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Author Topic: CLAM FACTS ONLY THREAD.  (Read 370 times)
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Guns1inger (OP)
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August 14, 2015, 02:14:30 PM
Last edit: August 14, 2015, 02:37:05 PM by Guns1inger

Since my post had been deleted yesterday from the clam thread, one can only assume they don't want you to know this.  They even go so far as trying to discredit me by claiming that I deleted it!! They do any and everything to keep maintaining their grand illusion.  Very deceptive and ridiculous!

1. Let's face it,  its centralized to JD's site - the majority of coins are sitting there.  In the age of decentralization, how can this be a good thing at all??
   a. There are those that say "well we trust Dooglus",  of course he wants you to trust him so he can keep siphoning money from everyone!!  He's not stupid by any means.
      Recurring revenue is worth a lot more than just taking a whole lump sum of money and running!

2. There is *NO PROOF* the server seed isn't generated on the fly to match with the rolls.  The server seed remains hidden until you wish to calculate rolls, then you're "issued a new pair of seeds" - to directly quote the FAQ.
    a. This also goes along with the FACT - THE END USER has no real idea of what goes on server side! (due simply to the structure of the internet!)
        Internet gambling sites have been known to pull hidden tricks server side before!!

3. There is absolutely *NO PROOF* that there wasn't a hidden pre-mine!

4. *NO PROOF* That larger winners are not just Dooglus himself and/or shills, to show you can win big!

You really want to just keep making these people rich and risk having your funds CENTRALIZED on that site ??

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August 14, 2015, 03:44:23 PM

clam the scam
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