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Author Topic: [ANN][Anti-ICO]🔥🔥🔥CryptoTycoon. Build your crypto empire.  (Read 89 times)
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December 11, 2018, 01:20:12 PM


CryptoTycoon is a massive multiplayer online tycoon with role playing and economics and strategy. It's the ultimate blockchain and crypto simulation and a very diverse and challenging game. Everyone will find their own playstyle there.

Watch the gameplay reveal on YouTube!


Play your role
Four tycoons each with their own set of skills to learn.

Ultra-simple gameplay
Five components to build complex rigs.

Massive multiplayer
Build your empire together, there are no limits!

Cheat history
Enter Story Mode and see, if you can survive.

Infiltrate and sabotage enemy rigs to win the race.

Develop blueprints and your own components.
(*i.e extremely hard)

Trade like a pro
Sell coins, rigs, comps and blueprints.

Meet the Tycoons

The Tycoons are 4 canonical characters of pretty much every startup out there. A hacker codes stuff, a hustler makes sure that's something the market wants, an engineer does the hardcore programming and hardware tweaks and, finally, an insider makes sure the company has every edge it needs over the competition.

To summarize the gameplay you can mine tokens, trade them and spend to buy components/rigs. You can research components and sell your setups/parts. You can develop the blueprints and sell them or sell entire rigs based off your blueprints. You can abuse the news and always be ahead of the market. You can sabotage clusters, corps and alliances (black hat hacker), or you can do the reverse (white hat hacker). You can build an empire and you can stay in the shadows. And then you can mix all of that (yeah, right!).

It's going to be a massive blockchain simulation that looks and, more importantly, works just like one.

Since the game is decentralized (and in the absence of Game Master any client can take over that role with a few restrictions applied) we don't really have a game server. However, we have client-server relations because a Node sends it's game state to the Game Master and vice versa the Game Master provides feedback to the Node. We've developed our very own protocol on top of UDP to provide such effective communication (Barracuda Protocol).

Barracuda Protocol

So why it's an [Anti-] ICO?

Well, for starters we are running a crowdfunding with ETH and that's all there is about it. The [CTY] tokens you get and just the proof you funded with the certain amount of ETH. 

We will exchange [CTY] only to in-game rewards, in-game content and in-game currency. [CTY] will not be listed on any exchange. [CTY] will not be traded on any exchange. It's a useless token with the only purpose to provide proof of sent funds once the Crowdsale ended.

Why do you even need the Crowdsale?

We want to deliver an exceptional game and exceptional experience, design great graphics, code blazing fast network protocols and don't trade the game quality in the process. Frankly, that needs funding we just don't have. A high level list of our stretch goals looks like this:

  • More Tycoons!
  • Full 3D with better graphics
  • Massive Multiplayer Online
  • RTS gameplay tweaks (rig attack and defence)
  • Blueprints and Inventions

There will be a Reddit post (and a "reply" here) outlining our future plans once the funding total can be at least roughly estimated. There are lots of ideas, but we want to keep it real.

Ok, so a Crowdsale, huh. What kind of rewards you have then?

We offer two types of rewards for CryptoTycoon Crowdsale participants:

  • Smart Rewards
  • Milestone Rewards

Smart Rewards

Smart Reward apply to all Crowdsale participants. This reward is based on the amount of ETH funded (amount of CTY received). Once you take part in CryptoTycoon Crowdsale, you immediately become eligible to be awarded in-game currency and in-game content via Smart Reward.

The actual amount of in-game currency and the type of in-game content that you are going to receive is calculated upon the Crowdsale completion. Your Smart Reward is determined based on these parameters:

  • Amount of ETH funded (amount of CTY received)
  • Date you joined the Crowdsale
  • How many funders gave more than you
  • How many funders gave less than you

In short, the more you fund and the ealier you join, the better Smart Reward will be applied. On the contrary, the later you join and the less you fund, the less exciting Smart Reward you will be given.

This system is in place to ensure our funders are rewarded fairly for the amount they contribute and the commitment they provide.

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Reward is given to any CryptoTycoon Crowdsale participant. In order to be eligible to receive a Milestone Reward, you just have to fund a specific amount of ETH or above.

