Happy halving day
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I have a proposal for a new celebration called "Halving Day".

The celebration would coincide with the Bitcoin block halving that occurs once every 4 years.  Given the random nature of blocks being found, the day cannot be set until probably a few months before the actual day.

The purpose of the celebration is to simply get together with fellow bitcoiners and celebrate this wonderful invention called Bitcoin.  I would like to see large organised events similar in nature to what we see for New Years celebrations around the world.

Similar to New Years, there could be a live broadcast on a big screen (see bitcoinclock.com) or loud speaker that announces the first halved block in realtime for a bit of arbitrary back slapping and high five'ing.

Other activities could be combined into the celebrations, maybe charity fund raises or company announcements or awards ceremonies..

If nothing else, even just printing some posters saying "happy halving day", or wishing strangers in the street a "happy halving day".

Eventually I would like to see this event become as popular as other 4 year events like the Olympics and World Cup.

So lets get ready to celebrate the inaugural Halving Day in 6 weeks time on the 30-Nov-2012.

Happy halving day!
Yup. Not a currency. A religion.
lets print t-shirts!
Quote from: rat on October 19, 2012, 12:22:33 AM

i'll attend.

That's like saying you'll attend Christmas or New Years.. The day is coming regardless who attends what, its how you choose to celebrate that makes it a memorable day :)
hah good idea. Hopefully the value increases with this halving.
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