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Author Topic: John Stossel talks about the Bitcoin  (Read 3514 times)
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June 10, 2011, 03:10:09 PM

He's not saying YOU have to farm Tigers. He's saying its the best way to preserve the species. And he's right. Would you use force to prevent people from farming tigers?

Personally, I hope no one farms Tigers and they DO go extinct so I can stop hearing people whine about them. Same goes for whales, rhinos, elephants, lynx, and every other endangered species.

As for global warming and other complaints about Stossel, pathetic. First of all, Global Warming is a retired term. It's called 'Climate Change' now. The Climate always changes. Whether or not humans have any effect on it doesn't change anything. What is certain is that governments (men with guns) are using Climate Change as an excuse to increase their power by taxing literally everything including your right to breath (exhaling releases the evil CO2!)
You don't understand. I'm not opposing tiger farming on moral grounds. I'm opposing tiger farming because it is a practical impossibility. A tiger is not a cow. Part of the reason tigers are so endangered is because they are very difficult to breed. All animals are not the same. It's amazing to me that people do not understand this.

Stossel seems to believe the rhino was saved because Africans used it to attract tourists. Nevermind the fact that the rhino is also critically endangered, and some species of rhino are even more endangered than the tiger is.

Does Stossel honestly believe that tigers are not used to attract tourists? It's one of the biggest things tigers are used for. I do not believe there is actually any law against tiger farming in the first place.

He even mentioned a few Chinese tiger breeders in his video. Of course, according to him, these exist because the owners are waiting for China to change their anti-tiger killing laws. Personally, I doubt that is the only reason they breed tigers. They probably breed them to sell to zoos, or as a tourist attraction. Why would someone breed tigers on pure speculation?

If everyone lived the way Stossel wanted them to live, you would get your wish. All endangered animals would go extinct.

I noticed you didn't comment on the fact that Stossel so blatantly manipulates information. That is what really annoys me about him, and that is the thing that really annoyed me about the tiger episode. Stossel sells himself as a man of unshakable and integrity, composed entirely out of pure logic and skepticism. Not swayed by popular trends but, only adhering to the facts. The truth is, he often either does not check the facts, or he purposefully manipulates the facts to suit his own anti-liberal agenda. I personally agree with many of the things Stossel says, but this kind of dishonesty disturbs me.

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