The funded amount is rounded down to the closest Milestone Reward. For e.g. if you funded 0.3 ETH, you will receive the Milestone Reward for 0.2 ETH. If you funded 0.9 ETH, you will receive the Milestone Reward for 0.5 ETH.

Keep track of this list here, as we will surely add more Milestone Rewards higher up and in-between.

With all that put down, we welcome you to join the Early Crowd.

Early participation in our Crowdsale provides an exchange rate of 1 ETH = 12 CTY (20% discount). Early Crowd runs through Dec 10 to Jan 10, 2019. Then we commence the Main Crowd that will run through Jan 10, 2019 to Mar 20, 2019. Starting and ending datetimes are treated in epoch time (UTC 00:00).

Bring your community voice and let's build this game together!




Crowdsale FAQ

Crowdsale Rewards

Game mini-FAQ

About the Founder

Pavel Pekanov is the Founder Director at Chasing Dreams, former Creative Director at one of Asia's top blockchain firms and had been in crypto for about 5 years. Read more about him here:[/font]. He is tracking this post, will share the updates and reply. Watch out for Pavel's username: chasingdreams

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December 11, 2018, 01:25:34 PM

Teaser trailer (short version): CryptoTycoon: gameplay teaser trailer
Crowdsale terms (short version):
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December 11, 2018, 02:41:22 PM

I like that you have a game already being made but not a lot of incentive to invest in the anti ICO will watch this project unfold regardless.

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December 11, 2018, 07:19:53 PM

I like that you have a game already being made but not a lot of incentive to invest in the anti ICO will watch this project unfold regardless.

Thanks for your post and your concerns.

The biggest incentive here is helping us build a game that boosts the crypto adoption. Let me briefly address this one.

History proved that entertainment is the best way to get new tech adopted by the general public. This happened to industries before - TV, internet, computers - and this will happen to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Movies (all kinds of them) and video games were what drove the adoption to that tech and the rest just followed. With the adoption the industries grew bigger and the cycle continued.

CryptoTycoon is going to be crypto education for many. Even now people still don't understand where the coins come from, why they are valued the way they are, what the infrastructure looks like. Playing CryptoTycoon these people will come to understand the tech and will get curious about this tech IRL. That curiosity will eventually lead to them using the crypto.

CryptoTycoon (the game engine and logic) operates the way blockchain does. The same principles, the same transparency. It's blockchain visualized in form of game states (the entire game "history" is available at any point via a public link) and like-able game content. The content that is no longer ones and zeroes, but something you can play with and something you can sell, something that has value, something you see with your own eyes.

This is game, but we aim to solve a much bigger problem. The vision is to be the spark that starts the public adoption using the entertainment angle. It's doable and very much real. Entertainment is what people understand. And what people understand that they will use.

The other kind of incentive is getting a great opening in CryptoTycoon. That may sound insufficient, but what you don't know yet is that CryptoTycoon is a marketplace of rigs, components and coins. That marketplace is open to anyone setting their own rules. And that marketplace will be traded in IRL ETH. Imagine you getting in game as a manufacturer with unique blueprints, powerful components and lots of space to build your rig (if you want to). That's literally you being born a tycoon. By the game design, the marketplace is community-driven and with you having a huge edge you can move it anywhere you'd want.

That example is extreme, of course. We will not sell something that'd break the game for everyone else, but I suppose my point is delivered. The catch here is that you have to play the actual game and be good at it. The rewards won't do any good, if you don't know how to use them. They are very good though and we'll add more, while keeping the balance in check.

I hope this addresses your unasked concerns. I will be happy to see you and the crypto community help us build the game that will help the entire crypto industry make a long-awaited step forward towards the general adoption.
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Today at 10:47:54 AM

Weekly Update

Time for a weekly update from us. This is a joint update with more Crowdsale details and a sneak-peek into the game itself.

Use Of Proceeds

This is our projected use of proceeds gathered during CryptoTycoon Crowdsale:

Game Development: 40%
This goes to develop the client for Windows and Mac platforms.

