
database software ..." [3]

A feature of systems that become more and more interconnected, is the potential for emergence,
ie novel and unpredictable forms of behaviour. The addition of AI into the mix suggests that this
change happened to PROMIS at some time in the early 1990's : "... penetrate every banking system in the
World. PROMIS software could be used to influence and predict financial markets worldwide." [4] 00:55:10
"Dyncorp was heavily involved in the evolution of PROMIS software" [4] 00:56:00

Looking at this through gamer's eyes, it seems to me that this evolution of the software is like
using the "cheat" codes in a FPS game to gain invulnerability, 100% health, and infinite ammunition.
It changes the way the game is played, and no sane person will want to play that game with you. 

I doubt that Inslaw will ever be fully compensated for what was taken from them. [5]
For a peek at the general structure of PROMIS, see the Inslaw website. [6]

Questions about the past are stll umanswered. As for the future, could you live with
an Artificial Intelligence whose prime directive is to keep its existence a secret? 

[2] Collateral-Damage-911-black_eagle_fund_trust.pdf
[*SPOILER ALERT* reading this .pdf is a bit like hearing the final score in any TV game]

[3] The last Circle - Chapter 17- The Inslaw Affair p254

[4] {unverified}

[5] - The Inslaw Octopus


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April 02, 2017, 12:18:11 PM

Great post again MT.

Nugen Hand Bank is quite famous in Australia - Hand was one of Australia's most wanted fugitives after Nugen was found dead. The bank collapsed with debts of 50m in the 70's. Hand was recently found living in the US.

The links between the CIA, Black Eagle Trust, War, Death Squads, Politics and Money are many.

I cant help but link it all to recovered war loot being used as the "gold standard" for the black ops world.

OROBTC are you coming around to this viewpoint at all?

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April 02, 2017, 03:20:50 PM

Great post again MT.

Nugen Hand Bank is quite famous in Australia - Hand was one of Australia's most wanted fugitives after Nugen was found dead. The bank collapsed with debts of 50m in the 70's. Hand was recently found living in the US.

The links between the CIA, Black Eagle Trust, War, Death Squads, Politics and Money are many.

I cant help but link it all to recovered war loot being used as the "gold standard" for the black ops world.

OROBTC are you coming around to this viewpoint at all?

Gents, I have done some reading on Nugen Hand and their ties to the CIA, etc.  What I have read is plenty convincing.

But I wear a tinfoil hat.  Maybe it's a different brand than what others wear, as I do not see any evidence of huge piles of gold laying around, but I will say I have not investigated this enough to be definitive.

One only has just a certain amount of time, there is not enough to investigate all the DEEP rabbit holes out there.

At this point, I just stack.  I stack some BTC too.  Oh, and bearings in Peru for re-sale.   Smiley
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April 02, 2017, 06:21:25 PM
Last edit: April 02, 2017, 06:32:54 PM by wiked1

Another useful idiot with a bullhorn yammering on with the same old shyte.You need paid shills like these to generate the false narrative in order to justify the clampdown just like the nazi scum did.
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April 03, 2017, 02:12:23 AM


You are after all the  gold reserve. What do you want to do with that old world gold reserve ? The new financial system with new economic standard will replace gold in to digital codes and numbers. This will devalue the gold price as people will buy the digital currency instead of gold. Gold from the vault could be pull out and make ornaments to beautify the ladies. There is no need to store economic value in gold anymore. I think we can introduce a new system, a new thing where people will store their economic value in it. Like goat or potato. I have created a Tomato Standard. The gold maniac will have to sell their gold to buy my Tomato Standard to store their financial asset into it. It is a 'Trust Less Trust' with digital currency. Would you like to collaborate with me and discuss about the future of gold reserve ?
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April 08, 2017, 08:03:38 PM

"Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite them,
and little fleas have lesser fleas and so ad infinitum" The Oxford Book of Proverbs

Have you ever wondered why governments print or mint their own money?
Or why communities, at times of financial stress issue their own banknotes?

The reason is convenience. But also the knowledge thet the issuer, at some
time in the future, will make good on his promise to pay. So, if you have
the assets to cover the debt, and the ability to produce perfect counterfeit
goods or currency, an if in so doing you can keep covert activities secret,
aren't you going to get into the counterfeiting business?

