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Author Topic: I am doing an update on my trust list. Please give input.  (Read 1891 times)
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September 07, 2015, 01:01:33 AM
Last edit: September 07, 2015, 02:56:04 AM by philipma1957

I decided to review my trust list remove non active members etc. So below is my entire trust list After the review. I locked it but posted it.  I will unlock it very soon.


So in the interests of transparency  I am putting here for the forum's viewing.

Note the trust list is not the same as a trusted feedback for a good deal .
I deleted and cleaned that list

Below is all the  trusted  feedback I sent and kept  :

Trusted feedback

Sent feedback

User   Date   Risked BTC amount   Reference   Comments

champbronc2 20: -0 / +2   2013-07-16   0.00000000   Reference   He sent me 10 btc upfront. done was done fast he is polite and good with emails.

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-07-16   6.00000000   Reference   I sent 6.317 coins for 6 sticks group buy 10 . polite fast shipping good asic sticks

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-07-19   5.91800000   Reference   I sent 5.918 btc up front for 6 usb sticks.
He shipped them quickly. All 6 work fine. This is my second purchase from him

Thanks again

btcxcg 30: -0 / +3   2013-07-19   0.00000000   Reference   He sent me 1 coin up front I paid him for it. so he risked 1 coin.

btcxcg 30: -0 / +3   2013-07-19   6.00000000   Reference   He sent me 6 coins up front. I paid him for them. so he risked 6 coins. thanks again.

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-07-26   9.71800000   Reference   I sent him 9.718 btc for 10 asic miner sticks in group buy 12. this is my 3rd purchase from him.

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-08-22   13.20000000   Reference   I purchased 14 Am sticks . I fronted 13 plus btc.
fast shipping 1 bad stick. In my next order he replaced the stick free of charge.
I have sent him orders for more then 100 sticks in the world of BTC he is very good.

oaxaca 50: -0 / +5   2013-11-10   0.00000000   Reference   I purchased 1 red fury from him .. well packed fast shipping works well. I used paypal so coin risk was none as the sale was covered under paypal buyer protection. I like this stick so much I order 3 more and I am waiting for them to arrive.

He seems to be a good seller I will post when my 3 new sticks arrive.

cloudhasher -8: -3 / +0   2013-11-12   7.00000000   Reference   I paid him 717 USD in June of 2013. At that time it was 7 btc.
I am writing this over as he now is paying on the contract. He stopped for 3 weeks but has started again. He promised a July 4th hash date. He started to hash In late July. He did not hash at 100% until sept of this year. His delays cost more then 2 btc . He offered me a refund he never gave the refund. At best he does not know how to treat his customers. He asked me to change my trust rating the other day. Well it is still negative as he has not addressed many issues. What he has done is start payments again. He has boosted my hash from 5 to 6.25gh. these small attempts to make up for the lost coins in July August and Sept will not be good enough. I am sorry purchased from him. I wish He had honored his offer to refund me . At best I will get back 1/2 of my investment. Do not purchase from him as he does not honor his word. Makes no sense to promise a refund to me and not give it. I don't bad mouth people these are simple facts. if you read the reference thread you will see he is not well liked and goes back on his word over and over and over again.

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-11-13   1.98000000   Reference   The canary-in-the-mine and I have done more then 10 AM usb stick deals.
This deal 1 stick of 20 was missing from the boxes. He did not question my word and sent me a replacement. He was a good seller of AM usb sticks.
I have been happy to be one of his many customers.
Down the road I hope to get new gear from him. thanks bro.

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-11-13   4.20000000   Reference   this deal was on the canary's birthday.. I grabbed 60 sticks from him. all good. thanks again. I have been lazy but I should add up how many sticks in all the deals he sold me. Well over 500 sticks. and more then 20 coins.

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2013-11-13   1.75000000   Reference   this was for 50 sticks and 1x 49 port hub. thanks

bobsag3 27: -5 / +43   2013-12-30   5.40000000   Reference   Bob sold me some ant miner sticks. shipped them quickly they arrived today the 30th of Jan. well packed. thank you.

