Who are the richest Bitcoin users and how much do they own?
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No, and why would they? It's nobody's business to know this. I like to think that Satoshi owns the most and that he/she or that group, whoever that may be, are/is the richest.
Quote from: tyz on December 16, 2015, 06:45:54 PM

And my address is not on this list  :'(

Seriously, why is this mysterious account of Satoshi not listed? I do not know the address but all (including the media who discovered Craig Wright) writing about an account with 1,1 million Bitcoins.

Quote from: LiteCoinGuy on December 16, 2015, 03:52:07 PM

i know all accounts!


.....but no names  :P

We can only know addresses. Most users of course split their holdings between multiple addresses. Satoshi's Bitcoins are presumably all still unspent outputs from mining rewards (50BTC each)
I don't think it's needed for anyone to know. Most people split their bitcoins over different addresses anyway. I don't think we'll every find out.
I am not sure if it is only one single person or a group.
But coinbase should be in the top people/company that have bitcoins.
I will try to find the source as i read it somewhere here in forum.
satoshi is the undoubted nr1 when it comes to owning the most bitcoins. as a second it is either mark karpeles or roger ver. i hope mark karpeles will dump his last coins, if he haven't already. that means a less worry for the people.
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