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Author Topic: the many questions of bitcoin  (Read 919 times)
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December 21, 2012, 10:02:27 PM

i think instead of getting people to read though wiki pages and thesis's of MIT grads and other people to work out the mining and client functions it needs to be simplified
maybe a weusecoins mini series should be developed getting more and more detailed as you progress through the video 'episodes'

addressing matters such as what function a miner contributes to the network and what a node client contributes to the network.

many newbies and non tech savvi people have these questions, i have been asked these questions and these are question i too had once i got past the first part of downloading a client.

who confirms transactions? miners or node client wallet?
what does a node client wallet do that a webwallet service (no blockchain download at user end) does not do?
is the only use of a node client wallet to spread the blockchain to the masses to ensure government cant just take down a single source IP of the blockchain/ prevent a DDOS attack on the blockchain to destroy bitcoin?

weusebitcoins is a entry level video. there needs to be a intermediatory video that gets a little more technical without all the hundreds of pages of reading just to answer a few basic questions to aid newcomers adoption of bitcoin and understanding of the principles.

this will help people realise the differences and make a proper decision on whether they want to use the QT wallet or other wallet services as well as get answers to the 'how do you make coins" mining questions

Please do your own research & respect what is written here as both opinion & information gleaned from experience. many people replying with insults but no on-topic content substance, automatically are 'facepalmed' and yawned at
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December 22, 2012, 01:45:04 PM

Some talks from the 2012 East Coast Bitcoin summit:

When watching several, I thought of ways that 60 minutes could be turned into five with a proper script and complementary animated graphics. The problem is the conference is guys reading a slideshow of topic words to you and ad-libbing between.

The problem with documentary videos is that it is just words being read at about 1/3 the speed you can read them yourself, with pictures that are often irrelevant. Critically look at most Discovery Channel style documentaries where topics like "brain activity" or "the creation of the universe" or "Ben Franklin went to France" are throwaway irrelevant stock animation playing on a loop or B-Roll archive shit while an announcer says nothing slowly. If you look at the script (or closed caption dump) of a typical documentary, it's about one page.
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