 This was a 4000 dollar sale  the single largest purchase I did in dollar value using BTC as BTC was 800 a coin.  I did not delete it since is was a good sale.  Since this sale bobsag3 became a poor seller and lots of people do not like or trust him.  This is why the feedbacks are not as good as the trust list it is also why I was willing to update  both lists.


iluvpcs 250: -0 / +25   2014-01-03   2.19000000   Reference   I purchased 30 antminer u1 sticks.
It was a well handled sale from a good seller. He has also helped to support antminer usb u-1 mining with info on the how to op thread.
I Will buy again. thanks

30: -0 / +3   2014-01-13   0.03600000      MoreBloodWine Purchased .036 btc from me via paypal. All with pm's so no reference links.‹‹‹ He has also purchased AsicMiner Be's from me. He is pretty new at all this but has been very good so far. Thank you philipma1957

mchu168 20: -0 / +2   2014-01-14   0.09000000   Reference   mchu168 sold me a red fury asic usb stick he has 25 to sell. Since he was new > I said he good show good faith to me and send it to me on trust . he sent it to me it was well packed and works well. He still has some more sticks to sell. I will buy a few more from him. thanks of trusting in me with the stick

Delarock 40: -0 / +4   2014-01-14   0.12000000      he paid me .12 btc up front for a new 49 port hub nice polite and lives pretty close to my house . thanks again

mchu168 20: -0 / +2   2014-01-16   0.55700000   Reference   did a second deal with mchu168 for 5 red furies they were shipped fast. they work well. were well packed. it is always nice when a seller does the right way of selling. thanks again.

stex2009 120: -0 / +12   2014-01-23   0.30000000   Reference   A good buyer. I sold him a pair of 49 port usb hubs. he sent the btc up front. asked legit questions and was pleased with the buy. I would sell to him again.

razorfishsl 20: -0 / +2   2014-01-25   0.23950000   Reference   I purchased a 'stud hub' from razorfishl
19 port well built unit. He packed it well shipped it fast. I would buy from him again. In fact I my buy one or two more on the 30th of JAN> thanks again.

klintay 255: -0 / +29   2014-02-08   0.25000000   Reference   I paid him about 200 usd on an ebay purchase of the 19 port "stud" hub. He shipped it quickly from Hong Kong to NJ. The hub is hashing away with 17 Ice fury Sticks As I write this.
If you need a hub you can get it from him.

RicRock 30: -0 / +3   2014-02-10   0.18000000      RicRock sent me 3 ice 'nano' fury usb sticks.
all 3 mine just fine at the 2.5-2.6 gh mark
he sent the 3 sticks upfront to me. I got them today tested them and paid the .018 in coin to him.
this was a Facebook deal . thanks rick

tripppn 26: -0 / +3   2014-02-17   0.00000000      We did a deal for .09 btc. He paid upfront. I sent him a like new PSU. Nice polite I would buy or sell from him again.

itsrealfast 10: -0 / +1   2014-02-19   0.50000000      I purchased 5 nanofury usbsticks. nice gear .I just set them up today feb 19th. I paid via paypal so I sent first. He is new on this site. I know him from a Facebook BTC site. I would buy again. I will post this again after I run them for a week or so.

Swimmer63 90: -0 / +9   2014-04-08   0.35000000   Reference   He sold a pair of bifury sticks to me. They are lost in the mail which is annoying . But as a standup seller he did the correct or right thing he overnighted a second pair of Sticks to me. They are mining as I type.
I paid him via paypal and it was 156 usd which is right around .35 btc
I will run them for a day or two then order some more from him.

pcfli 213: -0 / +23   2014-04-20   5.60000000   Reference   Okay I purchased a 1th dragon miner price was 2750 plus 4% paypal fee total of 2860 usd about 5.6 btc.
I put this trust up fast as he was quick to setup the gear and I am hashing at 1th in about 1 hour after full payment.
I made a small payment and when he replied via pm I made full payment all with paypal. I will change this writeup in a week to reflect on time hashing at the correct rate.

