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Author Topic: THE GREATEST FRAUD OF THE LAST 300 YEARS ...  (Read 715 times)
V for Varoufakis
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October 16, 2015, 12:41:43 PM
Last edit: October 16, 2015, 12:52:56 PM by V for Varoufakis


Aristotle had said thousands of years ago, that would be disastrous if once the money itself being turned into a commodity ....
The construction of money is a very cheap labor, since in order to issue a bill of 500 euros, if only a little paper, little ink (worth some dimes) and appropriate equipment (the cost of which any country is minimal). So while all commercial, construction and other companies working with margins of 3 ~ 10%, a money construction business would have space margins. This would result in the trader's money to be gained enormous economic power and sometime fatal to prevail over all financial market sectors.

Obviously those who drafted the first constitution of the United States had understood his words, and for this reason the first article of the constitution of the USA writes Magaliou letters:
"The Congress shall have the power to issue currency and to determine its value."
Namely that the state will issue and have the necessary money for the operation of the economy.

The Federal Reserve.

The above article today in the US Constitution not observed. The FED, the federal US central bank, is a multi PRIVATE COMPANY. As a result, the American people have lost more from the hands of the power to issue money.

Instead, the US government issues bonds, giving as security an individual, and the individual borrows money to the American people with interest.

The money-cared for each time to lend to each Member so much money that it can not repay the debt. Today America owes tens of trillion dollars, and pays every year too many dissekatomyria in INDIVIDUALS, simply because they used their printer to issue money rather than buy their own printer.


Unfortunately, as we have said, for many years, the central banks of countries (that have the ability to issue notes) are private companies. The same is true for years to countries like the USA, the M. Britain, Germany, Greece ....

Especially in the European Union, not suddenly wake up no country wants to issue its own currency in its own independent central bank, cared and made the euro, we were put into the "zone of the strong euro" and now no member country can not escape from this horrible trap, since EU member states They agreed to grant the permit issuing money in the ECB (European Central Bank).

The ECB's Governing Council in accordance with its statutes consists of the governors of the central banks of member countries. This creates suspicions existence of a gang (called ESF) has placed a member of every member state and thereby manipulates the movement of money across europe.

What are the money changers?

The International Bankers, or global banking cartel, controlled by a number of very small number of powerful people. The dynasty Rothschild, the dynasty Schiff, Warburg dynasty and the Rockefeller dynasty are some of the money changers. The gang complement people like Soros, Kissinger and others.

Around hard this core are the major banking giants like Goldman Sachs, the Morgan Stanley, the JP Morgan Chase, the Citigroup, the Bank of America and Wells Fargo that regime type refers to as "speculators" or "markets".

Finally, the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank and the IMF It is somehow central bank of central banks. They are private companies controlled by the banking cartel and their mission is to coordinate attacks that lead to bankruptcy and poverty of nations.


This is a very simple trick. So simple that the human mind rejects as unlikely and seeks something more complex in its place. As follows:

Through the central bank, the ECB under the guidance of the World Bank, relaxes lending criteria and essentially gives the green light to create inflation. Banks are beginning to put advertisements for free credit cards, diakopodaneia etc. Home Loans without strict control. This leads many people to get a loan from the bank, to channel money to the market, resulting in a growth and jobs, what one word we call inflation.

Instead, on the occasion of a sad event (typically in America - see Leeman Brothers) the central bank (again under the guidance and tutelage of the ECB and global central bank) hardens the lending criteria, and banks with the excuse that they can not cope the crisis and that they need liquidity stopped giving new loans. When banks normally collects the installments of the loans already given and do not give new loans, essentially removing money from the market and we have now what we call recession (crisis).

Yes it's that simple. What we call recession and inflation is 100% manipulated.
All other include macroeconomics and the like, is simply nonsense that used to cover this very simple trick.

The result today in Europe is the same as in America, since in order to receive money the member countries, issue government bonds (debt), to give the international financial markets (home argyramovon) and take the money.