Network Development: 25%
Game Master node development and the development/tweaks of our MMO Barracuda Protocol required specifically for CryptoTycoon.

Design & Creative: 15%
2D graphics, VFX, music and SFX, 3D models, UI/UX, game design and script.

Marketing & PR: 20%
Massive word-spread across social media, getting to editorials and online magazines, running CPC/CPA campaigns to grow the community further.

CryptoTycoon: Components

CryptoTycoon is an "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master" type of game. The easy part is that you've got just these 5 components to build Rigs of any complexity and performance:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • GPU
  • AC/DC (Power Supply)
  • CU (Cooling Unit)

All components are assigned a Tech Level, and you start at Tech 1 (T1). Your Tycoon can learn to use components of a higher Tech Level, the maximum is T5 for Engineers and T4 for everybody else. Time to learn a higher Tech Level is calculated using a complex formula, but a rough estimate is that it takes a considerable amount of time to progress from T1 to T5. As considerable as 1 year.

The Tech Levels system is very similar to the one in EvE Online. If you played EvE, you pretty much know it already. CryptoTycoon is quite similar to EvE in terms of time required to level up your Tycoon, it has been one of the games we got ideas from.

Now to the components themselves.

The core of any Rig, you always build your Rig around the Motherboard. The Motherboard provides the slots to connect other components to it and combine them as a Rig. Motherboards are grouped by Socket Types and can have different amount of PCI slots available. A higher Tech Level motherboard is capable of carrying more PCI slots.

CPUs are mining components. CPUs have the properties such as Hashrate, Heat Level, Power Req. Hashrate adds to the Rig's overall hashrate, the higher that value is the more coins you mine. Heat Level adds to the Rig's overall heat level, the lower that value is the better. Power Req. stands for the amount of power that component consumes under normal conditions (not Overclocked, not Throttled). CPUs and ASICs are considered the same component, just a different Tech Level. For e.g. T1 are normal CPUs, T3 are ASICs, T5 are quantum processors.

GPUs are mining components. GPUs have the same properties as the CPUs. The difference is in the game design - GPUs need more Power, they provide a higher Hashrate, they've got a higher Heat Level. CryptoTycoon is a game of choice, so there is always a choice to mine safer or mine faster with a risk of frying your entire Rig.

CU (Cooling Unit)
For the cases when you don't want to fry your Rig, there is a special component - a Cooling Unit. This unit simply keeps the Rig's Heat Level in check. The trick is that the CU occupies almost as many slots as the Motherboard. There is once again a choice to have a bigger Rig and risk to have all go to waste, or play it safe and trade performance for more CUs. Tough choice, but make it wrong and you'll be out for quite some time; that'd really be a "c u" for your Rig.

AC/DC (Power Supply)
These guys make sure the Rig works and there's enough Power for all components to function at their peak levels. Power Supplies come in heavily once you start Overclocking your Rigs, or once some of your components run out of Health (so they need more Power). Having extra Power Supplies is never a problem since they are tiny and come cheap. The tricky part is that components run out of Health fast dragging the entire Rig down with them, eventually frying the whole thing. Of course, you could plug an extra Power Supply, right? Kind of. The time window to react to a Power Surge is very small, literally a few seconds. It's easy to miss. Thus, once again a choice - occupy your precious Motherboard slots with more Power Supplies, or hope nothing will ever go wrong (could be, with a high level Tycoon, say, up to T3 in Electronics and T4 in Power Supplies, and T2 in Power Management, and... that'd take probably a few months to learn already, btw).

There is much more to say about the components properties. Peek into our game design file regarding some of the components specs: That's just a tip of an iceberg. So that's right, it's "Hard to Master" and we believe only the geekiest of techies (or the techi-est of the geeks) will be able to master it. At times CryptoTycoon requires extreme commitment and dedication from you, but in the end you are rewarded nicely with a Rig that runs smoothly. A smoothly run Rig produces lots of coins, that you are going to sell on the open market. Make profit and buy more components, build a better Rig. Team up with your friends and start a Corp. Rinse and repeat till you are a force to be reckoned with - a powerful Alliance, an inventor and researcher, a manufacturer, a real tycoon.
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