dyland 30: -0 / +3   2014-05-04   0.53600000      This was done via pm on bitcointalk. I acted as a free of charge escrow between stex2009 & dyland.
The deal was for .536 btc 5 gridseed usb sticks.
dyland sold them to stex2009. he shipped fast. the sticks worked. he was polite and easy to deal with. Thank you for helping btc & crypto coins with a good honest deal.
best regards phililma1957

stex2009 120: -0 / +12   2014-05-04   0.53600000      This was a deal done via pm on bitcointalk
I acted as an escrow agent between stex2009 & dyland.
Stex2009 paid the money fast. when he recieved the usb sticks he let both dyland and me know.
He also tested them fast let us know they were good.
So this was a good deal for the world of btc/crypto coins.
Thanks to both stex2009 and dyland as they did their part to make the deal good.
Best regards Philipma1957

MunkeySpaz 10: -0 / +1   2014-05-16   0.55000000      sold him an ant miner and a sea sonic psu price of 250 for all gear 250 is about .550 btc
did this via pm and met at a mall. he paid me 230 usd. owes me 20 usd. I will post again.

Cablez 187: -0 / +19   2014-05-23   0.08000000   Reference   I purchased a set of 2 cables from him. these are to be used with gridseed blades.
Fast shipping. good gear and polite with pm's

RockDaddy 10: -0 / +1   2014-05-23   0.61000000   Reference   I sold him 4 five chip gridseeds. with power bricks and cables for around 270 usd at the time it was 27 ltc which was close to .61btc
He got them likes them and is happy.
He was good to do business with.
good with emails/pm's

crashoveride54902 110: -0 / +11   2014-05-27   0.04000000   Reference   I sold him 2 broken gridseeds. good buyer.
paid me upfront. I would buy or sell with him.

lazlopanaflex 97: -0 / +11   2014-06-10   0.20000000   Reference   Sold him a hi- end hub and some usb sticks.
Pleasant buyer. I know him from another forum. I would sell to him again.
deal was for 130 usd. or .2btc at the time.

CrazyGuy 287: -0 / +29   2014-06-10   0.20000000   Reference   he sold me 2 r-box rockminers.
all good. I have purchased quite a few things from him in the last year. some 49 ports hubs and some miners.
I liked these r-box a lot and I purchased 4 more from him. I will post a trust for that later.

Cablez 187: -0 / +19   2014-06-14   0.05500000   Reference   purchased 2 sets for my r-box cables
he has the high quality cable gear for r-box and
gridseed gear. trustworthy thanks!

Stunna 683: -0 / +69   2014-06-20   0.24000000   Reference   Stunna paid me .4btc for 200 posts the correct amount for a hero member.
I enrolled with new post count of 3516.
thank you

SDRebel 20: -0 / +2   2014-06-25   0.08100000      this was done via pm's .
I sold him a 5 chip gridseed unit .
some cables and power bricks. I gave him a free red fury as a gift.
He is a repeat buyer from me.
no worries nice guy good with pm's

BITMAIN 3: -1 / +25   2014-07-04   6.40000000   Reference   I made multiple purchases so far all s-1's.
A total of 11 of them all worked. All were on time shipping. Not a perfect seller but very close to perfect for me.
I have a current order for 2 s-3's not listed in this trust This trust was for the 11 s-1's purchased across 9 order's. thanks for the nice gear.

Blazedout419 878: -0 / +107   2014-07-09   0.60000000   Reference   Blazedout419 purchased 3 antminer s-1's.
paid me .6 btc deal was smooth easy. thank you

Stunna 683: -0 / +69   2014-07-20   0.48000000   Reference   stunna paid me for 400 posts as a hero member. he has been solid for me. this is his prime dice signature campaign. I am staying here my new post count for july 17 to aug 17 is 40
thank you
4060 start point for 7-17

MoreBloodWine 30: -0 / +3   2014-08-09   0.05100000      we did a deal via pm. he offered to pay btc first.
it was a easy deal.
So I told him I would do the order first.
I ordered he sent the coins in about 1 minute.