The Leeman Brothers (as well as Goldman Sachs, h Morgan Stanley, etc.) belonging to money changers. The money-they put the parrots to tell that Leeman Brothers is in trouble and in danger of collapse. Shareholders run to sell their shares to escape destruction. The share price falls now really. Displays the deus ex machina Obama says he will not allow the collapse LB . He charges the American people by example 100 billion dollars, the money-(through Leeman Brothers) get their hands on more debt from the American people, the Leeman Brothers survives. The european looking 'fearful' America. The media constantly parroting that we transfer the crisis from America to Europe. The ECB gives instructions. The central bank implements them in member countries. The banks stopped giving new loans and collects the installments and the interest for the old. Money is dwindling market and recession begins ...

Especially in our case, these were combined with two financial speculative attacks:

Think a little and you will see that it is. The crisis that built banks (removing cash from the market) in harmony with the media (which scared us properly).

Not only are these.

The amazing thing is not only the fact that people are charged an individual for not issue the money they need. The amazing thing is that this individual may under banking legislation, to "create" money from thin air (at matched by the bond took as "guarantee") to 10 times the value of this bond. The money is channeled to citizens in the form of loans.

I will talk about the CDS and derivatives (which are racecourse where betting the money-that a bond will not be paid). Something like that go bet, only the horse you bet is the misfortune of an entire people.


Because they have huge profit margins without taking risks!

The thing works much like the poker tables where the dealer takes a percentage as commission profit by each player each time money changes hands. Players can win or lose, but the dealer wins all the time.


Most loans are masked "in rem", ie mortgage your house, your land your business. The tale that banks are not interested in houses and land, are big lie. It is no coincidence that banks only accept collateral and their purpose is actually to get you home, land, business. Banks are not interested in the colored papers or checks and promises. Money can make that time want with digital recordings on their computers.

Inflation and recession is the tide and the low tide where every time you pulled the water, someone loses his business, his house, his fields.

The ultimate goal is to make banks megalotsiflikades which will eventually owned all the land, mineral resources, public infrastructure.

The whole game is a power game that wins the strongest and has the ultimate goal of dianomki power globally.

The recent global financial crisis was not caused accidentally. Designed and implemented by the money changers. And it will not stop but will continue and will be much worse than the crisis of 1929. The aim is to cause a global recession and generalized impasse. Then it will be proposed as a unique solution the creation of the Global Currency, Global Central Bank controlled by the same and World Government.

And we have good reason to believe that these people will not hesitate at nothing in front of the profit and intoxication of power. Their World Government will be global dictatorship.


The internet today has zero distances and the information is transmitted instantly. This game managed and kept hidden for over 300 years with the Masonic lodges and secret clubs. But today with the huge spread of the Internet and the exchange of information, we are able to know the terrible plans.

All the information can be crossed with a little searching on the internet. Look 'central bank Statute "in google and download the statutes of the Bank of Greece to PDF. Look «European central bank memorandum» will find the ECB statutes. Look 'shareholder banks composition "and try to find the shareholding structure of the central bank. You will not find it. There for all banks, except the central.


Of course. Today's politicians are not interested or represent the interests of the people. They are agents of bankers, and their interests serve. With great ease will allocate billions for defense equipment market, meaningless textbooks for the purchase of expensive surveillance systems, for anything useless and expensive. They waste furiously public wealth and bring the country in need for even more lending.

Think a little. The GAP is working on our own interests or run to ensure the banking cartel?


The money changers control directly or indirectly all the media, newspapers, television, radio, magazines. They have agents who do other work but to promote media information should control the election of rulers at local and national level, taking care not to expose to public view the corrupt this monetary system.

How can we resist?

The only way to resist an enemy so powerful as banking cartel (which controls the media, banks, politicians and through them the army, police, telecommunications ....) Is the civil disobedience.

Gandhi with civil disobedience and complete Lack of arms succeeded and expelled the then mighty British Empire from India, and I'm sure that if not murdered, now India will be a much stronger country in the International chessboard.

The question then is what to do as the Greek people. One option is to become slaves of International Bankers and their domestic agents.