In the 1950's and 1960's gold and silver coins circulated readily in Europe,
hence their use by the CIA and by European Intelligence services to fund
covert operations. By 2001 'drugs are called "gold" and used as currency
worldwide.' [1] This merely moves the problem of counterfeiting from the drugs
themselves and onto the fiat money payment system. And having weaponised
medication circulating freely alongside weaponised currency probably doesn't
count as a war crime if or when things get messy. At time the line between
unauthorised and counterfeit can be very thin.

"... FRN's and FRB's ... were printed by the US Government at the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing in Washington, where the CIA has an office occupied full-time in such
activities ..." [2] "Bender claims that the supernotes are of such high quality and are
updated so frequently that they could be produced only by a US Government agency such as
the CIA. [3] 00:14:03 "Whoever is doing this is operating at a loss" "They deliberately
produce them in a way that can be tracked by no-one except the US Government and other
central banks."

As Mr DeCarbonnel points out this counterfeit money can go straight to the bottom line of
the ESU's balance sheet, it "increases profits" and it helps "negate the threat" of dollars
in the rest of the world returning to the United States. The highest dollar denomination
is $100. Bonds, including dollar Bonds can be any value, including billions, and hundreds
of millions of dollars and dollar equivalents. 
It may be difficult to grasp the scaling here. I'll take gold ($1250/oz) as a metaphor:

Big flea: the Derivatives market =          17,360,000 Tons
little flea : the Bond Market    =          2,480,000 Tons
little flea : the stock market   =          1,240,000 Tons
lesser flea : US$ paper notes etc =          99,200 Tons
Illicit drugs flea, world (1% GDP) =          17,360 Tons
Bitcoin flea: Market cap      =             448 Tons
and so ad infinitum.
Hence, if you are doing something likely to "move the needle" within the $19Tn US economy,
eg covert economic warfare, then counterfeiting US $100 bills isn't likely to be your go-to
theater. Despite reports about US Dept of Defence spending and lack of control,[4]
it would be problematic to use thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of tons of gold
as any form of weapon directly or covertly.

Despite the notional size of the Derivatives market, there are too few players to allow
covert action to take place, and the nett size of the market is relatively tiny.

Maybe the Bond market is the place to look.

'A journalist at the Financial Times told us: "It has now reached a point where you
can go into one of the big banks in New York, London or Zurich, give them half a metric
ton of gold in return for a certificate of ownership, walk around the block for ten minutes,
re-enter the same bank, and they'll deny ever seeing you before, and have you arrested for
presenting them with a counterfeit certificate."' [5]   

Half a metric ton of gold is $20 million.
[1] Chapter 17 "The Last Circle" p341

[2] Gold Warriors p255

[3] "What I have been afraid to blog about the ESF and its history - part 5" Eric Decarbonnel


[5] Gold Warriors p248
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April 15, 2017, 07:28:13 PM

"The speech had been proceeding for perhaps twenty minutes when a messenger
hurried on to the platform and a scrap of paper was slipped into the speaker's hand.
He unrolled and read it without pausing in his speech. Nothing altered in his voice or manner,
or in the content of what he was saying, but suddenly the names were different.
Without words said, a wave of understanding rippled through the crowd.
Oceania was at war with Eastasia! "
George Orwell "1984" Chapter 2 The sixth day of Hate Week
"Just to put it all into perspective, it was not the Russian government that allegedly had backdoor access to virtually every Windows-based platform and had infiltrated the information network that connects every bank in the world, but the NSA... and the US government."
"While many more questions will emerge following today's leak, one can't help but wonder if the entire "Russian hacking" scandal had been staged - either with the prior knowledge of the NSA or without - and just how much deeper this particular rabbit hole goes."
"Maybe if all suviving WWIII theshadowbrokers be seeing you next week. Who knows what we having next time?"

If you've been paying attention, you'll already know all this - and more.
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April 15, 2017, 07:30:29 PM

Lord Blackadder: Baldrick, you wouldn't see a subtle plan if it painted
itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord, singing
"Subtle Plans are Here Again!"

Sounds about a subtle as trying to cash ten $1,000,000,000.00 "Kennedy Bonds."
Now, I was going to describe these as "counterfeit," but when it comes to these
Bonds, and the other enterprising documents, they exhibit a level of weirdness
that makes even the word "counterfeit" suspect.