Stunna 683: -0 / +69   2014-08-19   0.48000000   Reference   I belong to stunna's prime dice
signature campaign .
Once again he paid me in full.
I will start at post number 4600 for the next
time period (Aug 17 - Sept 17).
Thank you philipma1957

crowetic 159: -0 / +18   2014-08-25   0.68000000   Reference   Solde him a s-3 for 0.68 btc smooth sailing so far. thanks man
lazlopanaflex 97: -0 / +11   2014-09-04   0.60000000      I sold him an s-3. second deal for us I would sell another to him. If I had any left. thanks you

Blazedout419 878: -0 / +107   2014-09-04   0.79000000   Reference   sold me an asicminer tube for a pretty good price. second deal we have done. will do more down the road. thanks

CanaryInTheMine 1920: -0 / +194   2014-09-07   1.04000000   Reference   One of many purchases from Canary.
He handled all issues well. He also refunded my comp from the friedcat.
Thanks I will look for new gear from you later on.

Stunna 683: -0 / +69   2014-09-19   0.48000000   Reference   stunna paid me in full for 400 posts 0.48btc
A great campaign . thanks again

dance191 55: -0 / +6   2014-09-25   1.20000000   Reference   we did this deal on sunday I mailed it on monday. Pleasant writes clear pm's I would sell to him again.

Stratobitz 95: -0 / +13   2014-09-30   0.23000000      stratobitz
is renting my signature space for his new coin.
very polite with emails.
He paid me upfront as promised.
When it launches
I will grab some coins.

Xtra7973 20: -0 / +2   2014-10-18   0.50000000      we did a psu sale .. I sent hime 2 psu's some wires some switches and some fans.
I would do another sale with him /polite and good with emails.
thank you.

mmpool 22: -0 / +3   2014-11-02   3.26000000   Reference   Runs His pool was attacked by a ddos attacker he fought the attack off and when we hit the block he paid me off. I will continue to toss hash at his pool. Thanks

kano 96: -0 / +10   2014-11-03   0.01950000   Reference   Kano and ckolivas are running a new pool. we hit a block and he paid my earnings of .0195. thanks

Chris_Sabian 20: -0 / +2   2014-11-19   0.01400000   Reference   we did a small btc deal for 2 s-3 coupons it worked well

Blazedout419 878: -0 / +107   2014-12-03   1.00000000      I sold him 3 'lessor' s-3's at a discount price of 1 btc
good buyer I hope to sell more gear to him soon.

boldar 9: -0 / +1   2014-12-09   0.55005500   Reference   He purchased 1 s3 and 1 psu for .55 btc and some dust. I shipped it via usps priority mail and all is good. He may buy another and I will be happy to sell one to him.

CrazyGuy 287: -0 / +29   2014-12-09   1.50000000   Reference   He sold a asic miner prisma to me via his asicpuppy website.
Well packed and he added an sd card for my rasp pi.
I could not run the asic miner prisma due to heat issues. He took it back from me. full refund except for shipping. I offered to pay the shipping as he has been a very good seller to me. I will buy from him again he is a stand up guy.

Albertdroid 26: -0 / +3   2014-12-16   0.48000000   Reference   I sold him an antminer s-3 smooth deal. thanks

Diddyu 43: -0 / +5   2014-12-16   0.48000000   Reference   I sold him 1 antminer s-3 worked well easy sale. thanks

davecoin 117: -0 / +12   2014-12-16   1.00000000   Reference   I sold him 2 s-3's shipping was coast to coast so he kinked in a little for the 'free'shipping.
My thread offered free shipping if it was close to my house. Nice buyer thanks

buysolar 14: -0 / +2   2014-12-21   0.53000000      This was a private sale . Buysolar lives a few miles from me. I dropped off an s-3+ to his home.
Nice person he runs a solar business has lots of solar for his home.

mmpool 22: -0 / +3   2014-12-29   2.67000000   Reference   I am one of the bigger fish in mmpool's pond. When we hit a block I get a decent payout in this case 2.67 coins.
He has made more then 6 large payouts to me. Thank you. I am still mining with you as of today.

