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Author Topic: New kind of social net and econ - Sell calls of yourself as an Internet function  (Read 271 times)
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August 07, 2015, 06:17:22 AM
Last edit: August 07, 2015, 06:56:29 AM by BenRayfield

The plan...

Basically, anyone can talk to anyone else and later to AIs and any system hooked in and can negotiate with eachother how many times incoming messages are allowed. There may also be an expire time on the calls or they may only work during some time range.

Using such a system, we shouldnt need the paradigm of businesses to organize our efforts toward big things. It could be used with just the game money or if it gets more serious each server could trade future function calls for real money of a variety of types such as dollars or you could link bitcoin addresses in the text.

It will be at some url / then a hash of your password if anonymous or maybe a name / then a short random text that money can be stored in.

This is no ordinary money. Its an agreement with whoever calls it that you will see what they write and respond. They may get that url containing the right to n calls of you from you directly or from anyone you give it to and anyone they give it to and so on. Or someone may post it anywhere on the Internet and people use it from there.

Dont worry about spam. It can only come as many times as function calls of yourself you give out or sell or trade for function calls of other people or some functions will be the normal kind found in software or math or pieces of neuralnets laying around.

You can also put yourself as a function up for sale to anyone who sees some list of functions with prices per call. This is not necessarily real money, but it could be. Maybe a few cents every time someone asks you a question and you answer it, and if you answer in a useful way you could raise your price and others in the system would find you useful sometimes for helping them get money from others who called them and they're calling you recursively about some detail or even just to hand the whole item to you. Anyone can make as many function calls as they have urls for (and multiple calls stored in each usually) and can buy more with the "game money" that everyone has a single number on their screen which increases when others buy future calls of you and decreases when you buy from any list, but it does not change when you use existing calls you already have. Those are your investments in how their current price may be higher or lower than when you bought it or it was given to you.

Watch global unemployment nearly end. They'll hire eachother anonymously and legally tax free while not connected to outside money types since you cant pay tax in units of the right to talk to someone. Thats freedom of speech. Each moneyfunc is local to 1 server and can be transferred by moving some of it into a new random url suffix and giving someone that url. Whoever knows the url can spend it to talk to you some max number of times. So actually we dont even own these moneyfuncs since they can be many places at once, like a group of people can share a url that has 25 calls left. Or you could play Cicada3301 style games giving part of the url in different places or to be derived somehow maybe using the output of some puzzle you're asked to solve. Normally its just a stack of chat windows and programmable objects, and you would tell each chat window some combination of the others or what they answer when you ask them things, especially recursively handing them other people (of some max calls, not all the calls you own of them). This is what it feels like to be a lambda function, except people arent always stateless.

When did working together become a crime that you get fined for? Its not technically a crime to work at a business, but it does cost you money as tax. When chains of people work together the tax adds up to be impractical. You cant have 200 levels deep of one business hiring another hiring another. If there must be tax, then it should at least be a decay rate of all the money instead of decaying it more at every event of getting things done.

Mtgox was a money transmitter because bitcoin is money. Bitcoin is a number people exchange for valuable things. This is not a money transmitter even if selling moneyfuncs for dollars because a moneyfunc is a consumable service of talking to someone or something and getting a response whatever it may be. It is, however, the sale of a service for money which is taxed in some places, but only the first trade dollars for moneyfunc. Once you're in the network people are just trading talking to eachother for other talking and urls etc.

This will be a great way to organize any existing business of many people or anyone across the internet to build things together.

A scary thought... Remember when through twitter and facebook people formed a mob and overthrew their dictator in egypt only to later get a worse one? Those social networks werent amplified by trade/moneyfunc. We can see in the world that people will do terrible things for money, like mass produce WMDs and make us all pay for it. But that doesnt count as a mob because its the official mob.

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