The background is best summed up on Reddit in the conspiracy section. [1]
To try to make sense of the bizarre stories, I'll separate off the bonds dated
before WWII. Both Japan and Germany had reason to prepare and issue counterfeit
US Bonds, and also the US may have prepared such documents as a means of economic
warfare. Bonds issued issued in support of covert activities, and backed by gold
from the Black Eagle trust and similar Japanese Bonds are of particular interest.
[2] 01:02:08 [4] p127 "It is, accordingly, my unqualified opinion that the
Certificates are not counterfeit." Professor Lausier [4] p129 

If, back in the day, The Secretary of the Treasury could not control people in the
Federal Reserve Bank, that may be a problem for the USA, even today.

What is interesting though, is not necessarily the Bonds themselves, but also why
they might have been issued, when they might have been issued, and their terms and
redemption dates.

"In fact, suggests Prof Aldrich, the monetary instruments obtained by Slamaj may be
intricate forgeries, but if they are, it is possible that the CIA manufactured them."[3]

The Bearer Bonds referred to above are, in principle, the same as a bet on a horse race.
If you like the odds, you hand over some money to a bookmaker, get a docket, and at some
agreed time you collect your winnings. If it's a two horse race for 50 years, and you can
back both horses at 3:1 odds, you may want to take those bets. Of course, both horses
might die, the bookmaker might disappear, and the docket might get lost, so it's not
quite the sure thing it appears to be.

As to why the Bonds were issued, the simplest explanation is that they are fake, ie that
no legitimate equivalent exists. That may be so, but for the purposes of this narrative
I will move on to the more interesting alternative: that they are someone's liability,
and that somewhere, the original asset still exists. There is also the possibility that
the original asset in encumbered, that multiple debts are outstanding against each
original asset.

If the original assets are held in dark accounts, and the liabilities are also covert,
re-hypothecation must occur unless a central register of assets and liabilities is
prepared and constantly updated. And even then, if fraud is intentional, it will happen

The size of these liabilities suggests activities such as war; setting up the European
Community; the Iran Contra Affair; the conflicts in South and Mid America; the War on
Drugs; the War on Terror; and "land" grabs in Space, Technology and Information. This
is just to give a vision of the scale of activity these things might cover, and where
covert financing might want to get involved.

Suppose, in the example above, both horses make it to the finish line, but the bookmaker
hasn't had the foresight to lay off enough of the risk to be able to make good on the
docket. Even worse, there are a whole bunch of people all waving a docket covering the same
bet, so what happens? As soon as the first guy gets arrested for counterfeiting, no-one
else presses their claim, unless they have good hard evidence of the bookmakers's
wrongdoing. But, one way or another, a load of Debt vaporizes.

When that happens, good debt becomes bad debt, and gets written off and if enough of that
happens, it can move the needle on a country's GDP, even a country the size of the USA.   

"We have received reports that the Treasury has conducted secret talks with a few of
the note holders and has made offers to redeem them for a small percentage (1-10%)
of their face value. The Treasury clearly wants these notes turned in and removed
from 'circulation'...but will not pay full face value for obvious reasons." [3]

A less obvious reason may be that once the Bonds are admitted to be genuine, a linkage to
covert and illegal activities may be exposed - which somewhat argues against the publicity
surrounding their discovery. There may be other incidents that were hidden from the press.   

Other possibly unfake "fake" paper?
21849 Tons. Think of 1000kg gold as a rounding error [5]
Maybe this is why the Deep State wants to ban all forms of paper money, except Bitcoin. :-)


[2] Joseph P Farrell at the Secret Space Program Conference 2014 San Mateo presentation 1.


[4] Gold Warriors - the Japanese '57' Bonds were issued in 1982-1984 with a 15 year maturity 

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April 22, 2017, 07:56:17 PM

The previous post described the extraction of astronomical sums from
the very rich and the truly wealthy. To move on from this I have to
get into speculation about corporate secret activities. A possible reason
for the targeting of wealthy individuals was the removal of competitors
and to maintain control of what was to become a financial battlefield.

I've tried to avoid speculation thus far, so consider this to be a warning.