Cablez 187: -0 / +19   2015-01-01   0.17500000   Reference   I went to his thread asked for 4 seasonic pcie cables to run a spondoolies sp20 fast work and ship even during the holidays.
56 bucks for four cables. second or third buy from him all good. thanks!

bassguitarman Huh: -1 / +23   2015-01-25   0.03000000      I escrowed for him he purchased a windows key. $7.50 was risked. I put down this amount because if either person was going to complain I was making good on the deal. I offered to escrow when asked. But a windows key can't be verified.
fortunately both traders were honest

Gyfts 131: -0 / +15   2015-01-25   0.03000000      I escrowed this . it was a windows key. he was honest. personally I am glad both buyer and seller were honest. Escrow of a windows key is not something I would normally do as I can't verify the key as good. Either the buyer or seller could cheat.
neither one cheated. both were honest.

phillipma1957 -128: -7 / +0   2015-02-14   1.50000000   Reference   He is a copy of me and tried to scam people of 1.5 btc for an sp20. I got a pm from some one that he tried to use my name to rob people.

727miner 73: -0 / +14   2015-02-23   1.77401000   Reference   we did an sp20e sale . all worked well.

valkir 60: -0 / +10   2015-02-27   1.50000000      I sold him a sp20E. He is a good guy he has been very trustworthy. He help me get my avalon 4.1. Polite and easy to work with.

Cheeseater 81: -0 / +10   2015-03-09   4.60000000      I sold 2 sp20e's all was smooth.

tlon19 6: -0 / +1   2015-03-14   1.05000000   Reference   I sold him 10 hdds. He like them all. Nice buyer I would sell again. Thanks

ezeminer51: -0 / +14   2015-03-17   0.10000000      Sold a 2x usbminer to him.
easy deal pleasant buyer.
thank you

Blazedout419 878: -0 / +107   2015-03-19   0.00000000      I sent him a used ssd . An easy smooth deal

HerbPean 57: -0 / +8   2015-03-20   0.00000000      I sold HerbPean 1 of my four s-5's hosted at lee's China farm.

nicehash 31: -0 / +4   2015-03-22   5.00000000      I do 3 things with nicehash.
I rent my miners to him at times.
He has paid me many coins more then the 5 I put in for risked amount.
I rent my signature space to him. It has worked out fine.
I sometimes rent hash from his site to use it for mining also very good.
I have done lots of business with him and his business.
I even put him on my trust list.

thedreamer 24: -0 / +5   2015-03-24   0.46000000      I sold some evga psu's to him. I sold a sp20 to him via ebay.
All in all we did about 800 usd in sales most with paypal some with btc. Good guy. thanks again
thedreamer 24: -0 / +5   2015-04-25   0.50000000      this was for a psu I sold him an evga 1300 g2. A good buyer honest pays quick does not play games.
Thank you

5w00p 8: -0 / +2   2015-05-07   1.09235000   Reference   I escrowed this between amazon4u and 5w00p
they both did the deal correctly

amazon4u 52: -0 / +9   2015-05-07   1.09235000   Reference   I escrowed this both amazon4u and 5w00p
did their deal correctly.

btc2code 9: -0 / +2   2015-05-15   1.15380000      I escrowed this for btc2code and DeathEscaped
btc2code did his part of the deal correctly.
He paid the btc into the escrow and when he received goods quickly let me know to release the btc to DeathEscaped.
He is new but so far he has been good.

marcotheminer 26: -3 / +51   2015-05-15   0.81000000   Reference   Macro paid me 4 times for 4 weeks on time.
Decent signature campaign manager.
I will go to him in the future when I need a new campaign.
Thank you

