Who are the richest Bitcoin users and how much do they own?
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I know Satoshi is claimed to possess 1.1 million BTC (which would be an insane amount)

But who are the other really large holders and how much do they own? Roger Ver? Gavin Andresen?
I remember someone claiming that Ver owns about 300.000 BTC, is there any place where this is confirmed?

I have checked http://www.bitcoinrichlist.com but they only show adresses and we cant know with certainty which of those are connected.

Are there any confirmed large holders, who openly talk about the amount they possess?
As you said , you can't get them connected to each other and most of the time people use different addresses to hold multiple amounts of bitcoins so you can't be sure how much they actually own .
Also , most of the time those big addresses are owned by companies and exchanges and not by individuals , so I'd say it's something like this :

1. Satoshi Nakamoto (If he didn't lose his private keys)
2. Mark Karpeles (If he really did the Mtgox scenario)
3. Roger Ver (If he actually owns amount you mentioned) .

As you can see I made in bold "if" because we can never be sure unless they admit that they own those amounts , and for what comes to Gavin , I don't think he holds that much . I'd he probably have less then 100 BTC .
It's impossible to know exactly. Who would brag that he's bitcoin rich? He'd put himself in danger. He would become a target for many scammers and thieves.
Those who say that are whales/bitcoin rich, probably lie for some obvious reasons.
Yes I forgot Karpeles.

I guess it's quite possible that he has set aside a nice stash after all those years betraying his customers.
The richest guy with bitcoin is Satoshi who is known to have more than a million BTC. Other than that Nick szabo, and the guy from anarkapulco should be the ones with the biggest amounts of bitcoin.
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