The other option is the resistance which could be done in the box below:

1. Pause payment until check debt from reputable scientists and not by lamogia every week we announce another number.
2. Refusal of payment of the public external debt of fraud if it proved.
3. Termination of the global banking cartel.
4. Exit from the euro and return to the drachma if needed.
5. Borrowings from other countries not addressed lamogia.
6. Establishment "banking complete inventory» (full reserve banking).
7. Nationalisation of the Central Bank of Greece.
8. Create at least three public banks will not charge interest, but only their expenses.

All this may seem innovative or weak. You ask me who would find the money to pay salaries and pensions. You ask me how to avoid bankruptcy. For all questions, there are answers ...

It is certain that we will have difficult years. But it is even more certain that if we do not resist, we will have infinitely more difficult for many more years.

Think about it.

The choice is ours.


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October 16, 2015, 02:10:31 PM

Alas.. only a very small % care... they only care about if they can  go on vacation and how their new house that cost 20x their anual income looks...
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don't ruin my PCRs dammit.

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October 19, 2015, 05:33:45 AM

tl;dr for those who find it too long: The governments have been tricking its people ever since it was established.

A few really care about what is happening in actuality. As long as they have money, can buy what they want, they think they are well-off.

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October 19, 2015, 07:18:13 AM
Last edit: October 19, 2015, 03:48:07 PM by Amph

tl;dr for those who find it too long: The governments have been tricking its people ever since it was established.

A few really care about what is happening in actuality. As long as they have money, can buy what they want, they think they are well-off.

i think everyone know that the government is the first thief in their country, bigger than mafia, but as long as they feel regulated and pay their tax they don't care as you said

but personally i stopped being a slave of this system, i'm embracing bitcoin 100%, i think we need few generations before people can open well their eye about the situation
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October 19, 2015, 10:31:16 AM

So what is best option to choose currently as an individuals?
I try to reject all credit cards offers given to me by banks.
I try to only buy things after my saves etc.
So that's enough? I guess it is.
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October 19, 2015, 10:33:45 AM

tl;dr for those who find it too long: The governments have been tricking its people ever since it was established.

A few really care about what is happening in actuality. As long as they have money, can buy what they want, they think they are well-off.
Wooh gotta thank you mate for the short summary, that was quite a long post. As for the caring part , as long as it keeps going I don't care as well. Its made us the powerful guys on the planet, our society and stuff, can't be sorry for that.
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October 19, 2015, 11:50:42 AM

Strong read, but nothing groundbreaking really. I feel like we all know the truth and lies about world's economy.
Our political and economic establishment is a fiction. A tool of slavery. It is be possible to lie for some time  but you can't lie everyone all the time.
Bubble will pop someday, and then empires will fall.
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October 19, 2015, 11:52:26 AM
Last edit: November 01, 2015, 08:08:03 AM by RKing

The greatest fraud is the governments issuing unlimited number of money. Our money in banks devalue year after year. We are robbed.
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October 19, 2015, 12:46:04 PM
Last edit: October 21, 2015, 07:55:33 AM by n2004al


The other option is the resistance which could be done in the box below:

1  .....
2. Refusal of payment of the public external debt of fraud if it proved.
3. ........
4. ........
5. Borrowings from other countries not addressed lamogia.
6. ........
7. .......
8. ........

Think about it.

The choice is ours.

Sure it is yours. You want to not pay the debt taken and take other money from other "serious" (i don't know what kind of name can be put here because I have no idea who can borrow money to you).

But you forget that this is not the first time that Greece take money from the others (normally Mafia Institutions of the World), make welfare with those and then deny to pay the debt to the owners.

I found the below written quoted part here:

Maybe this can make that the others to not believe to the words or to very long writings but to the facts:

"Since becoming an independent nation, Greece has defaulted at least five times:

1826: The first of Greece’s defaults occurred during the Greek War of Independence. The country took two loans from the London Philhellenic Committee totaling 2.8 million pounds, or $4.4 million. Greek independence fighters ended up receiving only 40% of the money and ended up defaulting. This is known as the “debt of independence.”

1843: Greece defaulted on a loan of 60 million drachmas that was guaranteed by the French, Russian and British governments to help the newly-formed country build its economy. The money was mostly spent on the upkeep of military and on Otto, the Bavarian prince who was crowned King of Greece by the Brits.