Ntrain2k 204: -0 / +23   2015-05-17   0.70000000   Reference   I sold an asus r9 290 to him worked smooth.
I would sell to him again

BitcoinMaxProfit -2: -1 / +0   2015-05-30   0.07580000   Reference   I did a signature deal to promote him and I purchased a small contract to test product, when I realized he was a con I cancelled signature deal. Refunded the advanced coin for the deal. He shut his website down shortly after this and I lost the small test contract 15 usd about 0.0758 BTC
He is gone hopefully I am the only one to lose on his contracts.
Carra23 was the signature campaign manager
not very good on this campaign a poor job
for screening his clients and pointing me to a poor choice to rent my signature space.
I have yet to contact him about my lost 15 usd. I really do not care about 15 usd. I do care that he picked out a dirtbag for me to rent my signature. As of now I no longer rent my signature I give it for free to and
I may end up marking Carra23 as negative due to this scammer.

This is a negative feedback against BitcoinMaxProfit not Carra23 .  
Carra23 and I resolved this as the scammer was shut down.
I now have helped Carra23 vet a few campaigns and we did reject one or two more.
I have used Carra23 for the last 2 months and the new campaign has been fine.
This is another example of why my lists need updating as this was not updated correctly until I typed this sentence on Sun the 6th 2015.


wlefever 11: -0 / +2   2015-06-04   1.80000000      I sold an avalon 4.1 to him. He is an honest buyer.
I would have no problems selling to him.

quakefiend420 109: -0 / +17   2015-07-03   2.61000000   Reference   this was an high-end lg monitor. worth 999 sold it to him for 2.61 btc and he paid to ship it.
He got it and let me know it works well very happy to do business with him. thanks again.

jstefamop -4: -2 / +0   2015-07-11   1.29000000   Reference   he is a fake of jstefanop
he used jstefamop  tried selling avalon 4.1's for 1.29btc

philiprna1957 -16: -4 / +0   2015-07-28   0.75000000      he tried to copy my name and rob people on the yet to start avalon mini buy.

Philipma1957onvacation  3: -0 / +3   2015-07-28   1.00000000      I gave this account a trust from my main account.
due to people trying to copy me. This is my backup account

J4bberw0ck -256: -8 / +0   2015-08-09   0.60000000   Reference   A fake copy of the real J4bberwock
asmal -64: -6 / +0   2015-08-09   0.00000000      He did about 30 spam posts today. I think he did this yesterday with a different hero account.
He locks the thread and posts a bad link

BurgerKill 3: -0 / +3   2015-08-14   0.01600000      He sold a minecraft account it seems good so far. It is now 8 days old and still works. price was 4 usd. or about .016 btc.

meat -11: -4 / +5   2015-08-24   0.00000000      Looks like a stolen account
gives a bad link to
tries to hide it

dailey123 -32: -5 / +0   2015-08-24   0.00000000      gave a link to and hide it as fishing for your passwords

-droid- 62: -0 / +9   2015-08-29   0.10000000      sold a rasp pi with software included. easy smooth deal I would have 0 issues doing business again.

notlist3d 24: -0 / +7   2015-08-30   0.00000000      A while back I helped notlist3d to setup his 240 volt circuits. I gave him links for gear and how to wire it info.
So today he returned the favor by sending me an s-7 coupon saved me 100 bucks.

baristor -32: -5 / +0   2015-09-06   0.00000000   Reference   spammed my thread . I deleted his post. and gave a neg trust

I mine alt coins with
I see BTC as the super highway and alt coins as taxis and trucks needed to move transactions.
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September 07, 2015, 01:07:53 AM

There are a few people that are now missing from your list that were previously on it, so I would say at least some of the cuts you made were appropriate/needed

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to trade with someone in order to have them on your trust list, if you know that someone gives accurate ratings and is active in giving the various marketplace threads, then you can include them in your trust list as well.