Despite massive resources and extensive military and intelligence resources,
the "Gold Warriors" just weren't that smart, to judge from the Nugan-Hand
Bank, BCCI and some other evidence. They screwed up, causing Nixon hand over
control of the M-fund to Japanese politicians, divorce the US$ from gold, and
the balance of power moved from the Warlords into the hands of the Bankers.

The two things that stop ordinary decent criminals from taking over the world
are: fear of prosecution; and seizure or taxation of illicit activities.
The thing that separates The Creature from all sorts of other activities is this:
the tasks are exempt from the legal reporting structures. [1] 01:04:00
Perhaps the best known black project was the CIA funding for the U2 spy planes,
but for maximum profit, The Creature needs access to illegal monopolies - arms
sales and drug sales - AKA the War on Terror and the War on Drugs. [2]

This flow of dollars has to be invested in resources, preferably commodities in
emerging economies. The preferred way is through seizure, for example   
the resource seizure process was outlined in "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man".
Identify the resource in a 3rd world country. Bribe or subvert the local Elite in
control. Borrow in US$ to fund projects at rates that are unsustainable.
When Debt becomes unpayable, an IMF loan is offered, with the condition that the
resource becomes the property of international interests. The result is control
not only of the resource, but also control of the government of the nation.

The investment process makes the invisible, visible, via some form of money
laundering, but the profits tend to create exponential growth like this:

"With Dillon's assistance Reynolds expanded out of its tobacco base into a wide variety of
industries - foodstuffs, marine transportation, petroleum, packaging, liquor,
and soft drinks, among others. In the process the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. of 1963,
which had revenues of $117 million, became the R. J. Reynolds Industries of 1983,
a $14 billion behemoth."
"2. The DEFENDANTS knowingly sell their products to organized crime, arrange for secret
payments from organized crime, and launder such proceeds in the United States or offshore
venues known for bank secrecy. DEFENDANTS have laundered the illegal proceeds of members
of Italian, Russian, and Colombian organized crime through financial institutions in New
York City, including The Bank of New York, Citibank N.A., and Chase Manhattan Bank.
DEFENDANTS have even chosen to do business in Iraq, in violation of U.S. sanctions,
in transactions that financed both the Iraqi regime and terrorist groups."
"RJR has been aware of organized crime's involvement in the distribution of its products
since at least the 1970s. On January 4, 1978, the Tobacco Institute's Committee of Counsel
met at the offices of Phillip Morris in New York City. The Committee of Counsel was the high
tribunal that set the tobacco industry's legal, political, and public relations strategy for
more than three decades. The January 4, 1978 meeting was called to discuss, among other things,
published reports concerning organized crime's involvement in the tobacco trade and the tobacco
industry's complicity therein. The published reports detailed the role of organized crime in the
tobacco trade (including the Colombo crime family in New York) and the illegal trade at the
Canadian border and elsewhere. RJR's general counsel, Max Crohn, attended and participated in
the meeting. All of the large cigarette manufacturers were present at the meeting and represented
by counsel, such as Phillip Morris (Arnold & Porter, Abe Krash) [Author's note: Arnold & Porter
is a firm that will come up several times later in our story] and Brown & Williamson
(Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, Martin London). The Committee of Counsel took no action
to address, investigate, or end the role of organized crime in the tobacco business. Instead,
the Committee agreed to formulate a joint plan of action to protect the industry from scrutiny of
the U.S. Congress. [13c]" [3]

This would be a good point to listen to Catherine Austin Fitts "This is a System" "It was the best
of a lot of bad options." [1] 00:12:45 "If you move $40Tn out of these different legal systems
and into a new system that you could earn enough money, dividends and interest to pay the ongoing
costs of a global government." [1] 01:04:30

So, if $40Tn just drops off the radar screen, is the current US economic data and World economic
data believable? Who has control of that amount of credit? Are the Bankers still wrenching gold
from the hands of the Warlords? I'm thinking that in a three-way fight, Bankers vs Warlords vs
Mathematics, Math will win, but when?

Dark, difficult, posts are in the pipeline ....

[1] Catherine Austin Fitts at the Secret Space Program Conference 2014 San Mateo.
"Through the MOU, the DOJ relieved the CIA of any legal obligation to report information of drug trafficking and drug law violations with respect to CIA agents, assets, non-staff employees and contractors.[23] Presumably, this included the corporate contractors who, by executive order, were now allowed to handle sensitive intelligence and national security outsourcing."
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