Paul Vernon & Cryptsy Failed To Pay Investor Dividends Since April 20th

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Posting this here to vent my frustrations with Paul Vernon of Cryptsy.
I've tweeted and sent a few emails already but they appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

My problem is that no dividends have been paid to Cryptsy investors (via crypto stocks) since April 20th, the payouts were supposed to be paid weekly?

But the fact is that only two payments have been made this year and they were both late too. The last payment was months ago.

We've had no updates at all on the reason for the delay.

When is payment going to be made to your investors?

20 Apr 17:29    6.03694320    7,365    0.00081968    BTC
03 Feb 13:34    5.69876992    7,922    0.00071936    BTC

Shareholder info Taken From Crypto Stocks

Ticker   CRYPTSY
Name Exchange Fee Revenue Share
Listed on   October 23, 2013 05:05
Fee surcharge [%]   0.0%
Shares issued   100,000
Shares held publicly   7,365
Total dividends paid   112.60015603 BTC
Web page
Security type    Shares
Rating   White
Cryptsy offers shares of the Cryptsy exchange trading fees in a revenue share agreement.

Cryptsy will offer 100,000 non-dilutable fee shares for a price of 0.05 BTC per share at IPO.

Each share represents 0.0002% of the trade fees collected.  For example, if Cryptsy collects 100 BTC in trade revenue, each share would receive 0.0002 BTC.

Dividends will automatically appear in shareholders’ CryptoStocks accounts every Friday around 17:00 EST. 

Support does not answer, dividends are not paid.
It gives a bad reputation for cryptsy

The lack of dividends is killing confidence in the stock, the price is declining.
Still no updates or support from Cryptsy.

I created a similar topic to
but after a couple of days it has been removed. What's happening? Why is this relevant to the users?

whether criptsy was headed toward the site of fraud.
how the latest update info, my bro?


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