1860: After this default Greece was shut out of international capital markets and became reliant on the National Bank of Greece. The bank provided funds to the Greek government at interest rates two times higher than the international lending rate.

1894: In 1878 global capital markets opened once more to Greece. Borrowing eventually became unmanageable and the Greek government stopped all payments on international debts. In 1898 the International Committee for Greek Debt Management was created to monitor the country’s monetary policy and tax collection.

1932: Greece wasn’t the only country that was subsumed by the Great Depression and defaulted on its national debt. The country was in default until 1964, the longest default the country experienced.

Greece has spent 90 years of its 194 years as a country in default or debt restructuring, that’s nearly 50%.

And now we have the last conspiracy of the last years build against the Greece by all the corrupted world and their Governments headed by IMF, ECB, EU and above all, Germany.

To not forget another thing which can be read at the above link and which is shown below:


Greece replaces the drachma with euro banknotes and coins.


The European commission issues a warning to Greece after discovering the country lied about budget deficit data prior to joining the eurozone.

Greece don't cheat. Greece is victim of the cheaters, various private groups which hate Greece (but give money to it) and the almost all corrupted world.

This is the story of the glorious Greek people and its glorious Governments which are combated by all the (financial) Institutions of the world and almost all the Governments of the developed countries during all its existence. Giving always money in order that they go in retirement at 57 years, have 14 or 15 salaries in a year, have big pensions with contributions of the money of the State (read - given by the conspirators and corrupted groups or Financial Institutions of almost all the developed countries), give mountains of money to the orthodox church, have a stratospheric military budget (80-90% of which go for salary of the people involved in this field) etc, etc.

All this with the money given from the conspirators, from the corrupted and from those who fight and hate Greece and Greeks.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Greece have its own resources to do such welfare politics. Which is unable to be applied even by the most developed countries of the world. For sure because they are corrupted and in the hands of the conspirators or Mafia.

But then why take money from the Mafia, the corrupting institutions and the conspirator during 50% of its existence?

There is a big question-mark about this behavior. Maybe to damage those and weakened them. Take and don't give back, take and don't give back, again and again. One day they will not have more money and will be destroyed. In this way the world will be free and Greece finally will have the possibility to have retirement at 40 years, to have 25 salaries in a year, to not pay any kind of tax and to live the day waiting to go at the bouzuqi the night. The money for all this will be given by all the countries of the world as a sign of gratitude for this great heroism of Greece.

Will be able the Greece people to fulfill this courageous mission which will help all the world to be free from the Mafia, from the conspirators and from the corrupts? I think Yes. With people like Varoufakis and its adulators everything is possible. If it was possible that this kind of leaders, within 6 months, moved back 5 years the economy of Greece and have as a result an agreement about the debt of Greece much more severe than the normal one which would be signed 6 months before, everything else is a piece of cake for those.

But before this heroism need to think about the last agreement signed by Tsipras which is much more severe than that disapproved by more than 60% of the Greeks. Needed money to pay the debt taken to the corrupts, to the Mafia and to the conspirators. This time seems that they really want their money. What must to do?

Varuofakis and its Argonauts are strong and will solve even this new (very old) situation. It is very easy. Read the proposition of the above quoted post proposed at the main post:

Not pay the debt and get another.

More easy than this...

If they will find stupids or new interested countries who want expansion everything is possible.
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October 19, 2015, 01:55:47 PM

tl;dr for those who find it too long: The governments have been tricking its people ever since it was established.

A few really care about what is happening in actuality. As long as they have money, can buy what they want, they think they are well-off.

i think everyone now that the government is the first thief in their country, bigger than mafia, but as long as they feel regulated and pay their tax they don't care as you said

but personally i stopped being a slave of this system, i'm embracing bitcoin 100%, i think we need few generations before people can open well their eye about the situation

I honestly doubt that will happen, even few generations after us. When you look at it more closely, people are turning out to be dumber with each generation, unwilling
of making any effort for a change. Even after events like the one with Greece and Cyprus, people still have faith in fiat, thinking that situations won't happen to them as well..
In a situation where even the rich people are loosing their value, due to inflation, bitcoin is the only solution.
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