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September 07, 2015, 01:11:31 AM

There are a few people that are now missing from your list that were previously on it, so I would say at least some of the cuts you made were appropriate/needed

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to trade with someone in order to have them on your trust list, if you know that someone gives accurate ratings and is active in giving the various marketplace threads, then you can include them in your trust list as well.

yes and I do have 1 or 2  persons that never did trades or business with me on the trust list.

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I see BTC as the super highway and alt coins as taxis and trucks needed to move transactions.
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September 07, 2015, 01:14:17 AM

Updating the Trust list is a good thing to do and more of us should do it.

When the subject of buying BTC with Paypal comes up, I often remember this: 

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein
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September 07, 2015, 01:19:49 AM

I like the way you handle your list Philip. I think Theymos adding you was a great addition to the trust network.
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September 07, 2015, 01:20:29 AM
Last edit: September 07, 2015, 01:48:50 AM by philipma1957

Updating the Trust list is a good thing to do and more of us should do it.

I had people on the list that have not posted in 6 months.  Not good if someone hacks the account and uses it to scam.
I want people to understand my trust list  is not my trusted feedback list.
I will make an effort to keep the trust list with really good people on it.

I want members to be able trust the trust list.


the feedback list is just that, deals I did with members. Also if I flat out catch a moron playing games on the site with 20 or 30 spam threads. or a copy cat scammer.

the trust list is more then that.

I will try to have an open door policy on my trust list.

ie send me a pm if you have a question about people on the trust list.

If you see/read something just send a pm.

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I see BTC as the super highway and alt coins as taxis and trucks needed to move transactions.
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September 07, 2015, 02:57:44 AM

Note I did a few corrections on the feedbacks  here.

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I see BTC as the super highway and alt coins as taxis and trucks needed to move transactions.
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September 07, 2015, 07:35:15 AM

I hear that OgNasty fellow is a straight shooter.  Wink

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September 07, 2015, 11:53:52 AM

Most of the users I trust are already in DT. Here are some who aren't and you may consider:

You could also check the list for users who are on DT level 2 only once and add them again just in case if you trust them, or explicitly negate them if you don't.

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September 07, 2015, 06:19:33 PM

I hear that OgNasty fellow is a straight shooter.  Wink

you are and I trust you.  I had you on the trust list and removed you due to gridseed sales from BeastlyMac (have to go back and review all of it)

but BeastlyMac ran into a huge issue about 18 months ago and really screwed quite a few people.  Not blaming BeastlyMac as the gridseed builder caused the problem.  A huge customs fee was generated.

So this issue got a member really pissed  about a large order and he got a negative rating.  I looked over all the threads and realized removing you from the trust list would lift the negative rating.  At the time I thought it was the right thing to do.

I am willing to look at what I did months ago I just need to review some old pm's to refresh my memory.

okay I went back and checked old pm's  I had you confused (58 years old and can't remember shit)

I removed beastly mac  due to his war with bbxx  all over the group buy that went bad. so for now there is no reason to leave you off my list.

You always have done right by other forum members.

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I see BTC as the super highway and alt coins as taxis and trucks needed to move transactions.
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Christian Antkow

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September 07, 2015, 06:25:54 PM

In my book, you're a cool dude and trustworthy fellow, Phil.

In the interest of transparency, here's the Trust List I'm using with depth of 1

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September 07, 2015, 09:10:57 PM

Thread moved to reputation, I guess that's right? Maybe meta needs a trust subsection as most of the spammy threads would also fit into there.

Warren Buffet
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September 07, 2015, 11:43:27 PM

@philipma1957 Being someone who has never interacted with you on this forum, I'm not very sure whether you are open to suggestion about users whom you have never dealt with. I believe, the OP of this thread is doing a great job (running a site to spread bitcoin awareness and paying random people probably from his own pocket) over a year and deserves to be a in a good position in the trust network.

Decission is yours...
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Core dev leaves me neg feedback #abuse #political

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September 08, 2015, 04:37:18 AM

You should add me to your trust list.

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October 14, 2015, 10:02:26 AM

I think you are missing me in your list  Grin
its good that you keep your trust list updated
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