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Author Topic: Selling NA lvl 30 LoL Account Many Rare Skins (Champion/Legacy/Legendary)  (Read 213 times)
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August 02, 2015, 01:57:14 AM

As stated in the subject line I have a Level 30 North American LoL account (never banned, I am the original owner) with 2799 RP 5395 IP 7 Rune Pages with 86 Skins and a rating of 912,425 according to Elophant with Champion Skins for Riven, Thresh and Shyvana, S1 Kayle, Holiday Skins, and other Legacy skins. I was never huge on playing ranked so the account is unranked, and I only have rewards from the early season (border around icon and an icon itself) but never Plat+Diamond anything fancy.

Highlights on the account are the skins and they are as follows:

Crimson Akali, Nurse Akali, Golden Alistar, Unchained Alistar, Pharaoh Amumu, Goth Annie, Woad Ashe, Goalkeeper Blitzcrank, Resistance Caitlyn, Nightmare Cho’Gath, Hot Rod Corki, Fnatic Corki, Mundo Mundo, Masquerade Evelynn, Nottingham Ezreal, Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks, Sanguine Garen, Fnatic Gragas, Scuba Gragas, Headless Hecarim, Nightblade Irelia, Tempest Janna, Fnatic Janna, Fnatic Jarvan IV, Vandal Jax, Sakura Karma, Traditional Karma, Statue of Karthus, Fnatic Karthus, Deep One Kassadin, Bilgewater Katarina, Kitty Cat Katarina, Slay Belle Katarina, Mercenary Katarina, Red Card Katarina, Viridian Kayle, Judgement Kayle, Karate Kennen, Sonoran Kog’Maw, Prestigious LeBlanc, Traditional Lee Sin, Spellthief Lux, Shamrock Malphite, Haunted Maokai, Assassin Master Yi, Secret Agent Miss Fortune
Arcade Miss Fortune, Dragon Knight Mordekaiser, Exiled Morgana, Galactic Nasus, French Maid Nidalee, Sasquatch Nunu, Glacial Olaf, Myrmidon Pantheon, Lollipoppy, Molten Rammus, Galactic Renekton, Championship Riven, Zombie Ryze, Mad Hatter Shaco, Yellow Jacket Shen, Surgeon Shen, Frozen Shen, Championship Shyvana, Lumberjack Sion, Warrior Princess Sivir, Pentakill Sona, Divine Soraka, Emerald Taric, Bloodstone Taric, Cottontail Teemo, Super Teemo, Badger Teemo, Astronaut Teemo, Recon Teemo, Panda Teemo, Championship Thresh, Riot Girl Tristana, Highland Tryndamere, Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate, Kingpin Twitch, Primal Udyr, Black Belt Udyr, Nosferatu Vladimir, Big Bad Warwick, Commando Xin Zhao.

Because I haven't played in almost a year I am missing a lot of the new champions but I guess you could pick a few of them up with the RP and IP on the account already. (The champs not on the account)

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me or leave a comment. I am up for reasonable offers, because the account is just collecting dust I am in no immediate need to sell, just figured I haven't played in a long time and have no intentions of getting back into it.
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