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Author Topic: Is it safe to run a miner 24/7?  (Read 5490 times)
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June 03, 2011, 01:37:50 AM

My temps on my 6950 are 40° all the time! OCed to 944MHz on stock volts. I am water cooled though! Grin My 5850, and 5770 on the other hand, aren't so lucky. They are both @1GHz, and both run between 65-70°, on air, in other computers. Ambient temps are about 18°C. They're all running till they die. I'll let you know how long that is! Smiley

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June 03, 2011, 08:23:53 AM

24/7 without right cooling is suicide for rigs. Unless you do it right, you will start to destroy your 6990 5970s. Single gpus aren't so much the prob. I highly suggest you do proper cooling with dual GPU cards or you can say good bye to one of the two gpus soon.
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June 07, 2011, 09:05:53 AM

@horkabork: LMAO

I try to stay below 85°

A script to shut down the miners and eventually the rig if temperatures go above 89°C gives me a better feeling about 24/7

Share the script? Smiley
maybe I will add something to clocktweak in a week or two when I have the time... ■ bitcointalk top posts
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June 07, 2011, 09:24:54 AM

I like to keep my miners running all the time so I can reach over and light a cigar off of the nearest video card.

Here's a pro-tip: A little potpourri in a cup on your video card is really just a nice thing to smell and it helps cover the scent of burning electronics! And when a power supply blows a capacitor, bam!, free fireworks for the kids. Now you don't have to take those freeloaders to a movie. Also, kids love to take turns sitting and watching daddy's computers, clutching their little hands around a fire extinguisher while daddy sleeps.

As a bonus, you'll know exactly how much power you can sustain through an ordinary extension cable as it runs from a handmade light socket power adapter plugged into your neighbor's conveniently-located and lighted garden shed. As another bonus, it turns out that annoying neighbor cats don't, in fact, have nine lives.

As for having computers running nonstop in your bedroom, really this is just a special treat. Use that hot, hot video card to keep the KY tube from hardening. If your case has enough room, this is also a good place to keep the old fleshlight warm and ready to go.

Really, keeping a miner running around the clock is a good alternative heat source for me, as my normal process involves taking "donations" of furniture from the nearby goodwill. And the loudness of the fans help drown out the screaming. Also the gunshots. Also the screaming.
Hahaha, made my day Wink

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June 08, 2011, 05:24:34 PM

I accidentally knocked out a couple of my miners from the outlet today.

Was only 800w power draw, but severely melted Kill-A-Watt and an outlet-splitter.

Both were rated to handle over 1.5kw.

Just a heads-up. Stay safe, friends.
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June 08, 2011, 05:46:35 PM

It's safe up to a point. My 6990's are below 80 most of the time and have been for months. 5850's stay 75ish. But I think more important than just the heat is the electricity usage and fire hazard.

I have a rig that pulls 11 amps when mining. I purchased one of these Kill-a-Watt's and tested each of my setups first. Then I went to my breaker box and figured out how many circuits there were and if I needed to move anything to another outlet.

Turns out my 11 amp rig is on a 15 amp circuit. So I moved everything else off it and I am just below the 80% recommended limit for 24/7 usage. Then I purchased renters insurance Wink

I was looking at my power box yesterday at my shop which I am setting up at.  I have a spare 70A 240V breaker (also a spare 100A 3-Phase).  My shop has Industrial 3 phase I am guessing to be at least a 300A main line...given area averages I'm looking at less than .05/kwh.

So I think I'm good on power.  Built a box which has a boxfan with a filter blowing in and a boxfan without a filter blowing out.  Starting with 3 rigs ~3.1gh/s. 

Now if I can only find more 5830's.

But on the question of 24/7...why wouldn't it be safe...just don't get need to exceed the temp rating for that extra 1btc a month.  Do the math on the cards/processor/mobo current use...add 10%(or more) and that is the psu you need.  I think the main risk is drawing too much current, most modern PSU's can run on 240v also, if you wire into a 240v line you cut your current in sure not to overload your breakers.
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