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Author Topic: Scammer BTC Tipster/SpreadBit/Phix + more  (Read 553 times)
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November 13, 2015, 12:22:13 PM

Making this thread so I can link to it. BTC Tipster is a ponzi scammer and also alt of the serial scammer SpreadBit/Phix (and probably more).

BTC Tipster seems to have run a ponzi that ended up scamming people here:;all

They all used the same skypes:

I am selling 1Mil coin for 0.02BTC
Skype: phy.zic

We can use escrow.
Let me know.

I am interested in designing your whole website for that amount.
If you want me to design for you, PM me with your requirements and add on skype: phy.zic


Edit: If you are posting this to make TC and QS to remove negative trust feedback, I don't think it will work. That scam happened on 28/03/2015 and you only realized your account was hacked now? Undecided
Mate, Forum Management team can check which IP logged in.
I am from India bro, I can make sure that i messaged you regarding Faucet we talked on skype too. My skype: phy.zic
Why should i scam? :/ You and me had a conversation before for 0.1 BTC

Mate i never scammed anyone... Try to understand.

I just came on Bitcointalk forums as before it was down.
Why should i scam. Oh god  Cry

And same whatsapp:


I am Buying, Selling Bitcoins.
Rates mentioned below:
Buying Bitcoins: I am buying bitcoins for $250/Per BTC which means $25 for 0.1BTC
Selling Bitcoins: PM Me for price.

Add me on Whatsapp:
+91 8699789940 - Mention from and also wants to buy or sell.

No PayPal - Escrow Accepted.


I am providing free Trading help. My Trading Statistics:
(Last 8 Bets)
Total Traded: 8 Times
Total Times Won: 7 Times
Total Times Lost: 1 Time

I will be providing free trading help, directly message me on Whatsapp No. : +91 8699789940 and i will reply you as soon as possible and if i am online, you will get your reply in less than 5 minutes.

You don't have to send me any coin, I will just tell you if you should bet on High or LOW.

Tips will be Appreciated, Message me if you wanna tip.
Whatsapp No. : +91 8699789940

They also posted the same address in multiple places 17Y562iYMACaw4vyRYEcNmYjgzD3kGZDi8

Cheers! If you find it helpful, Please Donate Some Bitcoins to me :-     17Y562iYMACaw4vyRYEcNmYjgzD3kGZDi8
Will be Appreciated.


I created one for redsn0w's service, you can confirm it from him.
He sent me payment on my address:

My signed message of that wallet:
I am Phix and i am signing this message to prove my ownership on 12th July, 2015 at 10:31 A.M. (Indian Standard Time).

I never sold/bought this account and i am the real owner, Please remove the trust, I removed my escrow service thread.

That same address and the skype is also in the profile of AviThour;u=389510.

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November 14, 2015, 03:28:02 AM

Yeah , nOTED THAT , running a ponzi , i guess he has many alts of him claiming the payment from the ponzi that the former run.

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November 15, 2015, 08:08:49 PM

Just something suspicious I noticed, a new user named Lt.Bitcoin has appeared, yup you guessed it right, after just 4 hrs of making this thread. Nothing too conclusive, users get registered everyday right? Well he is conducting a giveaway , very similar to BTC Tipster, but still inconclusive. Now for the blockchain proof, Lt.Bitcoin has listed as his tipping address, which was only used after 1 HR of making this thread(something close, I guess uses the same time as bitcointalk does). Another blockchain evidence, the last outgoing transaction was to 1Jc9F1T1KTLTGkDiDLkUrn7QbFtani3u4C , wonder who that address belongs to? BTC Tipster
Based on those evidences I'm fairly sure that its his alt, but it might just be me getting too conspirative. But well you can challenge the BC evidence.
Oh and lastly, take a look at both guys' writing style(BTC Tipster and Lt.Bitcoin)
Edit: Anyone clicking on the quotes would be redirected to their post, which then can be linked to their profiles , but thanks shorena.
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No I dont escrow anymore.

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November 15, 2015, 08:14:57 PM

Links to accounts:

SpreadBit -;u=393825
iThour -;u=525944
Phix -;u=406196
AviThour -;u=389510
BTC Tipster -;u=528381
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November 16, 2015, 04:37:55 AM

Sorry i am facing a ban from the forum but i am posting something regarding this

This guy was mod here in Due to inactivity he was removed

So another user with ltbitcoin did came in chat and claimed himself as a mod of another bitcoin dice site woned by DiamondCardz which is I dont know it was true or not but you can send a pm to diamondcardz about it.

I know his real name and location too.

I think  mexxer may be right even i am smelling fishy.

As a normal user i gave a info.. about the guy. though i was in ban and i was supposed to post in meta section am ready to face a permanent ban on this account and my intention was not to evade any ban..
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